Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Here in Hoosier land it is cold, then hot, then freeze-your-skin-off-cold!

About to enjoy some white tail deer meat.

All bundled up for those 21 degree, 90% humidity days.

hey Dad, it has been a pretty decent week this week. we did not see a whole lot of success, but we did find someone new. on Tuesday, we had a referral come in for a Bible, so we had a member drive us out since it was in the middle of nowhere hahaha. but the lady, P, wanted a Bible to give to her friend. we gave it to her and chatted for a bit, and we got onto a gospel topic and then bam, she said something that triggered an impression to share a certain scripture with her, so we shared a scripture  from the Book of Mormon, and she loved it. that was super cool! she owns a business and said she would call us for another appointment. that is not ideal as you know, but we will see what happens i guess.

as for the other investigators, we did see B, he had finally read a little bit, but still didn't make it to church. SD we saw last night and he had not read, so we had a commitment lesson with him. we will see what happens. if he reads, then we will continue with him. the W family just about came to church but the mom was feeling ill. they are also struggling to read, so we have read a bit with them lately also. there is a less active family, the B family, and they have been getting back in contact with us, and  they will be coming to church. they did not make it yesterday because of car trouble. satan is the worst! hahaha.

there was not a lot new this week, unfortunately. everyone is struggling to keep their commitments, and we are doing all we can to find. it is just not working out like we hoped. we were planning the other night, and i was thinking silently, "what am i doing wrong, Heavenly Father?" and i felt an assuring feeling for a moment and then bam! a media referral came in. so it IS working for us to ask literally everyone we see for referrals. eventually the work will take off, we just have to hold faithful.

we have noticed the Book of Mormon supply is behind too hahaha, they are in very short supply for us haha. i bet that was super fun to help with all those service projects Dad, i wish we had more service projects to do ourselves.

yep, it has been cold and windy the past few days, but today is warm enough for just a sweater. that is the way it goes here in Hoosier land, cold then hot, then freeze-your-skin-off cold! haha

sounds like you had a busy Sunday, we always have PEC or ward council each week at 7:30 am. sounds like you gave a pretty good lesson today too, that was what we talked about as well. that stinks the teams lost, come on! hahaha i guess your Cowgirls do know how to play football after all! did they wear their tough makeup? hahaha just kidding Dad hahaha!

thank you for that thought Dad. i really like that, we are all out there searching with lights and looking under rocks--it's the latter days, it won't be easy. but that is what makes us stronger, if we can search hard enough and long enough, and follow the Spirit, we will find those needing rescue. we may find some along the path that don't want to be helped, but eventually they will and they will remember the times that God has reached out to them, and they will gain a testimony of God's love for them. all things testify of Christ, we just have to have the faith to look for those and find them. i too, can testify that Jesus is the Christ and this is His gospel, He is in charge.

thank you for raising me right Dad! it was great to hear from you again, i hope you enjoy your fave pie on Thanksgiving, have a great day! love you Dad! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom, so it has been a good week. it's always a good week hahaha. i did get the package from you, thank you so much! i am good on all other supplies, and i thought of stuff for the Christmas package. can you see if you can get me more of those Dickies slacks i wear? mine are gonna wear out soon, i can't believe they lasted this long anyway hahaha. they have to be the 30/30 slim strait, or they will not fit. the other regular 30/30 are too big, i tried them hahaha.

i got an A1c taken the other day, i should get the results soon. oh, and there is a senior Sister in my district who takes pics of us, look on her Facebook for pics of me. the week went ok, but we did not hit our 20 lessons, which was sad. we did all we could though, i am just tired of things not working out. we have exhausted our area book, and so it's tough to find people with nothing to go off of. i wrote about the 'gators to Dad, and that pretty much sums up all that happened.

a funny story--we did meet this super old guy, he had a DUI cause he rides a scooter, we call them "Deweys" cause they are driven by people who got their licenses taken away from too many DUIs. he was the typical Hoosier, he had all the signature hick sayings and we could hardly understand him. it was super funny to me. i love Hoosiers, they are crazy funny. 

those service projects must be fun, we are in need of doing service but no one lets us help. i am actually emailing Elder P lately, he sounds like he is still adjusting? but maybe not, because training takes some time to get used to. a greenie breaker will help him out. 

i do remember the trees at our old house! that is funny they got rid of the fence and stuff.  congrats on the writing Mom, i bet it is fun to write all that stuff. that is what you love hahaha. we got special permission to watch the Cokeville Miracle with the W family, and man, that movie had me tearing up at the end! me and Elder Nelson are such babies with that stuff hahaha.

God loves all his beloved children. he is saddened by how the world is going right now, but he trusts each of us to make the right decisions and to follow through with his teachings and the gospel. i am so thankful to be a part of this glorious work. it is hard, and we are not seeing all the success we desire right now, but the Lord will bless us for our efforts and make small things become great! thank you for all you do Mom, it means so much! i love you Mom!

well got to go now, thanks for everything! i love you all so much! have a great Thanksgiving, i will see if they can send pics for yah! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

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