Tuesday, June 14, 2016

When things get crazy, you need to settle in to the saddle

hey dad! so it was a good week, we worked really hard and we were able to have some success. we almost hit leadership goals, but i will get to why in a minute. so a few days ago, elder Bosworth started telling the Spanish elders about M and her parents, so they stopped by her house and decided to take over the teaching of her and her family. so we lost M, it is sad for us, although it will be better for their family. Ms. J is not really progressing at all, in fact she didn't even make it to church. i don't really know what to do with her anymore, she is a puzzle. the new family did not keep their appointment with us, so we will have to try to stop back by later on. so no one came to church, and that is why we did not hit our leadership goals. right now, we are going to have to totally turn around this area. 

tomorrow is transfers and elder Bosworth and all the rest of our district is leaving, so i am the lone ranger. i will most likely be the District Leader now, and no news if i am training or anything yet, so we will see. i am glad about the changes though, it wasn't always easy to get as much work as i would have liked to get done. 

i have really been studying in the Doctrine and Covenants recently, it is amazing. there is so much cool doctrines in there, and you just have to understand the Hebrew meanings a little to get it. i love that book. that is too bad about brother A, i love that guy. i hope he can recover soon. he has gone through a lot. in fact, i am sending home something from the air museum--you will have to show it to him. 

it sounds you had a really cool conference. it is true, you NEED to have a smile on your face, it is hard to have one sometimes, but it is worth it. 

thanks for all those updates on sports dad! they are great! that is crazy about that shooting in Orlando. thanks for that conf. thought, that is super good. that is definitely true, when things get crazy, you need to really "settle in to that saddle", i will definitely need to this transfer! having to help a new set of missionaries get doubled in and also try to turn around this area, we need to get some investigators working towards baptism. thanks for sharing that Daddio! 

it is good you got some grass planted, and rain? what is new hahaha! yep rain is something that we have to get rid of out here, we don't need it as much as you do hahaha. yep, i am staying hydrated in the heat and humidity--i drink SO MUCH water, like a gallon a day! i know that it be true as well, that this might be a tough transfer, but the Lord is going to be in control, and we will baptize in this area, i just have to do my best. thanks for emailing Dad, and all the gifts from my birthday! they were awesome! thanks Dad, so much! talk to you later! love you so much! have a great day and week!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey mom! it was a good week--i had a great birthday! we got lots of work done, and the package was awesome! i loved all of it! i did get my cake baked, it was a good cake and i shared it with our district and the Liberty district, and they all loved it. thanks so much! do you still have the receipt for that watch? i love it and all, i just can't connect it to a phone or anything, so i can't get all of the info to work accurately. 

the hardest part of the week was losing M to the spanish elders. i wrote about that in dad's email. and having no one come to church, that was tough too. the best part was having such an awesome day on my birthday, we got so much done, it was great! one tender mercy was a song sung in church yesterday, it hit me really hard just when i needed it, so my eyes were even watering hahaha! 

it was funny on my birthday, we had district meetings so the Zone Leaders came so we could exchange. so i took over the area with one of them. we found a bunch of people too, so that was awesome. anyway, they all gave me 19 birthday punches. hahahaha it was so funny. 

you will have to find something to do keep yourself busy hahaha. it is way cool you got to go to the temple this week. i can't wait to go to the temple again, it has been so long. that is good you got those plants started, that will be cool if they grow really well on the deck, and good the deer won't be able to eat them haha, here we don't have that problem at all. it will be way fun to go to the Manti pageant, that was one of the funnest outings we had with Bishop B. 

the pics are of our p-day activity last week, and some quail eggs i bought, and my birthday. 

thanks for all you do for me! oh yeah, transfer news! i am staying and elder Bosworth is leaving. in fact all the the other people in our district are leaving (just a set of sisters), so i will be taking over and helping them get doubled in, and most likely be the District Leader, so i have some work ahead of me! hahaha

Mom: I’m sorry the fit band won’t work for you….I wondered about that but decided to send it anyway because it was such a good deal. Can you mail it back? I’ll have Dad use it because I’m sure he can connect it to his phone. I’ll find you another band or pedometer you can use without a phone. Sorry about that!

I didn’t even realize it was transfers already!  That went fast! It does sound like you get to be DL now. I’m really excited for you. I’m sure you will do great! You’ve had lots of ideas for the area that you can put into practice now. I’ll pray that you are getting a great new comp. 

What song was it?

Elder Sedlacek: that is okay, yep i will send it home. i am sending home a package, hopefully today, don't worry about sending another watch, i think i found one that will work for like half off. i will see if it is still there. thanks for it though, it is really nice! i do have a pedometer already, so don't worry about it. thanks for the prayers. i cannot remember what song it was, i forgot haha.

Mom: Well, if that watch you found is still there, let me know how much it is.
I was curious about the song because Elder Baxter played a video for us of the Tabernacle choir singing “Does the Journey Seem Long?” and it was so great.  

Elder Sedlacek: okay, we will check today. that must have been a good song, that probably really hit home for you, that is good.

Mom: How are your strips? I just got a call that your next refill is ready to be picked up. Also, I’m getting calls from the pump supplies place, saying it’s time to reorder. Have you had another A1C? I just got another driving medical form for Dr. Lindsay to sign.

Elder Sedlacek: i did get my a1c, it was a 7.9 :( i tried my best, but it was hard to adjust with all the biking. it is doing good again though. go ahead and send the pump supplies and wait at least another week for the strips, or if it is easier to send them both go ahead, thanks mom!

well thanks for emailing me! it was great to hear from you! I love you mom! have a great week! talk to you later! 

-Elder Sedlacek 

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