Monday, April 20, 2015

Even though I have limited days left, I am going to make the most of it!

What's up Mama,

Sounds like you guys had an exciting week hahaha! That is crazy that Jared's going to Ohio!!!!!!!! I bet he's going to love it. Is his mission the middle of nowhere areas? Was he pumped to see English-speaking?
It was weird to have that member call me to tell me the news about Jared's call. They aren't even in the ward I cover (haha), but they were able to track me down that night and let me know. Thanks for letting me know as soon as you could. You're the best Mama!
My week was great!!!!!!!!!!! I probably had one of the best weeks in a long time this week. We put SIX investigators on date for May!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't even believe it! This area is on fire. We finally got some Young Single Adult investigators too, who are on date as well! It's been almost a year since anything like that has came along. I am so being blessed by the Lord right now! It's amazing! This is what missionary service is all about!

Man, it sounds like you're going to be one stressed-out mama for the rest of the spring/summer. Good luck! :)

You got my school schedule figured out? What are the details on it? What work-out class is that that you signed me up for?

Mama: Elder!!
It is so awesome to hear from you! I am so happy that those members called you that night and let you know. I so wished you knew what was going on. That makes me feel better that you did know. I told you I had ways!! haha Jared is excited! I think he was a little disappointed about no Spanish (unless his mission Pres modifies it).
Your week sounds simply amazing and miraculous! SIX on date for May?? Wow!
MWF, you will have a Music class (Music history or something), US History, and Math. I’m not sure if it’s like algebra or something, and it’s subject to change if you want to take a math placement test. After that you’ll have English which is a writing class. Dad and I figured if you got that out of the way right off, it would help you in all your other classes. Tues & Thurs you will have conditioning unless you wanna change that. 
Elder Sed: Yea it's good to hear from you guys too. I am glad that you are doing good.
I was kinda guessing that English was a disappointment to him, but oh well. He will get over it. It's where the Lord needs him.
Yep, SIX on date for May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am giving the update on that right now in my email to dad.
Music history? Is that for an elective? Do I have to take a writing class? I don't want to write a ton of papers if I don't have to. What's the conditioning class?

Mama: Music History, I am sorry to tell you, is one of a few required core classes. So is the writing class. Conditioning is weight lifting. Winking smile

Elder Sed: Oh okay Mama. I was just making sure you weren't setting me up, or anything like that. I don't want to have you have something funny up your sleeve or something like that. :) 

I have to get going Mama. You're the best! I hope you guys have a great week! Thanks for all that you do for me. Thanks for setting up school stuff for me. Just really thanks for all that you do! Love ya tons!
Talk to you next week!
What's up Dad,
This week was GREAT! as I already said to mom. But this week was a great week for finding and inviting! We put a focus on it and it really paid off. We now have a total of 8 on-dates. Seven of those are in the Milton ward, and 1 in the Walla Walla YSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even believe it! I will give you a list of them so you guys can pray for them, because I know that's what you like.
Mostly all of our on-dates were found this week. It was amazing. We found three in each area that we cover. It's been a long time since that has happened. They are all awesome. I was on exchanges with the Elders in my district twice this week, so some of them I don't really know much about, but they are all miracles from the Lord!
T***** is a new investigator this week. The Elders found her when I was on exchanges in a small town called Weston. They decided to go tracting because Elder G and I had had the thought to go tracting up there. Turns out it worked out really well. At first, it sounded like it wasn't really going anywhere. She was busy, but they kept on just teaching to her. She felt the Spirit and invited them in. She really wants a church for her kids to grow up in and was excited to set a baptism date for the 16th! Talk about awesome!

R**** is a newer progressing investigator. He is doing awesome! He had been around for a long time with missionaries before. Kinda what missionaries call an "eternagator." Not really a good thing. When I got here though, I made sure to have a really frank discussion with him using the Spirit. It worked really well. After that he has really gotten things together. He understands why the missionaries come over. Not just to visit, but to help him build up his faith. He asks really great questions that come from his studies which is awesome! It proves that he is not only reading the Book of Mormon but really thinking about it and praying. He says that it feels good too. This week he asked us a question right when we came in. It went something like this: "Where can I be baptized like Jesus Christ was?"  It was funny because it kinda caught me off guard haha. I wasn't expecting something like that coming from him hahaha. It was awesome though, because we were able to testify of the priesthood authority and put him on date for baptism. He is praying for a solid answer from God that the Book of Mormon is true, so pray that he feels like he will.

L***** was an awesome find. She is basically "golden"!!!!!!!!! So the story on her is that she came to church yesterday. She has a member boyfriend in the branch and he took her to church. Apparently she has had lots of exposure to the church in her life. He is a RM so he's doing some awesome work as you could guess. He already had her reading the Book of Mormon. He took her to GenConf this month and she was speechless when she was listening to the prophets. She really felt the spirit. She grew up baptist and her family is giving her a bunch of crap for dating a Mormon, so just pray that she can stay strong. She really wants to be baptized. It's her family that will be the biggest struggle. 

M**** is a new investigator too. He is from a part-member family in the ward. We found him a couple weeks ago and he had asked us to call him to set up a time to meet with him. That happened to be this week we had set up, and it turned out really great. He had expressed how baptism was something he had been thinking about for a while now. He just didn't know where to go to get it started. Guess what? That was the reason we tracted that street that one day. We had prayed that day that we would find someone prepared on that specific street that we were going to tract, and at first it didn't look like that prayer was answered. Boy were we wrong! hahah. The Lord does answer our prayers! I know that for sure.

The other new investigators are people I really don't know too much about yet because I was on exchanges.
F******, J****, and J******* are all doing awesome. They are all people that I think I've told you about but they are doing awesome! This area is just really blooming right now! It's crazy!
It's way awesome news that Jared is going to Ohio! You guys' plan worked to let me know asap. I found out Thursday evening. Thanks for letting that member know. She was excited to relay the news. It was good to hear too. Jared will be a great missionary over in Ohio. He's going to have fun in that country. He better not come back a Bengals fan hahaha. Don't worry about me though. I am pure blood Chargers and 49ers. haha
I do remember Loren. It's exciting that he's going to Ohio too. They both are going to great things! How many boys is that from our ward that have calls now?
That's a real bummer Sister M is home now. It's too bad but all things happen for a reason. I am sure she did great! It's cool that the #BecauseHeLives worked really well in her mission. Here, I don't really know. I haven't heard anything big come from it yet. I really haven't seen much. We used the cards a lot. As far as the iPads? No clue. Pres Ware said they would come in 2-3 months about that long ago. Really though, I have heard that my whole mission. We will get them when we get them as far as I'm concerned. I'm not going to worry about it.
Well thanks Dad for all that you do for me! You sacrificed a lot to get me out here, and you still do to keep me out here too. I love you Dad. You're a great example!

I am so happy to be serving a mission. Even though I have limited days left, I am going to make the most of it! I know the Lord is very aware of anyone who puts their name right next to His. I have felt Him with me literally every day. I know Christ lives! I know this is His church restored to the earth. What a great comfort that is! I love to serve God's children. I will strive constantly for the rest of my life to do it, too. I love God especially. He blesses me so much. I have tons to be grateful for. You guys and everyone back home who supports me are all part of that. The people I meet everyday, President Ware, people to look to, it's all great things I am blessed with. I am just so happy! I love you guys!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

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