Thursday, August 27, 2015

We have a teaching pool of about 10, and I told my comp we will be doubling it.

Elder Sedlacek sent us a bathroom selfie.
Just keep updating me on the Colts and Bengals and Reds. There are so many fans in this area hahaha. Brother P***** went to the Colts game and sat on the first row 30 yard line Saturday! He is so lucky. I will send you more in a general email to you and mom. Thanks so much for all you do Dad, you're awesome and a great example to me! Have a great day and week at work! Love you so much.

Hi mom!
I have until 11:40 today. Flying in to Cincinnati was crazy--there was lots of turbulence. When we got into the airport the humidity hit me like a train! I was not expecting it haha. I am used to it now though. It is so green here! There is no such thing as yellow grass. No sprinklers in the lawns, the grass, if you can call it that, is mostly weeds everywhere that grows like grass if you cut it, and it grows without sprinklers. 
The language here is a little different with lots of funny phrases hahah. They eat the same food as Utah mostly here, so it's not much difference there, just the weather and the size of the towns. They are all tiny! Very rural. 
My comp's name is Elder _____ and he is an interesting guy. We live above an appliance store. When I got to the apartment on Tuesday afternoon, I walked in and it was a mess. {Mom's note: Elder Sedlacek is known for liking things to be clean.}  My comp hadn't been cleaning very much. Oh boy! I said, "We have a lot of cleaning to do." So I cleaned the dishes and shower that night after we got back home. The second day, by 5:30 pm we had visited two member households. We talked to F****, a non-member who has been going to church for years with his wife and he just hasn't been baptized.  I didn't think we should spend so much time with members so after dinner we went out personal contacting.
We are not allowed to tract! It is strange since everyone stays inside all day due to the humidity. But now we are doing a lot better. We had a teaching pool of about 10 and I told my comp that we will be doubling it. We started working hard with pc'ing and it paid off! Now have three new investigators who are actually interested and one is on date! Sister B*** is the wife of a recent convert and has been going to church for five weeks now without being taught any lessons other than her husband talking to her. She told him yesterday that she wants to be baptized ASAP. So we are going to teach her all the lessons on Tuesday! Then we want to baptize her on Saturday if we get approval!!! Is that awesome! Obedience and hard work pay off.
More about my area, we do have a car but since my comp does not have a license and greenies can't drive right off the bat, we can't use it. It is with the Lawrenceberg Elders right now until we can get permission. Hopefully we will get it, until then we are walking, and our area is like 5 towns outside of Batesville so we really are only able to cover Batesville because we don't have bikes. So we need the car pretty bad. In our apartment building we have a free dryer and washer to use and so that is awesome! We also have a dish washer too, but since I can really only afford basic food I don't use many utensils, and so I wash them by hand. 
The people here are very friendly, when we walk down the street, we wave at every car we see and they usually always wave back. The members seem to really like me and they have just recently started to feed us a ton which is nice! 
My blood sugars have been good. So far, my average is about 140.
I have to go now Mom, I love you guys so much, you're all great examples to me. Keep doin' what you're doin' and have a great week!


  1. He sounds like a take charge kind of guy. Go get'em Jared!

  2. He sounds like a take charge kind of guy. Go get'em Jared!