Saturday, May 6, 2017

Marriage is like rubbing two stones together to knock off the rough parts. Same story on a mission--it's life training!

Not sure what this is! 

Broke yet another gripper. 

Mountain biking for p-day! 

May 1st Emails

hey Dad! it's been another good week. can't believe it's already May though. C came to church yesterday, he is still working on his probation, so hopefully he gets that done really soon. we found a bunch of new people this week, which was good. we pretty much dropped J, and a few other people who are just not ready right now. 

yesterday especially was a great finding day, despite the hurricane force rain hahaha. it came in waves ;) we met a really cool guy named J. as we were walking up to his door, it was dumping, and i was like "yes! he will invite us in" (cause he did not have much of a porch). then second thoughts of doubt, like "nah, he won't," but he did! we taught him the restoration and it went really well. we also met a guy who is coming out of being homeless, and wants to meet with us mostly cause he has a huge crush on a younger woman in the ward hahaha. 

we met a guy named O, and man, he came to the door for the first lesson, and he looked just like Hancock! if you don't know who that is, look up a pic on Google. it was pretty awesome. he has some good promise as well, because he is trying to turn his life around. C is doing well, but it is worrying me because he doesn't have a solid fellow-shipper. i fasted for a good fellow-shipper to come along, but not really many people are reaching out. i want to take the focus off of us so badly. 

sounds like you had  a good week between the gym and the floors haha. that is good you're getting some exercise. i got my share today, ran 5 miles, and then went mountain biking an hour later, it was great! i caught some really good air a few times haha. it's not real "mountains" of course, but the hills make some good whoops and stuff. it has rained a lot here too, it's back to the monsoon-type crap ;). that is super cool about the Jazz winning round 1! that is so funny that Brig likes chocolate milk so much, he sounds like a funny little guy. 

that is so cool that Adam got his call, you will have to tell him congrats for me. speaking ASL would be pretty cool! that is so true about the comfort in the growth zone. i have seen that especially true over the course of my mission. Heavenly Father loves us, and wants us to grow, and have big spiritual muscles. each area and companion i have served with, i know is for a reason, if nothing else to help me change in certain ways. each one has had specific challenges and has made me have to recognize my weaknesses and then i can work on that particular thing, and do my very best to accomplish the purpose i have there. it makes a mission more fun when you recognize that the hard parts are for something specific Heavenly Father wants to add or remove from us. 

a wise hick once told me that marriage is like rubbing two rough stones together to knock off the rough parts. same story here on a mission. it's life training! hahaha. i also like the goals and planning, that was part of the personal revelation i received last week. i will send a pic of my planner hahaha. Pres. Welch helped to hammer this in to me. if you don't understand where you want to go, and you don't have a goal of when or how you want to get there, and plan to back it up, you won't get there. setting goals with God, is the best way to accomplish something, and then you come up with a plan and trust that God will direct your path or help you change your plan, he will help you achieve any righteous goal. i know that is true, i am still on track for my mission baptism goal, and there is not much that i have done to really make that happen, i just set the goal that God wanted me to set, and i try my best. i know this gospel is here to bless our lives, and if we live by its precepts, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. thanks for emailing me Dad, i love you! have a great week! talk later!

Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom! it has been a good week. yep, we have had some crazy rain, like hurricane force rain hahaha just without the wind, but hey, that's Indiana in the Spring! that's crazy about the hail around Bro. P's house. i did notice some leaves all over the running trail this morning, so i bet we got some last night, but i didn't see it.  

that would be super fun to have Jeff & Nicole come see me before i head home. i would just contact the mission office, i am sure they would love to set that up. that would be awesome. who knows, maybe i will get down to Bellbrook for my last area? that would be cool. 

we had a good week, we did find a few new people, mostly a bunch of crazy Hoosiers! hahaha. a few have some promise, like J, who has a small family. that would be cool to teach them. we also found a lady named B, she is a pretty cool lady, she is older, late 50's (and i just realized i called you both old hahahaha, whoops! just kidding, you're not old). she is showing some good promise, we have another appointment with her tonight. 

i know i always write about the area stuff to Dad, but your emails are always my favorite hahaha. don't tell Dad. ;) 

i definitely had a tender mercy, as a few prayers of mine were answered in a very nice personal way. my favorite person was probably the guy who looked like Hancock, he was a pretty cool guy! one challenge was a few days when we just ran out of things to do, so we just did out best to come up with something. that is where you really have to rely on the Spirit to guide you, but often times you are the one to act first, then the Spirit will tell you if what you're doing is right and the best thing you could be doing or not. 

that is funny about Brig and Grandpa's chocolate milk and the walking! i bet that is fun to see him doing that. he sounds like a funny little kid. that is cool about the Williams' and Adam's mission calls. if Adam still looks young like me, then yep, he should expect a lot of crap from people hahaha. you get used to it though, i usually don't care anymore. one guy made fun of me for "looking like Little House on the Prairie"--what the crap does that mean?! hahaha but hey, you just learn to forgive and forget i guess. 

it's so true, the gospel is really just learning how to be like our greatest example. the gospel teaches us how to be like the Savior. the commandments and the rules and laws we live by, are not just to help us be good people, they are helping us be more Christ-like. the blessings come after we have put the effort in to following him, they are gifts for doing what's right. we don't necessarily earn them, but we are qualifying for them. there are so many blessings that the Lord can bestow upon us, and so much joy we will feel if we just choose to follow his example. i know that Christ is the only means of salvation and true lasting happiness in this life, and serving a mission is a huge blessing that has helped to teach me that. i know this gospel is the way, and i am so grateful for it.

alright, well got to go now, thanks Mom! you're the best! have a wonderfully awesome week! talk to you next week!

-Elder Sedlacek

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