Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rodeo Week in Ellensburg = 300,000 extra people to teach

Here is a separate email Elder Sedlacek sent to his Dad.

Dear Dad,

This week up in Ellensburg was rodeo week. I don't know if you happended to see ESPN this Saturday and see the bull riding, but it was supposedly on. It is crazy though! They said like 300,000 more people were up here in Ellensburg and I believe it. We talked to sooo many, but most were not interested. That is cool about Kelsey. I am sure she is a great missionary.
Hearing about college and NFL football will never make me homesick. I love hearing about the scores. That is good that you got new tires and fixed up old blue {the car that's been through Nicole, Jake, and now Jared}. That car is a trooper. It just keeps going, which is good.
For my b-day I would like some ties for a start. I am kinda getting sick of the ones I have. I don't really know what else but I will keep thinking about it and let you know. And yep, you're old. I always tease Elder P for being old, but you on the other hand are old haha. Just kidding. You're awesome. I hope you have lots of "fun" doing all that fun stuff around the house.
Pres Ware said the other day that he is 99.9% sure we will be part of the technology mission stuff so maybe with your new job you will get to hear the insight. I hope you do good with your new job and love it. It would be cool to work for the church. Well, I love you and look up to you. You're awesome dad!

Elder Sedlacek

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