Thursday, August 13, 2015

Elder (Jared) Sedlacek's first p-day email: "I feel like I am sinning if I am not doing anything haha!"

Well, the first thing I noticed about Elder Jared's emails is that he did the opposite of his brother. Jake always wrote the most detail about his week in his email to his Dad. Elder Jared wrote a small paragraph to his Dad, but saved all the details for Mom. :) 

Thanks Dad,
I am having a good time here. The spirit here is amazing as you said. It's amazing how we can receive inspiration on what to say when we are teaching the lessons with investigators. Read Mom's email and you will hear all about it.
Hi Mom!
Thanks for sending the family pics, is that all of them? They look good. Thanks for sending my meds. 
My companion is Elder Neilson. He is a cowboy  from Hurricane, Utah. He has the whole cowboy accent and all haha. He loves hunting and outdoors stuff just like me. We get along pretty well. 
We are teaching three "investigators", 1 on Skype named Hailey, and our teacher acting as an investigator, and a guy named Andrew. I am pretty sure that Hailey and Andrew are members, but they don't tell you if they are or not so who knows? Andrew is a golden investigator. By the second lesson we had taught him to pray and he has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot. We are going to ask him to be baptized next time on Saturday. Hailey we don't really teach anymore because of schedule conflicts and because we are leaving here on Monday morning. She didn't go as well, we couldn't really figure out her needs, so she was hard to teach. Ashley is our teacher and the first lesson went okay until we asked her to be baptized. Of course we botched it and she said no because she is baptized and didn't want to be baptized again. We couldn't think of what to say and ended the lesson. We made up for it, though, and she is now progressing. We will teach her two more times and we plan on asking her to be baptized again. 
Tell Nicole and Jeff their "from the journal of Jeff" idea is really good and to keep it up, I like it.
I love my district here, they are so awesome. We are like family now practically. We all eat together and everything. We are all going to Cincinnati, except for the one set of sisters and our district leader, Elder Downs and Elder Hanks are going to the Georgia Macon mission. We will miss them. My comp and I sleep in a room with all Spanish-speaking Elders and they are great guys! They follow the rules well and they are very funny hahaha. We will miss them, too. It's weird how all the Elders that come before us seem so much older than us, but they are actually our same age hahaha.
My camera is not working. Every time I try to take a picture there is a little yellow flashing light on it and then it turns off. It has full battery and the cards are empty so I don't know what to do. I got some pics though before it started to not work anymore, but just a few. I will send them another time, I forgot to grab the card so I could send them. Some of the other Elders will send pics of us at the temple and such. We went to the temple today and it was awesome. 
Sundays and p-days are the best here. You can relax while learning and being productive. I feel like I am sinning if I am not doing anything! haha. The days are really long and the weeks are short just like you said. the first full day I was here was the worst though, I was homesick and couldn't focus, but now I am fine. I love it here, it's fun to me haha. The classes kind of suck though, being 3 hours long with at least two of those a day. Gym time really makes up for it though. You can really let off some steam in there and it feels really nice to actually move for once.
I can't wait to get into the actual field though, it will be nice not to have super long classes and to teach real investigators. I have seen a lot of my friends here, even Jake Wilkinson who left in June. So did you guys cry all the way home or what? Don't lie to me. 
We are singing in the MTC chior with the National Tribute Band. Look up "John's Song" and " I am born." We are singing those with them this Sunday evening. We will fly out on Monday morning. We are leaving here at 4:30 in the morning! And fly out at 9:40 am. So expect a call in between those times haha. You best believe you will get a call haha. I will sleep the whole flight; I am pretty tired! How is everyone doing?
Well, I got to go now. I will talk to you more on Monday. Be ready to get a call, I am guessing most likely around 6am maybe a little later. Thanks for all that you do, I love you guys.

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