Monday, August 7, 2017

I will never forget the people who have helped to change my life. It's a bonus to have helped to change their's.

Hey Dad! it was a good last week, it went by so fast! it feels like it did not even happen hahaha. it was really fun to have Jeff and Nicole and Brig at church with me. the ward just ate it up hahaha. Brig was such a funny little guy--he was running and screaming after church, it was fun to watch him. 

Sadly, we did not find anyone this week. we saw K & R, and we were planning to have to drop them, but we found out we are both leaving the area, so we did not do it. no investigators were at church yesterday. we were not able to do a whole lot of teaching, which stinks. I don't know though, it was still a good week. we got to talk to a lot of people, but everyone we talked to was uninterested or did not show up when we were schedule to come back. even still, I felt like I had a much greater appreciation for the calling i have. to be able to do my best to fulfill it has always made me happy, but it was more fulfilling this past week because i knew it was not for much longer. 

Hmm... i am not sure why you would be excited for Wednesday....maybe you drank some bad milk, or forgot a party they will have at work? you will have to pray about that one hahaha!! 

that is a cool story from church. it is really amazing to me that God reaches out to us in such personal ways, all the time. He knows us perfectly, so he knows exactly how we can feel or see His hand and realize that we do have a connection with Him. that is really interesting thought about the lesson on James 1, i haven't thought about connecting it with our baptismal covenant, that is neat. 

I really like Elder Rasband's talk. it occurred to me that the first step to having the Holy Ghost with us is living worthily, and then all the steps after that come from our efforts to look for God's hand in our lives, and to seek out those promptings that will come.  I am still learning new ways that the spirit touches me, and it amazes me sometimes the many different ways I feel the influence of the spirit. we have agency to make choices for ourselves, but God will always reach out to influence us, so we can learn to choose the good, and not have to go through as much pain. 

I am so grateful for my mission, and that I have had time to feel and to listen to the promptings of the spirit, so that I could come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. the Spirit will guide us to all truth, and I know that the path I have chosen will lead me to become who God wants me to be. I know that God lives, and that He loves me and all his children. I know that all good things testify of our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. I will never forget the wonderful things I have experienced on my mission, and I will never forget the people who have helped to change my life. it's a bonus to have helped to change their's.  Thank you Dad for all you have done to help me through the last 2 years! love you Dad! see you in 2...........days! hahahaha  

-Elder Sedlacek

Hi Mom! it was a very good last week. we worked hard, but we did not find the "fruit" we wanted. I know that there are still people out there to find. that was so crazy to have Nicole and Jeff show up to church! i was not expecting it, because Brother Gilbert is a cheeky little man, and told me she was not coming, so it was pretty surreal. haha I think it helped the ward, and they just ate it up, they loved it. everyone seemed to mention missionary work in their testimonies, so it was awesome. Brig was so funny haha, he is a crazy kid. 

this past week was a good way to end my mission. we even got out to one of the small towns in our area, and had a member drop us off there early in the day, and another one take us home at night. it was fun. we had a cool thing happen too. we were out on our deck, and we may or may not have been burning a shirt, but who knows?  and it may or may not have gotten a little smokey, so we may have shut the door and it may have latched shut and locked itself hahaha! I suddenly remembered Kelly teaching me how to break into a house with a sliding door hahaha, but that wasn't working cause the door was too tightly fit together.  i just kept trying, and then suddenly it opened. to be honest, we should not have been able to get it open, it was a miracle. 

that is good you stayed busy, busyness is happiness.  sounds like you had a fun week. that is good, because you're about to receive your little terror coming off a plane, you will need that rest. haha I did realize that i've had a few days beyond my two years, and I am lucky. pretty crazy that it has been over two years. it will be super weird to be home. it was weird enough yesterday to be hanging out with Nicole and Jeff at church. i was not even the slightest bit turned away from my missionary duties, or at least i tried not to be! I caught myself wanting to do that more than just visit with them hahaha, that was strange. it will be so weird to be home. 

yeah, Dad's full of talk, telling me that you might be at the airport. I would turn right back around if you did not show hahaha. here's my schedule for the next couple days: we leave here Tuesday morning by 7 am {wake up about 5:00 am} so we can get to transfers by 9 am, cause Elder Jasinski is training and has to be there early.  I get to just chill there, and then we leave for the temple. After that we go to the mission home and have a feast with President and Sister Welch. then Sister Welch has a bunch of stuff for us to do while we are at the mission home, like scrap booking and other things that women like to do. {haha just kidding}. Wednesday we fly out early, and i am SURE you have the time of when the inevitable happens hahaha. tonight we just proselyte from 6-9, so i have approximately 3 more hours to do really missionary things. 

true joy is what i have come to know on my mission. it is a gift from God, from serving Him with a true heart. that is the only way we can continue to progress, is to continue to serve with love.
well, i have to go now....for the last time. I will see you in 2................Days! hahaha 

I love you Mom! have a great 2 days! don't get too excited to see my beautiful face! haha

-Elder Sedlacek

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