Saturday, October 29, 2016

If the adversary wants to lead us carefully down to hell, we have to be even more careful not to let him.

hey Dad, it has been a good week. Elder Nelson is from Orem, Utah. He graduated the same year I did. he is obedient and has a strong testimony, and there is a lot i can learn from him. he is also a lot like Jake hahaha, so that is fun. D**** did not make it to church, although we had two lessons with him. he was sick Sunday, so he did not feel up to coming. T** has read all the way to 1 Nephi 18 already! i was like "holy smokes!" he is super solid and has  a very sincere desire to learn more about Christ and to strengthen his testimony. he told us he would do anything to strengthen it! i thought, "jump in the water man!" hahaha he was not at church 'cause he had to work, but he will be there next week. 

as for the rest of the week, we are making subtle progress with everyone else. B**** has been busy so we did not get to teach him this week, but we had a lesson with his father. SD was busy all but one day, so we saw him, and he might make it out to the trunk or treat on Wednesday (those are huge out here among the wards and branches). we also had a super grace lesson in a members' home, with dinner, and our "eternagator" K, although the dad of that family is super loud and loves to joke around, so i am kinda interested in how she took that. she loved his wife though. we found a whole bunch of potentials other than that, and none of them kept the return appointments, so yeah. we are still building that teaching pool. 

i did give a funny dinner lesson to some members last night. i included zombies since they have a bunch of teenage girls that like that weird syfy stuff, so yes, i made an analogy that was actually really good. the dad was pleased. hahaha that sounds like you had a fun weekend, that is too bad the hunting was skimpy. that is really cool that Nicole and Jeff did a half together, so they did get back into running after all. hahah 

i heard about that game, everyone at church was going crazy! haha the pretty much Indianapolis team against "ahi-a" haha. that is super cool the teams won. that is good Brother A is getting back to his routines, i like that guy. 

that is so true about stumbling blocks. we have to be very careful about the things we get caught up in. if the adversary wants to lead us carefully down to hell, we have to be even more careful not to let him. we have to have the view of the bigger picture, so we don't just focus on the power pole, and we have to be optimistic with things, so we can realize the gifts God has given to us. if we always have our eye on the Savior and we study and pray every day and just focus on feeling the presence of the Holy Ghost, we will be able to over come all things, i know that is true. i am so excited for this transfer, thank you for all your advice and your example Dad! have a great week! love you Dad! i will talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom, it has been a good week. we worked really hard this week and it was great. i wrote about 'gators in Dad's email. Elder Nelson is from Orem and has been out for 9 months. he is a lot like Jake and has the same personality, which is really cool. he is a hard worker, he makes me look average hahaha. just kidding, we work hard together. we get along well, and he likes nerf guns so we shoot them around the apartment all the time for fun haha. 

i did get the package, thank you so much Mom! that was awesome! i love the new music, especially the Christmas stuff, that will be nice after Thanksgiving. for a miracle this week, we had a member offer at the last minute to feed our 'gators with us, so we invited one of them and it went really well. the most challenging thing was planning, because we don't have a lot to plan for right now, so it makes things interesting. it just gives us more time to find though, so that is good. the best thing that happened was meeting with our investigator T**. he is so awesome. that last question about experiences that have changed my life is tough, there has been so much to choose from. it would probably be any of the times that i have received promptings and have followed through with them, that is always an amazing experience. but probably when i gave my first blessing, that is an experience i won't share over email though--you have to wait :)  

that is super cool you had a good dinner for Dad's b-day, that sounds awesome. i hope you like the Camp Chef, are you enjoying the bacon press? hahaha. we got another pumpkin so we might carve it today, or maybe next week. you and Dad are foreigners to baby stuff now! that's funny you had trouble figuring out Brig's stroller and stuff haha.  i bet Nicole and Jeff's half was a fun race to watch. 

so Brigham had a huge blowout at church, huh? nice one Brigham! that is super funny, that is my nephew right there. that is a super cool story from Brother H, he is a great guy too. how many people did Dad baptize? just wondering. that must have been such a cool miracle for them. there are so many people who are prepared for the gospel, and we as young guys get to experience them coming into the fold of God, it is amazing. 

i got a tragic call from the West Chester Sisters informing me that Bishop M has passed away from a tragic brain tumor, leaving his young family behind. i know that families can be together forever. there are many people who don't have the blessing of that knowledge. people are needing the gospel so they can heal those spiritual sicknesses. i feel so blessed to share it--it is tough job, but it is so rewarding. i also heard from the Sisters that all the converts are doing well, and TH is now the ward clerk, and J and M and her kids are doing well, and growing. the gospel changes lives. it was such a great experience to be in West Chester at that time when i could witness all those things. thank you for keeping me out here Mom, and doing what you do to support me, you're the best Mom!

i just got word we have to read the Book of Mormon by January 1st, that will be a fun challenge.

i got the letter from the Young Women. that was super nice of them, can you tell them thank you for me? i almost forgot to say that haha

well i have to go now Mom, i hope you have a wonderful week. keep working hard with your knee. i love you Mom, have a great day and keep the M family in your prayers! love you! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

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