Monday, January 5, 2015

I really want my room to be a mess when I get home...

What's up Mama,
I can't believe it's 2015. Holy holy holy cow. New Year's was really fun. We hung out and played dominoes and stuff with Sister S. I took some pics so I will send those to you in a minute. We can't really stay up all that much without being super tired the next day, so I just laid in my bed till 11, which would have been midnight in Utah, and told Elder R a happy New Year haha. It was fun.

I haven't got my glasses yet. I called the doctor's office and they said they have been slow getting in because of the New Year. I should get them this week though.
I am going to get my ring sized today so I will probably send home that ring with my ring size. Do you think it would send in just a regular envelope?

Our week was super good. I was really happy on New Year's Eve when I just thought back on my mission and realized just how much good I have had. I realized that D&C 18:15-16 is really true. I have had so much joy on my mission in just 2014. I love being able to serve the Lord!

We did some service at the food bank in relation to JustServe this week. It was really fun. The people were  amazed to see about 20 missionaries ready to serve and help out. It was really fun being able to help out people who truly did need the help.

Hey that's cool you were able to get the snowman all built up and you were able to help. That's super cool that your knee brace helps you that much. I am glad to hear it. You guys should have taken some water up to pour into the buckets so it would have packed the snow better. Can you still see the snowman on the mountain? I would bet you could. I wonder if anyone else has caught on to our tradition of building a snowman up on the hill every New Year.

What do you mean that the Guardians of the Galaxy wasn't that good????????? I wasn't hoping to hear that hahaha. I still want to watch it when I get home. Watching movies is one thing I want to do when I get home, if I can manage to sit still that long haha.

You guys are on 11 o'clock church now. Lucky! I am on the one o'clock here and it's not too bad. It makes it easier for our investigators to make it to church, that's for sure. 11 is still the best though. I have to say that.

Hey son!
I'm glad you had a good New Year! I think your ring should send fine in a regular envelope.
We can see the snowman on the hill still. This week is 40 degree temps so it may melt some, but as for now we can see it. Looks like Kennewick is warm this week too. 
Elder Sed: 
It was super cold this last week. Guess what Mom? I got to shovel snow for the first time in all the time I have been on my mission yesterday. It was AWESOME! I didn't relize how much I missed snow haha.
I guess it's supposed to be warm this week though. We stepped outside today and all the snow is gone and it was almost 50 degrees. That's Warshington for you I guess. It's kinda like Utah sometimes. 

You got to shovel snow? Fun stuff. Jared has had  fun using the snow blower. Who knows where he'll be the next two winters! 
Elder Sed:  I am going to guess that he will go to Yakima Washington. They are going to need some missionaries come July haha. I think that would be cool if he went there or even to the WKM.
I did get to shovel snow. I was so happy. I don't even know why haha. I bet Jared has tons of fun using the snow blower. Does it do good at the end of the driveway?

Mama: Yes, it does great in the snow and he has tons of fun with it. He's been using it to take care of Sister Ks driveway. She has cancer right now, so that's been good that he can help her out. It would be funny if he does go to Yakima, but I think if he does he will probably be Spanish speaking. It will be interesting to see. 

Elder Sed:
There will be plenty of Spanish work in that mission, let me tell ya haha. I could see it happening. It will be cool to see where he is really going to go though.
I really want my room to be a mess when I get home, just like I left it, FYI. I want to have something to do when I get home, like clean my room, okay? haha.
I have to get going now. Email was fun today. Thanks for all that you do. You're awesome Mama! I hope you all have a great week. Tell Nicole hi for me if you could. I didn't get  an email from her, and I also didn't have time to email her.
Love ya. Talk to you next week!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

What's up, Daddio?
I guess I am going to start out by apologizing that I thought you were older than you really are hahahahahahahahaha. Sorry about that ;) Don't you even worry about not having anybody to celebrate with you when you do turn 50. I will be sure to have some surprise for you.

My week was really good. The investigators are really being blessed right now. We were actually able to find some a new one this week. We are going to start teaching K's girlfriend, M***. She is pretty cool, and we had a super good lesson with both of them last night. The spirit was strong and at the end Elder R and I bore our testimonies of the gospel, and she said she was amazed at the amount of conviction I had in my testimony. I had never had anyone say that to me directly before, so it was cool. I really do know the church is right for everyone. Thanks to the mission!

M***** could really use some prayers right now. She is going through a difficult situation with her family and could use the support. We stopped by yesterday morning and gave her a blessing and it was cool. She had made the comment before we started that she was all shaky and really dizzy, but afterwards she said that right when I gave her the blessing she felt totally fine. It was cool to see that come directly from the priesthood blessing. I know the priesthood is on the earth.

We taught our investigator named C***** and that went well. She is a 17yr old Seventh-day Adventist, but super open to the gospel because of her friend who is a member of our ward. Her friend just invited her to come to church, and is there for her when she has questions. C***** made the comment when we taught her the plan of salvation yesterday that "it makes more sense than what I already knew." It was cool to hear that she has been reading and praying and feels like the church is true.

L***** is doing great things as well. He told us that he definitely knows the Book of Mormon is true. He really wants to be baptized and is trying to live the way he feels that God wants him to live. It will be just a matter of time before he is baptized, because he has to get his divorce finalized.
Well, I am so grateful to be serving a mission. It has been totally awesome!

Sounds like you had a good week. I bet you enjoyed having all that time off work. Hopefully work goes good for you this week.

You will have to let me know how the championship goes. Sounds like I am going to be an Ohio fan for this game. I don't want Oregon to win, although it would be good for the Utes and the Pac-12. That's awesome the Utes are doing so good at basketball. Hopefully they can make it to the tournament and win. That would be really awesome.
I know the gospel is true. I know Jesus Christ lives. I know God is there for us in our lives every step of the way. I know the Lord asks us to sacrifice things in this life so our faith can be built. That is the only way sure faith can be built--through sacrifice. God blesses us as we let him bless us. I know the Book of Mormon is true. It's such a privilege to be able to read it every day. Believe me, I do.There isn't a day that goes by that I don't read from the Book of Mormon. It is that important to us in this life. I know we have scriptures in this day and age so we can come to know God. I love Him so much! The atonement is real!!!!!!!
Thanks for all that you do for me, Dad and family. You're all awesome. Love ya!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

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