Monday, June 6, 2016

The ability to choose is a huge blessing

hey dad, so it has been a good week. we did see some cool miracles. we had one day that was super hard--everything, everything, fell through! it was tough. the next day we went out to contact a referral, who was not home, so we 225'd the place and we knocked on a lady's door. she immediately said "oh, i have a church already" but we offered to share a message with her and she said no. so we gave her a card and then walked away. as we were walking away the door opened back up and she came out and told us to come back on another day! we were just like, "woah, that was sudden!" haha it was super cool. 
thanks for your prayers, they have definitely helped. all of our investigators made it to church yesterday, even M's son who does not like church. that was super cool. we almost got the meeting with President Porter--he was ready to come out and then one hour before, Ms J cancelled on us, it was discouraging. 
thanks for the advice dad, we will change that so we try to help people see what they can do for the church. that sounds like you had fun watching the baby! hahaha and you enjoyed your new kayak, that must have been pretty fun. that is too bad with the Utes losing, darn. that is so crazy that Sam and Jeremy are both home now, that is insane! hahaha i bet they enjoyed having a "companion" so they could feel some what "normal" hahaha i am glad mom got her answer for the surgery, it will all go well. that is super funny about you and Craig having grand babies at the same time, almost the same age! you two are pretty much brothers! hahaha. 
i like that talk from president monson. one of my companions believed in a set destiny, so you are already going where you are going no matter what. but that is not true, you have the ability to choose because of the Savior, he may know us perfectly but he still allows us to choose because he loves us. the ability to choose is a huge blessing, you can learn so much and learn a lot about Heavenly Father. the plan of salvation is the best. thanks for all your support, I love you dad! keep up the good work, grandpa dad! talk to you later! have a great week!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey mom, so this was a good week. we worked really hard. we didn't see as much success from it as we would have liked, but that will come soon enough. i wrote about church in dad's email. we did not get to meet with M this week because no members were available to come with us, so we didn't have a third male. our plan is to meet with her this week and we will be giving her a baptism date. 

i can't believe i am almost 19 either, you and me both. it is weird to think. i wrote about a miracle that happened this week in dad's email. it was super grace. my favorite person we talked to was the former member we are teaching, brother R. he is a cool guy. i have seen the prayers helping, thanks so much! 

that is good the girls are out of school now, i am sure that they are happy about that. that is super cool that you got your answer about the knee surgery, the Lord will take care of everything. see, you will always, if you go in the right mind set, get an answer that you need in sacrament meeting. it is the most important ordinance we do in the church--the only one we do for ourselves, over and over and over. 

i am sure you have loved being with the baby and Nicole, i bet that is fun, i hope you enjoy your drive today. that will be cool to have GAs at stake conference, that is awesome! it is super crazy that Sam and Jeremy are home now, that is weird! and super cool that Seth got his call. 

well, this week is already going great, we went to get our groceries and we were walking back with them and some random return missionary pulls up in a HUGE F350 with lift and everything. he let us in and gave us a ride to our apartment, so that was super grace as well, because we were already running late. the Lord is like, happy birthday Elder Sedlacek! hahaha

enjoy the pic of this country! sorry, i forgot to take a lot of pics this week. hahaha that is pretty much what most of my area is like, it is beautiful! and yes, that is how most of the roads are as well. hahaha

so how are you doing?

Mom: I am doing great! We are at Brig's two week check up, waiting for his turn. He's so cute!!

Elder Sed: that is good, he is looking pretty healthy!

Mom: Yep, he's doing great. 
What are you doing for p-day? 

Elder Sed: we have a zone p-day today, so we will be going to Hamilton to do something that supposedly costs only $5 bucks to do, so it should be good hahaha and guess what? i am enjoying a salad hahaha, they are pretty nice to eat, those salads. hahaha who would a thought?

well, i have to go now mom, thanks for emailing me, thanks for the birthday wishes and everything else! i love you guys so much, have a great week and day! love you! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

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