Monday, April 11, 2016

If you do the same things, you will get the same results

hey Dad, this was a good week. we didn't find a whole lot of new people this week. we were mainly working on getting our existing investigators to church. we would love to hit our baptism goal for this transfer, but sadly a lot of our people were busy so not a whole lot of them came to church, just the usuals. we had a really powerful lesson with V***** the other day, and we were able to distinguish his need and share what would help him, but we didn't have a lot of time with him so we are going back later this week. he is going to bring his whole family to church! I also had a way strong impression to extend a baptismal date to him of May 7th, so he is going to be working towards that date. since he has not been to church yet, after this week he will be on date if he makes it to church! we got a few referrals this week and we were able to 225 around them because they didn't answer, so we found a family while doing it and that was pretty awesome. there is a new guy who moved into our apartment complex that we helped move in. his gf that he is living with is the sister of a member, so after we and the other elders helped him move in he invited us back to talk to him. it was crazy, he is a welder so he is super strong--we tried to pick up a couch but before we could he came and put it in one arm and hefted it into the storage shed by himself! hahahaha the guy is huge. it was a cold wet week, in fact it is raining right now hahahaha, but luckily we had the car this week so we stayed pretty dry. we are currently trying to work with our less actives, that is what the bishop wants, but what you said is true--if you do the same things you will get the same results. thanks for reminding me of that dad, we will definitely try something new this week. i am glad that bro. A is getting better. that is cool you got to go to the Bees game, hahaha that's just like Mom and Sarah to get bored of it. don't worry dad, you will have guys to hang out with again eventually! hahaha  so the jazz might make the playoffs then? that would be really cool, and i am glad the Reds are doing well, that is super cool. that must have been a good lesson in priesthood, and in Sunday School, that is good. we had our testimony meeting as well, and it was super awesome. the spirit was super strong and a bunch of the members who help us out a lot by coming teaching with us bore their testimonies. i realized that even if lessons with members fall through, we are not only allowing them to receive blessings from coming but we are helping to strengthen their testimony. that was an awesome revelation. it is cool we have even more pioneer ancestry, that is good you got those straitened out. i like those thoughts from conference, that is definitely true we need the temple to help all of God's children to be able to receive salvation. the temple is such a huge blessing, i can't wait to be able to go at least once a week when i get back--looks like you will have some work for me as well hahahaha. the temple truly makes it possible to have eternal families. thanks for your advice Dad, i will definitely try something we haven't tried yet. thank you for your testimony and the thoughts you always share with me to help me. thanks for always being there for me; missions are not easy and it definitely makes a world of difference to have your example and words of advice! well, thanks for emailing me Dad, i  love you! have a great week, talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom, so this was a good week. i wrote a lot about it in Dad's email, well a lot for me hahahaha. it it is cool you got to talk to JBell. i am doing great, loving the mission. we had a pretty good week--all was pretty good, just not any of the new people came to church. We did have a miracle, a member girl brought her friend to church that we talked to previously. she lives in our area and she is going to see if her mom is okay with her taking the lessons, so that was super sweet. we were able to get a lot of members out with us this week, and that was awesome! 

wow, your weather has been better than ours, as soon as the suits come off, it goes cold again, although it is still nice to just wear sweaters and stuff. wow, the deer haven't eaten your tulips? they must be sick or something! hahaha that is crazy; i am still not used to seeing almost no deer. i saw one yesterday, and a small coyote as well, a few days ago in a farmer's field, but that has been the most i have seen in weeks! 

elder Sutton and I are are doing well. we get along pretty well and work together well. the most challenging day was probably Wednesday, we had a scary encounter and elder Sutton was freaked out a little bit. i helped him feel better then it was alright. Wednesday was also just a slow day in general, and a less active refused to come teaching with us even though we had such a strong spirit in our lesson and that was the most powerful testifying i have ever done. 

that is cool the Laurels are getting to go to mission prep, that is a useful class. that is good you are staying busy hahaha. that is good Nicole and Jeff are getting stuff for the baby. i am excited to see the pics! haha Jeff probably will ball his eyes out when he's born hahaha, same with Nicole hahaha. that would be cool if he shared Grandpa Sed's birthday. 

that must have been a cool lesson you had in Young Women. that is super cool the spirit was so strong. we taught L*** yesterday, and the spirit was pretty strong when we talked about Joseph Smith and the restoration. i have been studying that a lot lately. JS is really amazing, he definitely was a true prophet of God, i have really strengthened my testimony of that while on my mission. the heavens have truly been opened, i am so grateful for this gospel and all that the Prophet Joseph did to restore it, i know this is all true. well Mom, thanks for emailing this week! 

it was great to hear from you mom, I love you, i love all you guys so much. have a great week and i will talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

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