Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We can choose to be humble in this life, or we will be humbled. It's as simple as that.

What's up Mama,
Wow! Sounds like you guys had quite the week hahaha. The weather has been crazy there it sounds like. Here it's been awesome. Couldn't be better, honestly. It rains occasionally, which is awesome. I love the rain and while I was in Tri-cities I didn't see any, so it's a good change. That is a major bummer about the fruit trees. I was kinda looking forward to that hahaha. Guess not now!

Did the hail cause any problems like broken glass? for anyone? It sounds like it was falling crazy fast. That is a ton of hail on the porch in that picture you sent.

You will get to play on a Steinway??? That is exciting. I bet it is going to make you a little jealous haha. Those are REALLY nice pianos. I have heard lots of good about them on my mission.

It's no fun that you guys didn't get to go camping because of the weather. Were the kids upset? I bet you had fun anyway. Besides, they are almost out of school so they should just be happy just because of that. :)

Guess what happened to me this week?

(It's nothing bad. I promise haha. Just wanted to make sure you didn't freak out or anything.)
BTW, I bought some new p-day shoes today.

Mama: What happened to you??

Elder Sed: I had to give my departing testimony at zone conference :( 

Mama: Your departing testimony? Already? That must have been strange for you!

Elder Sed: Yep, my departing testimony. It was my last zone conference so now I am a "dead" missionary haha. It was crazy though. My whole mission, giving my departing testimony has seemed so far away, then suddenly I was the one up there giving my testimony. Time flies! When I stood up in the front looking at all the missionaries, I just couldn't help but think "What am I doing?? I still have about a year!" hahaha. It's like in my mind I still think I have about a year left, but it was just a realization moment for me. It was crazy hahaha.

Mama: I bet you did well on your testimony, but I bet it was sad for you too.

Elder Sed: I really did feel like it went really well. Pres Ware teared up a little bit during mine. I just love him. He is awesome! I really did feel God's approval for what I have done on my mission. I felt that without a doubt. So it was sad, but it was good too.

Mama: I'm 100% sure you have His approval. You have done amazing! Well, how are you doing? Do you need anything?

Elder Sed: I am doing good, besides that my suits don't fit haha. I need a size 42 now. 
Well, I'm going to get going. Thanks for emiling me today. I hope you guys have an awesome rest of your Memorial day. Tell everyone I said hi. I love you guys! Talk to you next week!
You're awesome Mama!
-Elder Sedlacek

What's up Dad,
Sounds like the craziest week yet for weather in Bountiful. Man, the weather is confused hahah. It's been awesome here though. 70s every single day, with a few little rain showers here and there. It's perfect. Sounds like you guys need to move to Warshington haha. JK. Don't do that. I still want my Utes room.

This week was really, really interesting. We had zone conference up in Kennewick last Friday, which is usually our weekly planning day (it takes all day, so that had to be moved) so basically two days of our week were shot for getting out and working, but it ended up being really good. I really enjoyed zone conference. Pres. Ware is the bomb. He is definitely one of the men I look up to in my life. He's awesome. He talked a lot about humility this time around. It was really good. He had some great thoughts about humility and the atonement. One of my fave qoutes from him was, "Without humility, we would never be able to access the power of the atonement". It's so true. We really do need to be humble enough to change and repent in order to have the atonement actually help us. We can also choose to be humble in this life, or we will be humbled. It's as simple as that.

As far as our investigators go, the week went pretty well. We weren't able to meet with the two new families this week, but I hope that it will work out for this week. They both really seem interested too, which is awesome. It's just scheduling that is the hard part. Families are busy haha. 

We did find some new investigators this week! One of them is a YSA guy named R. He is on date for the 13th of June. We found him by looking through the area book and decided to go stop by, and he is in a really prepared state right now. It's awesome! He is really excited to change and be baptized by the restored authority! We also met with B. I mentioned her a couple weeks back so you should at least remember or can look back to find out more about her. She is awesome. It was honestly the first time something like what happened to her has happened to one of my investigators. So Sweet! Here is what happened: a couple weeks ago we stopped by and had a restoration lesson with her. She got really emotional when we talked about baptism, and said she was going to pray to find out what she should do. So that night she prayed, and then she went to sleep. In the middle of the night she woke  up after a dream and she knew it was true because of the dream. God answered her prayer through a dream. How cool is that?!?!?! I thought it was awesome. It's amazing how the spirit works with different people and at different times.

We are still meeting with R****. He is doing okay. He just won't pray, so we are thinking about dropping him. He needs to have the courage to pray. It's the hardest thing for him to do, which I understand, but it's really going to be praying that will help him get his answer. He needs to do it for himself. It's frustrating sometimes haha.

That was pretty much the extent of our week this week. It was interesting with all the meetings, but it was good. I learned a lot so I guess that's the major point. The spirit was super strong too, so that was nice as well.

Elder Bowen and I are really focusing on finding this week. It was kind of a struggle last week but we are going to keep trying. I know they are out there. We just got to find them.

Hey, that's good news on the hunts. We finally got something haha. How many years was it that you guys didn't? I think both the years I have been gone you guys didn't even get a tag, unless I am wrong. Hopefully they work out and we can get something. School will be interesting haha. Hopefully it works out with school. 

Time is flying by for you I am sure. Three of your kids are going to be graduated from high school and one from college haha. That is crazy that Jared is pretty much done. It is crazy too that my mission is almost over. That is crazy for me, and you I'm sure. I bet it doesn't feel like very long ago you were doing the same thing I am doing. 

It's been a real struggle keeping up with all my buds. It's tough because time is limited when we can contact each other. I know that Jordan, Joey, Josh, and Hunter are all doing awesome! Jordan gets home the first week in July. That will be crazy. You guys have to go to his homecoming and let me know how it goes. Gary is just about to leave on his mission. One of my friends, Andrew,  just left on his mission a couple months ago to Cali. He's doing good too. It's tough keeping track of them all but it's good to hear from them every once in a while.

Well Pop, you're awesome! Love ya Dad. I know this church is true. I know the Book of Mormon is the tool God has blessed us with. I know that the authority of God is on the earth. I know Christ is my Savior. He died for me and all of God's children individually. He loves us all and still lives even today to guide us in this life. I know God loves all his children. He especially loves his children Washington/Oregon because I feel that love everyday. I love to serve the Lord. It's so awesome! I love literally every day! Thanks for all that you do to support me in my decision to serve.
Have a great week!
-Elder Sedlacek

Monday, May 18, 2015

The week went by super fast. That is a good thing and a bad thing in my case haha!

An Oregon sunset

Hey Mom!!!!
You want more email than last week than I take it hahahahahaha. I wasn't feeling it last week just after we Skyped. I will try better this week, but emailing is just not the same as talking haha. Obviously. 

Well, we had a great week. The baptisms were great! L's went really well. She invited a couple of her non- member friends to come along. One of them came to church yesterday and the other had to work, otherwise she would have come too. Well, the friend who came to church is a new investigator!!!! I was pumped about that. L is already doing great missionary work. And guess what's even better than that? M already has a calling in his ward!!!! Bishop gave him a calling literally seconds after he was confirmed. It was super funny haha. That is what we like to see though--some initiative on giving converts callings quickly. If it were like that every time, I don't know what I would do. Go to heaven? haha.

Wow, Bountiful sounds like a rain forest haha. That is crazy that you have been getting all that rain lately. The weather here is always the same. We get a little rain with being close to the Blue "mountains," but they are really hills. The clouds do that rising thing and have to let some rain go, but other than that it's always nice and sunny. About 75 in the mid-day and perfect at night. It's just great weather, honestly.

On Memorial day I will be able to email because we email from the church. Hopefully email will still work out because of that.

Billion graves app? That sounds kinda cool. It's a good easy service project it sounds like. I think that would be super interesting to do. 

It sounds like Jeff is getting basically no sleep haha. It reminds me of some guy in the YSA who was walking down the church hallway saying how tired he was and how he thought he was tired on his mission, but then he went home haha. Hopefully it's really not like that too much.

Sounds like you are one busy Mama. You're going to be go-go-go for a long time it sounds like. It will keep you busy, and from getting trunky about me haha ;). You're funny, Mama.

That's fun you got to friend Elder Bowen's mom. He mentioned it to me first, that his mom and my mom were friends on Facebook. We had a good time on his birthday. We didn't do anything crazy, but it was fun haha. what is more fun than nine hours of church? ;)

Mama: I know there wasn't much to email about last week just because we Skyped. I only said that because this week it's been a week since we have "talked" to you so there oughta be more to say Haha.

Rainforest, yeah. I say that more because we are about to get hit again!

Elder Sed: I would love to just sit out in the rain and soak it up haha. I love the rain.
Church is fun haha. It is a lot of time for us to relax and feel the spirit. Oh I knew what you meant about the email, Mama haha.

Mama: I also know that you just aren't feeling the email as much because you are so into your mission right now. And that's okay. You're a wonderful missionary!!

Elder Sed: hahahaha. Probably. It's fun to email you guys though and share the experiences I have. I guess that's the point of it. Helping you guys feel the spirit of missionary work just like I am every day.

Mama: Yep, we love to hear how you are doing and what you are doing. I wish I could be a fly on the wall though!! Just once! 

Elder Sed: I'll bet you do Mama haha! Have a great week! I'm gonna get going! Love ya Mama! You're the best. Thanks for all that you do to help me out with school and everything!

Hey Dad,
You da bomb!

I had a great week this past week. It was really busy planning two baptisms, while doing the regular missionary work that is already busy as it is. It was fun though. The week went by super fast because of it. That is a good thing and a bad thing in my case haha.

We had some cool experiences this week, so I will try to tell them without being super confusing.

On Mondays after p-day we usually work up around Walla Walla finding young adults to teach since there are two colleges in Walla and one in College Place. College Place is to Walla Walla like Woods Cross is to Bountiful. We were going around, and the whole night Elder Bowen and I kept feeling like there was something we needed to do right then. We didn't know what it was, so first we tried by referrals. No luck. Still had the same feeling. We stopped and talked to people on the street. No luck. Still had the same feeling. By this time, we had talked to a lot of people with not a lot of success, and it was getting late and time to head back to Milton-Freewater. We left Walla with the same feeling, that we needed to do something right then, so we said a prayer. In the prayer we just asked for some guidance to help us know what it was. It was when we prayed that I had a couple of sentences from a scripture pop into my mind, and that we needed to text it to L. So we searched around for that scripture and we found it. We sent the reference to her and then we finally we felt peace. It was later on that night that we got a text from L saying that about the same time we sent that text with the scripture, she felt herself heading for a breakdown and starting praying. The scripture reminded her that God was still there for her and was watching out for her. We were able to listen to the spirit and answer L's prayers. It was sweet!!!!!

Both the baptisms were awesome! I was really pleased with L's baptism. There were some of her non-member friends there who were almost crying from the feeling of the spirit that was there. There was great support there from the branch. I was really happy. M's was good too. There was more support than last time, which was an answer to the prayers of you guys' and mine and Elder Bowen's. M is doing really good! He's totally ready to start working towards the temple. He even got a calling! I was super excited about that.
F is doing amazing! He's got the priesthood now and is going to be passing the sacrament next week. His mom is taking the discussions from the Hermanas too, so that was way cool to hear. She even wants to be baptized. See what just one person can do for a whole family? It's amazing!

We have been praying like crazy to find a family who is prepared for the the gospel to be baptized in June. This past week we got a couple answers to those prayers. One of them is the G family. We tracted into them a couple weeks ago, and we decided we needed to go by this week and follow up. We went by and we talked to the mom. The member we had with us at the time was like best friends with her growing up and knows the family really well. That was a miracle in and of itself. They expressed some interest and we have an appointment to go back later this week and have a lesson with the family. Pray that they will accept a baptism date!

The other cool find was a family named the Rs. They are a pretty cool family as well. Earlier this week we were up in Weston to see T because we felt like that's where we needed to go. We went by but she wasn't home, so we were in the process of figuring out where we wanted to go. We were standing in the street just thinking and discussing where to go next. There was a noisy party in her neighbor's yard, with a bunch of people back there, but we weren't about to go back there and just interrupt the party because that would be weird. While we were thinking about what we were going to do, a kid came out of the backyard party and just asked us what we were doing. We weren't quite sure what was happening at first--if he was just trying to mess with us? but we just told him who we were and started talking. It turned out he was actually really interested in what we were doing. We ended up having a super great restoration lesson right there in the middle of the street. (Don't worry Mom. Weston is a town that if you blink you miss it, so there are never any cars haha). He told us where he lived and told us to go find his house and get his address. We have his phone number and are going to go back and teach him this week. What is even cooler is that he has a family of four. We had been praying that day, specifically, that we were going to find a family of four who were ready for baptism, and out comes B to talk to us, in the street, while this party is going on. He just happens to have four people in his family, who all just started going to a Christian church and have accepted Jesus as their Savior. They are golden ground right now in my opinion. I know God answers prayers!

My strongest desire for the rest of my mission is of course, baptisms, but even more than that I want to bring a family to God and help them become an eternal family! I am going to work so hard towards that goal. I know God will help me to do that and will answer my prayers! I know how important it is that we listen to the spirit. I know God is going to guide me and Elder Bowen to his children who are prepared. I am totally confident in the Lord that he truly will help us!

It's good to hear that work is busy for you. It will keep you out of trouble haha. You're a trouble maker! An old one at that! haha! jk dad. hahaha

I had heard about that #Face2Face thing. What was it about? I had only heard about it. I didn't get to watch it. I looked it up right now and am listening to it. It would have been cool to be there.

Well family, I am super pumped to be serving a mission! It's a blast. I truly know the gospel is true!! I love the Lord! I love to serve him as a disciple and representative of Jesus Christ. I know his power and authority is with me. I know God will guide us in all things. I know He loves us. He is aware of all his children. We go about doing this work to bring God to them as an answer to their prayers, even though they may not even know it at the time. The Book of Mormon is key! I love that book!
I love you guys! Thanks for all that you do for me!
-Elder Sedlacek

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"It's been wonderful to see myself change into what God wants me to be"

Hey Mama,
Skype yesterday was fun. Sounds like you have had a good week. I would have loved to be in all that rain. That is one thing I miss is thunderstorms--like legit thunder storms. The kind that wake you up in the middle of the night with a huge "Boom!" thunderstorms. We just don't have those in Warshington or Oregon. Good thing I come back in the summer, just in time for all the thunder storms.

It was fun yesterday to get to know Jeff a lot more. I feel like I know him more as a bro now, instead of a guy my sister married. Sorry if you guys felt left out with me just talking to Jeff. I realized that after I hung up. At least I got to wish you a happy Mother's Day. That's what I really wanted to do. I would have been okay if that's all I got to do. You're the best Mama.

Elder Bowen is hilarious. We have a lot of fun and it's awesome to have a comp that we both know how to get things done and we are working hard. It's just a huge relief. We are going to have some awesome stuff happen while we are together--like two baptisms on Saturday! I am super excited for them. They are going to be sweet. We are just going to have to work on getting more of the ward to support it.

I really like the soap. It smells good and it cleans great. It really helps. Good thinking on getting it.

Oh man. Mr King {his junior high band teacher}. He's awesome! You will have to tell him I said hi. He's great. He's really talented at what he does.

You've had 2-3 inches of rain????? That's insane. I would bet things are green. They have every right to be haha.

Mama: Oh no, I didn't feel left out with you talking to Jeff at all! I am really happy that you feel like you know him better. That's important to me.

I'm happy you like Elder Bowen. Sounds like it is going to be a great week for you. 

Elder Sed: Oh good haha. Jeff seems like a nice guy. It will be fun to get to know him even more after the mish.

Mama: He is great. You'll have lots of time in Logan with both of them and it'll be great!

Are your baptisms on Saturday? 

Elder Sed: He is funny. It will be fun if they get to move in across the street from me. We will have to have parties and group dates--that way Jeff and Nicole can give me secret tips haha.
Yep, my baptisms are on Saturday. May 16th.

Mama: So what was the hardest part of your week, and what was the greatest? Also, how often are the members feeding you?

Elder Sed: The hardest part of my week? I don't know haha. It was a pretty easy week. Things just went well. The hardest part coming up will be finding new investigators to replace the two that are getting baptized. The greatest? It's always fun to see people prepared to be baptized. M*** and L***** are awesome.
The members feed us fairly often. It's not every night but we get fed enough.

Mama: Well I'm glad you get fed enough. :) do you need anything?

Elder Sed: I am doing good. I really don't need anything right now. 
Yep I get fed good. You don't have to worry about that.
I have to get going Mama. You're the best. I'm glad you had a great Mother's day. You really are awesome! Thanks for all that you do for me. Love ya tons! 
Have a great week!

What's up Dad,
This week was great. It was fun to talk to you guys on Skype yesterday. That's always really fun to do for me, and you guys, too haha. Technology is sure a blessing. Imagine what it would have been like on your mission if you could email, and Skype two times a year. It would have been really different for you I am sure. I'm glad I was able to make Mom's day. I am sure she was excited haha.
This week was great. We had some good stuff happen, besides it being transfer week, which is really slow at the beginning. We did find two new investigators. Their names are Br***** and J*****. They are teens that were a referral from the Spanish elders. They are pretty interested, but the only thing is that their parents aren't really that happy with them being baptized. I really hope that will change. Apparently it's been a problem with missionaries coming in the past. The girls know the church is true, but their parents won't let them be baptized.

M*** and L***** are doing amazing--both of them. L is, despite some family grief about her joining the church. She's really awesome. It would be really tough to be in that situation. You know its true, but your family isn't happy with you changing. She is really excited to be baptized though.

M*** is sooooooooooooooo excited to be married in the temple haha. It's sooooooooo awesome. It's what he mainly talked about during his baptism interview with the Zone Leaders. He's super solid. He loves coming to church, learning more. Everything about the gospel, he loves. It's awesome. He was definitely a prepared find for us. The Lord led us to him. I know that for sure. He even knows it as well.

Besides all that with M and L and finding the two sisters, it was pretty much the extent of our week. Transfers really takes up a lot of time between packing and saying good bye to members/ investigators. I really wish it didn't take up so much time, but oh well. This week will be awesome. We are going to really be working hard to find those who are prepared like M was. I know there are lots more people just like him who are searching for the gospel. Me and Elder Bowen are really going to work well together. It's awesome! It's going to be going out of my mission with a bang! Working hard right until the very end.

Elder Bowen says thanks for the NBA update haha. He thought that was awesome. You have always been really good at getting me up to date on the sports news. I appreciate it haha.

That is so awesome Dad that you've been finding Sedlaceks and doing the family history work. I really would like to do that when I get back. I think that would just be so cool to be able to help out our ancestors like that. I bet they are soo happy that you're helping them out. Seems like you have caught the vision of family history work. That's sweet. You're going to have to show me the tricks when I get home. I won't know how to use anything haha. That is going to be weird for me haha. 

Well it sounds like everything back home is doing great. It's good to hear. It is always nice to find out that you guys are doing good. You guys are sure one awesome family. I am so blessed to have the support that I do on my mission. Without you all it would have been much harder. I know the gospel is so true. I know that God loves us. He wants us to make covenants with Him so he can bless our lives even more. I know the Book of Mormon is the work of God. It's a testimony that Christ is the Savior of all mankind. I know the Savior is with me every step of the way through life. It's amazing to have that knowledge because we can know we are never, ever, ever completely alone. Christ has walked the road before us and He walks with us as well. By living His gospel that he has planned for us is how we can experience the most joy in this life. It's a time in this life to prepare for the life ahead. I love the gospel. I love the plan God has for us. I love serving the Lord! I love my mission! It's been wonderful to see myself change into what God wants me to be. It's been fun too,  and it still is every day. Love you guys!

Thanks for all that you do Dad! You're amazing!
Have a great week!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

Monday, May 4, 2015

When we are specific in what we pray for, it becomes more of an act of faith.

What's up Mama!
You're right, this past week was awesome! We got transfer news! I am staying in Milton, which was no surprise, but I am getting a new companion named Elder Bowen. He is a funny guy. I know him from Kennewick and Pasco. It should be interesting hahaha. He just might kill me as a missionary haha.{Translation: Be Elder Sed's last companion!}

The year is going by super fast! SCHOOL ENDS IN MAY?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT!!!!! That's insane! Jared is graduated in a month. WOW!

The baptisms for F****** and J***** were both awesome! I couldn't take my own pictures though, because sadly my camera is dead. It is gone to heaven. I need a new one, unfortunately. I have about 60 dollars in an emergency fund that I have saved up. I could send it to you guys to help pay for a new one. Would you like me to do that?

It sounds like you had a fun date with Nicole and Jeff. That's exciting that things are working out for them so well now. Hopefully it stays that way.

That is super cool that you found the immigration record for the Sedlaceks!!!!!!! It's an awesome find. What a miracle!

Mother's Day is coming up fast. We have church literally all day on Sundays, so we won't be able to Skype until about 6 or 7 our time. We have a member who is going to let us Skype from their house around that time, so it should be around then. Hopefully it works out for everyone to be there. You're going to have to wait all day though! hahaha
That's way cool that Grandpa wants to build a kiln. That would be way cool! All he needs now is a pottery wheel, and I would be in heaven haha.

Mama: That's great that the baptisms went so well! I hoped they did. An evening Skype is great for me. Are you going to be calling ahead with an exact time, or is that just at Christmas? Did you get the package? 
Elder Sed: Yeah, I will probably call ahead on Saturday and get you an exact time. At the moment, we have an appointment at 6 that night, so it would be at 7, but if that falls through we will Skype at 6.
I did get the package. I love the cleanser. It works really good. Thanks for sending it!

Mama: As far as a camera, I can send you the smaller one we have. I never use it but it works great. Save your moola. Does that sound okay?
Elder Sed: Does it take good pics? Is it the one I am thinking of, it's the one we bought for Moab, right?
That sounds good as far as saving moola.
Mama: Yes, the small silver one. I'll send the charger and everything. It's always good to save moola!
Elder Sed: Oh sweet, Mama. You're the best. Does it have a case that fits it? If not, I will buy one so it doesn't get wrecked in my backpack.

Mama: Yes, it has a case too. So you are getting a new comp? Seems like the last transfers were just a couple weeks ago! That was fast.
Elder Sed: Oh sweet. It would be nice if you could send that soon so I can still be taking pics. You're the best, Mama. Yep, getting a new comp. This one should be interesting. I hope it goes well. Transfers did go super fast. This one is going to go super fast too. I'm not too happy about that! hahaha.

Well, I got to get going Mama. You're the best. Have a great Mother's Day on Sunday. I hope you have a great week too. If you could send that camera when you get the chance that would be awesome so I can keep taking pics.
Love ya!

hey Dad,
This week was great! Getting to have baptisms was amazing! Both of them were super good. It was awesome to see Jeremy's. He was surprised to see me there haha. It was a good surprise though. The spirit was super strong there. There was great member support. Non members too. It was an all-around perfect baptism. F****'s was kinda disappointing though. I was happy that we got to see him get baptized, but I was not as happy about how it went. There was only one member there from the ward. That was super disappointing for me. We have a couple investigators still that are progressing awesome! L***** is getting baptized on the 16th along with M***. The 16th is going to be AWESOME!!! I really hope more of the ward shows up to support the next one.

A lot of our investigators who were on date fell off date. J**** is struggling with the Word of Wisdom, but she is working really hard at trying to quit. She could just use some prayers for support in that.
R**** really didn't feel ready to be baptized. Partly because he is still working on getting what he feels like is a solid answer from God. We figured out that he wasn't asking for anything specific, so we challenged him to ask for a answer that was specific, and ask a specific question. It really helps in getting answers from God when we pray specifically. It then becomes a more of an act of faith.

J**** is thinking that he is too busy for church stuff right now. I hope that mind set changes.
We are working on finding some new investigators by working with part member families, so just pray that we will be able to find those who are prepared for the gospel.
F*****'s baptism was great for him, and getting the gift of the Holy Ghost was awesome too. He described it kinda funny. He said "it was like a spiritual energy drink. It felt good, and I got the tingles." haha. It's always cool when someone gets the gift of the Holy Ghost. I can always feel the spirit when it's given. I know the priesthood is real just from that. That does not even include all the awesome things I have seen come from blessings.
That's crazy the difference between Jared's mission area and mine. There really aren't that many holidays or events in Warshintong/Oregon now that I think about it. There just isn't much to do haha. There's lots of Mexican parties every day though. I guess that can count right? haha Jared is going to have fun down there in Ohio though. I already know that much. It's going to be great for him.
That is so cool that you found that Sedlacek immigration record. Did it give you enough info? That is super exciting!

Sounds like you're getting really good at that family history stuff. It's awesome how that is just as much missionary work as I am doing right now and that Jared is going to be doing. It is all the work of salvation for God's children! The spirit of Elijah is the spirit of the hastening of the work. That makes me really happy that you guys are getting so involved in it. It's only going to bless the members of our family. You're going to have to teach me all the tricks of the trade when I get back.
Holy cow. Manny isn't invincible????? That's crazy. I bet there was sooooooooo much $$$$$$$ down on that fight. Stupid gambling. That is a great update though haha. I love it. That's awesome that so many Utah players got picked up on the draft. I hope they continue to do well.
Sounds like work is going good for you. I bet you're a great boss! Did you ever hear back on that other position you applied for in the church a while back? Who knows, it may have been a year ago. Time is just blending in my brain. I am at the point that I don't know if I knew someone from back home or from the mission when people ask me if I know someone. It's weird. I am going to be soo culture shocked haha. Time is going by super fast. I'm going to keep working hard though. You can bet your money on that.

Sorry this email is short. I am just so scatter brained right now. I don't even know why haha.
I am so happy to be serving a mission! It's amazing. I wish it was longer. I have been blessed everyday by the hand of the Lord. I have come to know and feel of my Savior's love. I know He lives. I know this is His church that was restored. I know it's only through the atonement that we can be saved. I am grateful for his Grace that is extended every day. I am so grateful for the example of the Savior. He is my greatest example of the powerful teacher I would love and strive to become. I know that by listening to His spirit I will be guided to those who are prepared. I am always trying to find His will, and then do it. I had a cool experience yesterday when I listened to the Spirit. We were driving in the car, and we were on this road way out in the country. The speed limit is about 50 and so we were just going along. The road we were on is kinda curvy,  and the member's house we were going to is a turn off of one of the curves in the road, and it is almost a blind curve because of the big orchard that comes up to the road. We came up to the curve, and for some reason I felt like I needed to stall turning into their driveway, so that's what I did. I thought "it can't hurt" and guess what came around the bend just about when we would have been there? A car that was going pretty fast. We were definitely protected! It's always there to be a protection to us if we listen. I always try to listen. Hopefully the story made sense. 

I love the Lord. I love serving the Lord. I know He lives! #BecauseofHim
Have a great week Dad! Love you guys!
Love Elder Sedlacek

Monday, April 27, 2015

Two baptisms coming up this week!

Hey Mama,
Sounds like you had a good week! That is awesome! I had a good week too. Guess what? I have some exciting news. F******, one of our investigators, is getting baptized on Thursday of this week!!!!!! Guess what else? J***** (remember him from when I was in Kennewick?) is getting baptized on Saturday, and I have permission  to go to that one, too!!!!!! It's going to be a great week full of baptism. Just what I like haha. It's going to be so sweet!
I didn't get your note in the mail yet haha. Maybe today I will get it. Who knows?
Hey, it is funny that you asked me about face soap, because I was going to ask for some. I am running out of the last bottle of the stuff you sent when I was in Pasco, so yeah, could you send some of that new stuff up? I will try it out.

Being DL is a stressful blessing haha. I have lots to do this time around. President Ware really changed up the responsibilities since the last time I was DL. We have to be on the phone every night with the missionaries in the district, and that takes a long time. It's all good though. It's fun to hear how their day went and the success they had. It is just stressful to get our planning done before I have to call, otherwise I am up way past 10:30 every night, which kind of sucks haha.  I really do feel like a "father" to my new comp. He isn't comfortable yet doing any of our work by himself, which I guess can be a good thing since we are supposed to stay together. But in Walmart for example, he's right behind me, running into me every time I stop. It reminds me of when I would do that to you (haha) and you HATED it. hahaha! He's a good missionary, but I am really trying to help him gain more confidence in doing missionary work, while serving all those around me also.

I had a good week. We have three "golden" investigators right now. F*******, M*** and L*****, and they all will be baptized within the next couple of weeks. It's going to be so SWEET!!!!!! I'm pumped for it.

That is way cool that you and dad are working on the family history stuff. I am going to have to follow your examples when I get home and do some of that. 
Thank for emailing me today. It was lots of fun. I am happy to hear that you guys are doing well. 
Thanks for sending the soap stuff! You're the best!
I love you all! Thanks for everything you do!
Have a totally awesome, and great week!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek
Hey Daddio,
This week was Great!!!!! Yep, we are seeing lots of success!!! It's been wonderful to be a part of. Milton Freewater is awesome! The work is going really great!
All of our investigators are doing well. F***** is being baptized this week. We were able to move his baptism up a couple days, so that will be sweet! L***** told us this week that she has made up her mind to be baptized, even if her family isn't happy about it. M*** told us this week he wants to be sealed in the temple to his wife who is already a member. He came to church all dressed up in a white shirt and tie. You would have never been able to tell he wasn't a member already. He's awesome too!
Well, some of our on-date people have changed, so here's the updated list and what you can pray for. 
F**** could use help with being able to stay strong in his decision to be baptized.
M*** is golden haha. He is just doing awesome. He was a really great find. God led us to him for sure. 
J******* struggles with the Word of Wisdom at the moment, but really wants to quit.
R**** has heath problems. He has AWESOME studies, which is great. He learns so much!
L***** is a recent investigator. She was a referral from the Hermanas in Milton. She's awesome. She works nights, so that makes it tough for her to come to church.
J****'s wife is about to have twins so he's busy with that. He is a full time student as well as a dad!

Things are going well. We are having lots of success. We even found a new investigator this week while visiting some former investigators. His name is J**** and he had some really great questions. He had been thinking about how he hasn't felt the Spirit in his life for a while. He was a Seventh-day Adventist. Walla Walla and Milton-Freewater have lots of Seventh-day Advents, so needless to say we run into a lot of them. They seem like a good people. J**** said he felt the Spirit while attending there, but got offended, so he's thinking about going to church with us. He just really wants the Spirit in his life. I really hope his desires to attend church will lead him to start coming with us.

The weather has been great here. That's crazy it has been so all over the place back home. It will help the water supply in the summer. There are occasionally rain storms here, but nothing that's too out of the ordinary. It's way nice. I love the weather right now!
Isn't it funny how sprinklers are an endless pain in the toosh every spring? You should invent a sprinkler system that never breaks. You would be a millionaire. BTW, I knew the small garden wouldn't last haha. You're too much of a "little Farmer." It's in the name. I told Elder Lewis (he is one of the other Elders we live with) that that is what our name means in Czech, and he was blown away. He is a farmer from Missouri. He loves his cows! It reminded me of your comp that had pics of all his cows.

Serving in Milton-Freewater is such a blessing. Serving as DL is also a blessing. It's great to be able to serve the Lord in so many different ways! I love the Lord, and I love His children. I am always going to do everything in my power to serve my best. It's what the Lord expects. I know I am blessed by God's hand every day. I feel His guidance in my life. I feel His love as well. I know that God lives. I know Jesus Christ lives and is very involved in our lives. He is always there reaching out to His brothers and sisters. I love the Savior! I know this is His church originally built on the earth and restored. It's a great blessing to have the priesthood on the earth. I love my mission!
Thanks for all that you do to keep me out here. I love being able to hear about the blessings that come into your lives from my missionary service. I wouldn't want it any other way.
Love you guys! It's going to be sweet to Skype in a couple weeks!
-Elder Sedlacek

Monday, April 20, 2015

Even though I have limited days left, I am going to make the most of it!

What's up Mama,

Sounds like you guys had an exciting week hahaha! That is crazy that Jared's going to Ohio!!!!!!!! I bet he's going to love it. Is his mission the middle of nowhere areas? Was he pumped to see English-speaking?
It was weird to have that member call me to tell me the news about Jared's call. They aren't even in the ward I cover (haha), but they were able to track me down that night and let me know. Thanks for letting me know as soon as you could. You're the best Mama!
My week was great!!!!!!!!!!! I probably had one of the best weeks in a long time this week. We put SIX investigators on date for May!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't even believe it! This area is on fire. We finally got some Young Single Adult investigators too, who are on date as well! It's been almost a year since anything like that has came along. I am so being blessed by the Lord right now! It's amazing! This is what missionary service is all about!

Man, it sounds like you're going to be one stressed-out mama for the rest of the spring/summer. Good luck! :)

You got my school schedule figured out? What are the details on it? What work-out class is that that you signed me up for?

Mama: Elder!!
It is so awesome to hear from you! I am so happy that those members called you that night and let you know. I so wished you knew what was going on. That makes me feel better that you did know. I told you I had ways!! haha Jared is excited! I think he was a little disappointed about no Spanish (unless his mission Pres modifies it).
Your week sounds simply amazing and miraculous! SIX on date for May?? Wow!
MWF, you will have a Music class (Music history or something), US History, and Math. I’m not sure if it’s like algebra or something, and it’s subject to change if you want to take a math placement test. After that you’ll have English which is a writing class. Dad and I figured if you got that out of the way right off, it would help you in all your other classes. Tues & Thurs you will have conditioning unless you wanna change that. 
Elder Sed: Yea it's good to hear from you guys too. I am glad that you are doing good.
I was kinda guessing that English was a disappointment to him, but oh well. He will get over it. It's where the Lord needs him.
Yep, SIX on date for May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am giving the update on that right now in my email to dad.
Music history? Is that for an elective? Do I have to take a writing class? I don't want to write a ton of papers if I don't have to. What's the conditioning class?

Mama: Music History, I am sorry to tell you, is one of a few required core classes. So is the writing class. Conditioning is weight lifting. Winking smile

Elder Sed: Oh okay Mama. I was just making sure you weren't setting me up, or anything like that. I don't want to have you have something funny up your sleeve or something like that. :) 

I have to get going Mama. You're the best! I hope you guys have a great week! Thanks for all that you do for me. Thanks for setting up school stuff for me. Just really thanks for all that you do! Love ya tons!
Talk to you next week!
What's up Dad,
This week was GREAT! as I already said to mom. But this week was a great week for finding and inviting! We put a focus on it and it really paid off. We now have a total of 8 on-dates. Seven of those are in the Milton ward, and 1 in the Walla Walla YSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even believe it! I will give you a list of them so you guys can pray for them, because I know that's what you like.
Mostly all of our on-dates were found this week. It was amazing. We found three in each area that we cover. It's been a long time since that has happened. They are all awesome. I was on exchanges with the Elders in my district twice this week, so some of them I don't really know much about, but they are all miracles from the Lord!
T***** is a new investigator this week. The Elders found her when I was on exchanges in a small town called Weston. They decided to go tracting because Elder G and I had had the thought to go tracting up there. Turns out it worked out really well. At first, it sounded like it wasn't really going anywhere. She was busy, but they kept on just teaching to her. She felt the Spirit and invited them in. She really wants a church for her kids to grow up in and was excited to set a baptism date for the 16th! Talk about awesome!

R**** is a newer progressing investigator. He is doing awesome! He had been around for a long time with missionaries before. Kinda what missionaries call an "eternagator." Not really a good thing. When I got here though, I made sure to have a really frank discussion with him using the Spirit. It worked really well. After that he has really gotten things together. He understands why the missionaries come over. Not just to visit, but to help him build up his faith. He asks really great questions that come from his studies which is awesome! It proves that he is not only reading the Book of Mormon but really thinking about it and praying. He says that it feels good too. This week he asked us a question right when we came in. It went something like this: "Where can I be baptized like Jesus Christ was?"  It was funny because it kinda caught me off guard haha. I wasn't expecting something like that coming from him hahaha. It was awesome though, because we were able to testify of the priesthood authority and put him on date for baptism. He is praying for a solid answer from God that the Book of Mormon is true, so pray that he feels like he will.

L***** was an awesome find. She is basically "golden"!!!!!!!!! So the story on her is that she came to church yesterday. She has a member boyfriend in the branch and he took her to church. Apparently she has had lots of exposure to the church in her life. He is a RM so he's doing some awesome work as you could guess. He already had her reading the Book of Mormon. He took her to GenConf this month and she was speechless when she was listening to the prophets. She really felt the spirit. She grew up baptist and her family is giving her a bunch of crap for dating a Mormon, so just pray that she can stay strong. She really wants to be baptized. It's her family that will be the biggest struggle. 

M**** is a new investigator too. He is from a part-member family in the ward. We found him a couple weeks ago and he had asked us to call him to set up a time to meet with him. That happened to be this week we had set up, and it turned out really great. He had expressed how baptism was something he had been thinking about for a while now. He just didn't know where to go to get it started. Guess what? That was the reason we tracted that street that one day. We had prayed that day that we would find someone prepared on that specific street that we were going to tract, and at first it didn't look like that prayer was answered. Boy were we wrong! hahah. The Lord does answer our prayers! I know that for sure.

The other new investigators are people I really don't know too much about yet because I was on exchanges.
F******, J****, and J******* are all doing awesome. They are all people that I think I've told you about but they are doing awesome! This area is just really blooming right now! It's crazy!
It's way awesome news that Jared is going to Ohio! You guys' plan worked to let me know asap. I found out Thursday evening. Thanks for letting that member know. She was excited to relay the news. It was good to hear too. Jared will be a great missionary over in Ohio. He's going to have fun in that country. He better not come back a Bengals fan hahaha. Don't worry about me though. I am pure blood Chargers and 49ers. haha
I do remember Loren. It's exciting that he's going to Ohio too. They both are going to great things! How many boys is that from our ward that have calls now?
That's a real bummer Sister M is home now. It's too bad but all things happen for a reason. I am sure she did great! It's cool that the #BecauseHeLives worked really well in her mission. Here, I don't really know. I haven't heard anything big come from it yet. I really haven't seen much. We used the cards a lot. As far as the iPads? No clue. Pres Ware said they would come in 2-3 months about that long ago. Really though, I have heard that my whole mission. We will get them when we get them as far as I'm concerned. I'm not going to worry about it.
Well thanks Dad for all that you do for me! You sacrificed a lot to get me out here, and you still do to keep me out here too. I love you Dad. You're a great example!

I am so happy to be serving a mission. Even though I have limited days left, I am going to make the most of it! I know the Lord is very aware of anyone who puts their name right next to His. I have felt Him with me literally every day. I know Christ lives! I know this is His church restored to the earth. What a great comfort that is! I love to serve God's children. I will strive constantly for the rest of my life to do it, too. I love God especially. He blesses me so much. I have tons to be grateful for. You guys and everyone back home who supports me are all part of that. The people I meet everyday, President Ware, people to look to, it's all great things I am blessed with. I am just so happy! I love you guys!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm so thankful to be serving a mission. I have loved every day!

What's up Mama,
Sounds like you had a great week. How ya doing?
I am doing really good. I have been settling in to Milton. The ward is starting to catch a vision for the missionary work. This past week we met with the Bishop, and our Ward Mission Leader. 
Things are going good with Elder G. Things are good as DL. I love how often I get to serve the missionaries in my district. This week, one of the Sisters had a dog bite her leg, so I went over to give her a blessing. It was really good. Going in I honestly had no idea of anything I was going to say, but I just went in like I usually do to blessings, and just cleared my thoughts. It was cool. When I started, I just said a silent prayer in my heart that I would know what to say to give her some comfort. It ended up being a really good blessing. It just flowed right from the start. It must have worked because she cried. Isn't that how women work haha?
All afternoon Saturday I was doing baptism interviews in Pendleton. It was good, because it's all worth the time with baptisms. Those sisters up there in Pendleton do some awesome work!
The weather in Muddy Frogwater has been awesome. It couldn't be a better spring, honestly. It has had the perfect amount of rain and sun. Down here in Milton we get more rain than Tri-cities does, so its nice to see some rain for a change.
I am honestly doing pretty good. I don't really need anything at the moment.
Dallin is going to Bolivia?!?!?!?! That's awesome! Wish him good luck for me. That would be super cool if I got to see Dallin in the airport. That would be fun. So Dallin's mom is going to be the sad Mama, and you're going to be the happy one right? haha. Hopefully it's not the other way around haha.
Thanks for doing the school stuff for me. I don't have a clue of what math to take. I don't want to waste time and money taking a class that is too easy, but I also don't want it to be too hard that I don't know how to do it at all. What do you think I should do?
Mama: Son! Of course I will be the HAPPPPPYYYYYYYY Mama!!!!
Good job on the blessing. Yes, a woman crying in a blessing is probably a pretty good sign that you said something she needed. haha
I will think on the math and also ask Nicole.
Hey, there is news on Jared’s call this morning!! He's been assigned and is in the mail. Probably coming in the next day or two or three.....and don’t worry. Mamas have their ways of letting missionary sons in Oregon know asap. 
Elder Sed: Oh ok good. I was thinking it was that way haha.
I figured it was a good sign hahahaha.
Oh okay ask Micoe. She's "SMRT" with that kinda stuff.
OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOY!!!!!! Jared's call is coming on its way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is your guess to where he's going? 
Mama: It definitely is that way haha. I’m waiting for my hug and it better be a good one!
As for where for Jared.....I don’t really know. You are in Washington, and that is a place I had never even thought of for you, so it’s probably going to be somewhere I haven’t thought of. That being said, Jared REALLY REALLY REALLY wants to speak Spanish. I think he will be Spanish-speaking. My official guess is Washington DC South, Spanish-speaking.
Elder Sed: That would be cool for him to learn Spanish. I could see him going Spanish. It will be awesome to find out the big news. Oh you better believe I will give you all a good hug haha. Who wouldn't?
Yea, that will be interesting to see what he does and where he goes! My official guess is Wyoming, but what's wrong with Yakima or WKM!!!! haha. That would make me so happy if he really did end up going to Warshington. It would also be cool if he went to DC south Spanish speaking.

I have to get going now Mama. You're awesome for all that you do for me! Love ya tons! Let me know if there's anything I can do for you, even though there isn't much I can do at the moment haha but still. You get the point.
You're the best Mama! Keep being the best Mama ever!
Love ya!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek
Whaz up Dad,
This week was great! I will just start with the update of my week.
So this week we had zone training meeting where the ZLs and the DLs train the zone. It was pretty good. I felt like my training went really well. I talked a lot about building a vision with planning and goals. The vision needs to be our eye of faith, with our goals and daily and weekly plans supporting that vision we gain from the Lord. Everyone really liked it, so I guess it was good.
The next day after that we had interviews with President Ware. I got my new temple recommend that's signed by him so I will have to keep this one I have now. President is awesome. He's definitely called by God. I know that for sure.
This week I had the privilege of giving lots of priesthood blessings. Some to the members in the district I have, and some to members of the ward. I just love to be able to give people blessings by the priesthood of God. It's so cool how you can feel the guidance of God in what to say. I love to feel the love God has for them. I just love to serve His children!
As far as our investigators go, we had some good lessons with them this week. We now have two on date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F***** is on date for the 25th of April. It's probably going to be pushed back just because he is going out of town for his baseball team. We are just praying that we will be able to figure out a weekend where he will be free to be baptized. He is super excited! He came to church yesterday and guess what? He stayed for the whole block and the Spanish sacrament meeting too. He was just so excited to be at church.
The other on date is J****. He's doing awesome too. He is a guy who is kinda rough around the edges and not afraid to say what's on his mind. He's really cool. He told us this week that if he didn't have real interest in being baptized, he wouldn't talk to us. I liked that haha. We put him on date after he said that, for July. It's kinda far away, but he is just so busy every weekend and his wife is pregnant and due in May. I hope everything works out with him too.
Other than these two investigators, we do have a couple others, but we are working on finding a bunch more this week. Wish us luck!

Great job with work, Dad. Sounds like it's going good. Save the church some money haha.
Oh, you got lots of yard work done it sounds like. Trimming trees is a pain. I know that much. You're going to move the garden to the middle section? That sounds like a good idea. I like how the size of the garden has gradually gotten smaller and smaller as time goes on. I remember when it was the whole bottom section haha. I guess you're just getting old. ;) Just kidding, Dad. You're still super young, strong. Like Nephi, right?!
Sounds like you had a fun time just playing with the truck haha. That is super funny. It's like your brand new toy haha. That stinks the ATV isn't starting. I bet it is the carburator or something like that.

A brand new guy won the Masters? That's cool. He sounds like he's amazing! I would like to see him play.

I did hear from Mom that Dallin got his call to Bolivia. That is super cool!!!!! You will have to wish him luck for me. He's going to do awesome I would bet. That's kinda funny that he leaves the day that I get home. Probably won't see him for a while then, unless for some reason we see each other at the airport, but I doubt that too.
I heard good news on Jared's call. That is exciting!!!!! You guys will have to let me know asap when you find out. I will be excited to find out where he's going! Hopefully in Washington somewhere. That would be cool.

I am so thankful to be serving a mission. It's been a wonderful time! I have loved every day! I love being able to devote all my time and attention to serving the Lord and his children. I love the Lord! I love his children I have been sent to help! I know this is His church! He leads and guides us as we let Him. I am grateful for the gift of the spirit and what it does to my life. I know the priesthood is on the earth to bless all others besides myself, but I know there are people who are able to help me when I need it as well. I know the Book of Mormon is true!
You guys are awesome for all the support you give to me. I know it's a blessing some don't have. I love you guys! You're all amazing! You guys keep up the great work at home! Talk to you later!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek