Thursday, July 28, 2016

This work really is all about love

Monday, July 18th Emails

hey Dad! so this was another good week. we had P** and another investigator at church yesterday--actually we had five at church--it was awesome!  one of them, T**, we met just a few weeks ago. Elder Erickson taught him when we went on exchanges and it was a huge surprise to walk in to the chapel and see him just sitting there waiting for stuff to start! hahaha P** came with her only son, a 5 year old ball of energy hahaha, he was really riled up the whole meeting, so i was trying so hard to get him to be quiet so P** could listen to the meeting. he is the funniest kid. then a few other 'gators came to church that we have been trying our best to work with; the sisters worked with them a lot. they are Micronesian and it is hard to get a meeting with them, so it was a huge miracle to see them at church. we had A** come to the baptism on Saturday for the Liberty Elders and she loved it, even brought a friend, but sadly he must have anti'd her.  she called us the next day during ward council and said that she just got done being baptized, so she wasn't going to come and her search was over. so that sucked, she was golden, but agency is the king. 

J** quit coffee this week, and so she was super loopy the whole week. she was sick yesterday and did not come to church, so hopefully she feels better soon. that is pretty much the updates for the week with the 'gators. we met with President and Sister Welch this week for our first interviews, that was fun hahaha. i know that i am called to them for sure, President Welch is awesome, and then with my interview with Sister Welch, she shared a scripture with me that for whatever reason hit me like a train, so i was choking up as i read it aloud. then i was so frazzled when we ended the interview i accidently almost hugged her! hahaha i was kicking my self. they are new, but they are awesome. 

yep i write all my experiences down as best as i can, hahaha or try to.  when Dad is bored haha! that is a lot you got done while Mom and the girls were at camp. that is awesome, did you enjoy it haha? that is good you got the time off to be able to help Mom after her surgery. that will be good for her. i completely forgot about Sarah & Libby's birthdays! hahaha all stuff besides the work and mission life are a blur to me. i don't even have the energy to focus on other stuff hahaha. 

well, President Porter is a very nice guy for saying those things about me, i do my very best, sometimes i don't think it is as good as he says, but i guess it is. this work really is all about love, i still remember what you said before i left, that even if the people throw rocks at you or something like that, you can and have to love them back for it. hahaha sometimes it is harder than others, but you really have to focus on how they are all children of our Heavenly Father and no matter what He loves them, so we need to love them too. 

i bet that was fun to see that rodeo. Elder Berret, one of the Liberty Elders, used to be one of my zone leaders. we are good buddies. he is from Oregon and works on a cattle ranch up there, so that is cool you got to see that. i like that quote you shared, and the second part too. it really is hope and faith that are the driving forces to the gospel. when we teach people to increase their faith, it increases their hope for better things to come. in order to have faith in better things to come--that lasts--you must have hope for those things. i haven't really ever put those things together like that, that is very interesting, thanks Dad! so is Mom's surgery happening soon or right now? well i have to go now, thanks for emailing me Dad! have a great week! I love you Dad! i hope you get all caught up with work! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom! so this week's updates with the 'gators i wrote in Dad's email. so you can read them there later after your surgery. hahaha people are still giving me grief back home for how young i look? hahaha oh well, i did look really young haha and i was slim but strong! now i am 10 pounds heavier and  i like to think i am still strong hahaha. you can still see a good portion of my six pack, but it went away for a while. hahaha 

those three questions about my week can all pertain to one day when we had interviews with President and Sister Welch. i wrote about Sister Welch's interview with me in Dad's email. but when i read those scriptures i could feel the love from Heavenly Father like he was hugging me, that sounds really feminine, but it's not. hahaha it was a cool experience. the most challenging thing was losing A**. 

thanks for getting that all sorted out with my pump supplies! i do need more strips, but if you can't send them in time to get here by Friday, you will have to wait. we are moving on Friday to the new apartment, but you can send them to the Liberty Elders' apartment and we will get them for sure. the Liberty Elders' apartment is in West Chester, not far from us, so do either or if you can get them here before Thursday at the latest. 

that is crazy that Libby is 12! holy cow!  that must have been fun to go to girls' camp with all the girls hahaha. i am glad you were okay when you fell, that is good. i like those scriptures, those are really good. there is a surprising amount of deep doctrine in the Book of Mormon, a lot of people don't see it that way, but there is some really cool stuff in there. i love the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine & Covenants, i study them both every day along with Preach My Gospel and the Bible for teaching. 

that is really cool with your blessing, the Lord definitely needs you to have a healthy knee for a purpose. look up DC 138:55-56 it is talking about the prophets specifically, but all of God's children as well. that is a cool verse about our purposes in this life, i will have to teach y'all the Doctrine of Christ lessons we teach when i get home. well, i hope your surgery goes well, I love you Mom! recover well, have fun resting and I will talk to you later, have a great week! love ya!

-Elder Sedlacek

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