Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I knew growing up with diabetes that I was protected

"Dern Tooten I'm a Rebel"--Elder Sed sees these a lot.
hey dad! 
so this was a good week, and it flew by. this week we really focused on listening to the spirit--even all the generous thoughts we get. it was a great experience, i felt the spirit guiding us a lot more than usual. thursday was especially good, i was on like cloud 9 that day, for some reason, and i was just so happy! it made me realize just how awesome this work really is, all the struggles that you go through, getting doors slammed in your face, called rude names, exhausted half the time; all of it is worth it for those days like Thursday and seeing the gospel bless others. we had a really good zone meeting this past thursday, and they taught us a new way to 2-2-5, and to ask the people at the door why they think we are there? we know we were led to go there at that specific time.  we tried it out and got a return appointment with this guy who works at mcdonald's. it is a very inspired way to knock on doors, it was awesome. 
sadly, not too many investigators showed at church yesterday. last night elder parker got sick and had a high fever, so we had to stay in from like 6:30 on. so he went to bed and i did all the usual collecting numbers and stuff. then i called some people to set up some lessons and then i started to go through the area book and call some formers and potentials, and literally almost no one was answering--or they were just not interested at all. i was ready to give up at this point and study some more before bed (it was like 8:30 by now), but i decided to call just one more. i called this lady and she answered and was like "who is this?" so i explained why i was calling and she said, "oh sorry!"  i asked if we could come share a message about jesus christ with her and she already had a day in mind. that was a huge testimony builder to me of sticking it out and just to keep trying. it was a huge miracle for me. 
diabetes has definitely helped me to grow closer to heavenly father and jesus. i knew growing up when i was able to wake up during those times when i would wake up at {a blood sugar of} 40 in the middle of the night and not know what or why i had woken up so suddenly, i knew that i was protected. i am alive today because i have a loving heavenly father who loves and cares for me and wants me to succeed. hahaha my eyes are watering saying that! i am such a baby now hahaha. 
that is cool you have been working so hard at family history lately, you have got a lot of work done! good job dad! i bet that truck show was way cool, did ford come out with anything new, a new raptor maybe? that is way cool too bad i couldn't see it hahaha. at least the cav's are doing well, i will have to be a cavs fan from now on since ohio. that sucks the jazz are back to the old slump, they need a new coach or something. that thought you shared was one of my favorite conference talks from last october. i really like that thought about the sharks and everything, it applies so well to missionary work, you just have to keep pushing on through the opposition because it will come and then the miracles after that. luckily the snow hasn't been too bad, when i say it really doesn't snow here, i mean it---we get like 1 inch on average and that is a bad storm hahaha so it is not bad, there is too much water in the air for the snow to stick around long too, it melts within a few days even though it won't get above 25 degrees. thermals are handy out here! hahaha. well anyway, it was great to hear from you dad! i love reading your emails and stuff, i will talk to you later, love you so much dad! have a great week and day!

-Elder Sedlacek
hey mom, so this was a good week! so are you ALL home then? cool. i suppose you have probably read dad's email then. i have had a great week, i love englewood, other missionaries call it englehood but it is not a hood compared to what i have experienced. now that i am no longer in Cincy look up "over the rhine"--it is a sketchy part of town and not even the worst! haha i went there a lot. we always got referrals from there.  but yeah, i love englewood (angle wood) it is great. elder parker is a great missionary and loves to work hard and do what is necessary. he is a funny guy too.  he has helped me  a lot already. 
i did get your package, thank you so much for it! and i did get the insulin and i did get my A1C done, so i will get you those results next week probably. or you might be able to call the mission nurse for them yourself. my favorite part  of the week was probably thursday. it was such a good day, we received  a lot of promptings that day and i feel like we were really guided the whole day long. that is something i have gotten better at, following the spirit and listening to it.  friday was much the same too and the package really made my day as well. tell libby thanks for the valentine! haha 
that is way funny about those little kids you work with hahaha they really look up to you!  that is good every thing is going well with nicole. i saw that the new provo temple was almost done, i am so excited to see it. i got to watch the time lapse when it was built.
 i like that story about the man on the cruise ship who didn't know that everything is included in the price of the ticket. it is true, all we are trying to do is share the happiness that this gospel brings us and it makes me sad when people won't even try to listen. all we ask is that they pray about it and see if it is for them or not, but that is easier said than done sometimes. that is funny about Bro. G,  because i have experienced the same thing. in batesville i did get hit by a car--hahahaha--i wasn't planning on telling you till after i got home. luckily it was not bad at all, i really just got tapped by the car.  i jumped around the hood as it rolled through a stop sign because the old man driving "didn't see us"-- so don't worry it is a funny story hahaha. well how are the heck are ya!?
Mom: hey!! I am good! We are all here (except Jeff & Nicole), because school is out for President’s day and Dad has the day off too. Dad and Jake are outside at the moment changing the oil in the car Jake drives.
Yep, I read Dad’s email. It’s a good one. Sounds like you had a really great week. I’m glad!
Last week, I did look up those Cincy areas you were in, as well as “over the rhine” and the “Price hill” area. Good thing I didn’t do it until you weren’t there anymore! haha. Grandma H is seriously so relieved that you are out of there! I also looked up your new area, the street where your apartment is. It looks pretty decent.
So do you not know what your A1C was? I’m glad you got it done though, that’s good.
YOU GOT HIT BY A CAR WAY BACK IN BATESVILLE?? haha! Well, I’m glad it’s just “a funny story!”
Elder Sedlacek: that is good you are all home today. that is funny you already looked up those areas. hahaha yep, cincy is a fun place. hahaha price hill is the worst of it! i didn't get to get out there much, it was a long bus ride, like 2 hours and a 30 min walk, so we didn't get out there much. yep, this area is very nice compared to cincy, i love it! nope, i have no idea what my a1c is yet. and yep got hit by a car. hahaha i have lots of hilarious stories! hahaha

ok, i have to go now mom, we are going to steak n' shake. hahaha it was great to hear from you! have a good day seeing the provo temple--let me know how it is. i love you guys so much! i will talk to you later, have a great week! 

-Elder Sedlacek

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