Sunday, January 8, 2017

By our own choices, we choose not to know God

hi Dad! it's been a weird but a good week. we had a good New Years. it was like Christmas, so we could not go proselyting, and could only stop by appointments. on New Year's Eve we had to be in by 6 pm, so i studied and that's about it hahaha. 

as for the teaching pool, it is not very good looking unfortunately. most of the people on our lists have moved away and had no contact for new addresses, so we pretty much have to start all over again. we do have one guy named G, we pretty much need to start over with him, cause its been 3-4 months since he was taught. we do have a few less actives to work with, but other than that, the 'gators that live in our area want to be taught by the Sisters. 

we did not have any appointments, so we had dinner at ____ house, a teen recent convert who struggles in his everyday life 'cause his family disowned him for being baptized. he is so gung-ho about the work, that he wants to come biking with us every day, and he is super funny. i definitely prayed about it and feel like that is why i am here. 

we have pretty much just been trying to work the lists and see who is still around, and try to find new people while doing it. we always knock the neighbors cause that is the best way to contact people, since they hang out inside and don't come out when it's so cold. this ward is struggling, they are few in number. it really needs some help because it's mostly converts and so they don't have a lot of experience. they kinda just figured out how to do stuff their own way. i agree with your statement--this is the most productive time--but it's tough to see it when you have to start over haha.

it's true, by our own choices we choose to not know God. He is always there waiting for us to turn back to him, but we can make our selves be "lost". that is such a cool story about the Buddhist monk, that is so cool. it's amazing to be able to see conversions like that on a mission. i have met so many amazing people with such cool experiences.  

that is awesome Utah won the bowl game, and it sounds like it's a pretty fun NFL season to watch. so it sounds like your Cowgirls squeaked it out then hahahaha. well, sorry i don't have more to write about. thank you for all the updates and for emailing me! i love you Dad! have a great week!

Elder Sedlacek

hi Mom, its been a pretty good holiday week. i wrote about all that in Dad's email, and same with the investigators. it is so crazy 2017 is already here {the year Elder Sed returns home!} i can't believe it, but i can at the same time hahaha. 

i got all the test strips and everything, thanks so much! the week in Marion was good, but kinda weird, because we are struggling to get people to accept our message. it is just as much as it was in Noblesville, which is frustrating. the ward is kinda struggling too, there's some drama, and struggles to home teach, with lots of people who are less active. but, there's a lot of good to do here.

the best part of the week was probably Wednesday, and that was a good day. we had our district meeting, and i got some good revelation about my specific purpose, not just in this area, but why i am the way i am i guess. it was as if the whole meeting was tailored to me, and it was awesome, gave me a lot of answers to my questions. 

the biggest struggle is finding new people to teach. i am trying everything i can think of. the experience though at district meeting really helped me increase my testimony and i understand my patriarchal blessing more, which is awesome. 

that sounds like you had a good holiday week, that is awesome, i'm glad you enjoyed it. it sounds like you had a good meeting. that is interesting thought about all the information that bombards us every single day, and we have the small amount that can 100% be counted on. then we have our Heavenly Father, who will go to great measures to answer our deepest questions, like he did for me this week. i know that Heavenly Father truly is our one source of help that we can count on no matter what, we just have to listen. i know this gospel is true and i am so grateful to share it with others.  thank you for all you do Mom! it means a lot!

wow, that sounds like a pretty crazy snow storm, i am glad everyone is doing well. as for my purpose, i found out why i look so young hahaha ;) it's for a specific purpose i guess. my new District Leader called me up to the front of the room--he said he just felt inspired to--and then explained how young i look, but that he sees lots of humility from it, and especially cause i am obedient. so in other words, i guess i am an example to people because of my young looks and obedient attitude, it's like having a humble 12 year old near by hahahaha. 

well, i have to go now Mom, thanks for all you do for me! i am doing my best! i love you guys so much! have a great week! talk to you later! have fun in the snow!

-Elder Sedlacek

PS i did get to give a cool blessing this week. that was an awesome experience. i got a complement on my blessings, and i have given a lot lately hahaha. love you!

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