Monday, September 9, 2013

Sedlaceks in Kennewick?

Today's email session with Elder Sedlacek was interesting. At first it was great, and then I started getting a few coming through two and three times....and then his final email came through at 2:15--about two hours after I knew he would have left the library. Strange happenings with the connection today!

Elder Sedlacek: What's up Mama! I am doing good except that I have been sick all week and it sucks. I am tired of it. I called Sister Ware (mission president's wife) and talked to her. She told me to buy some tussin DM, so I did and I tried it but it hasn't really done anything. I just feel like crap all the time. This week wasn't the best. It's kinda hard being sick and having to do stuff still. We have had a couple of pretty solid investigators move away this week, so that also stinks. 

Mom: I am so sorry you are sick! Have you gotten some Emergen-C or some vitamin C tablets? I think it would help. Don't worry about your investigators moving away. At the least, you have planted a seed that they may remember later, or else they may look up the missionaries in their new area and keep going. 

Elder Sedlacek: That is cool about the house painting and you are welcome for the [James Taylor/MoTab] tickets. That is cool that you got good tickets, too. You guys deserved them. It would be nice if you sent up my black coat from last winter. It will be cheaper to do that then try to buy a new one up here. I'm glad you went to the Blue Lemon. That place smells good from when I have walked past it before. I want to go there sometimes. I also want to see some pics of the house. It sounds like it looks nice. [I sent some in reply.] That looks really nice!

Mom: Okay, I will send up your black coat from last year. Do you need gloves? Which of your investigators moved away?

Elder Sedlacek: Okay, that will be great. I don't need gloves right now but if I do I can buy some crappy ones from the dollar store or something. The 'gator that moved away was a student named Kaitlin. She was awesome, and she was progressing really well. I think she is going to look for the missionaries where she moved to. I am sure that she really will.

Mom: Then I am sure she will, too. Everyone is coming over tonight for my birthday. I told them if they wanted to include anything in your birthday package, to bring it and I will put it in. So you should get a good package at the end of the week haha. Something to look forward to! I also talked to Elder T yesterday, one of the Elders assigned to our Stake. He is from Kennewick! In fact, he said he's front right smack in the middle of Kennewick. He gives you his best and said to look up his family if you get assigned to Kennewick.

Elder Sedlacek: I hope you will have a great birthday party by yourself haha. I'm gone, so we can't share for once. I am sure it will an awesome package. You guys are the best! That is cool that Elder T is from Kennewick. I will have to look for them if I ever get the chance.

Oh guess what? I had an interesting thing happen the other day. We were tracting, and we knocked on a door, and a guy opened the door, read my tag, and said, "So you're a Sedlacek?" and he said our name perfectly. Turns out he knows some Sedlaceks back in Kennewick. We are probably related somehow. 

Mom: Sedlaceks in Kennewick? That is awesome. We are the only ones in Utah, but there are lots in Nebraska. Interesting that there are some in your mission. 

Elder Sedlacek: Yeah, "Sedlaceks in Kennewick?" that is what I thought too haha. The guy even said I look really similar to them. Maybe he is crazy, but maybe there are Sedlaceks in Kennewick. I want to meet them if there is! 

{The following is in answer to an email Jeff sent Elder Sedlacek}

Teaching college students is hard because they move around a lot. We had another pretty solid investigator move this week. Hopefully, she will continue to have the lessons. We taught Jim this week and he really wants to get baptized. He has almost quit smoking. He is sooo close! We are also teaching a woman named Kayla. She is going through a rough time right now with her family. She is doing alright with the commitments, but needs to follow them a little better. She has a hard time reading and praying on her own. Other than that, we have done a lot of tracting trying to find new investigators. It is really something I don't like doing when I am sick. 
That is awesome about the Utes. I hope they do a lot better this year than last year. Keep me updated on the scores. You're doing good at that but keep doing it. I love to hear the updates.
There really aren't orchards up here in Ellensburg. It's hay fields, and yep, the farmers are working on getting it all dried and bailed. I bet the fruit [from our fruit trees] was yummy. I always liked the peaches and nectarines.
I have to go now. I love you guys! Keep writing me letters and emails. It's nice to receive both. You guys are an awesome support to me. 

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