Tuesday, July 25, 2017

If we don't talk to God, how can we know God?

hey Dad! it has been a good week. we did not find many new people this week, but we are working on it. we have some plans we are rolling out. it should help us to be working a lot more with the members. we are still working with K and R, but D is kinda falling off the map. he still has some interest though. 

we did not get to teach as much as i would have liked, but as you know, finding and teaching is an act of faith. it takes faith of both the missionary and the investigator. it is meant to increase our faith, and to teach us to look to Christ. through being put into so many areas where we have had to build up a whole new teaching pool, it has really increased my faith, and taught me to come to know the Savior. 
I think it is interesting that my patriarchal blessing talks about living the gospel of Jesus Christ, and how much my mission has taught me to build a foundation of faith, which will carry me forward. 

we did get to do some service for one of the ward parties on Friday. we helped set up for the Pioneer Day activity, which took place on Saturday. a bunch of people brought "pioneer food" that consisted pretty much of rabbit and venison stew, heck yeah! it was awesome! hahaha 

thank you very much for that tie you got me! a real Distribution tie hahaha thanks! we did get some rain, although luckily we got inside for dinner right as it was going down, so we did not get wet. thanks for all the sports updates! i am glad the Sox are doing well. 

this week i was on exchanges with an Elder from the district in Winchester, and we talked to a guy about his high boy Ford truck, and it was sweet. then he showed us his F100 and revved it really loud for us, i will send a video of it haha. that is cool they are getting y'all into Just Serve. I actually got to participate in rolling it out when i was in Englewood. they could put a lot more projects on, because it seems there aren't ever any we can help with in our areas. 

i want to finish my mission strong, because i know how much it will help me. i am not about to leave my mission with the ends "untied."  we reference that talk by Elder Choi a lot, especially when it rains haha. i too know that in order to have a solid relationship with our Father in Heaven and the Savior, we need to be looking towards Christ with all diligence. by doing so, we come to know Christ, and how we can follow him. I also like section 1 of the D&C. it talks about the apostasy, and the restoration of prophets and the priesthood, as well as spreading the gospel. it talks about how we spread the gospel so that others may increase their faith, repent, and gain testimonies and relationships with the Savior and Heavenly Father. 

i am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel and for prophets who lead and guide us on how to come unto Christ in this life. we we look towards Christ through doing the simple steps of the gospel, i.e. reading, praying, practicing obedience to God's commandments etc. as we heed the prophet's counsel, we will come to know Christ. i am so grateful for my mission and for my testimony that Christ lives, and that as we found our lives on him, we will have great joy. thank you for your support Dad, and for your great example to me! i love you Dad! have a great week! talk to you later!

Elder Sedlacek

hi Mom! it was a good week! i did get the strips and stuff you sent, thank you very much! i really appreciate all you have done in sending me supplies the last two years! as of now, i should be perfectly fine to the end with pump supplies, and i am sporting the pink sites, thanks to the Jensens!  you will have to let them know. 

I have been serving my comp by just doing little things for him, anything huge, just cleaning and stuff like that haha. there was a man we talked to yesterday who mentioned that he is questioning if God is really there and whether he exists or not. it is sad, cause i have seen a lot of people like that. It helps me remember and strengthen my testimony of how God has influenced my life, and how much i see his hand everyday, and how much potential i have to see his hand more and more. I get the great opportunity to share that testimony with others, and hope i can make a difference and help them turn to God. that starts with an invitation to pray to Him. if we don't talk to God, how can we know God? we can't! we have to talk to Him, it's just like anyone else we want to get to know, we talk to them. 

i had a good blessing given to me this past week, and it was awesome some of the things it said. that was just one tender mercy. i also get to go on exchanges tonight with one of my mission buddies who is my zone leader, so that will be fun. oh man, i forgot to email Libby happy birthday! i am glad she had a good birthday. haha that is crazy you had your knee surgery a year ago, and i bet you love your knew knee. i like the picture hahaha.  

I truly was sent to a special people, they have such a faith in God. everyone we talk to mentions how they have a strong faith, and how much they love the Savior, and how much he helps them. those types of people are the humble people it talks about in the scriptures. I just wish they would listen to our message, because they already understand a lot about Christ, and that He does have a hand in our lives, but i know how much better it could be for them with Christ's restored gospel. 

we have so much more potential, and we can become so much greater through the help of our Savior. it is such a blessing to be able to help people to see that, and to build my faith because of people like that. I know how much this gospel will bless our lives, i am so grateful to have served a mission and for the time i have left to serve, and that i can always serve. the road never stops, and the gospel will never end, we can always be at least a little better than we were yesterday, and we can always grow closer to our Savior as we follow his teachings and commandments. thank you mom!

well thanks, Mom, for emailing me! i love you guys so much! have a great day, and tell Sarah i say happy birthday!  talk to you next week!

-Elder Sedlacek

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