Monday, April 4, 2016

The family is a huge gift from God.

hey dad! this was a good week. i loved conference, it was awesome. there were some really good talks. we did get to watch it at the church building, and my favorite session was the priesthood session. it is true--we did the same thing at the same time hahaha. we found a few more people this week. since we didn't have the car, we had to use the bus, which doesn't cover all of our area, so we had to walk a lot and rely on the members for transportation a lot too. on Saturday morning, we had an awesome lesson with the guy (K***) who elder parker and i had found when we had the prompting to give him a pass-along card. we with our ward mission leader before conference and had a super powerful lesson with him. we pointed out the spirit he was feeling after the story of the first vision and he felt it but could not describe it. it was cool. as we were leaving,  he was feeling kind of under the weather with a cold and wanted to go back to sleep, so we left and as we walked out, the JWs walked up to the porch. we just said, "Hey guys, catch you later" and they did not look happy at all hahaha. they meet with him on Saturday mornings, so we just started laughing because he was going back to bed. that was my favorite part of the week other than conference. right now, we are teaching about 25+ lessons a week. it was really sad because our most progressing investigators didn't make it to conference because of work and stuff, so we were pretty bummed out haha. i will write about the two  most solid new we got this week in mom's email. we also had another anti come and talk to us. that is two of them in the last two weeks, we must be doing something right! haha it is starting to amaze me just how much we know about God and His true nature.  I am glad you guys had fun in Moab. I love Libby finding lizards and stuff all the time hahaha. i am glad you had a good time. i bet it was pretty cool to see that Rocky Mountain sheep. the most animals i see around here is a dead raccoon or possum every 100 feet on the side of the road hahaha.  in conference, there was definitely a focus on temples and Lehi's dream a little bit too, and a lot on families. i really liked the talk in priesthood session, i forget who it was, but he talked about being men and standing up to those expectations. i loved Elder Holland's talk too, it was really good, you best believe that his talk is going to end up in one of my mission's pump up videos hahaha. all those new temples will be way cool, thanks for the info! thanks for all the sports stats as well. as usual, thanks for all you do dad! it is nice to be able to hear from you each week, thanks for being such an awesome example to me in showing me how to be a "real man!" thanks for always being there for me as well. I love you dad, have a great week, talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey mom! so we had a good week. I loved conference, i wrote a little about it in dad's email. we did get to stay out a little late for the priesthood session, and the ward provided ice cream before it, so i did get my priesthood session treat fix hahahaha.

me and elder sutton get along great, which with my record probably means we won't be together after this transfer, sadly. my favorite part of the week was conference. one of my favorite people was a new investigator we found from a referral--L***. oh my gosh! she is a fun lady who likes to talk about history and tell us stories from her life hahaha. we met her on Friday night.

i have to go back through my notes, but right now it was probably Elder Holland's talk for my fave, but there were some really good ones. i just have to look back through to really decide. i did find a few things i felt like were for me, but i was really focusing on investigators. we also had another referral for some investigators who moved from another ward to ours. supposedly they are infamous eternigators who are young and live together. they are both pretty interesting people hahaha so they were pretty fun to meet. we tried to get them to church, we tried our hardest, but things just didn't work out.

that is super cool that the cincy reds are starting up, sick! that is good you got to avoid all the bad weather when you went to moab. that is cool you got to get all the way up to Delicate arch, i am glad your knee worked out, good job mom! i bet that was fun to be able to go with everyone. i am glad you had a good trip. i will have to try that pizza, it sounds good. i am looking forward to those burgers hahaha.

that is good you had the baby showers, that must really help Jeff & Nicole out. have they named him yet? that is cool everyone was able to come over for conference, i bet that was fun. it was a really good conference for sure, i like all those quotes you liked, thanks mom! i like the Elder Rasband one, that is a good one. that is definitely true, the family is a huge gift from God. i look around, and the family is not always important to everyone out here. it is sad. i am glad i was raised by you and dad to be able to know and learn of such a great family. thanks for raising me right! well, that is pretty much it for this week. 

oh, suit season is over now, and my black suit is done after wearing it every single day for 6 months haha it is down to threads. so i either need to find another suit or tailor that gray one so it'll fit me again. hahaha

well, i have to go now mom. thanks for emailing me as usual. I love you mom, love you all! have a great week! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

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