Monday, April 24, 2017

We help others become better, and bam! you yourself become better automatically

hey Dad! it's been a great week! we had a great Easter, and the highlight was that we had C at church again. we had a really powerful lesson about the plan of salvation with him, and then we put him on date for May 13th. there is a catch to that though, he has some things he has to get in order to be considered officially on date, but he has accepted it. we are so excited for him! he told us how much he loves the Book of Mormon.  he is already in 2 Nephi and says the questions we don't answer for him, are answered in his reading.

we had an interesting lesson with J the other day. we went in planning on giving a commitment lesson, but as soon as we sat down, he had the Book of Mormon open and was roaring to read with us. we tried to use the chapter he was opened to in our favor for the questions we had for him, and he took it and ran with it, and totally told us for about a half hour how much we mean to him and his conversion. the whole time i was like,"that is nice, but i would rather have him pointed towards the Savior." my goal is to have all my investigators converted to Christ and his gospel, not to the missionaries. it was totally unintentional and so now we have got to fix it, and help him see our purpose, and get him coming to church. hahaha it was really nice what he said to us though at least haha. Jk has sorta lost interest right now. D is doing well, we have been trying to meet with her again, but she is having her baby soon and busy with that. and the young kid, L, he is 10, we are teaching him, and he is getting permission to be baptized by his stepdad and then we will be able to have him get baptized as soon as we finish all the lessons. he is getting really excited though hahaha.

something really good happened to me as well this week, so i have been trying to improve my studies for a few weeks now, and i have been praying a lot about how i could do it. i had an idea come to mind, of something i could do to help me get more out of my studies. it seems like the adversary tries to distract me so much hahaha, and so i get lost in my reading a lot, but that was no longer a problem anymore. i have felt the Spirit so much more in my studies lately, and i have had some really cool insights come to me all week. i have been studying King Benjamin's address, and now those are some of my favorite chapters. i was able to learn so much about the Savior this week.  i absolutely know the Savior better than i did last week, i am so grateful for answers to prayers.

hahaha that is funny about demand for The Living Christ document, i have been studying that as well, i guess a lot of people have hahaha! hopefully you get the stock back in order soon haha.

the floors look really great from the pics Mom sent, good job! hahaha spring air smells so great. we ran 5 miles today, it was so nice to be able to get a great workout, it has been a minute since i have felt this good hahaha the trees were really nice to see all the colors along the trail. hopefully you get the mower out running again. that is funny you got the MLB app, everyone i have talked to that has mentioned sports lately has strait ripped on baseball and how it's so boring to watch. Hoosiers just like basketball! haha

thanks for the General Conference thought, i definitely know that is true. there is no feeling that compares to coming to know the Savior better and feeling the spirit. i have absolutely had the best few months of my mission lately (progression wise) and my testimony has grown so much, and i know that is where true joy and happiness comes from. i am so grateful to share it with others. thanks for the example you set for me Dad. love yah, have a great week!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom! it has been a great week. it is always so nice to share about the Savior around the times of these holidays. it really strengthens my testimony. i did get my Easter package, thank you so much! i will have you know that my self control went out the window hahaha and i had all the candy finished this morning hahaha. i used to be so good with that! i really enjoyed it, and it was cool cause normally if they send a package it gets kept in the clubhouse till i pick it up, but for some reason, they put it in front of the door, and i would not have been able to get it til today, so that was a cool little miracle. 

we did not really find anyone new this week, except we started teaching one of the children that wants to be baptized, L. C is making such amazing progress, there is a less-active teen living next to him, so he was going to "drag him to  our church", yes he calls it his church too now. he has been telling us how he wants to be baptized a lot lately. 

i got stuck making an Easter dinner, although we were fed all week, so it was fine with me. i made some good green beans, those things are pretty dank if you cook them right hahaha. i eat a lot of veggies and fruit these days, actually that is what i eat--meat, fruit, and veggies, not much else. 

some challenges this week were just having appointments fall through as always, but hey it happens. and we have some people we need to drop. the biggest blessing and miracle i had was about my studies. i wrote about it to Dad, but my studies have been a world of difference better lately. that itself is an answer to prayers.  i love the Book of Mormon so much, it points me to Christ, and helps me learn so much about myself, how i can repent, and grow, as well as feel the spirit. that takes the cake. the past few months i feel like i have grown faster than at any other time on my mission. i truly feel so much joy as i repent, and that i can change. The gospel of Jesus Christ is something that i have grown to love more than anything else other than Christ himself, and Heavenly Father. 

i am legitimately jealous of Bryant and Cooper, it's not that i would do my mission all over again, but that they are going to experience more growth than they can even imagine, and the thing is, it's not even about us, it's about other people. that concept alone has helped me to understand the Savior so much better. we help others become better, and bam! you yourself become better automatically. 

that sounds like you have had a great Easter. i hope Brig loves his basket haha! the floors look so good, that is awesome you got them finished. it sounds like it will look really nice with the furniture. we had a good Easter sacrament too, we had some musical numbers and some good talks to go with it. Cooper will have fun in Chicago, that is a pretty crazy city, that's awesome. i know lots of people from Chicago, its supposedly like Cincy and Indy, those three cities have a reputation out here. that is so cool about Bryant and Guatemala, that is good to hear. it would be way cool to speak with him. that little punk needs to write me hahaha!

thanks for emailing every week Mom! thanks for the packages and all you do! love you lots!

Elder Sedlacek

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