Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We can only change ourselves

hi Dad, it has been a good week. we don't have much to update on the status of 'gators, but there was some cool stuff that happened. S is finally feeling better, so we have a chapel tour with him on Wednesday. we plan to put him on date for baptism at that time. most of the other 'gators are not really meeting with us because of their schedules, or they are "eternigators" that we don't see too often. we had an appointment with one named M yesterday, but that fell through. 

the missionary department came out with a new training that was given to mission presidents, and they shared some statistics with us. out of a room of 300 general authorities, 28 were converts when they were over 30 years old, and 144 of them were baptized in between the ages of 9-25. because of that, they want all the missionaries really focusing on youth and young adults. so this past week we had been visiting the young men in the ward and getting them in on some activities we want to do to invite their friends out. i am really excited for it, i really think it will help us in this area. we have a lot of young men that are strait-up studs.  

other than that, we don't have much to write about. hahah that sounds like you had a "Fun" time with that meeting, that's too bad you had so little time to share your info. that's too bad USU is not playing very well right now, but it's still super cool that Sam is getting playing time on first string. 

the weather here has been really warm, like in the 50-60 degree range--it was in the 60's the other day. it's really strange, this is when Ohio winters are supposed to hit the hardest, just before they end. hopefully the flooding around Logan doesn't get too bad. so is Jake staying in the same place for next year? sounds like i will have a good ward. 

i used to have a really hard time comparing myself to others. i was really thankful for some things that happened to help my comp with this, he struggles with it. i had an interview with Pres. Welch on Friday, we talked about how i had learned a lot about this recently (past 6 months) and i am so grateful to have learned this lesson. we can only change ourselves and make ourselves better, so why spend so much time worrying about what others are doing? we just have to do our best, and the Lord will help with all the rest and make our best enough. i love how a mission gives us time to make our weaknesses into strengths. i don't have to worry about being the same person when i get home as i was when i left--the Lord will make me a changed person if i simply rely on Him and do what He says. we all can experience this. the atonement is a great blessing we have. 

thank you Dad for all you do! i hope you have a fantastic week! love you!

-Elder  Sedlacek

hey Mom! it was a good week. we did not have anyone come to church this week, sadly, and we are doing a lot of finding still hahaha. i wrote to Dad about our new plan to get some more referrals, and about the rest of the 'gators. we did not get to teach a lot of people this week. the one lesson that stands out to me was when we contacted a part member family and met the husband. the wife (a member) was not home, so we just asked to sit down and had a good lesson and chat with him. maybe it will go somewhere soon. i hoped you liked ------ calling you hahaha, he is funny haha. 

thank you for the pics! transfers are next week, so we will know this Saturday what happens. some cool things happened this week. today we drove to Western Hills (to the mission office) to get Elder Payne's tooth fixed at a dentist, and then we stopped in to the mission office and said hello to guess who? Elder Holman! we talked a lot. we are great friends. in talking with him, i did learn a lot about my purpose as a missionary, i mean my personal purpose, it was awesome. i realized a trend in my areas and comps, it was cool. i've been told that a lot of my old companions have really loved serving with me supposedly, so that's good. and humbling! haha

i have really strenghthened my testimony this week, concerning the restoration, since we have been teaching it so much! haha i love the principles that were restored by Joseph Smith. this gospel is such a blessing to the whole world. 

another thing that happened--so yes, less actives do teach missionaries a thing or two, and yes, it does happen by the spirit. we visited a less active while my companion was having a hard day, and the less active member strait-up talked about everything my comp was going through and how to get through it, without even knowing. it was awesome! 

yay! i am excited to live by my good friend Brigham next year! that will be fun to live so close to my siblings and be in Logan hahaha.  that is funny about Dad having to  dance with you hahaha. he hates it just as much as i do hahaha. that is fun you got to go to the temple night, i bet that was nice. it is crazy that Carli is coming home already! it's weird to see all the sisters i came out with going home. 

it's true, we are too hard on ourselves, and not positive enough. we have to expect blessings from the Lord, and expect to become better people. if we only focus on what's wrong, in a not-constructive, "i am going to fix this" sort of way, we will only hurt and tear ourselves down, and prevent ourselves from becoming who God wants us to be. i had to learn this while i have been on my mission, we can't be beating ourselves up, it only makes things worse. every day we step out of the apartment, is a step of faith, and if we don't expect things to happen, they won't. expect the best and God will make things happen, as we do our best and work hard to make those expectations become a reality. 

that's about it for the week! haha i don't think i need anything as of yet, maybe some more pants soon, the Dickies i came out with are wearing out. 

well, i have to go now Mom, thanks for emailing me, i love you so much! have a great week mom!

Elder Sedlacek

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Missions are such great life preparation!

hi Mom! it's been a good week. i wrote about the teaching pool and stuff in Dad's email. that member who sent you pics has a son on a mission, so she feels for you hahaha. 

thanks for the laundry tips! i am doing all of that stuff with my whites--i never wash my whites and colors together and always with hot water hahaha, i guess they are just old. i will need new ones when i get home for sure.  West Chester biking really did them in i guess! hahaha 

i know of at least one guy who is going to USU, but i can't talk to him, so i don't know about rooming. probably just put the luck of the draw down i guess hahaha. thanks for taking care of that! 

i do have plenty of pump supplies left--actually i have a little over half a box of sites. everything else is good for a minute. 

sadly, we did not find anyone new this week, but we are working on it. no one we are teaching came to church. lately we are working on prayerfully visiting members with the intention of teaching the restoration and asking for referrals. that is why we are getting so many--it really works, and i love doing it. 

one big tender mercy {and miracle} was finding money that just appeared in my wallet somehow, that was awesome! the spirit and i have such an interesting connection, it is usually so subtle that i think it's just me thinking, but whatever i thought works out miraculously and then i know it was the spirit, cause my ideas don't work in missionary work hahaha! it's all about God's ideas. 

that is good Mia got back into the swing of things this week, and your spring-like weather is what's nice about Ohio, Spring is just about to hit here for real. it will be getting warm in about 2-3 weeks, i am excited. 

i love the book of Alma, it's such an amazing missionary book, that and 1 Nephi are good for missionaries. they completely sacrificed their lives for God, and He made it worth it. they gave up a worldly kingdom, but He gave them a real kingdom, and more happiness then they could ever imagine. miracles occur after the trial of our faith. their trial was going to teach the Lamanites, not knowing if they would live or die. i love the story of the waters of Sebus, with Ammon, he was such an amazing servant, that is how i want to be. God has given me so many blessings, i am so grateful for what He has blessed me with--i could list off stuff all day and for the rest of my life, but we have to show that gratitude by obedience. 

thank you so much for all you do for me Mom! oh yeah, funny story--so in our apartment, our neighbors' and our pipes started leaking really bad from the upstairs sink, and the kitchen sink downstairs. so we thought we could not even shower, so we had gotten permission to stay Saturday night at the Middletown Elders' apartment, so i had my first sleepover (pover as missionaries call it) on the mission hahaha. but turns out we can shower, we just had to ask some members for some water jugs to drink with and wash dishes til the leaks are fixed. that's all for the week.

well, I have to go now Mom. Thanks for all you do! I love you all so much! talk to you later!

--Elder Sent-the-check

hey Dad! it has been a good week. sadly, we did not find any new people this week, and the referrals went south on us, so that was crappy. but yesterday the relief society president gave us a whole list of people, so that shows we have trust and that God is still providing for us! 

it seems like everyone was sick here, so we were not able to meet with S cause he had the stomach bug, so that pretty much destroyed the chapel tour we set up. hopefully we can have it this week when he feels better. we still have pretty much no teaching pool, but that will change. i was just talking to my comp yesterday about that, he feels pressured since i have been out for so long now, and it's his first time taking over an area, so he feels like it's his fault if we don't have anyone to teach, or if people reject us. that has taught me a lot about how Heavenly Father and Jesus must feel about us. they have experienced what we go through and they know what will come. i remember feeling the same way when i was at his point in my mission, it really makes me think. i try to help him understand, and he does not quite understand it yet but he will in time--just as with every other missionary. missions are such great life preparation! 

my diabetes has been getting better, my blood sugars are not quite so high so often, thank you for the prayers! i have an A1C coming up in about a week, so we will find out what it is this time hahaha. 

i will write about a funny story that happened this week in Mom's email. that is too bad that Mick had to come home, i hope his health is better. i would be so sad to have to come home early. i am sure he did a great job! 

that is crazy about the Super Bowl, we hardly got anyone to answer the door last night, so we figured it was a good game. hahaha  we also had good meetings all around, we even presented the 40 day Fast in Elders' quorum, so we are hoping that brings in a lot of referrals. it should be starting soon. 

that's funny you say that about wearing a suit to work, i actually enjoy it now. non pros clothes just feel wrong to me hahaha. speaking of, i got my blue suit fitted, so it fits well now, it's not too big anymore. it was only $35 to do it all, it was a good price. 

it is cool to see the growth of the church in the world now, it really will fill the whole earth, and you see that now in your job. i guess world wide the missionary efforts have changed, cause at least the US is starting to see different patterns in effective activities. it's cool to see it happen. the Second Coming is coming soon. 

i love that conference thought, i have been really working on how i ask questions when i am teaching, like using questions such as "how do you feel about...."  so you can get more of what they are thinking, not what they think you want to hear. there was a really good article about that on the church website about two months ago about asking questions. questions allow the one being taught to really ponder on what is being taught, and that makes room for the Spirit to touch them in such a way that rings true to them. it resonates with what they actually need to hear at that time. all teaching in the gospel should be based out of love. Elder Payne has really helped me to improve on that this transfer.  i know that as we follow the Spirit and involve God, and get out of the way of His will, we will see miracles and blessings in our lives! i see it every day. 

thanks for everything Dad! i love you! talk to you later! have a great week as usual!

-Elder Sedlacek

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I am grateful for the challenges I have had

Caught a mole in our apartment!

Emails from January 30, 2017

hi Dad, it has been a good week. first off, thank you so much for the note about Dukie, i got it Saturday night, and i was pretty sad for a bit, but luckily i had just got back from an exchange. it was already time to come in and get ready for bed, so i was able to not have to think about anything for a while hahaha. Dukie is probably following me around in spirit like a creep as he used to do hahahaha.

we had a world wide meeting brodcast as missionaries where they pretty much got live video footage of the missionary council's board meeting. it was sweet, and i learned a lot about the Doctrine of Christ. they changed the missionary daily schedule and key indicators! we only count the number of baptisms, people on date, at church, and new investigators. i love it, it takes away the stress of everything else. now we have more freedom to change the order of how we do things in the morning, so we could excercise last if we wanted. i don't want to exercise last cause i am so used to the old schedule and it makes me feel jack hahaha.  we now plan our days the morning of, so if we wanted we could go to bed right at 9 pm when we get home, i love that hahahaha! and now our p-days are two hours longer and start at 8 am instead of 10 am.

we got a whole lot of referrals this week, and some new potential investigators to teach. i went on an exchange with Elder Nielsen's "son," {the Elder Nielsen i was with in Cincy}, so i  got to be a trainer for the day in our area. that was fun. i don't want to train at all anymore though hahaha. we started teaching a recent convert's dad, and he is doing awesome. he read a few chapters out of the Book of Mormon by the second lesson, and we have a chapel tour set up with him. i am so stoked. while i was on another exchange after a zone conf, in my zone leader's area, Miamisburg, we taught a few really cool people in that area, and i learned a lot. plus that zone leader is elder Schott, he is one of my favorite elders in the mission. we served in the same ward in Englewood, so that was fun.

we are doing really good now with referrals, we suddenly have started getting a bunch from members. the Lord is placing people in our path! it is amazing. and we are about to start teaching another part member family, that will invite us over as soon as his work slows down. he could be baptized any day now, things are looking up.

my blood sugars have been so much better this week, i know your prayers have helped me so much, thank you! that is good you got to see that promotion come, and that you were able to see Duke one last time, i bet that was a good tender mercy. hahaha i wish i could eat like Mia, she is an empty hole hahahaha. 

that is one of my fave talks from conf. faith really is a principle of power. in missionary work, we just have to rely on faith and "get out the way!" hahaha as they say in the hood. i have really learned that this transfer, we literally have nothing to worry about, God is in charge, and He knows where the his children are. if we just rely on what the spirit is telling us to do in faith then he will provide the miracles. Pres Welch was talking to us on Friday, and he said that success is given. if you notice in the scriptures, it always says, "i will give... you success". we literally just do our best and He will give us success. He will give us the grace to work miracles and to see miracles. i am so grateful for the time i have to be on a mission, to learn what the Spirit feels like and to really learn how to talk to God. i love this gospel so much, and i am so grateful for the ability to repent and become better. i know all of you can feel the same way, embrace the gospel. thank you Dad for all you do, i always thank you, and i won't not do it hahaha it means so much the work you put in for our family and to have me be out here. i hope you have a great day Dad, i love you! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom! i have had a great week, even with Dukie's death.  i still can't believe it though, when i read your letter, i was like "OH MY GOSH! are you kidding me?!?"  Dukie was so healthy, he is like one of those sprinters that just dies cause they had too much energy or something. he sure was a great dog, and very disobedient at times haha, but he was still my best friend when I didn't have one. he will be missed, but that is ok, we will see him again along with Lady and the other dogs.

well that aside, i had a great week. the members here are awesome, they love to send pics, so i hope you enjoyed them. can you send me that one? Elder Nieman is Elder Nielsen's trainee, so that was fun, he is going to be a great missionary. he is definitely further along then i was when i was at his point. i wrote about all the people we are teaching to Dad. i went on another exchange with Elder Schott, he is an old mission buddy, and is my zone leader. i went to his area, we got a lot of cool teaching in, and man he has changed a lot. we went on an exchange a year ago, and he says i have changed a lot too, so that was nice to hear.

we did get a lot of referrals this week, and that is so nice, we may not find them oursleves, but that is not to say that God isn't working on it for us, which He is! as soon as we get more available miles on our car, we will drive out to see them all. it is so exciting. it is a real testimony to me that God is in the details of everything. me and Elder Neimann found a bunch of people on Tuesday and set up some appointments with them. i found that the people we planned to see that day, we did shift around a bit to fit our travel, but it was really cool, cause two of the people we planned to see, we found them out walking the streets! it showed me that God will always place people in our path, as long as we get out of the way and follow the spirit. it's not about us.

i have definitely felt everyone's prayers, thank you so much! my blood sugars have been a lot better lately, prayer works! i will look at my insulin to carb ratios, i think that would help with some of my meals, thanks for reminding me Mom! Elder Payne gave me a blessing of counsel, and it said to pretty much be patient, they will get back under control in the Lord's timing, which was interesting hahaha.

that is good about Mia's surgery going well, that sounds like a video i will have to see hahaha. i am glad Dukie passed quickly, and not painfully. if he had gotten much older, it would have been painful to watch, more so then just hearing about it in a letter so i am grateful for that.  that is cool that Anna is going out, she will make a great missionary with having an understanding like that already, it will push her through learning a language.

i have heard that song {One by One}, it is very good. it is true that we do stand in the Savior's place, helping people one by one, and it works the best that way. we are all God's children and we all have a hierarchy of needs and wants, and the most basic is to be loved, and to feel God's love. that is the most basic doctrine the restored gospel teaches, that first and foremost we are all beloved children of heavenly parents, who love and care for us, and are waiting for our return.

i am grateful for the challenges that i have had, that teach me that if nothing else, i have a Heavenly Father. He will not do anything that will harm me spiritually. he will only allow things to happen that will help me learn what I need to learn. i am so grateful to be able to declare the restored gospel and to help others repent. everyone needs the joy of repentance and change. i am here to help them feel that, and that is made possible through faith in the Jesus Christ--it is only through Him.

thank you Mom for the package you sent, and all that you do!

well i have to go now, thank you Mom for everything! i love you all so much! have a great week! tatlk you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Can you pray for my diabetes?

hi Dad, it's been a good week. we got a lot done, but we were sad to see our key indicators for the week, because they were not as good as they could be. we have not been able to teach the referrals from last week, so we did not really have any people to teach. our  teaching pool is still dry and so we are still working on finding. as for less actives, our bishop wanted us to start working the less active list. he has a list of people for us to teach regularly, so we did work that. 

a fun thing that happened was we won a bet with Pres.Welch, so he had to take us to lunch hahaha. he took us to Olive Garden on Tuesday, and it was exactly like going to lunch with your CEO hahaha. it was fun, and he gave us a lot of tips. that was awesome to be able to do that, so we have been implementing a lot of his tips that were specific to the area, and so far they are working. they really helped with a meeting we had this week. 

sorry to say, i don't have much else to really write about with the status of teaching, but hey, we will change that hahaha. it sounds like the Murdocks gave good talks. that is really cool about your home teachee, that is the best way to get involved with peoples' lives--service. one day in Noblesville we stopped and helped this elderly lady rake up her leaves, and she was so appreciative. she did not accept a message, but that is okay--we made a good impression for the church. i love getting to serve others. it is good you at least got to enjoy the visits being made. it also sounds like you got some more good service in with more snow removal. that is fun, i miss that! hahaha 

the weather here has been 60 degrees most of the week, but it's only an Indian summer--next week it gets cold again. that is crazy you have to get a passport, but it will be fun to see where you will get to travel to. you could go someplace crazy! just watch out, you might get fed lambs eyes! hahahaha 

i can't believe the Super Bowl is so close hahaha, that is crazy. and it's even crazier the deal that guy got on those Corvettes. that's insane! yep, i can't believe it actually happened, but Trump is now president hahaha. i have not heard about the protests, but i am sure there were some mad people in Cincy, they don't like him out here. 

it is so true, we too often get in a rote set of prayers, which i know how guilty of that i was before my mission. i make a conscious effort to make my prayers a real conversation with God. it is so much more fulfilling, and you can feel the spirit so much stronger. prayer is such an amazing tool we have from our Heavenly Father. He loves us and wants to bless us, but just as much, He wants to hear from us. i know that prayer is a legitimate conversation with God, and as we choose to make it that way, he will always listen to us. we just have to listen to Him. i am so grateful to be serving a mission. thank you for supporting me Dad! you're the best! i love you Dad! have a great week!

-Elder Sedlacek

hi Mom! it has been a good week. i am glad you got the pics from the members. can you send me those? please? i love Springboro, it's a really nice place. we don't have much of a teaching pool right now, but that's ok, it will grow. 

my comp is awesome, we get along so well. we have been working with a bunch of less actives lately to help the ward and ourselves find new people to teach. so about that story of how we came to be helping those people move: we are painting our apartment for our landlord, he is an eternigator so we are serving him, and we had planned to do it Saturday morning, but my comp felt really badly about it for some reason, so we decided to call a sister in the ward and ask if she knew anyone we could do some service for, since it was our social media split (i.e. the pictures get posted online). she directed us to a family who she had just visited a few moments before and they needed help to move cause no one was available to help that day. we volunteered our help and they had been paying a company to move their stuff, so we greatly sped up the process. it was a cool experience. 

we did not get anyone to church. i don't really need anything right now, but if you could send a Snickers that would be super cool. it's for my comp hahaha. i also do want to find a blue and white skinny tie, Sarah knows what i mean hahaha. if you find one that would be cool! 

the most challenging thing was probably not having anyone let us in, even the less actives were pretty ornery this week. we pretty much went less active hunting for the bishop and a lot of them cursed us hahaha. my comp took it pretty hard, i felt bad for him. a tender mercy that happened was as my comp was having a really hard day, a member that fed us really said a lot of nice things about the job we are doing and really reassured Elder Payne, so that was really nice. i was really thankful for that. 

the best thing that happened was a good bishop's meeting we had. he gave us an assignment as a companionship to come up with a forty day fast for the ward, and we completed it really fast, so we gained a lot of trust through that. we also got to give a bunch of blessings this week. it is really interesting how my p-blessing says i will be able to give blessings often, and to see that come to life is amazing. people always tend to ask me to do it too, it's crazy hahaha. 

sounds like you had a fun time tubing and stuff hahaha, i am glad the truck did well in the snow and got you home safe. we have been in the 50-60 degree range for like 2 weeks now. it's funny, isn't it? just when i get to a car area, the weather turns beautiful hahaha! that is a crazy story from Pres. Murdock, that is so cool. STLs are awesome! hahahaha. it is so true, that even the hardest of hearts can be receptive to the Spirit, and it will soften them. F was a stubborn man, and it was an amazing experience to see his heart be softened as he made an effort to follow the Savior. i am so glad i have the opportunity to serve the Savior and witness such miracles each and every day. i am so happy to be serving the Savior, and i am learning a lot. thank you for keeping me out here!

i might go get my eyes checked, my far sight is getting a bit worse, is that okay on our insurance? and also can you pray for my diabetes? my blood sugars have been running high, and i can't seem to get them to come down, even with basal adjustments. i am usually in the high 100's and 200's, and i don't really know what to do for it. 

well, got to go now, thanks Mom! i love you so much! i hope you have a great day! talk to you later!

Elder Sedlacek

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Beating the odds

hi Dad, it has been a really good week. it was long though as most first weeks in a new area are haha. Springboro is affluent, and is a lot like West Chester and Englewood, in fact it's right next to Mason, in West Chester, so it feels like home hahaha. i love it! 

Elder Payne is a boss, he has been out for 4 1/2 months and knows a lot and teaches really well. he loves giving gospel lectures in comp study, so those are on point hahaha he is really funny too, and i am pretty sure he had fulfilled part of my setting apart blessing with the part about new missionaries. we have a full time car, a really nice Malibu, so that is nice. 

they just baptized the most solid kid ever, so we have to get a new teaching pool, which might take some time, but we have been getting some really good referrals this week. one for a guy named C, he is cool. we have a return appointment with him this evening. another referral we got was for a lady who was supposedly 39, so we show up to give her the Book of Mormon and she turns out to be 13! so i said "oh, are you _____?" and she was like, "yes", i was all "okay then..." hahaha she is pretty intent on finding the right church, although she is scared of us i think, or intimidated, so she seemed nervous about a return appointment. so we will follow up by phone soon. this ward focuses on the less actives, so we have a lot of those to work with. 

that is good you are staying busy and working hard at work and at the gym hahaha, that will really help you a lot. 

it is true, we think we can sometimes know God better by "head" knowledge, and not turn it into heart knowledge. we have to earnestly seek him through study and apply the teachings we learn to make it heart knowledge. i mean, if it's spiritual it has to deal with how we feel things, so naturally if we want to understand and know God, we have to feel him. we have to establish a prayerful relationship with Him and apply the atonement. 

Bro. A really does love the air museum! hahaha Dayton stake is the best! sounds like some good games are going on, i also heard about the Raiders pending move. that would be super cool hahaha. speaking of cars, we have a Ford dealer outside our apartment with the coolest lifted and modded F150s! i go crazy thinking about driving them hahaha. 

i think of D&C 93 with that conference talk, we have to receive our understanding and knowledge line upon line, grace for grace, just as Christ did. i know that as we seek through study, prayer, and action, we will continue to grow our knowledge of the gospel. thank you Dad! i love you Dad! i hope you have a great week! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom! it has been such a great week! Springboro is the best! i wrote some about the area to Dad, but it is a rich area, and has some country in it too--i really like that. the ward is super awesome and supportive, they feed us a ton! Elder Payne is from Gilbert Arizona and is a boss! this is his second area, and he had a rough time with his past companion, so he has thanked me up and down for how i am. we do work well together, and teach equally so that is really nice. 

i saw Bro Gilbert and Bro Pawlik at transfers, so that was super nice. another perk of the area is that Elder Nielsen from Cincy is my District Leader. he is awesome, so that is cool. one tender mercy was getting permission to go to the Columbus temple with another set of Elders. i learned so much and got to spend time in the Celestial room, and it put me on a spiritual high for the rest of the day! it was great! 

one cool experience, we were trying to contact a less active, and decided to "225" and so i said a prayer just silently, "i know there is someone here, and so tell me where to go," and i felt inspired to knock a certain door and a teenage kid answered the door and invited us back, so that was awesome. 

a funny story--so on Wednesday after district meeting we went out with our DL and his greenie to eat at Steak n Shake, i don't know if you have heard of the 7x7, but it's huge and i lost in "what are the odds" to eat it {meaning Elder Sed's "odds" to eat it all were "not good"}, and man that thing was hefty hahahaha. but i did eat the whole thing, and it didn't destroy me haha! 

hahaha poor Dad, got shopped to death with all the girls....did he pass out? hahahaha i will save him soon hahahaha. i do not remember J.T., but that is a really cool story.  that is a cool story from you, too. it really is when we lose ourselves in the service of others that we find ourselves and that is where the miracles are. 

one thing i am really focusing on this transfer is to not let the things i can't control that make me stress out, not bother me in the least. it has really helped me to stay positive, since i was told to when President Stuart set me apart as a missionary. i really do feel that is my example that i am supposed to set, it has helped me to really understand the purpose that God has for me a lot more. i may not be a District Leader or anything like that, and that's ok, i don't need to be. but i am sure as heck trying my best and doing everything in my power to grow my own testimony and the testimonies of the people we are teaching. this is God's work, and He will make it all possible. i know this will be a good transfer, we are gonna baptize all of Springboro! hahahaha. 

thank you Mom for all you do! i have to go now, it was great emailing as usual! i love you all so much! have a great week! love you Mom! keep being such an awesome Madre!

-Elder Sedlacek

Friday, January 13, 2017

The two-week shaft!

Mom, i am getting transferred! this is what you call a 2-week shaft, unknown to missionaries before this date! hahahaha when you only spend one transfer in an area it's a shaft, but yeah, i've been here two weeks hahaha. i am going back to the Dayton stake, in another nice area, Springboro Ohio, with a guy who just finished greenie breaking, Elder Payne.

hey Dad, it has been a good week. first off, i am getting transferred, and i am going back to "Ahia," to Springboro. it was super funny, our bishop said to me, "you just got here," and he told one of the members to stay close to me, cause he thought i would finish my mission here. hahahaha guess not! still a chance though, i guess. 

this week we had an investigator, T, who was going to come to church but he bailed on us i guess. he did not show, although he seemed really solid. he has been taught in the past, and seems to have a strong desire to change. we had a really good lesson with him and helped him get back into the "swing" of where he left off, and helped him understand the importance of the Book of Mormon and the priesthood. 

we did not see G at all, he was never home. we did not find anyone new other than T and an old guy who does not seem too interested, but Elder Nelson was fond of him, and sees potential in him. he told us he did not want to commit to any religion, because he is set in his ways. that is why i was doubtful, but i guess we will see if they continue to meet with him after i am gone. we had some good lessons with R. his family has disowned him, and so he struggles. we have been helping him with some of that stuff. he is doing better and getting more motivated to grow his testimony. 

that topic of always having spiritual experiences is something President Porter really instilled in me. everyone in the gospel needs at least one spiritual experience each and every day, and most of the time it's up to us to create those by reading the scriptures and studying. when we do that, we are a lot better off spiritually and will be able to be much more in tune with the Spirit. that will increase our ability to live the Doctrine of Christ to help make us truly repentant.  

President Welch rebuked me in my interview on Friday, for being frustrated with how things were going. he explained to me that it's not about the work when we are frustrated, it's about ourselves not wanting to change. i realized that as he was talking to me. as we focus on others and improving ourselves, and what we can do better, rather than on the things we can't control, we lose ourselves in the work of the Lord and unlock our potential. i thought that was a good thought hahaha. 

that is really good with how you have been feeling healthier, i love the benefits of exercise! that is cool Jake is getting into it too hahaha.  that is super cool the Utah teams played well. for hunting next year, i think deer and maybe elk or something like that. whatever you want to put me in for is good with me, just get me out hunting hahahaha! just kidding, if nothing else duck hunting will be perfect. 

thank you for the affirmation of your answer to your prayers, i try to always ask if i am doing what is pleasing, i always feel at least good about it, you affirmed it though, thanks Dad! thank you for the article too, i will print it out to read, thanks for all you do Dad! i love you Dad! have a great week! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom, it has been a good week. we did not have any of our 'gators show up to church, and neither any of the less actives we have been working with. we have found some new less actives to work with, so that was really good. 

it has been cold, but it's better than having the cold rain, which we get tomorrow, yay! {not!} i have been staying warm, the only part of me that does get cold is my face and my hands and feet. i am discovering more and more that diabetics do have poor circulation hahaha! but those hand warmers do the trick. we still bike i think, even if it's negative temps. there are not many guidelines about it, so we just do it any way. it was -6 the other day, that was fun hahaha. 

we did not see many 'gators unfortunately, we are still having trouble finding new people. we started trying to find off of less actives more, so that might bring us more luck. we are also trying to get the ward more involved and bring in more referrals. 

that is a good idea about those zip ties on my tires. i might have to try that, since i have road tires on hahaha. that is crazy about the Utah weather. it's good for me, hopefully it's not so dry this summer when i come home, so it's nice and wet, what i am used to now hahaha.  

i will miss Marion, it's a fun little town. that is good you are getting back into the swing of things again, back to real life hahaha. sounds like Libby and Mia can ball up better than me, hahaha i am terrible at basketball! is Bryant gonna leave this summer? it also sounds like you had a good lesson at church. 

they almost had me give a talk in church, but i scraped by hahaha, i was scheduled to speak on the 15th. nevertheless, i still studied for my talk, which was on goals and planning. it really applied to my situation, because we can always improve our goal setting. goals and effort combined with vision, is the driving force for us to try our best and receive God's help to make those goals a success. the better our planning, the better our ability to involve God in the work and in our lives. i know that Christ is always there watching out for us and helping us to succeed. when we have faith, anything is possible, because He is always on our side in our righteous actions. thank you for always supporting me, it gives me the drive to keep pushing on, thanks Mom!

R gave me a temple book about the Indianapolis temple. they came out with these limited edition for the dedication, they are way cool and have a lot about Indiana. 

well i have to go now Mom, thanks for everything! i love you so much! have a great week! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

Sunday, January 8, 2017

By our own choices, we choose not to know God

hi Dad! it's been a weird but a good week. we had a good New Years. it was like Christmas, so we could not go proselyting, and could only stop by appointments. on New Year's Eve we had to be in by 6 pm, so i studied and that's about it hahaha. 

as for the teaching pool, it is not very good looking unfortunately. most of the people on our lists have moved away and had no contact for new addresses, so we pretty much have to start all over again. we do have one guy named G, we pretty much need to start over with him, cause its been 3-4 months since he was taught. we do have a few less actives to work with, but other than that, the 'gators that live in our area want to be taught by the Sisters. 

we did not have any appointments, so we had dinner at ____ house, a teen recent convert who struggles in his everyday life 'cause his family disowned him for being baptized. he is so gung-ho about the work, that he wants to come biking with us every day, and he is super funny. i definitely prayed about it and feel like that is why i am here. 

we have pretty much just been trying to work the lists and see who is still around, and try to find new people while doing it. we always knock the neighbors cause that is the best way to contact people, since they hang out inside and don't come out when it's so cold. this ward is struggling, they are few in number. it really needs some help because it's mostly converts and so they don't have a lot of experience. they kinda just figured out how to do stuff their own way. i agree with your statement--this is the most productive time--but it's tough to see it when you have to start over haha.

it's true, by our own choices we choose to not know God. He is always there waiting for us to turn back to him, but we can make our selves be "lost". that is such a cool story about the Buddhist monk, that is so cool. it's amazing to be able to see conversions like that on a mission. i have met so many amazing people with such cool experiences.  

that is awesome Utah won the bowl game, and it sounds like it's a pretty fun NFL season to watch. so it sounds like your Cowgirls squeaked it out then hahahaha. well, sorry i don't have more to write about. thank you for all the updates and for emailing me! i love you Dad! have a great week!

Elder Sedlacek

hi Mom, its been a pretty good holiday week. i wrote about all that in Dad's email, and same with the investigators. it is so crazy 2017 is already here {the year Elder Sed returns home!} i can't believe it, but i can at the same time hahaha. 

i got all the test strips and everything, thanks so much! the week in Marion was good, but kinda weird, because we are struggling to get people to accept our message. it is just as much as it was in Noblesville, which is frustrating. the ward is kinda struggling too, there's some drama, and struggles to home teach, with lots of people who are less active. but, there's a lot of good to do here.

the best part of the week was probably Wednesday, and that was a good day. we had our district meeting, and i got some good revelation about my specific purpose, not just in this area, but why i am the way i am i guess. it was as if the whole meeting was tailored to me, and it was awesome, gave me a lot of answers to my questions. 

the biggest struggle is finding new people to teach. i am trying everything i can think of. the experience though at district meeting really helped me increase my testimony and i understand my patriarchal blessing more, which is awesome. 

that sounds like you had a good holiday week, that is awesome, i'm glad you enjoyed it. it sounds like you had a good meeting. that is interesting thought about all the information that bombards us every single day, and we have the small amount that can 100% be counted on. then we have our Heavenly Father, who will go to great measures to answer our deepest questions, like he did for me this week. i know that Heavenly Father truly is our one source of help that we can count on no matter what, we just have to listen. i know this gospel is true and i am so grateful to share it with others.  thank you for all you do Mom! it means a lot!

wow, that sounds like a pretty crazy snow storm, i am glad everyone is doing well. as for my purpose, i found out why i look so young hahaha ;) it's for a specific purpose i guess. my new District Leader called me up to the front of the room--he said he just felt inspired to--and then explained how young i look, but that he sees lots of humility from it, and especially cause i am obedient. so in other words, i guess i am an example to people because of my young looks and obedient attitude, it's like having a humble 12 year old near by hahahaha. 

well, i have to go now Mom, thanks for all you do for me! i am doing my best! i love you guys so much! have a great week! talk to you later! have fun in the snow!

-Elder Sedlacek

PS i did get to give a cool blessing this week. that was an awesome experience. i got a complement on my blessings, and i have given a lot lately hahaha. love you!