Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Are we hot or are we cold?

What's up Mama,
This week was pretty good. Transfers are this week. How did you know? Well, the news on transfers is I am staying in Pasco with Elder C. It should be good. I have been praying to know that this is where I am supposed to be for the next transfer.
The weather has been nice this week. Like really, really nice. I wish it would stay like that the whole year. That sucks about the a/c freezing up,but it's good it is staying cool now. We haven't had many thunder storms here, the weather is really nice. I love it right now. Not too hot or cold.
Our investigators are doing pretty good. G came to church this week, and he liked it which was good too. I don't know if he is still reading. He had some family come in this week so he hasn't met with us. I hope his family isn't giving him tons of crap for listening to us. I think that might be why he is holding back right now-- family situations. That's a good idea that Catilin had with teaching from the Book of Mormon. I willl probably try that.
So you got rid of Direct tv huh. That kinda sucks. Do we have ESPN anymore? Roku is pretty good though I guess. Lots of people have that instead of cable. Seems to be like a good deal if they have ESPN 
That is great that Nicole was able to schedule a time for surgery. The doctor sounds like he will do a good job. I am sure everything will go okay with it. You will have to let me know how it goes. I don't know when we will be emailing on Labor Day. It will probably be on Tuesday but maybe not. I know the library is closed on Monday so it might be interesting.
I will be praying that Nicole will be feeling back to normal quickly. Can't have old Micoe all tired and what not. That would not be fun haha.
I can't even believe that it's already pretty much my birthday myself haha. I have been thinking about what I would ask for. I have some ideas. I will throw them out to you. A new pair of Johnson Murphys (the original ones are dead so all I have now are the Rockports), some other nice looking belt buckles for my Mission belts ( if you went online to their website they have just belt buckles that you can buy and interchange them on the belts), snacks are always good, a new SD card to replace the other one then I can send the one I have now home and you can get the pics, ties that are good looking ( if you go to Ross or Burlington they have really good ties for really cheap is one thing I have learned on the mission), and whatever else you think I would like haha. You're the Mama. You know your favorite son too well.
That is crazy that school started up already. I hope the kids had fun!
I am glad that you guys are doing well. I hope you all have a great week. I will share some of my spiritual thoughts from studies I had this week. I read in Revelations 3:15-16 which really just stood out to me. It talks about hot and cold water. In the gospel we either need to be all in, as in "hot", or we are "cold". There is no middle ground even though we may think that there is that middle ground. We all need to evaluate everyday what we can do to improve. I am thinking about sharing it.  Some people think they can be in the middle ground but in reality there is no middle. I also read in Alma 33:23 and I really liked it as well. All of us as children of God may have things that we are asked to do that we don't understand with our limited knowledge, but as this scripture says, if we "plant" whatever is troubling us and feed it with our faith it will grow into a tree that will bring us so much joy. Everything in the gospel is set up to bring us the most joy. I have a testimony of that. The gospel is truly what brings the most happiness in our lives. As we live it to the fullest everyday we will be blessed! I love the gospel and the chance to serve a mission. Thanks for all that you do to keep me out here. Love you all tons!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

What's up Dad,
I bet you love being at work in the middle of the day haha. It's okay
though that you have to work. I understand haha. This week was really
slow kind of. Kinda rough. It was great though because G
came to church, which was Stake Conference this week for me. It was the
first time since being in Pasco that I have had an investigator at
church. It was a much needed thing. I am so glad that he was able to
make it. He really liked it from what it seemed. He had family come in
to town this week so I hope he has been reading. It kept him from
meeting with us this week which sucked.
I like the idea to just use the B of Mormon. It really does have so
much spiritual power. I promised C yesterday who we finally caught
home, that if she read the Book of Mormon it will change her life. I
only know that because it has changed my life. Those are the only
investigators we have right now that we are meeting with.
The rest aren't answering their doors or phones. That is
something that you can pray for-- the help to have us be able to get
back in contact with our investigators this week. This has been the
hardest area for that that I have had. People just aren't home
it seems like. You can also pray for a LA family in the ward that I
have been working with. Their name is the D family, and the wife had a
baby the other night but it isn't doing well. The baby had to be
flown up to Seattle to the children's hospital up there. I hope
everything is okay with them. They could certainly use some prayers
right now.

That is so cool to me that you work in a place where they have
trainings that use the Book of Mormon, AT WORK. You are lucky haha.
Not very often you can have a job like that where you aren't a
seminary teacher or something like that. I like the training ideas
though. Those are great questions to ask ourselves to improve each
day. Believe it or not, I kinda already ask myself that every night.
It's just a matter of acting on those things that you find that you can
improve on.

I am so grateful that I am able to serve a mission. Thanks for all
that you do for me. I do know that the gospel is true. When we apply
the scriptures into our lives, we can learn from them and they become
real to us. I love the Book of Mormon and also the Bible. Together
they work to give us the truth. The restored gospel is amazing.
I am grateful that we have it on the earth at this time. Without it, we
would be lost I am sure. I hope all you  guys have a great week this
week. I love you all tons!
-Elder Sedlacek

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Christ's Doctrine can change our hearts. I know that because mine has been changed.

What's up Mom,

Sounds like you had a good week. My week was pretty great too. That is way cool that Nicole will be able to get into surgery sooner than she expected. The sooner the better, in her situation. Miracles do happen everyday. We just have to recognize them. That is what I have learned on my mission--it does get hard before the miracle, but the blessing way outweighs the crap before it.

You all look good in the temple pic, by the way.

We had Zone Conference this week, and ironically enough the main message was on humility and obedience. I am sure it wasn't a coincidence. I realized something that I thought was kinda cool. Adam and Eve, when they were created by God,  it was from the dust. We all have to humble ourselves to the dust to be created "new" in our lives as well. Just one similarity that we all have to Adam and Eve. Zone conference is always good. It's always cool to hear what President has to say. He's super cool!

It is crazy that school is starting up so soon now. Seems like yesterday I was a senior haha. Not anymore. I don't have to go back to school hahaha. You can tease the kids for me too if you want.

Mom: Hi son! Yeah it does seem like yesterday you were a senior! Somebody said yesterday that you will soon have single digits left (as far as months left of your mission), and I realized that's right! It seems so crazy!!

Elder Sed: Thanks for all the support, and everything that you guys do for me. I have a testimony of the gospel. I love Alma chapter 26 that I read this morning in my personal study. I want to be like Ammon when I am at the end of my mission. Time is limited, and I want to make the most of every day. It really does come down to the heart with the day-to-day decisions. Christ's doctrine can change our hearts. I know that because mine has been changed. I love the gospel!

I hope you all have a great week with school prep what ever it is. Love you guys!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

What's up Dad,
I like the sports updates, but not the news on the 49ers getting killed. That sucks.

I had a pretty good week. We had Zone Conference this week and it was nice to be able to rest for a little bit and listen to Pres. Ware. He always says good things. Our investigators aren't really progressing right now. None of them--which sucks. G doesn't want to commit to a date for baptism still, even though he tells us every lesson he wants to be baptized. It's just frustrating and he will not tell us why he doesn't want to commit yet. He has to tell us, or the Spirit has to tell us so we are able to help him. I have been praying to discern what his concern is and I don't think I have exactly what it is yet so I'm going to keep praying.
We have to pass off E to the YSA sisters which kinda sucks. I was hoping we would be able to keep teaching her because we are short on people to teach, but we can't. This week we had lots of good lessons using the tips President Ware gave us at Zone Conference of always quickly getting to the message of the restoration--meaning not so much small talk and more of the why we are here. It has been awesome seeing the results from it. I think we had 6 other lessons off of OYMs this week because of it. It was awesome. I am definately going to keep using that technique.

We were finally able to meet up with F this week also. He has been super busy framing houses, and so we showed him how to get the  Book of Mormon on his phone and it will talk to him while he frames. He said he's going to listen to it at work so how cool would that be if somebody got interested because of it?

We found a new investigator named S this week. The lesson was so close to turning into a bash which I DID NOT want, but we shared the message of the restoration with her and it brought in the Spirit and she actually sat back and listened. She accepted a Book of Mormon as well and is going to read it which was a miracle. We are going back in a couple weeks to see how she does.

You will have to let me know how the college football goes at the U if you do end up going. College football season is the best haha.

The weather has been pretty good. It has been in the 80s, which felt really nice, except for yesterday when it got up in the 90s again. It's supposed to be cooling off though now so we will see. It has been storming a ton in the middle of the night so I don't get to enjoy it. It wakes all the members up and they talk a lot about the storms but I honestly do not hear them. I am way too tired to wake up for a whimpy storm haha. That is what missionary work does I guess haha.

It sucks the garden didn't work out as planned. It's good for the soil to wait for a year anyways. You can just call it your secret plan to success haha.

Well, I hope you have an awesome week. I am so grateful for all that you guys do for me. I pray for all of you everyday. Love you tons too!
-Elder Sedlacek

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I just need to pray and listen...because even I am a little clueless. Haha

What's up Mama,
Wow! Sounds like a way crazy week. That sucks that Nicole's results came back like that. I know she will be okay though. She can do it. I have been praying for her and I felt good, so I take that as a good sign. I won't worry too much. Don't worry about that. I will be praying for her and you guys as well. I know the power of the priesthood is real. It does work! I have seen it right in front of me before, when a blessing that we gave was answered. It's probably just a trial Nicole has to overcome, and when she does she's going to be awesome!

Is she going to have a wicked scar on her neck? I would assume she is put totally out for the surgery too. How long is recovery?

I bet Sydnie's wedding was awesome. That is crazy that she is married now. I looked at the card this week and was like "Holy crap, Sydnie is married now!" Haha That was the next day--I had the invitation in a drawer and when I opened it I saw it. Crazy crazy haha.
That is  cool that Uncle Jim is doing that mile count thing for Nicole. I have no idea how many miles I walk in a day haha. Lots! haha

Mama: Hi! Yes, Nicole will have a scar, but it'll be pretty unobtrusive after it heals. Someone told her to say she had a head transplant. :)

Elder Sed: That is super funny about the head transplant hahahaha. It just might work too haha.
Are you at the doctors right now?

Mama: We are just leaving the doctor. 

Elder Sed: Anything else going on back home that is good? 

Mama: Well, school starts again in two weeks. Jared grew 1 1/2 inches in a month! What are you doing for p-day today?

Elder Sed: Wow! School starts really soon. That summer went by really fast. I am doing good today. We are just hanging out at the stake center and emailing.
I have to go, but like always I enjoyed emailing today. I am glad that everyone is doing mostly okay haha. I will be praying for all of you. I know the priesthood of God is on the earth. It blesses everyone and the power of it is real. I know Joseph Smith was the prophet to restore God's church back to the earth. God hears and answers our prayers. It's a good thing to know at a time like this. I love all you guys! Thanks for all that you do to keep me out in the field! Have an awesome week! 
-Elder Sedlacek

What's up Dad,
I had a pretty good week. I will start by talking about the investigators and what-not for this week. The week seemed to go by really fast, which was good. Wednesday and Thursday we had a mini-missionary with us, which is basically a priest who is preparing for a mission, and stays with us for two days during the day. He was pretty cool and was from Kennewick. We got a lot of member present lessons because of it, so that was great! 
G is doing pretty good. We took him to a baptism on Saturday, and he really, really liked it. He almost committed solidly to get baptized on the 23rd of August, but then some member priest kid came up and ruined the conversation. Sometimes members jump in just at the wrong time. Just make sure to never do that haha. If you see the missionaries talking to someone, don't jump in. That is what I have learned haha. We had a good lesson with G on the plan of salvation. He said it's opened his eyes, which was way cool to hear coming from an investigator. He is still somewhat planning on the 23rd of August for baptism, so I hope it happens. 
Our other investigators have seemed to fall off the face of the earth. We had a couple lessons with people on the side of the street, so that kept our numbers looking pretty good, but we are just trying to get something rolling in the ward. I'm curious to see what the Lord has planned for this area. He knows how to best help, so I just need to pray and listen to Him, because even I am a little clueless of what to do haha. It is definately an interesting situation.
That is crazy that Nicole has some cancer in her thyroid. From what I hear it should be pretty easy to remove. I will be praying for her, that is for sure. I just know she will be okay though. I have felt that lots over this past week.
Haha, that is funny Libby had you dancing. Can Mom even get you dancing? Libby is pretty impressive that she was able to do it. I bet it looked cute but way funny at the same time.

It will be way cool to go through the Ogden temple when I get back. I have seen pics of it and it looks super pretty from the outside so I bet its even more pretty inside.

Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have already seen glimpses of a Seahawks game haha. It probably won't be too hard to be able to catch a little bit of the games haha. I always knew my Chargers could be good some day haha. What about the 49ers?
I am so grateful for all that you do for me and the family, Dad. You're awesome! Thanks for being an example to me all my life of how a priesthood holder should act. It's helped me all throughout my life. I have a testimony of the gospel. I am grateful that we do have the priesthood restored. Not only the Aaronic priesthood but the Melchizedek as well. It is certainly a blessing that blesses everyone.

I hope you have an awesome week. Thanks for writing me a letter. I haven't gotten it yet, but thanks in advance haha.
Love ya!
-Elder Sedlacek

Monday, August 4, 2014

It was a tough week, but I know the Lord listens to my prayers because of it.

What's up Mama,
This week for me was pretty good. Wednesday it was fun. We went with another set of missionaries to a pizza buffet for our "official" year mark. It was really good, and cheap too, so we might have to go there when we come back up sometime after my mission. 

Tuesday we had a pretty good lesson with G. He didn't come to church, but we are going to follow up with him on why sometime this week.

Up here on Saturday we actually got a thunder storm. It was nice!!! It was also fun to lay on my bed and watch it from the window, because I can from where my bed is haha. The thunder isn't as good as Utah thunder though. It has been pretty hot still, but it's supposed to just be in the 90s this week. The members have been telling us that it should start to gradually cool down now, which will be nice. I am looking forward to that.

It is crazy that it is August already. I am sure Jared will enjoy getting some money for gas. Gas is soooooooo expensive now, so I am not looking forward to that when I get home. I will definately need a job, that's for sure. I just hope it's not too hard to find one with tons of other missionaries coming home at that same time.

So Jeff likes the home theater sound in the basement then haha. It's way fun to watch movies with the bass turned up high. You should have gone down and joined them haha. Maybe it was a sign. Now for me, I can probably sleep through it. I get so tired I can sleep even when it's super noisy haha. That's a mission for you I guess.

I never did hear from the Bishop's son this week to answer your question.

That is good that you got the letter and gave it to Bishop. Did you open it and proof read it or something? I put your name on it so you could and have my permission haha.

Thanks for emailing me today. It was fun like always. I am glad everything is still going good at home. I want you guys to know that I love my mission. Thanks for all the sacrifice you guys go through to keep me out here. I really do have an awesome family. I am so blessed for that! I love the gospel! Love you guys too! Talk to you next week fam.
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

What's up Dad,
This week sounds like it was a good one for you. It was a good one for me too. It was long though. Not a lot of our investigators are home or answering their phones. We haven't been able to get hold of Claudia or Scott for a long time. Fernando works from sunup to sundown everyday, so we never see him either. We do have a progressing investigator with G. We were able to meet with him this week. In the lesson with him this week, he told us exactly how the spirit works before we had even taught it. He has had lots of experiences where he had felt the spirit, and he told me and Elder C that we are guides from the spirit to him. He compared the spirit to lightning for him personally. It comes and leaves really quick without the gift of the Holy Ghost. He said it's good though that we help direct the spirit "lightning" to him. He is just way cool. He is so prepared, which is awesome. 

We have also been working through the area book and contacting former investigators, but so far nothing has really come of that. We are just trying our best to find every chance we get. 
For personal study, I have been going through the book "Believing Christ," and I love that book. It is soo good at giving me more of an understanding of the atonement. If you haven't read it, you should. Even as a family if you guys want. It's just a really good book. I also read in the Book of Mormon every day of course, and I am in Alma with Alma and Amulek. I just love reading about the great things they did as missionaries. It really makes me want to go out and have those same experiences--except for getting thrown in jail and beaten and watching all my friends get burned! That would suck but they are great missionaries anyway.

Things in Washington have been pretty good though, and it sounds like they have for you guys too. I really don't wish that I had gone to the family reunion but it would have been cool to go anyway. I bet you had fun. That is crazy that there are 1200 descendants from Grandpa Berger. That is a lot of people!

Aww yea! Football is started back up! That is crazy that football season is pretty much here already. It will be cool to see if the Seahawks can win the Super Bowl again, even though I'm still not a fan of them. 49ers and Chargers still for me haha.

Sounds like they might as well make you a primary teacher haha. You're doing that a lot it seems. That is funny that Libby is the leader. That doesn't really seem like her to me, but I guess it could be. I always thought she was a shy little girl haha. Guess not now.

In a couple more weeks it's going to be Zone Conference, and I am excited for that. Those are always good and getting to hear from President Ware is always cool too. He is awesome.

Well, I wish I had some way cool story to share from this week, but it was really just kind of a tough week. But I do know the Lord listens to my prayers because of it. There are times where I feel like not doing anything and just feel like I wanna give up, but I pray in my heart and I have the energy to keep going. It is way cool. The spirit really does help me all the time. I feel its' promptings and I always try to follow them and things work out. I know Jesus Christ lives and the priesthood was restored. There were lots of people this week who challenged that to my face and I was able to bear my testimony to them. They didn't listen, but I hope they felt something. I just love the gospel! Thanks for all that you guys do for me to keep me out here. I pray for you every day! Love you guys!!!!
Have an awesome week!
-Elder Sedlacek