Monday, February 1, 2016

I'm going to miss downtown Cincy!


I guess Elder Sed wanted us to see his stylin' sweet socks.

Elder Sed sent some pictures of downtown Cincy. He's leaving there tomorrow (Feb 2nd). 

hey dad! so this week was good, it went super fast. we kept really busy going though a less-active list, it was good. so for the 'gators updates this week, LC is doing awesome. he has already read up through mosiah in two weeks! he loves the BOM, and he is solid in progressing. p**** tried to bash with us again; i was ready to yell at him at several points because he was saying such horrible things. hopefully elder holman drops him soon (hint hint). that sounds bad, but he is just wasting our time.   all the other 'gators are doing about the same as they were. we found a new part member family that seems really cool, and they invited us to come back at another time because they were busy. t as you may be wondering, i am leaving cincy tomorrow. i am kinda sad, but it was such a tough transfer that i am also a little glad at the same time. guess what? they changed how transfers work in this mission, so i will find out tonight who i will be with and where, and so there is no transfer meeting on tuesday. we just meet up and leave from the church building in centerville ohio like usual. that is orders from the Twelve. a lot of us are kinda bummed out about no meeting hahaha. i am sorry you got sick! that sounds pretty horrible. i hope you feel better, i have been praying for you. i wish i could help you in some way, but as you know, i can only send prayers right now hahaha. that is really good you turned to prayer, heavenly father often gives us hard times to learn from, you defintely learned from this experience. it is pretty cool to think about, we just have to do our best to learn and grow and HF will send stuff in our way to help with the rest. He is always there for us, I know that because i have seen it in my own life, with diabetes, and with my mission so far-- it has all blessed my life immensely! i love our heavenly father so much for it. i love that chapter in the BOM, and i love 3 Nephi in general. that is awesome you had your own "sunday school" haha. i am excited to see about the super bowl, but i don't really care about the pro bowl anyway, they are overpaid babies hahaha.  thanks for that dad! i like the thought you sent, and it is true, our testimonies are the most valuable things we have in this life. we have to constantly be on the guard for them, we cannot ever let them go or we will lose our faith in christ and slow our progression, that is no bueno!  thank you so much for the prayers that you send me, i definitely feel them every day, there is no other way i could do this without prayers and the savior and a loving heavenly father. well, it was great to hear from you dad! i love you so much! i hope you feel better soon, have a great week and day! talk to you later! love ya!

-Elder Sedlacek
hey mom, so guess what? i am leaving cincy! i am kinda sad but glad at the same time. it has been a rough transfer! yesterday i was walking down the street, and i almost bumped into a black guy because i wasn't paying attention. i almost said "oh sorry bruh" hahahaha without even thinking about it! it has become so natural for me hahaha! i am so comfortable in the hood now hahaha. well there's the funny story for today hahaha. 
my favorite part of the week was yesterday, it was 65 degrees and it felt so nice! we went downtown to contact a media referral, and of course it was a bum address :( so we caught a bus home to see a recent convert who is crazy funny! hahaha love that guy! at that point, i knew it was one of my last times downtown for a while, so i took a bunch of pics hahaha.
i am sorry you guys were not feeling well, hopefully dad gets better soon haha. i am glad your tooth is better, that is good news. i prayed for you and elder holman prayed for you, too. that will be really good to visit those people in the ward, they could really use some visiting. i love all those people so much hahaha 
that sounds like a good talk from bro ricks, he is awesome too. haha yep, i used to give you guys such heck! i feel bad for it, because you and dad really did raise me the best way possible and i will be forever indebted to you for it! well, how is everything going today?
i will miss downtown :(
Mom: Hey son! I am great today! Thank you so much for praying for us, we needed it! Dad went to work today, I think he is feeling ok but not all the way back to normal yet. I'm sure he will be tomorrow though.

You are leaving Cincy!! Any thoughts on where you are going? 

Elder Sed: no i have no idea where i will go, i want to go to the boonies in Indiana, but what i want doesn't usually happen anymore (hahaha) so we will see. i am glad dad is doing better.
Mom: The Lord will send you where he needs you most, I'm sure about that. If you say goodbye to any members tonight, maybe one could text your mom and tell her where you're going....wink wink! 

Elder Sed: i will see what i can do haha (wink!)  but that is true, i will go where i am most needed.
well i have to go now mom, thanks so much for emailing me! it is great to hear from you every week, i love you guys so much! have a great day! love you!

-Elder Sedlacek

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