Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I tried to redneck my shoes

What's up Mama,
Sounds like an exciting week back at home. My week here was pretty good. I will give more of an update to dad haha which I guess is both of you :).

The weather up here is getting to be more like fall. It's cold in the mornings and the leaves are finally changing. Fall just seems to come later here than in Utah. I will probably try to get some more shoes that are waterproof then. The ones I just bought almost have a hole in the bottom of the shoe and holes starting to form all over haha. Shoes just don't last as long as they need to haha.

Anything else I need huh. Let me think on that one. I don't think I need anything at the moment. I really don't know what I would want for Christmas haha. I am no help there. You should just buy clothes for me for when I get home. I am going to have nothing as of right now haha.

That service activity, was it part of Just Serve? Have you heard anything about that? Sounds like a good thing to do. That's terrible that the girls are treated so badly for something they cant even control. The world is a crazy place. Thats why it needs missionaries ;)

I bet DB's talk was great. How many stories did he tell? You will have to tell him hi back for me.
Guess what?????? Elder J (a former comp who has been home for a few months) proposed this last weekend!!!!! Isn't that crazy!!! He's going to be a married man pretty soon.

Marriage is just in the air right now haha. You will have to be sure to have Nicole send me an invite. 

Transfers are on next Wednesday so this Saturday we will find out what's going down. I don't really have a clue what will go on. I  guess I will find out Saturday. It's likely that I will stay since I have only been here one transfer.

I hope all of you have a great week! Love you guys tons!!!!!!!!!!!
I will talk to you next week Mama
-Elder Sedlacek

Whaz up Dad,
This week was a great one for me. It went by way faster than last week did. It ended up being alot better too. Updates on our investigators:
J***** we met with Monday and we meet with tonight. She told us in our lesson on Monday that she is seriously looking for a church to get baptized into. She is reading in the Book of Mormon and is really liking it. Shes doing great!
We found a couple investigators this week. One was a guy named ____.  He lives in a home with other recovering addicts. He seems really interested in the message and even is reading the Book of Mormon. He works a crazy schedule so that is the main struggle right now--getting him to church. Maybe that is something that you can pray for.

The other investigator was a mormon.org referal which we don't get very often. He is AWESOME!!!!! He works with a member who is a really good friend of his and that is how he recently got in contact with the church. He is originally from Canada and he shared with us a super sweet story of how he found the church originally and got back in contact with it. When he lived in Canada he was able to go through and tour the Vancover B.C temple and he said the peace that he felt in the temple is nothing like what he has felt before. He loved it and ever since that experience he has been searching for that same feeling. Because he works nights right now he has a crazy schedule, but one day he decided he was going to go check out the church building. It was locked because no one was in there so he just sat on the grass next to the chapel because he said it was the closet thing to the feeling he felt in the temple. His name is L**** and so far it's been awesome teaching him. He wasn't able to come to church yesterday but I really see him progressing very fast in the future.

M**** came to church for the third Sunday in a row. She really liked it as usual. It was awesome. They just need to get married before they can get baptized but the wedding time frame is looking like it's not going to happen until February. I am really hoping they can get married before that. They both want to get married in the temple really bad so it's only a matter of time before she is baptized.

Those are some of the major investigators we have at the moment. Of coarse there is more but these are the best stories as of right now haha.

It hasn't been raining as much this week but it's getting colder, which I don't mind. I just don't want it too cold haha. That is when I hate the cold. I will probably get some more shoes then. I tried to redneck my shoes this week to being waterproof by filling the soles with caulking and super glue and that seemed to work pretty well. It's just the shoes are getting holes and I can't fix those haha. I will have to save these shoes so you can see my handiwork haha. It's pretty funny.

That is crazy that DB was almost in the Boston marathon bombing haha. I bet that would have been a story to tell the mission president hahahaha. I bet he had lots of fun and success as a missionary. He is just that type of guy haha.

That really stinks that Utah lost so badly. I was hoping it wouldn't be like that but I guess not. It would have been amazing if they had kept that momentum going. Imagine what it would have done to the rankings haha. I just very much dislike Oregon right now. It's good the Jazz are doing good. Maybe they can keep it up and prove everyone wrong. 

I am so happy to be serving a mission right now, even as I say that every week. I really am! The mission for me has been so much of a help. I really feel it has and is changing my heart. When you sincerely apply the gospel into your life, it truly does change it from where it was and makes it that much better. I know the gospel is true. President Monson is a prophet of God. I know that!!!!!!!!!! God lives and loves us all individually. We can have a personal relationship with him through prayers of faith. I love you all so much! Thanks for everything you do for me! Have a totally awesome week ahead!
-Elder Sedlacek

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