Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Families really are one of the most important things about this life.

hey dad! so this has been a pretty good week. as you know, it was the last week of the transfer. elder parker is leaving and i am staying. i hope i get another good comp! elder parker and neilsen have been the best ones yet! we didn't really find a lot of new people this week, we are just trying to stay in contact with the new we found last week. this week we were going to contact V*****, but we walked down the wrong road. i got a prompting to give a card to these guys we saw sitting on their porch. we gave them one and we were able make an appointment with both of them. we were going to have a lesson with them yesterday, but we missed them so we were bummed out hahaha. we had a good lesson with H***** and she is awesome. it is weird though because she has no religious knowledge at all, so it is different than teaching most everyone else, because it is practically Bible Belt here. L*** is still progressing towards baptism really well, she is still on date for the 1st of April. that is mostly it for this week, other than we had Elder Neil Anderson come to speak to the mission as a surprise. it was super awesome! he told us some super awesome things and I was able to receive a lot of personal revelation. He truly is an apostle of the Lord. i heard about the upsets in sports this past week, and i already figured my bracket was busted hahahaha this is not my year for brackets apparently hahaha. i did get your letter, thanks so much for sending one! that was really nice to get that after a long day. that is really cool you got to see the dedication, you will have to head down there soon and let me know how it is. i can't wait to go there myself. temple dedications are so awesome. i love the temple so much, we will be able to go in a few weeks, and i am excited. that is a weird situation with the family history, hopefully you can get it all solved soon, good luck. that is crazy all the girls' brackets are in 1st place and second, hahaha who woulda thought? 

families really are one of the most important things about this life. i am so grateful for the family that you have raised me in. thank you so much! temples are all over the world now, the Second Coming really is getting closer, the hastening is happening now. I also know that it really is a blessing to be out here on a mission to help bring people to Christ and to help strengthen families. i can't do this work without the help of the Savior, with His help i can do anything. i am so happy to be out here serving the Lord. thanks so much for all you do to help keep me out here! it was great to hear from you dad! thanks for all your support, i love you so much. have a great week dad and i will talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hi mom so this was a good week. i wrote about all the investigators in dad's email. i am staying in Englewood and elder parker is leaving, so no more full time car and stuff. hahaha i just hope to get a good comp again. i did get all the diabetes supplies okay, thanks for sending them! 

the thing that brought me the most happiness this week was just being able to be guided by the spirit. that sounds cliche, but it is true. I love being able to follow promptings and being able to see the fruits from that. the most fun thing that happened was being able to go to hear Elder Anderson speak, and then the workshop training on wednesday, that was awesome. the most challenging was having lessons and stuff fall through--that always sucks, although just like dad says it means we are getting satan's attention and so we must be doing a good job hahaha :)  

i learned a lot from that mission conference. president wants us all to be more bold so he chastised the whole mission. hahahaha the mission as a whole needs to be more bold. also, one of the funnest things was a dinner appointment that we had yesterday with the Scott family, the ones with the huge dog. we also did a fun service project for a member, my childhood favorite (cough *Dad* cough cough) picking up sticks hahaha! 

that is good libby's play ran well, and i bet that was super fun to have everyone come down for the weekend. i hope the baby shower was fun too, although i am with all the guys, i want to go fishing instead hahaha. there is a less active who we see periodically who loves to go hunting every weekend, so he tells me about hunting and stuff hahaha. 

i'm sorry you missed the dedication, that is too bad, but i am glad you and libby are both feeling better. we are given boundaries out of love so we can stay safe. literally every single commandment we have is given out of love. 

i sent some pictures from the air museum we went to last Monday, that is the big one that Brother Allred told me about. it was so cool!

well, i have to go now. thanks so much for emailing me mom! i love you and the fam so much! talk to you later! have a great week!

-Elder Sedlacek

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