Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ellensburg: so many ducks & no hunting allowed.

Photo sent by President Ware last week.

Elder Sed: Mom, I am able to email today. We went to the church so I can email. That is good everything is going good for you guys! And Nicole better not get married while I am gone. I got to be there to interview the guy, to make sure he's not a flake. It's funny you say something about how it's been a month. I was just thinking about that like 20 minutes ago. It literally seems like it's been two weeks and two years at the same time. It is awesome though, because I love to teach people the gospel and see the spirit work in them. I like to know what is going on at home. It's great to hear everything that is going on.

Mom: Awesome! How are you doing? I am glad you are enjoying your mission so much. What are you going to do today? Do you need anything?

Elder Sed: Well, thank you mother. Today for p-day we are going to hang out in Ellensburg and maybe go to the fair which is in town with the rodeo. In fact, the rodeo was on tv on Saturday. Maybe you saw it? I could use a wall USB charger for my ipod and a double male aux cord for it so that I can play it in the car. After my interview with Pres Ware on Wednesday, he took a pic of me with him because he thought I looked so good haha. Did you get the picture? What did he say with it if you did get it?

Mom: Oh yes!! We did get a pic of you and Pres Ware. Should I send it in this email? I will attach it so you can see. You do look really, really good and really happy. Everyone said that when they saw it. Holly said you look like you feel right at home. Pres Ware said, "Elder Sedlacek is excited telling me all about his first two weeks in Selah. He is immersed in the work and smiling big!" So, Selah? Are you in that town too?

Elder Sed: Our zone is based in Selah. We go down there for big meetings and some p-days. He is an awesome president! I like him a lot. He is so loving, too. He is a lot like President Dester was.

Mom: Well, now I know why he said Selah. I wondered if you were based there. I'm glad you love President Ware. So, you told Dad you have summer cold. Do you need any Emergen-C? What would you like for your b-day besides ties?

Elder Sed: Emergen-C would be nice. It sucks being sick. I had some things written down that I wanted but I can't remember any of them so I'll have to write you today and get you the list. There is just so much stuff to remember out here that I forget some sometimes haha. Thank you for all the packages. I have an awesome family. Something I forgot to tell Dad and Jared is that there are sooooo many ducks and geese up here! It's so tempting haha. They really like the climate and all the fields so they just hang out all the time!

Mom: Dad says he knew there were lots of ducks and geese up there. He says, "Wait until the migration starts!" haha

Elder Sed: It drives me crazy. They fly so low everywhere and they are huge! Can you check on my account? I just always want there to be money in there in case I need it.

Mom: I will keep an eye on your money haha.

Elder Sed: Are you using any of the money to send the packages?

Mom: Nope, not taking any of your money. Have you needed to use any?

Elder Sed: Yeah, I have used a little bit. I am also planning to buy a shirt from every area I serve in too, so I am planning to go shopping today. I got the idea from Elder P. He is doing that too, and then once I get back make a quilt out of the shirts or something. It just seemed like a good idea to me, and a cool way to remember the different areas I will serve in.

Mom: That is a great idea! You should definitely get a shirt you like from each area.

Elder Sed: Well, I have to get going. I love you guys and I will talk to you later. Thank you for all you do for me. You guys are the bomb.com haha.

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