Monday, February 8, 2016

Transferred to Englewood, Ohio.

Email didn't work well for chatting back and forth emails weren't getting through to him for some reason--dang system. :)  Oh well. Hopefully next week!

hi dad! i am doing great, i am in englewood ohio, it's just outside of dayton, so we have a mix between small town and some "ghetto" inner city. it is not really ghetto to me at all since i have been living in the real ghetto for the last 3 months hahaha. it is a lot like batesville, mixed with cincinnati's size. i love it! my new comp is elder parker, he came out with me as well and we sat on the plane together, crazy huh?  i heard the broncos won, so i am wearing my orange and blue striped tie today.  i was so happy to hear that! i finally won a prize in your scoring grid when i was gone hahaha, i knew it haha! update me on anything like b-ball or stuff like that, whatever you want, i like to hear about it all hahaha. a summer job at cabela's would be way cool for jake. i would love that--outdoors here is putting on a flannel shirt and hunting deer in your backyard hahaha. enjoy the mountains for me! that is awesome that you were able to get so much work done on family history! that is crazy the ward is growing so much, i don't even think i would remember anyone's names now hahahaha So what is the church's new Easter campaign dealing with, like pamphlets and stuff or is it electronic?  i will look forward to it. i know it to be true, through the Book Of Mormon we can come to know jesus christ on a more personal level, if we read from it with an open mind and if we focus on the over-arching message of hope in Jesus Christ.  i also know that God really does know each and every one of us personally, and that he loves us all more than we can even comprehend. i know for a fact He knows who each and everyone of us is, and he knows how to help us the best way possible to return to Him. through Christ it is made possible, with the atonement--the best gift we have ever been given. well, it was great to hear from you! i love you so much, thank you so much for all you do for me to keep me out here. i love my mission and i love sharing the gospel, it brings me a lot of happiness and joy. i will talk to you later dad! have a great week!
love you!

-Elder Sedlacek
hi mom! so my new address is in Vandalia, Ohio. thank you so much in advance for the packages! so my area is Englewood Ohio, we are just northwest of Dayton. Dayton is awesome, it is like Salt Lake City, but with taller buildings. it is cool, i love it. although i am not in Dayton, my area is the suburbs of Dayton and and we live in Vandalia. my whole area is like Batesville mixed with the size of Cincy, it is awesome.  i am seeing a lot more rebel flags, just like in Batesville, i love it hahaha! 
My new comp is Elder Logan Parker, he came out with me from the MTC. he is a good guy, it is nice to have an obedient comp! we have a car full time, but we do use the buses occasionally.  we drive a ford focus, and  it is nice to have a car, although i am going to get fat in this area with the way the members feed us hahaha, every night (almost) and they really give us tons of food. the ward is awesome! so we have a few people we teach, and we just picked up a miracle 'gator on Saturday. H is her name, she is 19 and just moved from Indiana. she grew up going to church every week, but her family are not members so she never got baptized. amazingly enough, she contacted the ward through their Facebook page, and had us sent over to meet with her. she came to church yesterday and bore her testimony about the church and everything! she is going to be our next baptism! she just is waiting for her uncle to come out here to do her baptism. he is always busy with work so we don't know when that will happen. 
we are also teaching a girl who is autistic. her parents adopted her and they now believe that she is fully accountable and able to understand everything, so we are teaching her the lessons. we have a few other "eternigators" we are teaching who could be baptized any day, so yeah, we have a pretty decent teaching pool. our goal is three baptisms for this transfer, and we will make it happen! 
that is good you are enjoying your job, hopefully jake can get a summer job, then he can help me get one when i get home haha!. It is so awesome that J Hale left on his mission, he will be blessed so much for it. 
thanks for putting my name on the Superbowl scoring sheet, i totally forgot about that haha. thanks for the treat! that sounds like you had an awesome Sunday. mine was good too. in my district, we have just us and another set of elders.  my DL came back from medical leave just a week ago, and man, he is hilarious! he is so funny, he is a riot hahaha. we have meal appointments together with the members so they are always a lot of fun. so did you get the pics from sister connelly? i saw them at transfers and they are doing great, frank seems to be more solid than ever! i love them so much, they are literally my grandparents away from home!  that is a cool promise from the family history work, i am glad you are getting so much done, that is awesome! 
i am glad you didn't get driven insane not knowing where I was for a week hahahahaha.  so what is new?
by the way, i can now hold the flag postion for twice as long at least, in my coat! and my church clothes! so yeah the pullups are working, and i am getting stockier. i don't know how much weight i have gained, but i know i have gained muscle 'cause my shoulders are fuller.
okay, i have to go now mom, it was great to hear from you! sorry the email didn't work that great this week, again. i love you all so much! have a great week, i love you  guys, talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

Monday, February 1, 2016

I'm going to miss downtown Cincy!


I guess Elder Sed wanted us to see his stylin' sweet socks.

Elder Sed sent some pictures of downtown Cincy. He's leaving there tomorrow (Feb 2nd). 

hey dad! so this week was good, it went super fast. we kept really busy going though a less-active list, it was good. so for the 'gators updates this week, LC is doing awesome. he has already read up through mosiah in two weeks! he loves the BOM, and he is solid in progressing. p**** tried to bash with us again; i was ready to yell at him at several points because he was saying such horrible things. hopefully elder holman drops him soon (hint hint). that sounds bad, but he is just wasting our time.   all the other 'gators are doing about the same as they were. we found a new part member family that seems really cool, and they invited us to come back at another time because they were busy. t as you may be wondering, i am leaving cincy tomorrow. i am kinda sad, but it was such a tough transfer that i am also a little glad at the same time. guess what? they changed how transfers work in this mission, so i will find out tonight who i will be with and where, and so there is no transfer meeting on tuesday. we just meet up and leave from the church building in centerville ohio like usual. that is orders from the Twelve. a lot of us are kinda bummed out about no meeting hahaha. i am sorry you got sick! that sounds pretty horrible. i hope you feel better, i have been praying for you. i wish i could help you in some way, but as you know, i can only send prayers right now hahaha. that is really good you turned to prayer, heavenly father often gives us hard times to learn from, you defintely learned from this experience. it is pretty cool to think about, we just have to do our best to learn and grow and HF will send stuff in our way to help with the rest. He is always there for us, I know that because i have seen it in my own life, with diabetes, and with my mission so far-- it has all blessed my life immensely! i love our heavenly father so much for it. i love that chapter in the BOM, and i love 3 Nephi in general. that is awesome you had your own "sunday school" haha. i am excited to see about the super bowl, but i don't really care about the pro bowl anyway, they are overpaid babies hahaha.  thanks for that dad! i like the thought you sent, and it is true, our testimonies are the most valuable things we have in this life. we have to constantly be on the guard for them, we cannot ever let them go or we will lose our faith in christ and slow our progression, that is no bueno!  thank you so much for the prayers that you send me, i definitely feel them every day, there is no other way i could do this without prayers and the savior and a loving heavenly father. well, it was great to hear from you dad! i love you so much! i hope you feel better soon, have a great week and day! talk to you later! love ya!

-Elder Sedlacek
hey mom, so guess what? i am leaving cincy! i am kinda sad but glad at the same time. it has been a rough transfer! yesterday i was walking down the street, and i almost bumped into a black guy because i wasn't paying attention. i almost said "oh sorry bruh" hahahaha without even thinking about it! it has become so natural for me hahaha! i am so comfortable in the hood now hahaha. well there's the funny story for today hahaha. 
my favorite part of the week was yesterday, it was 65 degrees and it felt so nice! we went downtown to contact a media referral, and of course it was a bum address :( so we caught a bus home to see a recent convert who is crazy funny! hahaha love that guy! at that point, i knew it was one of my last times downtown for a while, so i took a bunch of pics hahaha.
i am sorry you guys were not feeling well, hopefully dad gets better soon haha. i am glad your tooth is better, that is good news. i prayed for you and elder holman prayed for you, too. that will be really good to visit those people in the ward, they could really use some visiting. i love all those people so much hahaha 
that sounds like a good talk from bro ricks, he is awesome too. haha yep, i used to give you guys such heck! i feel bad for it, because you and dad really did raise me the best way possible and i will be forever indebted to you for it! well, how is everything going today?
i will miss downtown :(
Mom: Hey son! I am great today! Thank you so much for praying for us, we needed it! Dad went to work today, I think he is feeling ok but not all the way back to normal yet. I'm sure he will be tomorrow though.

You are leaving Cincy!! Any thoughts on where you are going? 

Elder Sed: no i have no idea where i will go, i want to go to the boonies in Indiana, but what i want doesn't usually happen anymore (hahaha) so we will see. i am glad dad is doing better.
Mom: The Lord will send you where he needs you most, I'm sure about that. If you say goodbye to any members tonight, maybe one could text your mom and tell her where you're going....wink wink! 

Elder Sed: i will see what i can do haha (wink!)  but that is true, i will go where i am most needed.
well i have to go now mom, thanks so much for emailing me! it is great to hear from you every week, i love you guys so much! have a great day! love you!

-Elder Sedlacek

Friday, January 29, 2016

The atonement is truly our greatest gift.

Emailing Elder Sed was weird this week, because we weren't getting our emails in order when we tried to chat back-and-forth. Hopefully it's better next week! 
hey dad! so this was a pretty good week. we did find a new investigator from a referral who lives downtown, he is a older man named LC. he is super solid. he has already read over 150 pg's of the Book of Mormon. we have a follow up appointment on wednesday, i am excited for him. the other new investigator, p, we took a member with us to see him on saturday and he bashed us! hahaha he wants concrete evidence that the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith story are true, so we told him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. he was just like"i won't find if it is true just by reading it, because i read the Bible and i believe it is the only true word of God." so yeah, I was just trying to bear a simple testimony and invite him to read it, so he said he would read a little. hopefully he gets a witness of it by our next appointment. so yep that is the news for 'gators this week. the others we are just trying to get them to keep commitments. i like the thought you shared about helping people see they are needed. it is true though about that. the latest mission training was good. we had to do a few role plays. i am excited for the Broncos, hopefully they play well, then payton can get one more under his belt before he retires. i am sorry you are so swamped at work, it is good that you are feeling better though. i will pray for you! it will all work out. i am glad brother allred is doing well, i wish i could visit him myself. it would tough to be lonely like that. that is good you were able to help everyone with snow removal. i loved doing that as you know hahaha, that was one of my favorite parts  of the winters in utah. here the snow melts off in a few days and we only get about 2 inches on average--it is nice. i am glad about the family history work, i am excited to get into it when i get home, and thank you for the talk this week! i will keep all that in mind, that definitely helps! well thanks for emailing me dad! i love you so much! good luck with work and have a great week! i will talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek
hi mom! so this week was good. it went kinda fast except for the last few days. the meetings we had this week with the broadcast and the training you got a pic from were awesome, i love those types of things. the hardest part of the week was yesterday, my comp was feeling sad the whole day. to make matters worse, i went through a less active list to visit a few of them, and we spent all afternoon trying to contact those and not one was a legit address! it was a rough day hahaha. 
LC was my fave person of the week, his lessons were awesome! you can read about him in dad's email. i am sorry about your tooth, that must have been severely painful! i am glad you are feeling better, i prayed for you, hopefully it helped. that is funny about what libby said about your numb face. she is hilarious, she is my young humor padawon! hahaha that is awesome you relied on the atonement like that, it truly is our greatest gift, the only way i have survived thus far is with that power of the atonement. you can literally rely on the atonement to help you with everything, the savior really did truly suffer for everything and he DOES know all of us way more than we can even comprehend! it is mind boggling and amazing! 
i have 4 vials of insulin left, and a lot of strips as well, so if you could wait like a week or two longer before sending them, that would be great. thank you though mom! that is cool Jessie got her mission call, you will have to wish her luck for me, she will do great. that is really crazy, it has already been 6 months! wow!
Mom: You sure I should wait on sending your stuff? If you get transferred next week it'll be another week before I have your new address.
Elder Sed: i have a lot of extra strips and i knew you would not know until the week after.  i already have a lot of supplies, so if i get transferred i don't want as much to pack up haha.
Mom: Any thoughts on whether you might be transferred? I loved the picture Bro. P sent of you from your mission conference, that was really nice of him!
Elder Sed: i think i might be, but then again, anything can happen hahaha. yep, bro.p is nice! love the guy. well, i have to go now, it was great to hear from you mom! i love you mom! love all you guys! hopefully the email works better next week. talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

Saturday, January 23, 2016

If you bundle up enough, it is just your face that turns to ice.

hey dad! so this week went by a lot faster, it was a good week. we had a lot of opposition in the mission though, but that is a good sign. the adversary is aware of all of us and we are scaring him! so this week, we lost s*** as an investigator :( he chose to go with his Jewish religion.  we KNOW we fulfilled our purpose with him because he told us specifically that we helped him come closer to god and that we helped him become better. we were sad to lose him because we saw a lot of potential in him. hopefully he will have the desire to learn more later. we just have to wait it out the while the spirit works on him. well, we had our follow-up lesson with p****. he was busy again, so he is going to call us soon. other than that, it has been the same old-same old type of stuff, just trying to get new people to teach and getting less-actives out to church. one cool story with p**** though, we went to his door and knocked and he did not answer. i had the thought to leave him a card, so we took the time to leave him one and it worked out perfectly.  just as we were about to walk away, he pulled up and started talking to us. so i know that was  a prompting so that we would be there to talk to him. it was sick! i am sorry you have had a head cold dad, that is good you are feeling a little bit better.  i wish you luck running everything at work. that is cool with all the family history work you have been getting done, nice job! i bet that was fun to go to the theater with mia and mom, that will be cool if mia does do a non-musical play. brother taylor was so anxious for the steelers' game hahahaha.  i love those two thoughts you shared, the latter one applies to my whole mission right now so well. at the specialized training we had this last week, that is pretty much the sum of what president was talking about.  thank you so much for those dad! well as usual i will write more in mom's email, i love reading your emails each week! thank you so much for all you do dad! i hope you feel better, love you dad, so much! talk to you later! have an fantastic week!

-Elder Sedlacek
hi mom, so this week was faster than last week, and it was pretty good.  we found one new guy that seems promising, we will have to see. we can always find new people to teach here, but the question is if they are going to stick around, which they usually don't. everyone is willing to talk to "the Brothers" about Jesus, but not about new stuff. it makes me frustrated sometimes. 
the best part of the week was the specialized training, and i have a funny story about that for later in the email. the hardest part was when s*** dropped us. i wrote about that in dad's email. 
i am sorry about your tooth trouble, that really stinks! i pray for you all at least once a day, and i am glad it worked, what day was that? i am glad you had FHE and that the girls' rehearsals are going well, that will be fun to see those plays. Cincy has gotten a few flurries--here they call it snow, but yeah, it is just a flurry. it has been very wicked cold! it has been somewhere in the 15s and 20s all week,  but for two whole days it made it to almost 50, it was so nice! that is how the weather is out here, it goes in super cold cycles and then warms up for a few days. i live for those warmer days! hahahaha. it gets so freakin' cold! it is unbelievable what the humidity does to the cold! my coat is nice and warm though, thanks! 
that is super funny about dad getting baby T a little UTE shirt! hahahaha that is awesome, i just started laughing when i read that haha. wish Nicole a happy birthmark for me! that was a cool message from sis. murdock, about how the spirit seems to wait til the last minute to help out sometimes. i feel the same way sometimes, and i have been definitely been getting more promptings now than i ever have. it has been wicked awesome! but yes there is no growth in a comfort zone, that is so true. that is why i have to rely on the atonement so much, because I am constantly either exhausted, stressed or feeling the spirit--and then sometimes just normal hahahaha. i am glad Dr. T liked that--you will have to tell him hello for me. 
so now for that funny story: so at the end of the meeting, we were waiting around to get a ride from the APs and some elders were just messing around and shooting half court shots. they could not get one, and so the ball bounced over to me, i grabbed it and with one arm just launched one in and it swished and everything! everyone was watching and they were like screaming and just like OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!! it was so funny hahaha!! so how is everyone doing?
Mom: Nicole says we best believe that you’re going to tell that funny story in your homecoming talk. That is so funny that you made that shot like that!
Well my tooth still hurts, unfortunately. The last two nights have been the worst. So I’ve called Dr. T, also because it feels a little swollen, to see if I need an antibiotic. Hopefully something will help!
Mine and Dad’s phones say that you are 8 degrees right now, with a “real feel” of –6. How accurate is that? I hope it’s not that bad!
Whatcha going to do for p-day today? 
Elder Sed: yep that sums up the weather, hahaha. it sounds worse than it is, because if you bundle up enough, it is just your face that turns to ice. my eyebrows froze last night hahaha. i should tell that story hahaha i am sorry you still have that pain!
Mom: I’m glad it sounds worse than it is. How did your eyebrows freeze? haha So you will be having transfers next week? Do I have it right? What are you doing for p-day?
Elder Sed: first week of february is the transfers, so not next week but the one after that. it was  a 7 week transfer this time, and same with the next. so yep they are coming up. as crazy as it sounds, i have lived in Cincy for 3 months! well, my eyebrows froze because the wind was blowing in my face (as it always seems to do hahah) and the wind chill got my face to numb up and then BAM! my eyebrows wouldn't move separately from my face hahaha.
today we have to buy some food and then maybe i will take a nap, depends on what elder holman wants to do. with the mtc changing back to 3 weeks for english speakers, everyone who was already out gets a week long extension. so with christmas they have to do 2 7-week transfers. that is way cool about tara and the new baby! you will have to tell her congrats for me!
well, i have to go now mom, it was great to talk to you! i love you guys all so much! the picture is from the specialized training hahaha.  have a great week! i love you all so much!

-Elder Sedlacek

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Suffice it to say I will no longer accept rides from just anyone haha!

Busken's Bakery Bengals cookie

The mission pin Jared has earned by memorizing verses of scripture
hey dad! so this week went pretty slow for some reason, but i had a pretty good week. yesterday we had a stake conference and since batesville is in my stake right now, i got to see some of my old batesville peeps. it was awesome! so the less active, a****, i have been working with, is finally coming back to church and his little brother is getting baptized! it is nice to see some success from something i helped to achieve--with god's help of course! so we were not able to get any investigators to show up to stake conference yesterday, since it was in kentucky. only michael  showed up, it was kinda sad. it was a really good meeting though. we also found some new investigators this week. one day we were on the bus, and the spirit just all of a sudden washed over me, and like 5 minutes later, this guy named peter just started talking to me from the row behind me. we got an appointment with him. unfortunately he was kinda busy when we went, so we talked for a few minutes and gave him a brief rundown of the restoration. we made another return appointment, it was awesome! yes, it has been really wet here, but what you saw on tv during the bengals game was very little compared to how hard it really rains here! it is crazy, it is like sheets and sheets of rain so hard within seconds you are soaked to the bone! it is ridiculous! luckily, it usually doesn't rain quite that hard. that is an interesting thought about people always going "up to Jerusalem."  i will have to focus on that when i start the BOM over again next week. good job on the family history, you are getting a lot done. i will have to get into that stuff when i get back.  i love the temple, i can't wait to go at least once a week when i get back. yep, i knew about the bengals game the next day. the ward mission leader is a huge steelers fan and even has a sticker on his car.  we always joke he is going to get keyed around here, because they are SO SERIOUS about "WHO DEY!" i am serious, you could walk up to someone and tell them that who dey sucks and you might get shot hahahaha! he was pretty happy to see the steelers win. hopefully denver can pull through. "Opposition in all things"  is a sad fact of life, but it helps us grow. i like your quote, it seems like i am almost 90 percent relying on the atonement now to be able to keep going. this work is so hard and so tiring you cannot do it alone.  i know for a fact the savior has been with me the whole way. my love for the savior has grown exponentially! it is amazing to see. and i definitely feel your prayers! thank you so much for all you do for me Dad! i love you so much! keep up the good work, i will talk to you later! have a great week!

-Elder Sedlacek
hi mom! so this week was kinda slow, for some reason or another, but it was good, there are no bad days on the mission. yes, i am keeping a good journal and i start everyday with "today was a good day..." hahaha. 
so you can read a little more about new gators in dad's email and what went down for the week, except i did save what happened with patricia for your email. so patricia, michael's wife, we read the BOM with her and the spirit was so strong, and so at the end we asked her to be baptized on feb 6th and she said she would definitely pray about it! i will take what i can get, because she is close to being on date! i am excited to see what happens. 
as for the other gators, we are still in the grind with them, just trying to help increase their faith, but if you could pray for s, he is a noahide, which is another philosophy-based religion. he  might fully commit to that one. he is thinking about it, but if he is happy then i am happy.  we will see what happens.
 i did find out the new president's name on last week, but we can't get any beef on him, i only knew he is from texas and is a salesman. if you could find some things out for me that would be sick! i will definitely miss president porter, he is awesome! 
that is good you are having FHE lessons.  i miss those, i haven't been able to have one since like sept. it sounds like you had a fun week. my week should be pretty good this week, we had a lot of opposition so we should get some miracles going! and i am going to norwood on exchanges tomorrow so i should get to go to a gym! yeah! by the way, i am up to doing 150 pull-ups a night! that is funny about your job, it sounds like fun! that is a really cool experience from the temple that is cool! 
 i definitely know it to be true, that if you just keep pushing forward the miracles and the grace will come and same with blessings. that is what i live for out here, is making it through the trials, becoming a better person and the man i want to be and then getting some serious blessings from it! heck yeah! the gospel is true!
oh yeah! so a funny  story from yesterday--we were waiting at the bus stop and this random guy pulled up and offered us a ride. we hopped in and he had been hot boxing! which means he smoked a crap ton of weed! so we instantly started to get high hahaha and so then he starts talking to us about nauvoo and was like "yeah joseph smith and the bros man!" hahaha it was funny, but we quickly had him drop us off and he left. suffice it to say i will no longer accept rides from just anyone hahaha!

You asked about my insulin, but i don't need any yet. i have like 3-5 vials still.
well i have to go now, it was great to hear from you mom! thank you so much for all you do. i will talk to you later, i love you all so much! love you mom! have a great week!
Elder Sedlacek

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

For New Year's, I read the entire Book of Mormon in 15 hours.

Elder Sedlacek after reading the Book of Mormon in one 15-hour period.
hey dad, so this week was pretty good. for new year's we had to stay in from thursday at 6pm until saturday at noon! i will talk more in mom's email about what we had to do during that time, but it goes along really well with the thought you had about the Book of Mormon. so we were not able to contact the nigerian man this week. hopefully we will in the next few days. we are still seeing g*****, m.j our less-active and s***. there are a few others that we see, but we haven't seen them long enough to know how they will pan out yet. we are still working with a lot of less-actives. we got s*** to come to church yesterday and he really liked it. he fits in pretty well and his off-the-wall personality makes elders' quorum fun hahahaha. then we got another less active named j*** to come back to church yesterday. it was a good sunday. my new year's eve was pretty good, you will hear more about that in mom's email, it is worth the wait haha. i am glad that you had a good one as well. i figured the snowman would end up as another snow zit without me there hahahaha--just kidding. the snow always seems to not want to cooperate these days. we got a light dusting of snow here last night so there was some snow on the roofs and on the cars, but no where else. it was nice to see at least a little snow. that is really awesome about your experience from fasting. fasting really works. i fasted to help me recognize the spirit faster and stronger this week and i immediately saw results--it was cool. yesterday we were walking along this super busy road to contact a referral, and this guy drove past us and was making fun of us. in my head i thought, "this is it, the trial of my faith before a miracle" and  about 10 minutes later this random non-member pulled up and gave us a ride to the referral's house! it was awesome, the driver wasn't even interested but it was great to have that miracle. that always happens, after the trial of our faith, we receive a blessing. thanks for the awesome thought this week dad, it will tie in later in the emails. i hope you have a wonderful day and week. I love you dad! thanks so much for all you do! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hi mom! so this week flew by! i did get the package on new year's eve, thank you so much for it! i LOVE those paisley ties that you bought for me! they are awesome! thanks mom! 
so for new year's we had to stay in from thursday at 6 pm until saturday at noon. it was a long time. we had to do some packet work and part of the packet was to read the Book of Mormon in one day--on new year's day from 6 am to 10:30 at night! i was so drained mentally by noon hahaha but i finished at 9:05 pm. it was so hard hahaha. when i finished, i was talking to my comp (who is a speed reader and finished at noon!) but i started mixing up words because i was so tired hahaha. then i went to bed. other than that we did the packets which were really good. one made me cry hahaha i am becoming  such a baby when it comes to spiritual stuff hahaha.
as for church this week, i wrote all about it in dad's email. i also wrote about all the 'gators so you can read about that there. we did get s*** and one of our less actives to church. it was great to see the fruits of your fast! thanks so much!
i agree with your view on new year's goals, they are great and all but i too want to continually improve, so i am always working on something hahaha. that is good bro A is doing well, he is a cool guy. it is sad about sister A, although i am sure she is happier where she is. i am glad you did the traditional stuff for new year's, i could picture you guys doing all that stuff, good news is there is only one more to go hahaha (not trunky hahaha). that fruit "salsa" & chips sounds good that they made. maybe i will make some haha. that is too bad jake and jeff were sick, that is no fun. 
my blood sugars have been good. i loved how in the package you wrote the amount of carbs in the chocolates hahaha. i was like "mom is going through diabetes withdrawals" hahaha. that stinks about the 1-4pm block. we have the 9 am block now, we did have the 11. what are you talking about i never even said a word about being hungry when we'd get home from church after 4pm! hahaha jk. i did not know what having no food meant back then hahaha. that is cool you are still teaching piano, and the tutoring too, good luck mom! 
for today, we have a zone fun day at the church, so it will be fun to hang out with elder nielsen and huemann again. me and my comp are getting along, but as always when one obedient missionary and one that is not quite as obedient are put together, there are usually some disagreements. he wanted to start p-day early today and i told him no, so he yelled at me at the top of his lungs hahaha. things are going well though, and we do have fun together.

Sedlacek, Jared Logan

Hey President, sorry i didn't email last week, there really isn't an excuse, but the computers at the library had a malfunction so I was not able to get all my emailing done. this week was awesome, it was probably the best christmas I have had in my whole life. it was so awesome to be able to talk about christ for his birthday. I felt the spirit so much, it was great. we found a few new investigators this week, and so hopefully we can stay in contact with them and help increase their faith. My comp isn't the easiest companion to get along with, but he is a great elder and he knows a lot. he may not be the most obedient, but I am trying to work on that. I have already learned so much from being with him and I know i will learn a lot more. Well, I hope you have a great holiday this week. thank you for all you do, president! love you!

-Elder Sedlacek
03 Jan 2016

President Porter

That is why you are there. Help him become who he can be. I am proud of you
-that was my email to president last week, and his answer.
well , i have to go now mom, it was great to talk to you. thank you so much for all you do for me! i love you so much! have a great week and day! talk to you later! love you all!

-Elder Sedlacek

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dad, you don't know how much of an example you really are to me.

hey dad, so this was a good week. it went slow but it was good. it was really rejuvenating to talk to you guys, and it was fun. i can definitely say that it was the best christmas i have had yet. i really got to know and feel the true meaning of christmas--it was awesome. that is sad about sister A, but it brings comfort to know that we will see her again. i  would not be suprised if she has checked up on me--hahaha--or if she will. send my condolences to bro A for me. that is cool you guys got to hear from jake and those others in sacrament meeting. i hope all the other missionaries from the ward are doing well--that is cool you got to hear about it. that is a really cool story from your mission, you always seem to know what to say to me because those always help me! thank you for that and for following the spirit. it definitely takes lots of faith in a area like this. you told me to pick a leader i admire and try to emulate them--that is something that i always strive to do, to pick a leader to take examples from and pick the characteristics that i like most. you are one of those people. you don't know how much of an example you really are to me. it always helps to look up to you, thanks for being that example dad! that sounds like such a good meal you had at the grand america! i bet you were stuffed hahaha. elder n is going to be going crazy about the denver-bengals game--he is a huge fan hahaha. for that game, since i like them both equally, i don't care who wins. it would be nice to see cincy get a super bowl while i am here though. i have heard a lot about how good the new star wars movie is. i can't wait to see it with you guys when i get home. that is a really nice thought from bishop davies, was that at work? i also like the one from president monson about loving others. loving everyone is something that does not come easily for me--i always have to constantly strive to love the people i teach. elder holman has realized this and told me that he would bet money i become a leader, but if i learn that trait fast, the faster the leadership will come. i hope you guys have a good time putting together the puzzle and everything, as well as the new year snowman. have a great new year's! i love you dad! have a great day and week! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

Hi mom! that is crazy that i only have one more christmas to go. it has flown by so far, can you believe i have been out for nearly five months? the best part of the week was christmas eve, that was so good to teach and talk about christ on his birthday eve, that was probably the best day out on the mission that i have had so far. the most faith-promoting thing that happend to me was on the day after christmas. we were walking up a hill to a  bus stop, and this man from nigeria stopped us and asked us to come into his house and teach him. he is a great guy! i love his accent. we have a return apointment with him this week. 
the hardest thing that happened this week was probably not having any of our investigators show up to church. that always sucks. christmas was awesome! so after we skyped, we hung out at the taylor's for a few hours, and then bro b picked us up to go to his farm. we had a really good dinner and egg nog over there. it was fun. while elder holman skyped with his family from the farm, i played around with the grandkids that are in high school. we played like foosball and shot some hoops hahaaha. their farm is pretty cool. 
your christmas sounds pretty good as well--i am glad. ben is getting huge! they sent me a christmas card and i saw him and i thought, "holy crap!" that is also crazy about tara having another baby so soon. i hope you all have fun on new year's eve. thanks for the puzzle for me to do--i already put it together. hopefully the snowman will work out hahaha. dang, it is cold in utah! sorry that i leave and the weather goes sour haha--i guess it just can't exist without me--jk! that is cool about getting to hear jake speak sunday, i bet you liked that. i don't remember bro C, but that is way cool, i am glad he is coming out to church. it will be awesome to see if he gets dunked. thanks for finding me a copy of that poem, but it is okay though if you can't find one. it is so important to have a companionship of three! that is what it is all about!
Mom: I am really glad that you had such a great Christmas! It sounds like you had a lot of fun and also felt the true spirit. That is all I can ask.
Good luck with the new Nigerian investigator! That is awesome news!
I am going to pick up your new strips today or tomorrow and send them, along with the card reader. Is there anything else you need? 
Elder Sed: if you could include my blue and yellow tie i left in my room by accident, that would be great. maybe a calendar if you want, but if not i can buy one haha. it really was a great christmas, i loved it, i felt the spirit A LOT. thank you for sending that stufff mom! you're awesome!
Mom: So what will your New Year's Eve and Day look like? Do you have to be in at a certain time? What do you get to do? 
Elder Sed: for new year's, we do have to come in early, and we have to deep clean the apartments, then we stay in until  a certain time on new year's day.
well, i have to get going now mom, it was great to hear from you! i love you guys all so much! talk to you later! have a great new year's and build the snowman well for me! love you!
-Elder Sedlacek