Thursday, January 26, 2017

Can you pray for my diabetes?

hi Dad, it's been a good week. we got a lot done, but we were sad to see our key indicators for the week, because they were not as good as they could be. we have not been able to teach the referrals from last week, so we did not really have any people to teach. our  teaching pool is still dry and so we are still working on finding. as for less actives, our bishop wanted us to start working the less active list. he has a list of people for us to teach regularly, so we did work that. 

a fun thing that happened was we won a bet with Pres.Welch, so he had to take us to lunch hahaha. he took us to Olive Garden on Tuesday, and it was exactly like going to lunch with your CEO hahaha. it was fun, and he gave us a lot of tips. that was awesome to be able to do that, so we have been implementing a lot of his tips that were specific to the area, and so far they are working. they really helped with a meeting we had this week. 

sorry to say, i don't have much else to really write about with the status of teaching, but hey, we will change that hahaha. it sounds like the Murdocks gave good talks. that is really cool about your home teachee, that is the best way to get involved with peoples' lives--service. one day in Noblesville we stopped and helped this elderly lady rake up her leaves, and she was so appreciative. she did not accept a message, but that is okay--we made a good impression for the church. i love getting to serve others. it is good you at least got to enjoy the visits being made. it also sounds like you got some more good service in with more snow removal. that is fun, i miss that! hahaha 

the weather here has been 60 degrees most of the week, but it's only an Indian summer--next week it gets cold again. that is crazy you have to get a passport, but it will be fun to see where you will get to travel to. you could go someplace crazy! just watch out, you might get fed lambs eyes! hahahaha 

i can't believe the Super Bowl is so close hahaha, that is crazy. and it's even crazier the deal that guy got on those Corvettes. that's insane! yep, i can't believe it actually happened, but Trump is now president hahaha. i have not heard about the protests, but i am sure there were some mad people in Cincy, they don't like him out here. 

it is so true, we too often get in a rote set of prayers, which i know how guilty of that i was before my mission. i make a conscious effort to make my prayers a real conversation with God. it is so much more fulfilling, and you can feel the spirit so much stronger. prayer is such an amazing tool we have from our Heavenly Father. He loves us and wants to bless us, but just as much, He wants to hear from us. i know that prayer is a legitimate conversation with God, and as we choose to make it that way, he will always listen to us. we just have to listen to Him. i am so grateful to be serving a mission. thank you for supporting me Dad! you're the best! i love you Dad! have a great week!

-Elder Sedlacek

hi Mom! it has been a good week. i am glad you got the pics from the members. can you send me those? please? i love Springboro, it's a really nice place. we don't have much of a teaching pool right now, but that's ok, it will grow. 

my comp is awesome, we get along so well. we have been working with a bunch of less actives lately to help the ward and ourselves find new people to teach. so about that story of how we came to be helping those people move: we are painting our apartment for our landlord, he is an eternigator so we are serving him, and we had planned to do it Saturday morning, but my comp felt really badly about it for some reason, so we decided to call a sister in the ward and ask if she knew anyone we could do some service for, since it was our social media split (i.e. the pictures get posted online). she directed us to a family who she had just visited a few moments before and they needed help to move cause no one was available to help that day. we volunteered our help and they had been paying a company to move their stuff, so we greatly sped up the process. it was a cool experience. 

we did not get anyone to church. i don't really need anything right now, but if you could send a Snickers that would be super cool. it's for my comp hahaha. i also do want to find a blue and white skinny tie, Sarah knows what i mean hahaha. if you find one that would be cool! 

the most challenging thing was probably not having anyone let us in, even the less actives were pretty ornery this week. we pretty much went less active hunting for the bishop and a lot of them cursed us hahaha. my comp took it pretty hard, i felt bad for him. a tender mercy that happened was as my comp was having a really hard day, a member that fed us really said a lot of nice things about the job we are doing and really reassured Elder Payne, so that was really nice. i was really thankful for that. 

the best thing that happened was a good bishop's meeting we had. he gave us an assignment as a companionship to come up with a forty day fast for the ward, and we completed it really fast, so we gained a lot of trust through that. we also got to give a bunch of blessings this week. it is really interesting how my p-blessing says i will be able to give blessings often, and to see that come to life is amazing. people always tend to ask me to do it too, it's crazy hahaha. 

sounds like you had a fun time tubing and stuff hahaha, i am glad the truck did well in the snow and got you home safe. we have been in the 50-60 degree range for like 2 weeks now. it's funny, isn't it? just when i get to a car area, the weather turns beautiful hahaha! that is a crazy story from Pres. Murdock, that is so cool. STLs are awesome! hahahaha. it is so true, that even the hardest of hearts can be receptive to the Spirit, and it will soften them. F was a stubborn man, and it was an amazing experience to see his heart be softened as he made an effort to follow the Savior. i am so glad i have the opportunity to serve the Savior and witness such miracles each and every day. i am so happy to be serving the Savior, and i am learning a lot. thank you for keeping me out here!

i might go get my eyes checked, my far sight is getting a bit worse, is that okay on our insurance? and also can you pray for my diabetes? my blood sugars have been running high, and i can't seem to get them to come down, even with basal adjustments. i am usually in the high 100's and 200's, and i don't really know what to do for it. 

well, got to go now, thanks Mom! i love you so much! i hope you have a great day! talk to you later!

Elder Sedlacek

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