Friday, December 2, 2016

An attitude of gratitude is imperative to our level of happiness

Elder Sed goes to church in the Indianapolis mission.

Elders Sedlacek and Nelson with their Trump ties.

hey Dad! its been a good week, a little better than last, so that's good. i had an awesome Thanksgiving, we got to play in the ward turkey bowl--Elders/a few high priests against the young men. we were actually winning up until the second half, then it turned sour, the old guys got tired haha and so i was blocking for some super strong youth leaders. the guy was huge! hahaha we lost by a TD. it was so fun though and i actually woke up sore the next day hahaha! i am getting out of shape! then we had a really good meal at the S family's home, and that was fun. his wife is Phillipino and was constantly saying, "Guys, really, eat a lot, eat as much as you can" so we got absolutely stuffed hahaha. we also had SD show up to church yesterday, and me and my DL had an exchange Friday night so we did a chapel tour with him (SD) and put him on date for Dec 17th! he is going to work towards it, so we will see how it goes. he really enjoyed church and the ward jumped all over it--they fellowship so well, they pretty much took over before and after sacrament, which was exactly how it should be done. we were left to set up chairs haha.

as for everyone else in our teaching pool, they are doing about the same. we got to help the W family set up thier christmas tree, that was fun. as for the new church initiative, that was super awesome. we had a special powerpoint given to us to introduce it, it's amazing. we have already been showing it to members and we had a super powerful lesson with the M family yesterday, the ones whose lawn mower blew up, over lunch, and it actually almost made me tear up hahaha. the Savior truly spent his whole life serving others, why can't we do the same? think of the gravity of that, he spent his whole life,  his whole 30+ years, serving other people than himself. the love that comes from that kind of service is unimagineable. i am super excited to have this new program, i challenge each of you to participate, it's on and there is a Christmas advent calendar for every day, with a short video clip. i know it will change your Christmas ideals.

it sounds like you had a good Thankgiving too, i bet it was super good. do you like Planet Fitness? have you heard of the lunk alarm? hahahaha. that will be super nice to have, that's awesome, are you getting some weights in?

that is super awesome about Mia's talk. i like that notion of the Fullers soap, it applies so well to me right now. we are both staying another transfer, and so i was like, "man...what else is there to do around here?" and the answer is to rely more on God. i may have exhausted some of our lists, but there are still people out there to contact. every time we struggle through a planning session it's so i can learn to be more depentent on God, and become a better person. i know that God can direct our every path, but it's harder said than done. you have to have so much faith, which is what's going to give me the blessings in my patriarchal blessing. thank you for teaching me right Dad, i love you Dad! have a great week!

-Elder Sedlacek

hi Mom! its been a good week, i had a great Thanksgiving and a lot of fun. we did have SD finally make it to church this week, and on exchanges my DL and I put him on date! i wrote about that experience to Dad. chapel tours are so effective haha. the best part of the week was probably having SD show up to church, and the most challenging was having no one accept a return appointment, but that's okay, it's not the right time for them apparently.

yesterday at the M home, they showed us the missionary parody of that Adele song i know nothing about, and that was so funny, but it made total sense for me and my situation right now. they had no "success" up until the end, but they still remained positive and happy about doing the work, then when they got into the house (that part is hilarious) they are so grateful for someone to teach. this work takes work and nothing's gonna work until you have joy in the work! hahaha. even though those people won't let us back, we have to look for the blessings anyway, that is something i have gotten a little loose on doing, thank you for the extra reminder Mom!​

i am most grateful for the scriptures and an awesome family (especially parents haha) and the spiritual growth that has occurred in me because of the Savior sculpting me into what he wants me to become. that is crazy about Mia being 15 now! holy cow! it sounds like you had a good holiday too, that is awesome.

how did i know Libby would get a phone before I get back! that is funny. is my old one still around? i still want those pics on it.  oh that sucks that Sarah was sick, at least you had a good time at home though. that sounds like Mia did a great job on her talk, wow Mia has really grown up a lot it sounds like, that is awesome, and crazy!

that thought you had, for me, is very similar to a quote on the white board in my Batesville apartment, that has literally shaped my mission, no doubt in my mind it was there for a reason. it says "don't spoil what you have now, by desiring what you do not" and it's so true, the attitude of gratitude is something that is imperative to our level of happiness. i am so grateful for all of you guys and being able to serve a mission, it's hard and not the most fun at times, but it will be ever worth it for the amount of blessings you and i receive! thank you for standing firm and teaching me what is right, thank you for all you do Mom! love you Mom!

as for Christmas gifts, i cannot think of anything specifically except for maybe some Old Spice body spray, the Fiji scent, it smells so good, and a bunch of jerky hahaha.

a funny story for the week: we got locked out of our apartment and the windows are high up, so Elder Nelson had me climb up and stand on his shoulders and i wedged open a window to break in hahaha, it was funny.

well, i have to go now Mom, thanks for all that you do for me! i hope you have a good day at work! i love you! talk to yah next week! 
i am staying in Noblesville with Elder Nelson!  
-Elder Sedlacek

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