Tuesday, January 20, 2015

There are things that I have learned to like on my mission. Tomatoes just aren't one of them.

Hey Mama,
You were right about the holiday, obviously I couldn't email yesterday, so that's what today is for. 
We had a really good week. It was probably the best week yet since I arrived in this ward. The Lord is blessing us right now! We have 12 people we are teaching who have said they would be baptized. Not all of them are on date, but they have all committed that they will be baptized when they find out the Book of Mormon is true. We found five  new investigators just this week. That was so awesome!

Thanks for applying for the college stuff for me. You're awesome.

I haven't gotten my glasses yet. I didn't think it would be this long to get them in, but I guess not. We will have to see if they come in by the end of this week.

Hopefully email works today with ya.
Mama: Hey Son,
I am happy to hear from you! It works to email. I am in Brigham City with Nicole for her birthday. We had lunch and did a little shopping. Sounds like you had an awesome week! Five new investigators? That is way cool!
Elder Sed: Hey that sounds like fun. We will have to go shopping when I get home haha.
Where did you go to lunch?
Tell Nicole I say hi!
Yep, we found five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could hardly believe it.
Hey, it's good you have a smart phone then I guess, since you're in Brigham City haha.

Mama: We went to lunch at a place called Idle Isle Cafe. We both had a BLT and shared a shake. It was fun. It's a lot like the Bluebird Cafe in Logan.
Elder Sed: Eww, a BLT. You can have all you want though, just not with me there. I still am not a fan of raw tomatoes. Never will be haha. There are things that I have learned to like while on my mission. Tomatoes just aren't one of them.
Mama: So if you haven't learned to like raw tomatoes, what have you learned to like? Nicole still can't believe you don't like BLTs. Hello....BACON!!!!!

Elder Sed: The tomatoes ruin the whole sandwich. That's all I gotta say.
As far as new stuff I like, I love Caesar salad now for one thing haha. I don't know..I just like good food haha.  {The whole family is shocked by this new love of Caesar salad. He used to flatly refuse to even taste it!} 
Mama: This is so funny!! You like Caesar salad now??!!? Nicole just said, "Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor!" That is still her favorite thing, we just had it the other day for her birthday like always.
Elder Sed: Yeah, I guess I came to realize just what true happiness is all about (wink!). I always remember Nicole saying crap like, "Caesar salad is what true happiness is about" while I refused to eat it as a kid. 
I have to get going now. We have some appointments we need to get to and some stuff we have to do today. It was fun to catch you today. Emailing is always fun. It should be back to the normal time next week, but we may go to Kennewick to do some shopping so it could be later. Just know I will email sometime on Monday. It's good to hear things are going good. Don't be nervous, Nicole. You'll do good.

I love all you guys! Talk to you next Monday! I will be praying for all of you! Have a great birthday Nicole, and the rest of you have a good week.
-Elder Sedlacek
Hey Dad,
This week was AWESOME!

All of our investigators are doing well. I will give you an update on some of them because I don't have time to update you on all of them.

M**** is doing so awesome!!!! I was sooo happy with her this week. We had a great lesson this week when we went over the baptism requirements and helped her realize what was keeping her from getting baptized. It was a miracle. It totally changed her way of thinking. They even came to church this Sunday with J**** having to work, when before they wouldn't have done that. I am just super pumped to see her get baptized. She is so close now. Even closer than before.

L***** is doing great. He is continuing to make small steps to coming to church. It's just something he has not been comfortable with since he was young. But he is making progress, which is great. He committed that he is going to come to church on this Sunday! I was so happy to hear that.

We found five new investigators this week! Their names are S**** and her son D. We had a super good lesson with them, and they committed to be baptized on the first lesson. It was awesome! We also found a family that we are teaching. They are all older, so the kid D** is late teens. We are also teaching his mom and his girlfriend. They are pretty awesome as well. They don't have really any gospel knowledge, so that is going to be fun, but they are really open to it and want to change their lives around. All it takes is the desire or hope in Christ, and we can change our lives around. I have seen that so many times!
All of our investigators who are on date are doing well. Really, all of our investigators are doing awesome. Like I said in my email to mom, the Lord is blessing me and Elder R. It has been awesome to be a part of.
That is awesome that work is going well for you. All the different ways the work hastens--it's pretty amazing to me.
I had heard that the Seahawks won, of course haha. There are some crazy 'hawks fans up here. It must be me coming up to Washington that helped them win and get to the Super Bowl again (wink, wink!). It will be interesting to see how Feb 1st goes with the Super Bowl and stuff. Last year was interesting, I know that haha.
Thanks for all that you do for me Dad! You're awesome! I really am grateful to be serving a mission in the best area of the whole world! The people here are so awesome! I know the gospel is true. I know the atonement is infinite and will heal us of any spiritual wound that can happen to us in this life. Jesus Christ loves all of us and wants us to succeed. He is beside us every step of the way through this life. I know families are forever! I am so happy that I have a loving, supportive family. You guys are awesome!
I love you guys soo much. Hope you know that!

--Elder Jake Sedlacek

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