Monday, April 27, 2015

Two baptisms coming up this week!

Hey Mama,
Sounds like you had a good week! That is awesome! I had a good week too. Guess what? I have some exciting news. F******, one of our investigators, is getting baptized on Thursday of this week!!!!!! Guess what else? J***** (remember him from when I was in Kennewick?) is getting baptized on Saturday, and I have permission  to go to that one, too!!!!!! It's going to be a great week full of baptism. Just what I like haha. It's going to be so sweet!
I didn't get your note in the mail yet haha. Maybe today I will get it. Who knows?
Hey, it is funny that you asked me about face soap, because I was going to ask for some. I am running out of the last bottle of the stuff you sent when I was in Pasco, so yeah, could you send some of that new stuff up? I will try it out.

Being DL is a stressful blessing haha. I have lots to do this time around. President Ware really changed up the responsibilities since the last time I was DL. We have to be on the phone every night with the missionaries in the district, and that takes a long time. It's all good though. It's fun to hear how their day went and the success they had. It is just stressful to get our planning done before I have to call, otherwise I am up way past 10:30 every night, which kind of sucks haha.  I really do feel like a "father" to my new comp. He isn't comfortable yet doing any of our work by himself, which I guess can be a good thing since we are supposed to stay together. But in Walmart for example, he's right behind me, running into me every time I stop. It reminds me of when I would do that to you (haha) and you HATED it. hahaha! He's a good missionary, but I am really trying to help him gain more confidence in doing missionary work, while serving all those around me also.

I had a good week. We have three "golden" investigators right now. F*******, M*** and L*****, and they all will be baptized within the next couple of weeks. It's going to be so SWEET!!!!!! I'm pumped for it.

That is way cool that you and dad are working on the family history stuff. I am going to have to follow your examples when I get home and do some of that. 
Thank for emailing me today. It was lots of fun. I am happy to hear that you guys are doing well. 
Thanks for sending the soap stuff! You're the best!
I love you all! Thanks for everything you do!
Have a totally awesome, and great week!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek
Hey Daddio,
This week was Great!!!!! Yep, we are seeing lots of success!!! It's been wonderful to be a part of. Milton Freewater is awesome! The work is going really great!
All of our investigators are doing well. F***** is being baptized this week. We were able to move his baptism up a couple days, so that will be sweet! L***** told us this week that she has made up her mind to be baptized, even if her family isn't happy about it. M*** told us this week he wants to be sealed in the temple to his wife who is already a member. He came to church all dressed up in a white shirt and tie. You would have never been able to tell he wasn't a member already. He's awesome too!
Well, some of our on-date people have changed, so here's the updated list and what you can pray for. 
F**** could use help with being able to stay strong in his decision to be baptized.
M*** is golden haha. He is just doing awesome. He was a really great find. God led us to him for sure. 
J******* struggles with the Word of Wisdom at the moment, but really wants to quit.
R**** has heath problems. He has AWESOME studies, which is great. He learns so much!
L***** is a recent investigator. She was a referral from the Hermanas in Milton. She's awesome. She works nights, so that makes it tough for her to come to church.
J****'s wife is about to have twins so he's busy with that. He is a full time student as well as a dad!

Things are going well. We are having lots of success. We even found a new investigator this week while visiting some former investigators. His name is J**** and he had some really great questions. He had been thinking about how he hasn't felt the Spirit in his life for a while. He was a Seventh-day Adventist. Walla Walla and Milton-Freewater have lots of Seventh-day Advents, so needless to say we run into a lot of them. They seem like a good people. J**** said he felt the Spirit while attending there, but got offended, so he's thinking about going to church with us. He just really wants the Spirit in his life. I really hope his desires to attend church will lead him to start coming with us.

The weather has been great here. That's crazy it has been so all over the place back home. It will help the water supply in the summer. There are occasionally rain storms here, but nothing that's too out of the ordinary. It's way nice. I love the weather right now!
Isn't it funny how sprinklers are an endless pain in the toosh every spring? You should invent a sprinkler system that never breaks. You would be a millionaire. BTW, I knew the small garden wouldn't last haha. You're too much of a "little Farmer." It's in the name. I told Elder Lewis (he is one of the other Elders we live with) that that is what our name means in Czech, and he was blown away. He is a farmer from Missouri. He loves his cows! It reminded me of your comp that had pics of all his cows.

Serving in Milton-Freewater is such a blessing. Serving as DL is also a blessing. It's great to be able to serve the Lord in so many different ways! I love the Lord, and I love His children. I am always going to do everything in my power to serve my best. It's what the Lord expects. I know I am blessed by God's hand every day. I feel His guidance in my life. I feel His love as well. I know that God lives. I know Jesus Christ lives and is very involved in our lives. He is always there reaching out to His brothers and sisters. I love the Savior! I know this is His church originally built on the earth and restored. It's a great blessing to have the priesthood on the earth. I love my mission!
Thanks for all that you do to keep me out here. I love being able to hear about the blessings that come into your lives from my missionary service. I wouldn't want it any other way.
Love you guys! It's going to be sweet to Skype in a couple weeks!
-Elder Sedlacek

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