Wednesday, October 5, 2016

If we had a bigger teaching pool, we could be running hard core

hey Dad, it has been another petty good week. we were not able to find any one new this week though, which i am sad about, but that's okay, they will come. as for G***, we went over to see him and it finally occurred to my comp that G*** is not interested,  so we pretty much dropped him from our list. it is sad to see that happen. we also had to drop a few other people we have not been able to make contact with, so our teaching pool is almost nothing right now. there are a bunch of part member families we could potentially start working with, so that is a plus side. 

there is not a whole lot to update this week, it is sad but true. i just have to trust in the promise that our leaders have given us and look for the miracles. i loved General Gonference--i took 16 pages of notes in a composition notebook, it was awesome!  hahaha. my "mission brain" makes conference even better hahaha. we watched all the sessions at the church, except for the last which we saw at a member's house, that was super fun. 

that sounds like a super fun duck hunt that you had, that is awesome how well Jake did. i look forward to the new spot. BTW, an Elder who started tanning a squirrel hide is giving it to me half-way done to finish it, so i will be able to have a squirrel hide afterall. hahaha 

yeah, there was definitely a good theme going on with the conference talks. one of my faves was the one about serving Christ ambitiously to find joy. i have definitely found that to be true! it gives me so much joy to be on a mission, i love it. that is cool you could see those miracles at work, that is awesome. 

i too know that circumstances may be tough, but if i stay faithful we will see miracles. i have seen this in past areas, and i know that it is just a test to help me grow. thank you for all you do Dad, i love you Dad! have a great week, talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom, it has been a good week, although we don't have much time to email this week, so i wrote Dad about the updates in the area so you will have to read them there. i loved conference, it was so good. i also wrote a little about that in Dad's email too.  i will look forward to the USB with the music on it, tell Jake thanks for me! and i am doing good on all the meds right now, thanks for asking! my A1C was about a month ago, it was in the 7's so it was not too bad. 

the leaves are starting to change, and it has been in the 50's a lot too, with humidity, so it feels a  little cooler at times. BTW, can you look for some brown and grey sweaters? only if you can find them cheap though. that is so funny with Brig being like that! i am excited to see the little boy! 

that is good that you have got so much farther with your knee--that is cool. hopefully you will get the scar tissue taken care of. 

my fave part of the week was conference, that was so awesome, i really liked the story that Carol McConkie shared about that old man in the hospital--hahaha--it made me tear up, and it was a tender mercy cause part of it really spoke to me. i am having all these difficult circumstances in the work because Heavenly Father knows what will make me grow the best. in the MTC, we did an exercise where we wrote down who we wanted to become by the ends of our missions, and what i wrote down is exactly the things that i experience that are shaping me into that person. it was a really cool realization. Heavenly Father truly does give to us what will make us most happy, and what we truly desire. i liked a lot of those talks, a lot were about joy in the gospel and sharing it and coming to know the Savior, which is exactly what i get to do for the rest of my mission. it makes me so happy to be a missionary, it brings me so much joy and i know that sharing the gospel is what brings us true lasting happiness and rapid growth of our testimonies and ourselves. 

that is about it for this week! hahaha i will send some cool pics, i got a cool selfie stick for like five bucks at a flea market, so expect a lot more pics! hahaha

Mom: You got a selfie stick? That's pretty funny.  And I am really proud of you! I know you don't like feeling like you aren't accomplishing what you should, but hang in there. I'm praying for you!

hahaha yep, it's a fun toy, best five bucks i have ever spent. i know that is true as well, thank you for your prayers. it means a lot, it really does, i do notice them.

Mom: So is that picture in the gym from last p-day?

nope that is today, just a few hours ago at a huge gym in New Castle, Indiana. it was fun, and it was HUGE!

Mom: That does look like a huge gym. So what's your favorite thing about Noblesville so far?

probably the ward and how they run it. the members here are awesome, we have splits set up at least 3-4 nights a week with members, so if we had a bigger teaching pool we could be running hard core. just wait though, this area will get there, it has so much potential!

Mom: That's good. Do you get any referrals?

we are trying to, at every meal appointment we leave a commitment and i follow up with them later on down the week. it helps to gain a lot of trust, and hopefully that General Conference talk about missionary work helps.

Mom: Do you need anything?

oh, i could use those shirt collar straighteners, that would be super nice if you can find some, thanks Mom!

ok, got to go now Mom. thanks so much for your support and all you do! i could not do it without you guys! i hope y'all have a great day! and a great week! talk to you later! love you Mom!

-Elder Sedlacek

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