Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Suit season

thanks dad! that is too bad that you didn't get any duck stamps, oh well, it'll save some ducks for me when i get back! i got to watch all five sessions of general conference. we got permission to stay out late for the priesthood session. i loved pres.Eyrings talk, it was really good! and the talk about the barriers and the sharks. i have no idea how those sisters even know about me, they are way far out past cincinnati just below dayton, that is crazy. i would think it is because of how pres.Porter qouted  me in that email to the mission, but i dont know. hopefully it is good hahhaha. i just try my best to be obedient and to find people to teach. it could also be because of F****'s baptism. they had been trying to get him baptized for two years! 
we had an awesome miracle this week, as well as many others. yesterday before conference, we were walking around our area about 20 minutes before our ride was supposed to get there to pick us up. With five minutes left to wait, we saw this guy sitting on his porch smoking; he called us over from the other side of the street and said, "you guys mormons?" and we said, "yeah!" He said, "do you have the book?" as in the Book of Mormon, but we aren't really supposed to carry them around since we aren't allowed to place. so we said, "Well, we can get you one!" and we told him we would be back in 10 minutes. at that point we had less time than that, so we ran back to the apartment and grabbed one, ran back and gave it to him. he said he wants to read through it! and maybe get some lessons! that was awesome! as usual i will write more in the general email, but thanks for all the updates and such, it is so great to hear from you each week! i love you so much, have a great week! I love you!
hi mom! it is great to hear from you! this week has been good, we experienced lots of grace and miracles and to top it off, i got a package with awesome treats from an awesome mom! we also got to watch all of conference! thanks so much for the package and everything in it! it really lifts a missionary's spirits! and conference was awesome,  i like those quotes! and my fave talk was pres. Eyring's or the talk about the surfers. those were really good, and the pottery talk was good too. 
we feel very blessed. this week, suit season started and so now we have to wear suits till april conference if it is 64 degrees or colder. so luckily this week is in the 70's and we don't have to wear them, which is nice. i already damaged my black pinstripe suit while riding my bike to bro. p's house. i frayed the bottom of one pair of the pants when it got caught in the chain, hahaha luckily it is only the size of half a penny if that. oh well, it happens. but we managed to meet up with JG again, that solid gator and schedule some solid lessons! that was a miracle in itself. he is going to get dunked! just wait! that is so awesome that you got a awesome car for jake! that is so sick!
it doesn't look like you are experiencing much fall yet, but we are here. it is beautiful fall here--the trees are turning yellow, still a lot of green though. the cold here is really weird since it is so wet. it really does go strait through you! any exposed skin gets pretty cold hahaha. 50 and below feels like 40's right now. it has been stormy and cold the past week, but this week is really nice. we are going with the C's to Greensberg today to go to the walmart. its about a half hour drive. we are getting winter gear.

here is my letter to pres. porter. I thought I might start sending you those so you have something for the blog:

Hey president! this past week was awesome! we received a lot of grace and miracles! I know it was because we were being obedient. it is amazing to me that all we have to do is live the power triangle and do our best, and he will send down grace to help us further his work. it was great to see that this week. we found a few new investigators and taught a bunch of our others. we are just trying to commit them to church. it is kind of tough when they don't keep all the commitments, they can choose and sometimes that is hard to watch. i am learning to love the people here as the savior does. it can be hard at times though. thanks for all you do! you're awesome!

-Elder Sedlacek
Well i have to go now, love you mom! have a great week, i love you all so much! thanks for all you do! talk to you later!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

This week was slow until Thursday, that's when we received a ton of tender mercies!

Elder Sed II made his own scripture quad and even covered it in leather.

Hey mom! it's great to hear from you! my comp and i are both staying in Batesville, so i guess we still have things to learn from each other. this week was really slow up until Thursday--that's when we received a ton of tender mercies! we were able to make contact with some investigators that we had not seen for a while! we were able to teach JG, he has already read through 2 Nephi and he is so solid! we then found a new investigator in the park, and i asked her if she would be baptized if she found the true church of Jesus Christ, and she said yes! we made contact with a whole bunch of our other investigators too, it was awesome. other than that it has been the same old Batesville, small town slowness. oh well. things happen on the Lord's timing. last week at a new missionary training, Elder Boden gave me his bike, it is worth $700(!!) but he gave it to me for free! he is so awesome--it is a huge blessing. have you found any suits yet? there isn't really a place to get good used suits out here, and we have to start wearing them on conference weekend. i need another so that i don't just blow through the two i have. please keep an eye out for me. are you sending my next test strips? i don't know when or where i get to watch conference, they have not told us yet. thanks for the quotes you sent, they are all awesome. what else would you like to know?
Mom: So tell me how your diabetes is doing? What was the most challenging thing this week? What was the most fun? And who is your favorite investigator? 
my blood sugars have been good, but i have already had to adjust some basals. i am fine-tuning them hahaha. the most challenging thing for me has probably been to not get mad at my companion sometimes hahaha. he is a good guy though. the most fun i had this week was the thing i did in this video that i am sending you! you will like it. dad will be like, "oh that is totally jared!"  my favorite investigator is probably JG, he is really quiet but is so solid, and F**** is still F****, i love that guy, they are like a grandma and grandpa to us.
i am trying to make the video small enough to send. if i can't send it, it is a video of the miniature quad combo that i made! i will send pics for sure. i took the tiny books of scripture, the new testament, the BOM, and the doctrine & covenants and pearl of great price. it is the size of my hand and wrapped in leather that i pulled off of journal i bought from shopko hahaha.
Mom: Well Joj, I am totally not surprised that you made something like that! That's great! Good job! 
thanks for emailing me! I know i am not the best at updating you on everything, but heck, i will have more stories to share when i get home, i already have some crazy stories hahaha. indiana is a crazy place! I love you guys so much! have a great week, and everything!
love elder sedlacek II

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Everyone still asks me how old I am.

i am glad you liked the letters! how did sarah like hers hahaha?! the baptism went well! before a baptism, we set up the chairs, fill the font, and all that other stuff with the scheduling and the program. it takes up a lot of time. he had to go under twice, and we witnessed the baptism because F**** wanted his neighbor to baptize him rather than us, but we are allowed to in this mission! we confirmed him yesterday at church, and that went well! 
other than that it has been a slow week...ugh. This place is "milked dry" as we always say. everyone here has talked to the missionaries before and they don't usually like to listen, haha. let's just say we got a few doors slammed on  us yesterday hahaha. we really need new investigators really badly! we did commit R*** and G***** to baptism. G***** is a girl who never comes to church no matter what we do,  but the baptism will not be for a while anyway, because her dad wants to see it.  _____ wants to be baptized, but his mom won't cut the cord--he is mid-twenties but she still rules his life. hopefully we can soften his mom's heart. we took him on a chapel tour and he really liked it and also wants to come to church but his mom won't really let him. other than that it was a really slow week. we basically just 225'd the whole town again since we didn't have the car. one of the APs really likes me, so he is giving me his bike for free! he is an awesome guy! 
hopefully you can get the car replaced, but you never know with insurance haha. tell Bro R that i still remember that! {telling him that diabetes was "a blessing"} he told everyone of the leaders what i said that night in the cabin, and i over heard them, and i was just like "well it's true!" he is such an awesome guy. he taught me so much, he is able to teach so well, he would bring the spirit so strong! he really helped prep me for my mission, i am sure the other guys can say the same! tell him thanks for me, if you would? thanks. but yeah that is the basis for what is going on with me hahaha. just pray for us to find more solid investigators.
Mom: When will you find out about transfers?
well we get the transfer calls Monday mornings, then leave the next day! so you will probably know by our next email. wait to send more test strips till after that, i think i will have enough! so it would be fine. if you could send me my John Bytheway CD that is on my desk in my room, that would be awesome! and any treat would be good! although I have a lot of candy as you know hahaha. 
Mom: What is 225ing? Jake & Jeff don't even know...
2-2-5 ing is when you go to a less active's house, or a former investigator or potential investigator, and knock that door, two doors to the right, two doors to the left, and then 5 other doors on the other side of the street. we do that as our "tracting" since we aren't actually allowed to tract. 

everyone still asks me how old i am and they guess 15 or 16 usually. that's good if you think i look a little older hahaha. by the way, if you find a suit that is navy blue, i would love to have it! i need another suit for winter, since we can only wear suits, not  just slacks and a sweater. 

i have to go now, thanks for emailing me! it's nice to hear from all of you guys! have a great week! i love you all so much! talk to you later!

Monday, September 14, 2015

It will all work out, I can promise that!

Elder Jared's rendition of the Plan of Salvation.
thanks dad, for the updates! that really sucks about the car wreck! i am glad no one got hurt! this week has gone by so fast! the weeks are already flying by! F**** is going to be baptized on the 18th! this Friday, when i first taught him, after we left i said, "he is getting baptized this transfer!"  lo and behold! that was cool. Dad, there are so many more hunters out here than Utah--it's crazy, they all drive trucks down here! outside of Batesville is some rich people, but other than that, it's all people who barely make it, it's sad. i still have yet to see the huge cornfields, that is in northern Indiana, so hopefully i will go there! it would be cool!  thank you so much for all you do, I know it's a lot, i love you Dad! keep up the good, hard work! and good job with the yard work!

Mom, i sent some letters, but they got sent back because of size, so i fixed it and they should get there soon! i am sorry about the car wreck! glad no one got hurt! it will all work out, i can promise that! 
i had my first exchange this week with one of the Zone leaders. we went to Norwood Ohio. it is the hood of Cincinnati! it was crazy but i have some fun stories now for later. that was fun, the Zone leader complemented my teaching, he said it was good. 
this week has gone by fast! although we only met with 2 investigators, because they all had work! it sucked, but we talked to a lot of LAs and did a lot of 225ing. it was just a slow teaching week, and we are purging our teaching pool again. hopefully we find some more 'gators we can really teach. on Saturday was our social media split, so if you look up #ohiocincinnatimission you will find some picks of me doing service and lessons. we did a service project with Bishop P and he complemented my work ethic! that doesn't happen, he is a very intense man! he is a nice guy though. we met a really interesting guy this week and that gave me some good stories too, hahaha.

elder h is getting better, i started setting more of an example. F****'s baptism is this Friday, it was moved up one day.  i am excited, he is growing a lot! it's cool to see! he is such an awesome guy! my blood sugars are doing well, i am being blessed, it is awesome. how is everybody else at home? i am just doing the same old missionary routine, trying to share the gospel.
one of the crazy things i saw in Norwood was a guy who had a turban on his head, a huge robe on that went from his shoulder to the ground, and he was holding a Bible in his right hand, holding it out above his head, and a shepherd's crook that was as tall as he was in the other hand! he was shouting stuff i couldn't hear because we were in the car! today we are going to the creation museum for free with our district, it should be fun.
i have to go in 5 mins, thanks for talking with me! it's good to hear about how everyone is doing, tell them i love all you guys and keep up the hard work! can you send me those trek picks for next week?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hard work pays off, that's for sure.

Hey dad! thanks for all the updates and such on the sports! i had heard about the byu and utah games. a guy from the ward took us out to a town in our area of Indiana known as greenburg, and his name is Brother Max Alley. he grew up in Logan and actually knew Jeff's family and dated Jeff's mom in high shcool hahahaha! that was fun to hear that. thank you for all the updates. we had a zone finding activity in the heart of Cincinnati and that was crazy! i got some of the meanest looks i have ever had there hahahaha! 

it was crazy to see all the gangsters driving around in super nice cars! it was the most crazy place i have ever seen! there is almost all black Americans in the city. we met this homeless man who was probably high {Jared doesn't mean blood sugar, wink}, and he was cat-calling women. i wanted to yell at him at first, but then we talked to him a little and Elder H had a prompting to buy him some ice cream. in the ice cream place, we talked to another guy who asked us questions. we walked around the city, and i got low {now he means blood sugar!}  so i had the idea to stop at these benches. we sat down and started talking to a lady that i am sure will want to know more at some point! it was cool to see my diabetes further the work! i will say more as usual in the general email to mom. have a great day! and i love you dad! have a great week!

Mom, you can read about yesterday in dad's email. it was interesting to say the least.
i have had a good week. the week flew by! we found a new investigator, T**, in the library last wednesday, and he wants to know more. we are just having a hard time getting in scheduled lessons with all our investigators because everyone here who will listen to us is struggling to get by and works all the time! it is sad to see. we have a lesson planned tonight with some investigators who stopped us in Walmart. F.C. IS FINALLY GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!! he is on date for Sept 19. he made the decision on his own and before he even told his wife, he told us he was thinking about it. we swore not to tell until he was sure hahaha. i am excited, i love that guy, he is hilarious. he is awesome and he is a 70 years old. 
we also found an inactive member and we are going to bring him back. he has been in jail and just got out, he wants to change for the better. inside i was yelling, "you goootttt IT!" we also taught  a kid named RD again, but in a public place. this lady came over and said, "church isn't for me, i'm just spiritual," and RD actually invited her to come to church! it was cool. he still needs to come church, but his Gpa is dying and he is very busy with family, but he wants to come. so yeah i had a pretty decent week. thank you for sending my strips! the steak is really good, thank you! about the prescriptions, i think it will be better if you just mail it to me, because there will always be at least a $10 co pay and i can't afford that. {Mom: Why do I find this a little bit funny? wink}

Pres. Porter totally just mentioned me in a letter to the whole mission! he  quoted me from my letter to him:
This is what our mission is about! In one week, Elder Sedlacek was living the Power Triangle: 
Sedlacek, Jared Logan
Hi president, I am doing great out here in Batesville. I learned this week about patience, hard work, and obedience. as we strive to be exactly obedient we will be blessed and I have already witnessed that. Hard work pays off and that's for sure. we have worked pretty hard the past few days and we have seen results. even though it can be hard to love your comp, you need to be patient with them and love them anyway, so you can be able to teach with power, and the spirit, and call down grace. I love this gospel so much, I have already witnessed the changes that people go through as they accept its teachings and come closer to Christ. thanks for all that you do, have a great week.

By the way, they will have multiple baptisms this month!

i have to go now, thanks Mom! have a great week and a awesome birthday! i love you guys, thanks for all you do! have a great week!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My blood sugars have been amazing lately, I know it's because I'm being blessed.

Thanks Dad! 
It's good to hear about all of your experiences at church and work. 
I know that through the atonement we can do anything! It is amazing. Thanks for all the advice that you give me! it really helps to know that both you jake and jeff have all gone through this, it gives me more determination to be the best missionary i can possibly be. i love you too Daddio, thanks for all that you do. again i will answer all those other questions in the general email. have a great week, love you!

Hi Mom! 
So this week went by really fast, the days are slow but weeks fly by! can you believe a month of my mission is almost done!? that is crazy. so we had J's baptism on Saturday and it went really well! every missionary in the whole mission was talking about it. 
i have finally found what i need to learn from elder h. he has a vast doctrinal knowledge, and knows how to be a missionary. that is what i need to learn from him. he created a bible death star, which you can ask jake or jeff what that is hahaha. {Mom's note: none of us know what it is! haha} We are going to create a death star of the Book of Mormon and the D&C, since I have been counseled to make the Book of Mormon and D&C my constant companions. 
we got four new investigators this week and had to drop a few of the "new" ones because they won't answer.  i personally think one of them might have been drunk haha. it is really hard to get people to commit to church around here because of the strong lutheran, catholic and baptist/Methodist background. we have a few promising investigators though: J****, RD, B*****, K****** (one of our neighbors she is a young mom) and a few new ones that we have not met with yet. of course we still have F**** our "eternigator." he is hilarious, they are like the missionaries' gma and gpa. he just needs to take the leap of faith and get baptized, he has been taught everything and knows it's true, he even comes to church every week.  i think it has something to do with his methodist background. 
we have had to purge our teaching pool because people just won't progress. it is very frustrating. i am getting along with elder h though so that is good. we finally found something we can relate with, a very funny story that happened to us, i will tell you another time haha. 
the people here are very friendly. we got the car this week and we trade off with the lawerenceberg elders every week. by the way, the car is a 2013 toyota camry, very nice and i get to be the designated driver, it helps me feel a little more normal haha. by the way, i had to buy a GPS this week because you can't get around without them, since it is so flat here. it was $107 with tax.
Mom, are you sending my test strips soon? i have a vial and a half left, just to let you know. are you keeping track of those so you know the earliest day you can get them, not to tell you what to do or anything i just don't know exactly how it is working out and you know me, i have to know hahaha.
my blood sugars have been amazing lately, i know it's because i am being blessed. it's awesome that for those first few weeks i didn't get above 300! it is a huge blessing. so what is new in your neck of the woods?
i love you guys, thanks for emailing with me and for all that you do! keep up the good work and i can definitely feel the prayers. have a great week everyone! love you!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

We have a teaching pool of about 10, and I told my comp we will be doubling it.

Elder Sedlacek sent us a bathroom selfie.
Just keep updating me on the Colts and Bengals and Reds. There are so many fans in this area hahaha. Brother P***** went to the Colts game and sat on the first row 30 yard line Saturday! He is so lucky. I will send you more in a general email to you and mom. Thanks so much for all you do Dad, you're awesome and a great example to me! Have a great day and week at work! Love you so much.

Hi mom!
I have until 11:40 today. Flying in to Cincinnati was crazy--there was lots of turbulence. When we got into the airport the humidity hit me like a train! I was not expecting it haha. I am used to it now though. It is so green here! There is no such thing as yellow grass. No sprinklers in the lawns, the grass, if you can call it that, is mostly weeds everywhere that grows like grass if you cut it, and it grows without sprinklers. 
The language here is a little different with lots of funny phrases hahah. They eat the same food as Utah mostly here, so it's not much difference there, just the weather and the size of the towns. They are all tiny! Very rural. 
My comp's name is Elder _____ and he is an interesting guy. We live above an appliance store. When I got to the apartment on Tuesday afternoon, I walked in and it was a mess. {Mom's note: Elder Sedlacek is known for liking things to be clean.}  My comp hadn't been cleaning very much. Oh boy! I said, "We have a lot of cleaning to do." So I cleaned the dishes and shower that night after we got back home. The second day, by 5:30 pm we had visited two member households. We talked to F****, a non-member who has been going to church for years with his wife and he just hasn't been baptized.  I didn't think we should spend so much time with members so after dinner we went out personal contacting.
We are not allowed to tract! It is strange since everyone stays inside all day due to the humidity. But now we are doing a lot better. We had a teaching pool of about 10 and I told my comp that we will be doubling it. We started working hard with pc'ing and it paid off! Now have three new investigators who are actually interested and one is on date! Sister B*** is the wife of a recent convert and has been going to church for five weeks now without being taught any lessons other than her husband talking to her. She told him yesterday that she wants to be baptized ASAP. So we are going to teach her all the lessons on Tuesday! Then we want to baptize her on Saturday if we get approval!!! Is that awesome! Obedience and hard work pay off.
More about my area, we do have a car but since my comp does not have a license and greenies can't drive right off the bat, we can't use it. It is with the Lawrenceberg Elders right now until we can get permission. Hopefully we will get it, until then we are walking, and our area is like 5 towns outside of Batesville so we really are only able to cover Batesville because we don't have bikes. So we need the car pretty bad. In our apartment building we have a free dryer and washer to use and so that is awesome! We also have a dish washer too, but since I can really only afford basic food I don't use many utensils, and so I wash them by hand. 
The people here are very friendly, when we walk down the street, we wave at every car we see and they usually always wave back. The members seem to really like me and they have just recently started to feed us a ton which is nice! 
My blood sugars have been good. So far, my average is about 140.
I have to go now Mom, I love you guys so much, you're all great examples to me. Keep doin' what you're doin' and have a great week!