Thursday, October 1, 2015

This week was slow until Thursday, that's when we received a ton of tender mercies!

Elder Sed II made his own scripture quad and even covered it in leather.

Hey mom! it's great to hear from you! my comp and i are both staying in Batesville, so i guess we still have things to learn from each other. this week was really slow up until Thursday--that's when we received a ton of tender mercies! we were able to make contact with some investigators that we had not seen for a while! we were able to teach JG, he has already read through 2 Nephi and he is so solid! we then found a new investigator in the park, and i asked her if she would be baptized if she found the true church of Jesus Christ, and she said yes! we made contact with a whole bunch of our other investigators too, it was awesome. other than that it has been the same old Batesville, small town slowness. oh well. things happen on the Lord's timing. last week at a new missionary training, Elder Boden gave me his bike, it is worth $700(!!) but he gave it to me for free! he is so awesome--it is a huge blessing. have you found any suits yet? there isn't really a place to get good used suits out here, and we have to start wearing them on conference weekend. i need another so that i don't just blow through the two i have. please keep an eye out for me. are you sending my next test strips? i don't know when or where i get to watch conference, they have not told us yet. thanks for the quotes you sent, they are all awesome. what else would you like to know?
Mom: So tell me how your diabetes is doing? What was the most challenging thing this week? What was the most fun? And who is your favorite investigator? 
my blood sugars have been good, but i have already had to adjust some basals. i am fine-tuning them hahaha. the most challenging thing for me has probably been to not get mad at my companion sometimes hahaha. he is a good guy though. the most fun i had this week was the thing i did in this video that i am sending you! you will like it. dad will be like, "oh that is totally jared!"  my favorite investigator is probably JG, he is really quiet but is so solid, and F**** is still F****, i love that guy, they are like a grandma and grandpa to us.
i am trying to make the video small enough to send. if i can't send it, it is a video of the miniature quad combo that i made! i will send pics for sure. i took the tiny books of scripture, the new testament, the BOM, and the doctrine & covenants and pearl of great price. it is the size of my hand and wrapped in leather that i pulled off of journal i bought from shopko hahaha.
Mom: Well Joj, I am totally not surprised that you made something like that! That's great! Good job! 
thanks for emailing me! I know i am not the best at updating you on everything, but heck, i will have more stories to share when i get home, i already have some crazy stories hahaha. indiana is a crazy place! I love you guys so much! have a great week, and everything!
love elder sedlacek II

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