Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A tough week, but still a couple of miracles happened

Letter dated 11/25/13

Family, what's up?

This week was honestly pretty tough. We have been working on finding new people to teach and getting the people we are teaching to progress. Every single appointment we had fell through--it sucked. We did get lots of contacting done, but nothing really that great. Great as in, will go anywhere, except for one. We were out to check on a less active in an apartment complex. She wasn't there, but when we were driving out of the parking lot we saw a lady sitting on a bench by herself, smoking. We got the impression to go talk to her, so we turned the car around and parked it. Guess who the lady was? She was a lady we have been wanting to meet for a couple of weeks but no one could find her! {miracle #1} We started to talking to her and about five minutes later a guy comes out and walks up to us. He was this lady's boyfriend and he is not friendly to the church.

This guy walks up and Elder S was talking to Rachel (the lady's name) at the time, so the guy started talking to me. It was my first time talking with an anti-Mormon by myself. It was pretty interesting! Some of the the stuff they think about Mormons is insane. This guy thought we didn't believe in gravity because we're devils and we don't need it to stay on the ground haha. Most get all their information from the internet, and everything you read on the internet is true haha. Antis are interesting to talk to. I was able to resolve some of his questions, but after that he wanted to bash so we just left. Bashing is no good and doesn't go anywhere productive. We are in the process of setting up a time to meet with Rachel. This was probably the most standout experience that I had this week.

It was a pretty tough week but I got through it, obviously. I even fasted yesterday when it wasn't Fast Sunday because I wanted to. Can you believe it? {this is a little miracle in itself! haha} Fasting brings spiritual power so much stronger. It's great, even though it's tough to do sometimes.

I hope your Thanksgiving is lots of fun! I love you guys so much! Thank you for everything!
Elder Sedlacek

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