Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I am grateful to be serving as a missionary for Jesus Christ

How's it going Mama,
This past week was pretty good. Transfer day was the really hot day where it was 110 and we were on the black pavement wearing suit coats. Let's just say it was super hot haha. Transfers were good. I am with Elder Christopherson now. 

That is crazy that Sarah is 15 now. She is getting so old haha. Are you going to take her to get her learner's??? Libby is 10 too. That is crazy! I bet the party was fun and geting to hear Jim's and Dave's stories. There are some fun mission stories I have had, so it will be fun to tell them later on.

Libby is so funny too, with her story of going on a hike with Nicole and Jeff. She is so cute sometimes haha. I bet she had lots of fun hanging out with her bro-in-law. When I get home Libby and I will have to go have some fun like that.

That sucks about the Suburban fuel pump going out again. That has gone out so much it seems! It is about time that GM would put a warranty on it.

Mom: Yo Son! It's good to hear from you! I'm glad you are doing okay in the heat. I got my brace and it works great.

Elder Sed: That's great Mama. Did it come today? Can you walk and do everything without the pain you had? It looks similar to the one I had. Is it hard to get used to?

Mom: Yes, I can walk and do everything with no pain. It's different from the brace you had because it pushes against the outside of the knee joint and causes the inside to open up so the bones don't rub together, so that took a little getting used to. 

Elder Sed: I am glad it is working out for you Mama! I love getting to email. I have to go now. I am grateful to be serving as a missionary for Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the gospel and it truly does bless my life in every aspect. I know that as we stay strong in the gospel and continue in the little things that great things will be given to us. I love you guys so much!
Have an awesome week!

What's up Dad,
Sounds like you had a good week. I am doing pretty good, but this week was pretty slow. I have a new companion, Elder Christopherson. I've known him since the MTC. Our investigators are doing good, but we had no lessons with any of them this week. They were all busy with other stuff so we taught a lot of Recent Convert/Less Active lessons. We did find a new potential investigator named Lilly. She had been to a baptism for her aunt, and when she opened the door to us all she said was "I really like coffee." It was kinda funny, but she does want to meet and figure out if the church is something she wants. It will be super cool to start teaching her. She seemed pretty awesome. 

 The other highlight of the week was transfers, which was really hot, but I told mom about that. It was funny because one of the mission presidency came up to me and seriously thought I was a greenie and had to go back inside the church with the rest of the greenies. He finally realized I'm not a greenie haha. It was kinda funny though. I guess I look young or something. Sister Jane W came up to the mission this transfer, so that was weird to see her there.  I also talked to President Ware a little more since transfers and he suggested that I do something that I really liked. It really applies to parenting as well, but that is awhile off for me haha. He suggested using the commitment pattern with my comp. 

Sounds like you had a usual Saturday with all the yard work. That would be kinda fun to do right now. At least for the first week I'm home, then it will go back to being a chore haha. Sounds like lots of work! 

I did get your letter in the mail last Monday. I liked the announcement on the technology stuff. It will be super cool to get that stuff eventually. It will be interesting to ask President Ware about it. I would love to work with it. It's going to be awesome for teaching.

The weather has been pretty good the past week. It was 95 and I actually felt a little cold! It's funny how your body gets used to the temp after a while.

Libby and Sarah are getting old and I can't believe it for either one of them. It's crazy! Time goes fast doesn't it? 

Thanks for all that you do for me Dad. You are a great example to me of doing my best at everything I do, that is the reason I want to be as obedient as I can. I know HF will bless me and all of you as I do. Love you all! Have a great week!
-Elder Sedlacek

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Bionic Mama" and thoughts on grace and mercy

Took me a few times before I saw the flower tucked in his ear. haha!

Elder Sed and Elder R in a pretty awesome pose!

The Zone at the Columbia River temple. Elder Sed is third from the left. He looks so good! 

What's up Mama,
Sounds like you had a good week. This week has been pretty hot. It's basically going to stay above 100 for the highs for a while here haha. The heat isn't too bad though. It just makes me super tired in the middle of the afternoon. Speaking of, transfers are this week and I am staying and am going to be serving with Elder Christofferson. He's the Elder who me met his mom in the distribution center, who's from Bountiful and was going to the same mission as me. Remember that? Well, it should be pretty fun. I just really hope he's a good worker. That will be the absolute best if he is.

So you lost the SD card but then found it again haha. At least you found it haha.

I am sure Elder J would love to see you guys at his homecoming. He said he will put it on Facebook once he gets home tomorrow. It's so crazy that he is going home tomorrow! Seems like yesterday he wasn't even at 18 months yet. Time goes super fast haha.

I bet it was super cool for Syd & Tyler to go through the temple together. So they both took out their endowment then? 

A temple painting will be a super cool wedding gift for Nicole & Jeff. I love the Bountiful temple. It's so pretty. Cool idea for a gift.

I already knew how to pronounce Nephi in Spanish (haha) from Sunnyside. I know how to pronounce a couple more things too. I bet I would be able to understand Jeff when I get home. I can kinda understand some Spanish but I cannot speak it all, which kinda sucks haha. I want to learn it, though. He will have to teach me when I get back.

So Dad is also a wedding decorator haha. He is a man of many talents. He just might have a side job if he does a really good job. How did he design all that? That sounds really complicated to me. Dad is a smart man I guess!

So you obviously have been visiting Dr. R for your knee lately. Is your knee pretty bad right now? That is good that you are getting a brace thing for your knee. That would be sweet if it works out for you. I will be praying for you that it will be a huge help for you. Can't have my Mama not walking! haha. That would suck. So is it one that you will wear all the time?

Mom: Son! I can’t believe this transfer is over already! I hadn’t even thought about transfers and didn’t realize they were this week. That will be super fun to have Elder Christofferson. 
The card was sitting by the computer this whole time and I just forgot that I had never sent it back. Sorry!
Okay, hopefully we can make Elder J’s homecoming. We’d really like to. Yeah, Sydnie and Tyler took out their endowments. I haven’t gotten my new brace yet, hopefully the rep calls soon. I will try to wear it all the time, but certainly when I want to go walking or hiking, and I need it for camping. I will definitely need it the day of the wedding or my knee would be killing me by afternoon!

Elder Sed: I really hope you get your brace then if it will help you that much. You will almost have a bionic leg haha.

Mom: I just can’t get over that it’s been 6 weeks! And it’s crazy that we met Elder C’s mom, and now he’s gonna be your comp!
Yep, bionic Mama. That’s me. haha

Elder Sed: Yep, this transfer went by super fast. I only have like 9 more too. Crazy crazy crazy!
You are bionic Mama haha. You will have to video yourself doing parkour or something like that when you get your brace.
Mom: Parkour? Me??? Hahahahaha!!!! That one made me laugh out loud! 

Elder Sed: Yea, you, parkour with your bionic leg. You don't see it happening? haha

Mom: Um, I see myself walking and hiking in comfort. That’s about it haha.

Elder Sed: Well I guess that's acceptable still in my opinion. It won't get a million hits on YouTube, but hey. It's still good haha.

What's up Dad,
Sounds like you had a good week too, just like mom did. My week was pretty good, but boy was it hot haha. It really is like being a pioneer because I walk around all day in the heat. It's usually pretty hard once it hits 3-4pm. That's the hardest time. I am doing pretty good though. I am making sure that I am drinking lots of water. I don't want to get dehydrated at all. That is no fun.

The teaching pool we have is going well. We got dropped by F this week but we picked up a new investigator named C. She is pretty cool and somewhat interested in learning more about the gospel. She has some roommates in her apartment and I don't think they like us very much so pray for her to keep up the interest even though her friends might not want her to. The rest of the teaching pool is basically the same. We weren't able to meet with a lot of people this week. Seemed like lots of people are out of town. We are still working on going around to the members and teaching them the restoration. I really really really really really really really want this area to be successful. The members just need to realize that missionary work is fun and easy to do. I'm trying my best every day to get it to the point I want it. President Ware said it could be 6-8 weeks before any real changes start to happen. That's a lot of waiting haha. HF must really want me to learn some patience and diligence!

My studies have been pretty good this week. I realized that I had been pretty prideful in the heat and because of the weather. I was thinking about me me me and no body else really. I changed that as soon as I realized, and am praying for ways each day to look for the well being of others and for little service opportunities. I studied a lot on justice and mercy along with grace and mercy of the savior.  I have been dealing pretty justly with the members and not really being merciful to their situation. I am going to try my best to be more merciful to everyone. I also realized something cool about grace and mercy. Grace from the Savior isn't grace if we earned it. Mercy also isn't mercy if we deserve it. None of God's children, without the grace and mercy of the Savior, would be able to return to him. I am super grateful for the atonement. I have seen the miracles that come from applying it in our lives. It truly is amazing. I am sooooooo grateful again for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the atonement.

Elder J goes home tomorrow. Crazy! I can't believe it I know that. Can't imagine what he is feeling like. He would love to see you guys is what he has said. Just watch for it on Facebook.

Don't worry about me not writing down my experiences. I've got that covered haha. I would say my journal is pretty good. I usually will try to write down the cool stuff or what I learned during the day in my daily journal entry. I know if I didn't write them down I would forget them so I try my best to make the entries good ones haha.

I really hope you guys have a great week. I haven't gotten your letter yet so maybe I will today. Thanks for sending one. I am sorry for not being the best letter writer. You guys are awesome though. Have an awesome week! I love being a missionary!
love ya,
-Elder Sedlacek



Monday, July 7, 2014

I want to edify and strengthen all the people I come in contact with

What's up Mama,

Sounds like it was a fun rest of the week for you guys haha. You do seem to be the designated "tell me all about home for the week"  person haha. I like it though. I did get to use some of the 4th of July stuff you sent. I like the glasses so I have some pics in them. Speaking of pictures, do you have my other SD card that I sent home Father's Day? I can't find the other one, so I am assuming that it's home with you guys.
Is the internet still out at home? That is super stupid if it is.

Thanks for fasting for me. 

I like the picture of the water fight. I bet that was really fun. Did you and Dad do it as well?

So its been hot in Utah just like here, it sounds like. The heat isn't that bad once you get used to it. It's still pretty tiring so I know how you guys felt haha.

I am glad that you were able to use some of the stuff I said in your testimony. Hopefully I say things that touch everyone's heart. I try to,  at least. haha. I want to edify and strengthen all the people I come in contact with, so that is something I pray for every morning. To touch the hearts of the people I meet.

I hope the email works good today. It's super fun being able to email back and forth.

What's this annoucement that the church supposedly put out that every missionary will have to get an iPad mini? There were a couple members talking about it yesterday.

Mama: Yes, the missionaries in many missions will be getting special iPad minis. You buy it and can keep it when you go home. I think Dad knows more details on it than I do.

The internet is out at home still. Good thing I have my phone!

Yes, the weekend and holiday were super fun.

Elder Sed: So it's not all the missions then? Those would help soooo much in teaching and stuff like that. I hope the WKM gets them. That is dumb that the internet is out. Are the kids going crazy without it haha?

Mama: I think it is most missions, probably yours too. It was something like 50k of the missionaries that will?I'd bet you will. Yeah, the kids aren't liking no internet! It's supposed to be back by 5:30pm. Hopefully sooner. 

Elder Sedlacek: Well I am going to go now Mama. It was good to get to email today. Glad that it worked out despite all the internet poop going on. 
I hope you guys have a great week!
Don't forget too to send me my SD card soon and I can send the one I have back that has some new pics on it.
Love you all!
-Elder Sedlacek

What's up Dad,
I bet the 4th was super fun for you guys. It was pretty fun here. We had some souped up pop-its that popped really loud, almost like a fire cracker, and we threw those around and played catch with a football in the members' back yard where we live. It was fun. It was really just a fun, relaxing evening since we had to be in at 6pm.

We had a good talk with our  Bishop, and he changed around the agenda and let us talk first yesterday so that was awesome! That was the first time since I have been in this ward that it was like that, so it was a super nice change.

There wasn't very much exciting in the past couple days since Wednesday. Our teaching pool is still basically the same as it was on Wednesday. We did find a new investigator named J. He was out weeding in his yard, so we talked to him for a little bit, and then Elder R and I just sat down and started weeding with him. We ended up having a really good discussion, and J even committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. It was awesome. Other than that, our investigators are the same. Keep praying for all of them and it will help them.

Thanks for the sports updates. It's fun to find out the little bits of info you tell me. Lebron is soooo greeedy. I think it would be soooo funny if nobody picked him up, but that will not happen. Still, it would be funny.

Haha Duke is funny. I remember playing with him like that. It's kinda funny that up here there is a family that has a black lab that is named Duke. They are kinda alike too, from what I remember about Duke haha.

I really do think my mission is really strengthening me as well. It has been awesome to be able to serve my mission so far. I love the things that I have learned and being able to think back on all the awesome experiences I have had. I just hope to be able to learn from my mission everyday for the rest of my life. I want it to be that life-changing experience like it has been so far. Missions are awesome and I love the gospel and being able to share it everyday with everyone I meet. Thanks for all that you do for me Dad. You're awesome!

Is my dirt bike still up and running?
I also have heard that there was an announcement made on the technology for missionaries. What's the details on that. There were some members up here talking about it yesterday and it sounds awesome! 
Have a great week!!!!! Love ya!
-Elder Sedlacek

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Being on a mission is where I want to be

What's up Mama,
It sounds like your week was really fun. Libby told me about the zoo pass that you guys got and that is fun. I really loved the package and everything in it. Perfect job Mama! It even got here last Saturday so it was really fast too.

I think it's funny that the time is going by so fast haha. When you break it down like that Mama, it's going to seem like a couple months and I will be home. Time is weird! Just so you know, being on a mission is where I want to be too.

I bet it was fun, too, to sit with Nicole and Jeff by the fire bowl and talk. 
The temple was amazing today. And the sealing was AMAZING too. It was sooooooooooo coool and nothing like I was expecting, but I definately want to be sealed in the temple. I think it would be so cool to have Pres. Johnson do the sealing too. It was seriously the longest ever that I remember feeling that wave of the spirit. It was the whole time Pres. Johnson (he did the sealing) was talking. It was also super fun to see some of the members from Sunnyside. That is nice that the D family wrote on my wall, too. They are a good family so I am sure they will be baptized sometime. They have a seed planted at least.

I bet sacrament meeting was really good but that is super surprising that there was no returned missionaries available to talk. They won't have that problem pretty soon haha. Lots of them coming home.

Well this week was pretty good. How have the family been doing?

What's up Dad,
This week was pretty good, but really slow as well. It's starting to get really hot so that has been fun to deal with haha.  Member trust is also one thing we are going to start building more of.  

As far as cool experiences go, this week we had interviews with President Ware and that was really, really good. He is such a good example for me. He always has some bit of good advice for me to hear. He told me to just keep working on the members and building trust and the work will improve. On Thursday we ran into a guy named Greg who had gotten a Book of Mormon back in 2003, and he has been picking it up once in a while ever since. He told us pretty detailed descriptions of what he had read a week ago, and he was able to perfectly tell the story of Teancum. Pretty dang cool. I don't think I would be able to do that--as in explain in detail what I read a week ago. Well anyway, we asked him if we could meet with him sometime and he didn't want to give us any info but said he would show up to church sometime. I am really hoping he comes while I am still here. 

As far as the teaching pool it's still pretty much the same. FB said he will be baptized when he gets an answer that the Book of Mormon is true, but he does feel like God wants him to read it so that was cool to hear about. I don't know if I told you about S yet, but he is a pretty cool investigator. He's from Canada and plays hockey. He's just barely graduated from college and is pretty interested in learning more. F didn't come to church because he was busy with work and has been all this past week, so I hope we can meet with him this week. Those are our progressing investigators  right at the moment. We are working every day to find more with the members.

Holy crap, do we have fruit up here haha! Talk about cherries and raspberries and strawberries. Pretty  much anything we want we've got haha. Don't even worry about sending fruit. The members got that covered, Dad haha. It sounds good that you guys have a lot of fruit too.

It is awsome work is going good for ya. Keep up the good work, Papa. I bet it's fun to work for the church and be able to participate in all that. It would be cool.

I did get the package like I told mom. Thanks for sending it and the letter inside it too.

On the journal, it will work for a study journal, but today I went and bought one that is the same style and size as my other one. But thanks for sending that, too. I will put it to some good use.

The temple was awesome today. 

Well I hope you guys have an awesome week. You guys are a great example to me. Every one of you, too. I love you guys and am so happy to be serving a mission. I love the gospel!!!
-Elder Sedlacek

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Book of Mormon is true, and Joseph Smith IS a prophet.

What's up Mama,
This week was pretty good. It started out pretty dang slow, but the past couple days have been pretty good. We are going around to different members of the ward and teaching them a new idea on the members' role in missionary work. We used this idea in Sunnyside and it worked there, so it should work here. It's going to be awesome to see the change that happens in this ward!

Speaking of the weather, it's been hot, hot, hot. That's Tri-cities for you. Basically not a cloud in the sky so it's always blue sky but it's still pretty hot. I am doing okay in the heat. I really like the shirts you sent, but holy crap. $50??? Those were expensive Mama. {Mama's note: two shirts plus tax & shipping, just under $50. Not THAT bad. :) } I literally laughed when I opened the package of the soap. It probably will last the rest of my mission. Not even kidding haha. It's good soap, though, so thank you very much for the shirts and soap. You're da greatest.

In the package for 4th of July just send some snacks. I am almost out of money on my mission card, and I will have to buy stuff for a week and a half because next week p-day is on Wednesday. We are going to the temple that day. I'm going to a sealing for a RC in Sunnyside who we worked with a lot, and that will be this Saturday. It will be awesome to see what a sealing is like. I'm excited for it.

Sorry Mama that you are sick! I hope you get better soon. Those dang summer colds suck. They are the worst.

So Nicole got some bling bling, aye?! That's exciting. I haven't looked at her email yet if I even have one. I will look soon though so I can find out what happened.

I like your thought on the scriptures. It is amazing that you can read it millions of times and still learn. I have read the Book of Mormon three times on my mission so far, and it's amazing each time. I learn new things. The scriptures are amazing.

That's funny that there's a Tri-cities elder down there again. It really is like they do a swap with Washington and Utah.

Time is flying by and it's crazy. I still can't believe it. Next year this time it will be almost done. I want to keep learning as much as I can every day so it helps me for the rest of my life. Missions are amazing! I am glad that you had a great week too. You're awesome mama!

What's up Dad,
This week was pretty dang good. It started out really slow, but it ended pretty good. We dropped all of our investigators, except for ____ and _____ because they weren't progressing. They both are doing really good though. We had a sit down lesson with _____ and invited him to be baptized. He said he would if he got an answer that is was what he needs to do. That was a miracle since we haven't had a real sit down lesson with him before. FB was feeling sick this week so we weren't able to teach him. 
Yesterday was a really good day. We found a new investigator! His name is S and he lives in the apartments in our area. He just graduated from college and he had Mormon friends all through out school, so he was interested in learning more. He told us in the beginning of the lesson yesterday that he wasn't really interested in converting, but he is interested in us answering his questions. We will see what happens as time goes by. It was cool because during the lesson I got a prompting to show him "Testimony of the Book of Mormon" video by Elder Holland and he really liked it. He said that the leaders in his church don't seem to have the conviction that the leaders in the LDS church do. That was awesome to hear and I know he felt the Spirit. It was a super good lesson. Those are the people we are teaching at the moment investigator-wise. We are going around to members of the ward and teaching them how to fulfill their purpose as member missionaries. It is going well and I think it's going to really help the ward. That is one thing President Ware told me straight to my face at transfers--I need to take the member lesson we used in Sunnyside and use it in Pasco, so I have been doing that. I think the ward is really going to get excited about missionary work here soon. 

Sounds like girls camp was really fun for you and the girls.

Lately for P-days we have been just hanging out at the local stake center and playing games as a zone. I haven't really been able to see anyone I know. This mission is HUGE and we just got approved to go up to 270 missionaries. That is going to be insane. I hope to be able to serve around some of the Elders who were super fun. I get to meet new people though, and there are some cool missionaries in this zone. Our zone is pretty cool and our district is just crazy haha. We have fun though. Elder J is in our district so that's kinda fun. He's still pretty goofy haha.

Well, I did have a great week and it sounds like you did too. Good luck with the work week and all that. You're awesome dad! I love my mission and all that I learn every day. Missions truly are the greatest thing. I love the gospel. I know the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith IS a prophet. Keep up the good work at home! Love you!!!
-Elder Sedlacek

Monday, June 16, 2014

Everyday I learn new things. I love my mission!

What's up Mama,
This week, turns out we decided to email first and it is working out good so far. I am glad that you guys had a good week.
My week was pretty slow but it's been good anyway. We really weren't able to have many lessons because summer is a pretty busy time for people haha. Elder R and I are doing good though. We are really trying to figure out a way that we will be able to work better with the members. That is the key to missionary work--as serving in Sunnyside taught me. Sometimes it's just kinda difficult to get the members to be more proactive in missionary work. 

I bet Jared had a blast at the ranch. I always wanted to go up there for a camp, but it never worked out when we planned it out. Oh well haha.

So Dad was able to have a good Father's Day? That is awesome. Did he get my card?

That is a super cool story from Elder B.  I bet he was blown away. Does he leave this Wednesday? He's going to be an awesome missionary.

So are you going to buy the shirts and the soap today? I am out of the soap now, so just send it soon haha.
Tell dad thanks for the info :)

You guys are awesome. Thanks for all that you do, even though I say that every week. I still mean it!

I am glad that you are doing good. Thanks for everything you do, like sending me stuff and paying for me to be out here. It truly is a blessing. I KNOW this gospel is the true church of Christ. I KNOW the Book of Mormon is the word of God. The gospel WILL bless our lives if we apply it with real intent of heart. I love my mission!
Love you guys!
-Elder Sedlacek

What's up Dad,
It was good to hear that you were able to have a good Father's Day. That took forever for my card to get there but at least it did. Glad you liked it.

I am settling in well. This week was kinda slow, but I got through it. We are going to start focosing on the members this week, hopefully to get more referrals and assistance from them. I can get myself around Pasco now, not that I will haha. It's different here with lots more LA we are teaching than investigators. Some of the people you guys can pray for are FB, FA, and D for our investigators, and as for LAs  you can pray for the S family, the Ds, and a few others. FB is a super cool guy. D is a guy who we talked to outside his house and we started teaching him. He isn't that open to the ideas of the church, but he's willing to listen which is a start. Just pray for him to have an open heart to the gospel. The LA families I really don't know much about. A lot of them just got out of the habit of coming to church. Those are some people you can pray for right now. 

I left a pair of the gold toe socks back home? Hmm. I didn't know that haha. Mine are holding up great though. They will probably last my whole mission. My problem is my shirts. I will probably have to get them all replaced, but that can wait for now. I'm going to try to make them last the rest of my time out here.

That is exciting that the Spurs were able to win it this year. They are one of the only teams in the NBA that actually play like a team, so it's kinda cool they won.

I bet it would have been super cool to hear the B's and Elder B's farewell talks. I am sure the Bs will be an awesome mission president and his wife, and RB will be a great missionary as well. That is a super cool experience that RB had. Talk about God answering our prayers. That is awesome that he was able to recognize that.

Well dad you are awesome! I am so grateful for your example and your advice on things I can do to be a better missionary. I am always working on ways to improve and so it's great to get some of those ways from ya. You're awesome dad! Thanks for all that you do for me and the rest of the family too. Sorry I didn't have any way cool experiences to share this week with you guys, but everyday I learn new things on my mission. I just wanted you to know that. I love my mission!
Love ya,
-Elder Sedlacek

Monday, June 9, 2014

First week in Pasco

What's up Mama,
In Pasco I will probably be emailing way late every week. Hopefully, it works out. It's really frustrating, though, because we don't have a car, so we have to work with everyone else to get stuff done like our shopping and stuff, and we usually get pushed to the back. I'm not too happy about it, but oh well. Hopefully email works for you this week. 

So far in Pasco, it has been really, really hot and tiring. I have never been so tired in my life, pretty much. Walking around in the heat all day really does that to ya! It was a pretty good week though. I am just trying to get the hang of the area and all the members. 

I am glad that you liked all the pics I had people send. Hopefully they are good ones haha. Tell Nicole thanks for "friending" people for me.

We live with some members and we have one of their bedrooms, which is pretty dang small. It's not too bad for living conditions though. I am happy to have it.

The soap I need is Cetaphil. The container I have has a pump on it.  I am about out of that stuff so it would be good to send it as soon as possible.

It is crazy that Jared is 17 now! I realized that while looking at the calendar this morning. Tell him happy birthday for me. That is also crazy that Sam, Nate and Jeremy are all leaving so soon. Time is flying by for me now that the  guys a year younger than me are coming out.

Hopefully, again, email works today! 

What's up Dad,
Happy Father's Day this week! I will send you something in the mail, but I wanted to make sure to tell you.
This week has been pretty good. It has been sooooo hot. Being in a walking area when it's 90 degrees outside is pretty dang tiring. I am making sure to drink plenty of water though. 

I am also still trying to get the teaching pool down. There isn't much of them, but I don't really know anything about any of them  because I haven't met any of them yet. Pretty much nobody answered the door this week. This ward hasn't had much success in the past couple months. They have had two baptisms since the beginning of the year. I really hope I can help to make it more productive while I am serving here. It's kinda different here because there are so many Mormons already. It's like a mini Utah and everybody else who isn't Mormon already knows about it. I am thinking service would be a good idea to offer. The ward is pretty good. It's pretty small attendance so I think there are a ton of LA. So it's a lot of a different kind of missionary work. Instead of investigators it seems to be alot of  reactivating members. If you want to keep praying for the investigators up in Sunnyside, that would really help them. They are getting pretty close. You can also pray for me and Elder R to be able to have a baptism this transfer.

It is so crazy that Jared is 17 now. It's pretty cool though that he has found that he likes weight lifting. He is going to be solid it sounds like haha. He's going to be able to beat me up haha. On whether he goes before I come home or not, I would love to see him after my mission but if he is already gone I can't really do much about it haha. He can go when he wants. I don't really mind.

I think it's kinda funny you're back in scouts. Really though, in the HC you were involved in some of scouts with the Blue and Gold Banquet and cub scouts haha. You just can't get out of scouts can ya haha. It's alright though, because that is what you like and you're good at it. The Lord knows that, obviously.
Finally the Jazz got a new coach. Hopefully it works out for them better than Corbin did. They don't seem to be having very good luck with that. Is Jerry Sloan still on the coaching staff? He should have stepped up and taken the job. That would have been so sick! Oh well, I am sure he will get involved as like assistant or something. I really hope the Spurs win by the way. The Heat can go away for all I care haha. That is funny though that the ac went out during the game. I bet it's heck in that arena with all the people in it. I would not want to be in there haha.

Well, I really hope you have a great week. I love ya! You're an awesome Dad!
-Elder Sedlacek