Monday, September 29, 2014

I know God still speaks!

What's up Mama,
Holy crap 14 months hahaha. That makes me sound like an old
missionary. It feels just the same though, to answer your question. I
just have to focus on the day ahead of me everyday and do my best.
Thanks for praying for B and S. I am sure it has helped. Sadly, we
haven't been able to make contact with either of them. We did
find three new investigators though this week. It was awesome so our week
was really good. We also had lots of lessons with people we had just barely
met. We just hope now that they turn into investigators. That would be
the best ever!

The weather has been really nice here. It has been about 70 degrees all day
and sunny as usual. I wish Utah would send some of the rain up here.
I like the rain haha. Yeah, the apartment is really nice. I
really like it. It's a nice place. And the dishwasher is nice too haha!
All my mission, up to now, it seemed my dishwasher was my hands haha. It's
still kinda weird to use a real dishwasher haha.

I had heard that the meeting was really good from lots of people who
watched it.  It sounds like it was. Lots of people talked about
President Uchtdorf's talk. It must have been a good one.
That is crazy that Abby is leaving on her mission. Does she leave this
week then? Seven missionaries from our ward this year!!!!!!!!! That is

Conference is this weekend!!!!! We are going to be watching at the stake
center probably. They don't broadcast it at our ward building. I am
guessing you guys will watch on the TV downstairs. You doing anything
fun besides that with conference?

I have to get going now. My time is up haha. I am glad to hear that
you guys are doing well. Have an awesome week. Conference will be
super fun. I am so excited! I know we have a prophet on the earth
today. He speaks God's word just as prophets in the Bible did. God is
loving and cares for all of his children. I just love the gospel! My
mission is awesome! Love you guys!
-Elder Sedlacek

What's up Dad,
I will start off with the update from my week. It was awesome. It was
one of the best finding weeks I have had here in Pasco. We found three pretty
solid investigators. Their names are B & M and G. They are all really awesome.
When we first met G we talked to him about having a prophet on the earth and
he said that he wants to hear some of  President Monson to decide if he
is a prophet. What a great question with next weekend coming up huh?
haha. B & M are pretty awesome too. They grew up around
LDS kids, and since then have always kinda wondered what it's all about.
They are working on reading the Book of Mormon right now. Awesome!
As far as B and S go, we weren't able to catch either of them home this
week. We are going to try by tonight though so wish us luck.

Another cool story from this week was when we met a potential named CJ.
Some previous missionaries had talked to her and never went back. The cool
part was when were walking up to her house, I got the prompting to take
a copy of the Book of Mormon out of my backpack and carry it in my
hands, which I don't normally do because I like to have my hands free.
Well, I did it anyway. When we knocked on her door and started
talking to her, she wanted a Book of Mormon, and I had it right in my hands.
She is going to start reading it as well. It was awesome! She is solid too, just
kinda busy where she works, so we hopefully will be able to catch her
home this week.

This week we had a super long training from President Ware on planning
and it was awesome. He did give some hints that I will probably
be transferred, but he does that sometimes and it doesn't end up working
out that way so we will just have to see haha. I will find out on Saturday
where I will be headed or if I will be staying.

Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The UItes blew
They should have won that game. Sounds like they need some 4th quarter
conditioning. I bet Kyle works them to death haha. I heard Bountiful
lost to WX from Elder C so that sucks too haha. It sounds like
it was a bad week for sports. That is good that the 49ers did good
though haha.

That is a cool story for Abby of how she went on a mission. I bet she
will be able to share that with people and help and bless their lives
where ever she is going. I bet she will be a good missionary. That is
great that the ward has seven missionaries sent out this year. Totally

That is totally insane that Utah is getting that much rain. It's almost
like Seattle it sounds like. Tri-cities hasn't gotten any rain.
It's been dry, but it's been like 70s so its been great.
I couldn't ask for anything more right now weather
wise haha. I just wish I could see some fall colors! That would be the
only thing.

Good luck with work this week. Do you think they are going to
announce something at conference? It will be cool to hear
some talks in other languages this year. I just hope President
Uchtdorf speaks English haha. I am, needless to say, excited for
conference though. It's going to be awesome!!!!!!!!

I have a testimony of the gospel. I love the power that the
Book of Mormon brings into our daily life. It is sooo important that
we make the day-to-day decisions to have the gospel in our life.
Conversion isn't a one-time thing. It's an everyday process. I know
Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. It is a blessing to have a prophet
on the earth today. I know God still speaks!
Have an awesome week!
Love ya!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Mission brain"

"Ask the missionaries. They can help!"
What's up Mama,
My week was pretty good. It felt like a long time between last Tuesday and now. We moved to our new apartment (that is super nice) on Saturday. The new address of our apartment is _____.

The apartment is so nice inside. We have a dishwasher that I figured out how to start for like the first time in my life haha. I don't ever remember starting one in my life but maybe I did. Anyways, I know how to now hahahaha--as sad as that is to say hahaha. My birthday was fun, too. I got some gifts from Grandpa and Grandma D, and Ann & Jim, so make sure to tell them thanks for me. We ate all my cake and it was super good. It was a good birthday.

I bet the cabin was really fun. I love the fall colors, but up here the leaves aren't really changing yet. Maybe it's just a different climate. There just aren't many trees either, so maybe they would be more noticeable if there were more. 

I bet Mia is having fun in the play. Sounds like you guys are going to be VERY busy this holiday season haha. I bet you're going to have so much fun going from this to that, and then everywhere else.

I wish I could have seen the temple dedication. We will have to go to that temple when I get home. It looked really pretty. Did they do the dedication for church like they did for the past couple dedications?

Mom: So it seemed like a long week, huh? That’s funny. When we got back home last night, everyone said it felt like we’d been gone a long time haha.
I’m glad you are all moved! Sounds like a nice place. You’ll have to take some pics. I will send your SD cards back to you asap so you can do that.
Well, I’m glad you REMEMBERED how to start a dishwasher, because I’m pretty sure I had you do it at least once haha.
Yes, the dedication took the place of church, so that was nice. It really was a great meeting. All of us kept saying how awesome it was. 

Elder Sed: I did take lots of pics of the apartment, so when you send the SD cards back I will send one to you.
Did you get the letter I sent with the Ross card in it?
I bet you did show me how to start a dishwasher, but it's been 14 months without doing it so I was out of touch okay haha. Mission brain.

Mom: Okay, good boy on the pics haha.
Yes, I checked the mail this morning, realizing that Saturday’s mail was still in it, and your letter was there! That was great to get one after all this time! 

Elder Sed: Yes I try to be a good boy and take pics so grandma Sed won't kill me hahaha!
That's good you got the letter. I am just really, really bad at sitting down and writing an actual letter.
I am glad that you guys are doing well. Thanks for all that you do for me. I love all you guys! Missions are the bomb. Just wanted you to know that hahaha. Have a great week!
Love ya,
-Elder Sedlacek

What's up Dad,
I am doing good, and it sounds like you guys are too. I bet it was
super fun to go see all those deer and bears. It's been along time
since I have seen anything other than a bird or a white tail deer
haha. oh and ducks and geese. I see those all the time with the
river close by.
My week was pretty good. We moved this week, and with the temple
earlier in the week it was pretty busy. We did get lots of
tracting in, which was fun because that is where all  the stories come from.
Needless to say, there are still some crazy people in the world. hahaha. 
One of which was a lady who was staring out her window at us
and when we came up to her door she came outside and started talking
to us. She was really awkward and would pause for like 40-50 seconds
right in the middle of when she was talking, and then tell us exactly what
Jesus said to her, to tell us. She told us we are saved and we're going
to heaven so we don't even have to try anymore haha. That was
interesting to hear. She also talked about the devil watching
her through the red blinking light on her smoke detector. It was just
a very, very interesting conversation haha. I am sure you had some of
those on your mission.
As far as our investigators go, we were able to meet with _______
this week. It was going really well, till a bunch of teens
from their church showed up and ruined the whole lesson. It ended up
with _____ very closed-minded and not willing to listen to
anything we said. We just told him we would come back later and talk
to him. It was frustrating, because the lesson had been going so well. He had
some really good thoughts and questions, and then the kids had to show
up and ruin it. Oh well. I know he felt the Spirit of the Plan of
Salvation. He really likes it.

Our other investigators haven't been home, but we have given lots of
lessons on people's porches, which has been nice. We are just still
working on finding new "golden" investigators. We may have found one
this week, too. His name is B and he told us when we knocked on his
door that he and his wife have been thinking about coming to our
church. We left him with a Family proclamation that he was going to
study with his wife. We are going to go back and see if we can start
teaching them this week. Wish us luck with them, and pray for them too. 

The pic you got was me and Elder C tearing up a wood floor with our
ward mission leader, Ryan M. It was fun. You are right that
there are so many ways to serve on a mission. It was really fun too

That is sooooooooooooooooooo awesome that the Utes beat Michigan the
way they did at Michigan hahahaha. Now they just need to keep up the
wins. That is good that BYU won too. I have heard they are really good
this year. That is good for them.

Good luck with your lesson in Sunday School. Study up haha
Thanks for all that you do for me Dad. You're awesome. I love you all!
I am so grateful for the chance I have to serve a mission. It has been
so awesome. Because of my mission, I have really developed a love for
the gospel that I did not have before in my opinion. When
we focus on our Savior Jesus Christ, our lives will change. The Book
of Mormon is the word of God!
Talk to you next week! Have a GREAT week!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Elder Sed!

What's up Dad,
Thanks for the birthday wishes. I did get the package and I really
liked it. I don't know if you picked out anything for it, but I liked
it haha. The temple was amazing this morning. I just love being able to
go to the temple. It's always good.
Things are going pretty good. We are in the finding stage right now,
with being dropped by G and not really being able to catch the
Ukrainain family. The LA family you are talking about came back to
Pasco this week, so the baby is home from the hospital. He is still on
a feeding tube though. We are going around to the members of the ward
giving them a lesson. We watch a Mormon Message titled "Waiting on our
own road to Damascus" by President Uchtdorf. We ask them about their
conversion and how long it has been since they have read and prayed
about the Book of Mormon. Conversion is not a one-time thing, so it's
good to do it multiple times--every time we finish the Book of
Mormon. All of you should take that challenge too. Read and pray about
the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is truth and it will help you to
feel more of the Spirit of the hastening in your lives. I promise
I had heard that the Chargers beat the Seahawks, which I was happy to
hear. That is crazy that USC lost too. I hope Utah does good over in
Michigan. They can beat them. I don't think they (Michigan) are that
good this season.
You're going to have to study up on Isaiah haha. I bet you will learn
lots from your lesson though. It will be good for you.
I am glad that you liked the pics I sent.
I did find a new pair of shoes too. I would hope that the new ones can
last the rest of my mission. I will be sure to keep the old pair of
That is super funny that you got roped into the wedding shopping. I bet you
won't make that mistake twice huh haha. You should tell Jeff that he
does owe you big time haha. That would be funny.
It's good that things are going good with all the siblings. I bet Jared
is loving his job. That is awesome Mia did such a good job, and that
Nicole is doing good. I bet Sarah is amazing at debate haha. That is
her calling from the very beginning. And Libby is just awesome.
What Dad turned down fruit??????????????? Has he died and gone to
heaven????????? nah, I'm just kidding dad. That is good though haha. I
bet the wimpy Utah apples are nothing compared to the Warshington ones
haha. I just had an amazing apple that was huge the other day, so it's
apple season already. That is crazy. I love the fall weather though.
Here it's been still up in the 80s so it hasn't felt that much like fall
yet. The mornings are a little cold though which I really like. I
didn't even know that there were northern lights visible, so no. I didn't see
them haha.
Well dad, I hope you have a great week. Thanks for all that you do! You da bomb.
I love serving the Lord on a mission. It's amazing.
Love ya tons!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tracting is an act of faith.

What's up Mama,
This week for p-day was really fun. It's the reason I am so late emailing too haha. We went golfing with the family we live with and it was super fun. First time in a long time I did that haha. I wouldn't say I did so good though.
I am glad that you are happy to email me haha. Emailing is fun for me at least.
This week was pretty good. We did a lot of tracting, which I am not very fond of in this area, but it's an act of faith to show the Lord I am willing to go out and do something that is difficult. We found a couple good potentials out of it too. We weren't able to meet with G this week but he did come to the Pasco stake day of service and stayed the whole time. I was hoping he was going to come church but he didn't end up coming. The family from Ukraine were out of town or something because every time we tried by, their house was completely dark. I had a dream about them that they got baptized and that was AWESOME! I really hope it's a sign of things to come. The LA family is doing pretty good. They had a bishop from up in Seattle come and give the baby a blessing and guess what? The priesthood is the power of God. The baby went from having almost no brain activity to improving. He will have mental disabilities his whole life, but he is projected to be okay. How awesome is that! I was praying so hard for that.
The weather is great up here! It's been hot the past couple days but it hasn't been too bad. Beautiful golf weather haha
Thanks for sending the updates on Nicole. I got both of them and it was good to hear. I am glad the surgery went well. Now she just has to get through recovery.
Happy Anniversary, and Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! I sent you a birthday card with my SD card in it that should get there one of these days. Keep track of that SD card haha. That is cool that you had some Sedlacek names to do in the temple. You should send me some names for 4 temple trips, so 4 names if you come across any of them and I can do the endowments. That would be pretty cool. 
For our move we are going to be moving either the 20th or 22nd into an apartment. I don't really know much more than that right now. We are moving because this family has been housing missionaries for 2 years now and it's only a 1 1/2 year agreement, and they need our room for some storage.
That is so cool that we have more missionaries from our ward going out now. How many total is that now that are out? 
Thanks for emailing me this week. It was good to hear from you guys and I'm glad that you are all doing well. I have loved the chance thus far I have had to serve a mission. Missions are the greatest.
I hope you guys have an awesome week! Thanks for all that you do for me! Love you guys tons!!
Have a totally awesome week.
-Elder Jake Sedlacek
What's up Dad,
I had a pretty good week. I gave most of the updates on the people we
have been working with in the email to mom. I am sure you will get to
hear about them. We haven't been able to find any new
investigators yet but boy are we working on that. Finding is pretty
much all we did this week. Not my favorite part of missionary work but
it's all part of the work. I would much rather be teaching lessons
though haha. The members are pretty much the same, although this week
we are starting to go around and follow up on the individual families'
ward mission plan goals. That should be interesting.
Good job on the work stuff papa, You da best at what you do. I am sure
the church is happy they hired ya.
That is really cool all the Jonah to Christ comparisons. I have never
realized that before, but it makes total sense now. I am pretty sure
that is what the gospel doctrine class covered here too but we are in
gospel principles which is still good. It's just a lot of the same stuff
for us. Nothing better than the basics though.
I am glad that Jared is going to mission prep every week better than I
did. Tell him believe it or not I still use some of those things that
I learned in that class. It is a life saver haha. I am proud of him
for going though. I would not be expecting anything less from Jared
with all the mods he does or tearing stuff apart. The new job just
adds to the fun haha.
I am glad like I said before that Nicole's surgery went well. That
is good that Jeff is a good help to her. 
That is super cool that Mia and Libby are wanting to get into hunting.
I will have to take Libby fishing lots when I get home.
My kinda sista. Wish good luck to Mia for me on her audition. Hope
everything goes well with all that.
I am so happy that I get to attend the temple on my birthday, while on
my mission. That is going to be super cool! If it would be possible to
get one family name in my birthday package that I can take to do for
an endowment that would be awesome, but I really have no clue if there
is any. You will just have to let me know. I am looking forward to
getting more into family  history after my mission like it says in my
blessing. It seems to me from my blessing that its super important
that I do some haha.
Wish mom a happy birthday for me even though I sent a card in the mail.
That is crazy that the leaves are already changing. They aren't here at
least from what I have seen, but then again there aren't much trees. I
love the fall too. The mornings here are definately more cooled off
then they have been in a long time. It's almost cold now right when we
get up. Kinda weird haha. Hopefully the winter isn't too bad up here.
Well speaking that golfing was my p-day activity, I am done basically
except for emailing now haha. We are going to have to go golfing when
I get back. I think I figured out a good swing technique and did
pretty well on the last 3 holes. Overall though I didn't do so good. I
won't even tell you the score haha.
Thanks so much for being the best dad and family ever! I love you guys
so much. Serving a mission is something every member of the church
should do at least once in their life. I do have a testimony of the
priesthood and the atonement. This week in sacrament when I was
thinking and pondering while it was being said, I said a silent prayer
in my head to feel of the healing power of the atonement and I 
immediately felt the best peace come over me. It was great! I am so
grateful for the savior and his sacrifice for sin. Because of
Have an awesome week fam and dad!
love ya tons!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I love you guys so much. Remember that!

What's up mom,
Turns out I was able to email from the church today.  Sounds like everything is going good back home. That is good that Nicole is going to be able to get into surgery tomorrow as was planned. I will pray that everything goes ok with that. I would have fasted Sunday too if I had known that all of you were doing that. That's what limited communication does haha.
It is way crazy that it's already September. I also found out that Elder C's sister got married while he was on his mission. They did a card board cutout of him and when you take the picture it has to be done with a profesional camera, otherwise it looks terrible. There is a member that he knows that does the pictures and sends it to you for free. I just need the wedding tie before I get transfered out of this area, which could be next month who knows. Just a thought.
That is good that you got the pics from the Myers. They are a really cool family and they took us out for dessert. I am glad I look good haha. What do you mean that you really mean it?
My week was pretty good. Monday we found a super awesome family from Ukraine. They have super awesome questions about the plan of salvation. Wednesday, we had a good lesson with a LA family in the ward. A couple weeks back we met with them and I felt like I should challenge them to read the Book of Mormon as a couple everynight and they have been doing it. They came to church yesterday too for the first time in a long time. Friday we had a zone breakfast where the stake feeds all the missionaries breakfast in the zone. It was super fun and yummy. One of the stake presidency shared a thought that I really liked on what he called the divine paradox. Missionaires come out to the field and time feels like it is super slow, but as we get older and wiser the time goes super fast. He related it to the scripture where the Savior says whosever will lose his life shall find it--if you know what I'm talking about. When we lose our life and stop caring about ourselves time just flies by. It is so true from what I have seen.
That is super cool that the nectarine tree is growing good. That sucks about the peach though. I really liked those peaches. I bet you're having so much fun canning all the junk that dad brings up too, huh haha.
That is super cool that you had a great experiance like that in the temple. Isn't the temple the best. That is why I am so excited for the 16th, because we get to go to the temple in the morning and I have the rest of the day to just have fun on my birthday. Awesome!
I love being able to email home and find out what's going on back at home right now. I hope you have an awesome labor day! You need to do something fun in the evening. You need it. I can tell. I love serving a mission right now! It is awesome. I learn so much everyday and really want to make my mission experience be the best I can. I know the Savior lives. He loves everyone of us and is involved in our lives. I know the atonement is real and its power blesses our lives. The gospel just wows my mind constantly. It's so cool!
Have a great week. Don't forget to send me a letter or something letting me know how the surgery goes. I will be praying for all of you guys and her. Tell her good luck for me and not to be nervous. I love you guys so much. Remember that! Talk to you guys soon
-Elder Jake Sedlacek
What's up dad,
       I had a good week. I already gave some of the updates of what I
did to Mom so I won't talk about those. You did ask about G and I
wish we were able to meet with him this week. His family is taking all
of his attention right now. He is still
reading and studing from the Book of Mormon though, which is really
good. He just needs to keep that up even if his life is busy. The La
family is still up in Seattle and their son isn't doing very well
sadly. He is stable but not improving like they would hope. I really
hope everything works out okay with them. It will be super hard on the
family if they lose the baby. Keep praying for them. They need
all the prayers they can get. I will be praying for you guys too with
Nicole's surgery going on tomorrow. I hope everything goes well!
       Ever since last week, which does to me feel like it was
yesterday, I have been working on that challenge you gave to me on
Mathew 19:20. I have really felt like I could be more centered on
Christ throughout my day so I have been working on that ever since
Monday. I really feel like it helped me. I studied up on Preach My Gospel ch 8
which is the Christ-like attributes chapter, and I have been working on
developing every one of those. It's just helped me realize that Christ
is everything in all that we do. We need to involve him in our life
and he will help us out but if we get selfish and think we can do it
all on our own we will figure it out the hard way soon enough. I think
that is what may have happened to me the past couple weeks. I found
that as I involved him more in every decision, my day went by so much
better and smoother. Pretty awesome huh.
       I am glad that work is going good for you. Seems like its
always busy which is a good thing I would suppose.
       Having withdrawals haha. I like the way you put that. I would
be having withdrawals too without Sunday football. We don't get ESPN on
the Roku? I would think that we would since there is a ESPN channel on
it. Maybe you should look into that, or maybe I have no idea what I am
talking about. I have mission brain so bad hahahaha. I am hopefully
not going to be too awkward though when I get home.
       I think that is awesome that Sarah is going to the Bountiful
games. Is Jared not going to them? if not he should be since it's his
last year of them. That is cool though
that Austin got some interceptions. He sounds like he is really good.
I like your spiritual thoughts from church and what not. They are
pretty good insight. I love the scriptures. That is one thing that I
have come to love on my mission. I really do everyday want to read in
them for at least 10 minutes when I get home. I will always be sure to do
that one. I have a testimony of scripture study. I love it and the
strength it brings. It's awesome! I love my mission as well. Thanks for
the sacrifice that you give up to keep me out here and going. Love you
guys so much!
Let me know how the surgery goes with Nicole.
Have a great week dad and fam.
Love ya again!
-Elder Sedlacek