Thursday, August 27, 2015

We have a teaching pool of about 10, and I told my comp we will be doubling it.

Elder Sedlacek sent us a bathroom selfie.
Just keep updating me on the Colts and Bengals and Reds. There are so many fans in this area hahaha. Brother P***** went to the Colts game and sat on the first row 30 yard line Saturday! He is so lucky. I will send you more in a general email to you and mom. Thanks so much for all you do Dad, you're awesome and a great example to me! Have a great day and week at work! Love you so much.

Hi mom!
I have until 11:40 today. Flying in to Cincinnati was crazy--there was lots of turbulence. When we got into the airport the humidity hit me like a train! I was not expecting it haha. I am used to it now though. It is so green here! There is no such thing as yellow grass. No sprinklers in the lawns, the grass, if you can call it that, is mostly weeds everywhere that grows like grass if you cut it, and it grows without sprinklers. 
The language here is a little different with lots of funny phrases hahah. They eat the same food as Utah mostly here, so it's not much difference there, just the weather and the size of the towns. They are all tiny! Very rural. 
My comp's name is Elder _____ and he is an interesting guy. We live above an appliance store. When I got to the apartment on Tuesday afternoon, I walked in and it was a mess. {Mom's note: Elder Sedlacek is known for liking things to be clean.}  My comp hadn't been cleaning very much. Oh boy! I said, "We have a lot of cleaning to do." So I cleaned the dishes and shower that night after we got back home. The second day, by 5:30 pm we had visited two member households. We talked to F****, a non-member who has been going to church for years with his wife and he just hasn't been baptized.  I didn't think we should spend so much time with members so after dinner we went out personal contacting.
We are not allowed to tract! It is strange since everyone stays inside all day due to the humidity. But now we are doing a lot better. We had a teaching pool of about 10 and I told my comp that we will be doubling it. We started working hard with pc'ing and it paid off! Now have three new investigators who are actually interested and one is on date! Sister B*** is the wife of a recent convert and has been going to church for five weeks now without being taught any lessons other than her husband talking to her. She told him yesterday that she wants to be baptized ASAP. So we are going to teach her all the lessons on Tuesday! Then we want to baptize her on Saturday if we get approval!!! Is that awesome! Obedience and hard work pay off.
More about my area, we do have a car but since my comp does not have a license and greenies can't drive right off the bat, we can't use it. It is with the Lawrenceberg Elders right now until we can get permission. Hopefully we will get it, until then we are walking, and our area is like 5 towns outside of Batesville so we really are only able to cover Batesville because we don't have bikes. So we need the car pretty bad. In our apartment building we have a free dryer and washer to use and so that is awesome! We also have a dish washer too, but since I can really only afford basic food I don't use many utensils, and so I wash them by hand. 
The people here are very friendly, when we walk down the street, we wave at every car we see and they usually always wave back. The members seem to really like me and they have just recently started to feed us a ton which is nice! 
My blood sugars have been good. So far, my average is about 140.
I have to go now Mom, I love you guys so much, you're all great examples to me. Keep doin' what you're doin' and have a great week!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Elder (Jared) Sedlacek's first p-day email: "I feel like I am sinning if I am not doing anything haha!"

Well, the first thing I noticed about Elder Jared's emails is that he did the opposite of his brother. Jake always wrote the most detail about his week in his email to his Dad. Elder Jared wrote a small paragraph to his Dad, but saved all the details for Mom. :) 

Thanks Dad,
I am having a good time here. The spirit here is amazing as you said. It's amazing how we can receive inspiration on what to say when we are teaching the lessons with investigators. Read Mom's email and you will hear all about it.
Hi Mom!
Thanks for sending the family pics, is that all of them? They look good. Thanks for sending my meds. 
My companion is Elder Neilson. He is a cowboy  from Hurricane, Utah. He has the whole cowboy accent and all haha. He loves hunting and outdoors stuff just like me. We get along pretty well. 
We are teaching three "investigators", 1 on Skype named Hailey, and our teacher acting as an investigator, and a guy named Andrew. I am pretty sure that Hailey and Andrew are members, but they don't tell you if they are or not so who knows? Andrew is a golden investigator. By the second lesson we had taught him to pray and he has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot. We are going to ask him to be baptized next time on Saturday. Hailey we don't really teach anymore because of schedule conflicts and because we are leaving here on Monday morning. She didn't go as well, we couldn't really figure out her needs, so she was hard to teach. Ashley is our teacher and the first lesson went okay until we asked her to be baptized. Of course we botched it and she said no because she is baptized and didn't want to be baptized again. We couldn't think of what to say and ended the lesson. We made up for it, though, and she is now progressing. We will teach her two more times and we plan on asking her to be baptized again. 
Tell Nicole and Jeff their "from the journal of Jeff" idea is really good and to keep it up, I like it.
I love my district here, they are so awesome. We are like family now practically. We all eat together and everything. We are all going to Cincinnati, except for the one set of sisters and our district leader, Elder Downs and Elder Hanks are going to the Georgia Macon mission. We will miss them. My comp and I sleep in a room with all Spanish-speaking Elders and they are great guys! They follow the rules well and they are very funny hahaha. We will miss them, too. It's weird how all the Elders that come before us seem so much older than us, but they are actually our same age hahaha.
My camera is not working. Every time I try to take a picture there is a little yellow flashing light on it and then it turns off. It has full battery and the cards are empty so I don't know what to do. I got some pics though before it started to not work anymore, but just a few. I will send them another time, I forgot to grab the card so I could send them. Some of the other Elders will send pics of us at the temple and such. We went to the temple today and it was awesome. 
Sundays and p-days are the best here. You can relax while learning and being productive. I feel like I am sinning if I am not doing anything! haha. The days are really long and the weeks are short just like you said. the first full day I was here was the worst though, I was homesick and couldn't focus, but now I am fine. I love it here, it's fun to me haha. The classes kind of suck though, being 3 hours long with at least two of those a day. Gym time really makes up for it though. You can really let off some steam in there and it feels really nice to actually move for once.
I can't wait to get into the actual field though, it will be nice not to have super long classes and to teach real investigators. I have seen a lot of my friends here, even Jake Wilkinson who left in June. So did you guys cry all the way home or what? Don't lie to me. 
We are singing in the MTC chior with the National Tribute Band. Look up "John's Song" and " I am born." We are singing those with them this Sunday evening. We will fly out on Monday morning. We are leaving here at 4:30 in the morning! And fly out at 9:40 am. So expect a call in between those times haha. You best believe you will get a call haha. I will sleep the whole flight; I am pretty tired! How is everyone doing?
Well, I got to go now. I will talk to you more on Monday. Be ready to get a call, I am guessing most likely around 6am maybe a little later. Thanks for all that you do, I love you guys.

Trading one Elder Sedlacek for another

Well, Elder Jacob Sedlacek arrived safely home on July 28th! He served to the best of his ability, and we're so proud of him! Thanks to everyone who followed along with Jake's experiences in the Washington Kennewick Mission!

Then exactly 8 days later, Elder Jared Sedlacek went to the MTC before heading to Ohio in a few more days.

This blog is going to transition from one brother to the other. Stay tuned for the experiences of Jared in Ohio!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I can't believe this day is already come.

What's up family!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man. Time just flies by!!!!! I can't believe this day is already come. It was a pretty good last week though. I really enjoyed it. I was able to do one last baptism interview on Saturday, and we did a bunch of service in Milton-Freewater. I got a shirt for doing it too! I was pretty happy about that, since I hadn't yet bought a shirt from this area for my mission collection. The service was really fun. I got to dig in the dirt and that was therapeutic. I just love to dig in the dirt haha.
Today and tomorrow are going to be fun days. Today, in a little bit, I leave to travel to the mission home and have dinner with President Ware, and then a devotional. It's basically a party with President Ware haha. Then tomorrow you know what happens haha. I am super excited to see you guys! You all better not be emotional wrecks haha.
That will be fun Dad {to report to the high council}. Jared's already reported? That's insane. Time is getting close for him now. Camping with the family will be fun. I just hope I can sleep alright, because I am soo tired. It will be nice to relax, but it may drive me bonkers.
It's nice to finally have my speaking topic for my talk.  Thank you for getting that for me!

Dinner on Tuesday? I have nooooooooo clue. I don't remember what's even there any more. I trust ya to pick something good.
Wow. Blessings about serving a mission. That's awesome that I already got a job offer. What a blessing!
Sarah 16 now?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! uh-oh. Better stay off the roads.
Dad, your kids are getting old!! You know what that means! You're old! haha
I have to go! I love you guys! See you tomorrow!!
~Elder Jake Sedlacek

Monday, July 20, 2015

This was probably one of the most fulfilling weeks of my mission!

Hey Mama,
Sounds like you had a great week! That's awesome!
It is good you got my package. I was kinda expecting you guys to look through it, even though I really didn't want you to haha. It was my fault though, because I forgot to tell you that last week. I am glad you liked all the stuff though. 
Coming home is kinda surreal for me too haha. I got my travel itinerary this week, which was interesting, and with this P-day being my last legit one, it is going to go by so fast. Next Monday I will be in the mission home, but I should be able to email for at least a little bit, but you will see me the next day so hahaha.

You will never guess what I got to go to this week!!!!!!!!! On Tuesday I got a call from the mission that D***** {one of the converts Elder Sed taught back in Sunnyside} was going through the temple and had asked me to attend that Saturday!!!! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!! It was fun to be able to see all the members from Sunnyside who I came to love, for one last time on my mission. D***** was so happy that I was able to make it. I was happy too! It was my last time as a missionary going through the temple, so it was pretty great if you ask me!

I bet Chaz's talk was great haha. He's a great guy. I'm sure an awesome missionary as well. It's good you'll have people to help you out with food and what not when Jared and I speak!

Mama: Hey!
I didn’t look through your stuff in detail....just glanced at it really. I hope that is okay. And I didn’t read your planners at all. It would take a long time to really look at all of it!
I’ll bet this is all really surreal for you. I just saw Jordan’s mom at Smith’s. 
That is SO awesome that you got to go to the temple and support D*****! It is even more awesome that she made it to this point!! She must have been so happy. I’m really glad you got to see some of the people from Sunnyside who you love. That is cool.
Yeah, Chaz gave an awesome talk and it’s obvious that he was an awesome missionary and worked hard. 
Elder Sed: Oh, you're all good Mama. I don't care if you looked at my stuff. It would take a long time to look through it all! You saw Jordan's mom at Smith's? How is she doing?
Yeah, it was amazing to go to the temple!!

Well Mama, I got to get going. I will email next week for a bit. Probably not very long though. I don't know how much time I will have.Thanks for all that you do Mama!
What is my homecoming talk topic? If you know it you should send it to me somehow haha.
Talk to you next week Mama!
Love you!

Hey Dadio!!!!!
This past week was amazing! Probably one of the most fulfilling weeks of my mission. Even though we didn't have a baptism or anything like that, I did get to feel a little bit of what missionary work is all about when I got to go to the temple with D***** when she was getting her endowment. Talk about an awesome experience! It was so fun being able to get to see all the amazing members from Sunnyside. D***** was super happy to see me there. It was kind of a surprise for her since she didn't know if I had got the message about when it was happening or if I was even able to go, but I did get permission so that was awesome!

We had a pretty good regular week this past week. We did a bunch of service at this place in Athena Oregon. It was pretty fun, but man, I met one of the craziest men I have ever met up there hahahahahahaha.
We got J***** back on date!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is on date for the 15th of August. He didn't come to church though. We didn't have anyone at church even though we have two people scheduled for baptism. The other person we found this week out of the area book. Her name is M. She's on date for Aug 8th. I have a feeling that getting our investigators to church is going to be a struggle. Just keep praying that they come to church!

Other than that, I am just trying to keep building up the teaching pool before I leave. I can still make a difference every day of my mission.
This week, I've been thinking a lot about goals and what-not for the post-mission stuff. I even fasted about it, so hopefully I gain some thoughts on all that. I've got some ideas tossing around up in my head, so we will see what happens haha.
Service at the cannery from 8pm to 12:30 am? That's a crazy shift hahah. Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing that though. Sign me up.
Sounds like there were some good RM talks and outgoing missionary talks yesterday. It will be interesting to see how mine goes. I would hope it's a good one obviously haha. Did you guys get my topic yet?
Jared tried to go cow tipping! Like actual cow tipping? Wow hahahahahaha. That does not surprise me one bit.
I bet you and mom had fun on trek, even helping with food. It's fun you guys got to go. I wonder if next time you're going to be a Ma and a Pa? By then you probably won't have too many kids at home.
The haven't been mentioning anything about iPads here. There is no chance that I will get one before I leave haha. That would be cool if Jared gets to use them. They seem like they would be an awesome help. I would have liked to have one, but oh well. Now I can just be one of those "old" just  PMG missionarys.
Well Dad, you're awesome! Thanks for all the support you've been to me. I know this gospel is true. I know that with all my mind and heart. I have felt the true meaning of joy on my mission. I love the gospel! I love my mission!
Love you all!
-Elder Sedlacek

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I may be leaving the mission field soon, but the principles that I have learned on my mission will never leave me.

Elders Sedlacek & Bowen having fun on the 4th of July

The Walla Walla Zone leadership
What's up Mama,
This week went pretty dang fast, but it also felt pretty slow, which was kinda hard. It's all good though. J***** fell off date for baptism yesterday because he didn't come to church. That was a bummer, but oh well. It will be alright. It will happen the exact time it's supposed to happen.
Wow! That's an exciting week you guys had. I bet you're going to have fun on the trek. Are Jared, Sarah and Mia going?
So it sounds like they are going to move Fast Sunday then. That will be interesting haha. I get to speak with two out-going missionaries??? The church bldg is going to be PACKED! How much time does that leave me to speak? About 20 mins?
Mama: Hi!  That's too bad about J*****. :(
Sarah and Jared are going on trek. Mia can't because she isn't 14 yet. Oh well!

Yep, you're speaking with two out-going missionaries! They announced yesterday about moving Fast Sunday to the the 9th, so it is set. You should have 20 minutes, yes. Maybe 25, because Jared doesn't want to speak for too long. haha! I will let you know your topic when I find out.
Elder Sed: Thanks for all you do for me, Mama! Hey, I have to go unfortunately. We have a short emailing time this week! Love ya! Talk to you next week!

Hey Dad!
Sounds like you had a super fast busy week! 
Our week here was pretty good. It was kinda slow for some reason, but super fast at the same time. I just can't believe it is Monday again already. Time just flies!
As far as our teaching pool goes, it's been kinda dismal this past week. J fell off date, sadly. He has been going thru some struggles, and wasn't able to come to church. It was kind of a bummer to not have him there. He will be baptized when he is ready for it though. It's just a matter of commitment really.
We have been really working hard to find new investigators this past week. It's been a struggle for some reason. Just pray for us that we will be able to have success this week. Sadly, our car had to be taken to Tri-cities to be fixed so we are without a car this week and our area is huge. Lots of walking! I'm okay with that though. I like walking, it's just you can't get as much done in a day with walking.
This week we had interviews with President Ware. It's my last legit one. The next time I see President will be in the mission home. That's kinda sad :(  He's so awesome! I already asked him for some advice about how  can prepare to go home, and he just said to write down the impressions that I get about home. I'm not really sure what that means exactly, but I have been doing it. He wouldn't give me any other advice because he doesn't want to ruin my departure interview hahaha. He's funny. I have learned so much from him. He mentioned how much I have grown on my mission. It has been cool to see the changes in me for myself. I love President Ware!
I also had my last Zone meeting ever. That was kinda sad too, but it's alright. Time is just flying by. I can't believe how fast it's going. It's soooooo crazy haha.
The teaching method you talked about is ironically the same way we already teach our investigators, and we are supposed to teach the less-actives the same way. So I've been using it for a while haha. It works wonders! There's a reason that the apostles instruct us to teach that way. It enables them to teach to each individuals concerns and by the spirit as well. The spirit is always the best teacher!

Mom made it sound like the car hunt is going pretty well. I know you guys will make a good decision. The Brave Mobile hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I had totally forgot about that! That would bring back some great memories! Sadly, I don't think I can afford the gas for it haha. I may have to live without the brave mobile. {The Brave Mobile is an ancient motor home that Jake's little league football coach used to drive his team to their away games in. It just happens to be for sale now!} It's really a huge blessing just to be able to drive any car. Thanks for all that you guys do for me! I love you guys!

Libby is going to be 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????? I still thought she was 9 and turning 10. Man, she is getting big. Your kids are all growing up before your eyes haha. 

That's awesome that you guys were able to see Jordan's homecoming talk. It's going to be sweet to see him at the airport, and all you guys as well! That's going to be a fun time! He told me he thought he did pretty great so I'm sure he did great! I just hope my talk will be good too haha. There is going to be so many people there with three missionaries speaking. Hopefully everyone will be able to fit haha.

Tell Jared I would love to go to the temple with him. That would be fun. The temple is amazing!

I didn't get to watch the funeral for Elder Packer, but I bet it was good. It is going to be interesting to see who will be called to fill in the spots of those great apostles! It's so greats to have a living church, that no matter what happens, there will always be men called of God to be leaders of Christ's church under His direction!

Thanks Dad, for all things that I can ponder about. Oh, I know you and Mom are always there for advice and help when I need it. You guys are great parents! I love you both! I will for sure be thinking about goals that I want to accomplish. The last thing I want is to go home and lose the daily progression, and it takes plans and goals to keep that going.
Thanks Dad, for the great example of missionary service and service in the church as well! I look up to you a lot! I always knew when times got hard on my mission, that I could do it, because Dad did it. I love ya, Dad!! I know the gospel is true! I know it without a doubt! I love to serve the Lord and for the rest of my life that is what I want to do. It doesn't have to be full-time missionary service for the rest of my life, because I can serve the Lord on a daily basis. I may be leaving the mission field soon, but the principles that I have learned on my mission will never leave me. I love the gospel! I love Jesus Christ. I know He lives!
-Elder Sedlacek

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

You always tell me that I have been a good example, but you all have been the same for me.

What's up Mama!
The week was great here in Washington/Oregon! F's baptism was amazing! I would send some pics but today I left my camera in Milton-Freewater, and we are in Walla Walla emailing, so you're going to have to wait to see them. Elder Bowen and I had lots of fun taking epic pictures on July 4th since we had to be inside at 6:00 pm. We had a good time though. I spent pretty much the whole day doing baptism interviews in Pendleton, so I took some pics there since it could be my last time being there while on my mission.
That's crazy that Jordan is already home!!!! That boy needs to email me right this second!!!!!! haha
You're going to have to go see him speak, and Chaz too. Let them know I say hi!
It's only been like barely 100 degrees there in Utah? I bet that's nice haha. Yeah, it has been way hot here, but I kinda like it. It's not too bad at all. I acclimated to it last year, walking in it every single second of the day while it was SUPER hot in Pasco. It's even been a bit humid here for the past couple weeks. I don't  mind the humidity either.
I bet the 4th of July was fun with all of the family. That's a way cool story about grandpa Sed. Thanks for sharing it.

Inside Out? I haven't heard much about it. I did see it advertised on the sign by the drive-in theater in Milton, so I knew of the name. It's good huh? I will be excited to see it. You know what else I just saw today at Walmart that comes out soon? The Minions movie. That is going to have to be one of the first I see when I get back. 
So the stake is going to change the order of our meetings huh? It's been sacrament meeting first in all of the areas on my mission, so it will be weird to go back to something different. I like it first a lot more.
Hey, when I get home will you guys plan my first two days home to keep me busy?? That would be a huge help for me. Whatever happens those first two days, just plan it out for me. I don't care what we do, just keep me busy haha. That will be the biggest help ever.
Well, I have to go now Mama. Email was fun today. Make sure to let Jordan know I said to send me an email or I'm gonna come hunt him down. 
Thanks for emailing me. You guys are seriously THE best family ever! I love you guys!
Let me know when you figure stuff out about my homecoming talk topic.

What's up Dad!
This week was pretty great. F's baptism went great! He had a great time and a super spiritual experience too. It was awesome when he got confirmed. He said how he felt an energy come from our hands and onto his head and down his whole body. It's the power and gift of the Holy Ghost. It's awesome because I get to feel that feeling every single time someone is confirmed. It's unlike anything else. I love the gospel and I know the priesthood is on the earth. It has seriously been one of the greatest joys of my mission. Seeing people make covenants and seeing and feeling the power that is manifest when those ordinances are performed.
As far as the rest of our investigators go, they are doing pretty well. J***** is still on date for the 25th of July. That will be going out with a bang haha. Just what I would have wanted. We are working on finding all those who are prepared in the coming weeks. It's been a struggle in the ward. We have pretty much nothing going on there, it's all been in the YSA branch, which is amazing. It's been a long time since it's been as good as it's been in just the time I have been here. I know it's because we are working hard and being blessed by Heavenly Father.
We had a great week here, and it went by soooo fast. That is not good at all haha. I just can't believe how fast this last transfer has gone and keeps going by. I was expecting it to be super slow, but I guess not haha. The 4th was fun. We were in Pendleton almost all day, and then we had to go in at 6pm. We had a fun time inside though. I got some super awesome pics. You guys are going to love them hahahaha.

The heat hasn't been too bad actually. I seem to be used to it. It really doesn't bother me much at all, even when it was 111. Thankfully we have an a/c unit that works pretty dang good once we got it cleaned out. Sounds like it's been warm in Utah too, but that doesn't surprise me. I'm just surprised it's been cooler in Utah than here.
When are you going to seal the chimney? I bet it looks fine!

That is an awesome story about helping 'the one' at work. That's way cool. I bet it's awesome being able to have experiences like that in the work place.
I did hear about Elder Packer's passing. It seemed like almost instantly too. Word got out really fast. It is too bad that he's gone, but boy was he a trooper. He's lasted along time with health problems.

Well thanks for all that you do for me family and Dad! You're all amazing examples to me. You always tell me that I have been a good example but you all have been the same for me. I love you guys!
I know this church is true! I love to serve the Lord Jesus Christ!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek