Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A record-breaking week!

This is Elder Sed's 1/13/14 email to his Dad. He seems to write more details of his daily experiences to Dad, while he answers Mom's questions about whether he is staying warm and if he needs anything. :) 

What up "grandpa!" haha {This must be Jake's idea of a joke because there are no grandbabies on our horizon!}
How was your week? It sounds like it was a pretty good one to me. I had a great week. You said you wanted to hear about the investigators we have. I will just say, we taught 25 lessons this week! That is a new record in Sunnyside for all that I know. I wish I could tell you guys about all of them but I don't have the time to do that. I am doing really well on my journal from what I think. It will be fun to read through it with you guys after I am done. I am halfway through the first one so in another 5 months or so I will need a new one haha. I write down the spiritual stuff along with the stuff I want to remember. 
Well, the coolest thing that happened this week was with our investigator Cheyenne. She is a 14 year old girl. Her mom is a less-active member and they want to get back into church. I really love their family. They are awesome people. They have a little daughter who reminds me of Libby. It is crazy how much they are alike. Anyway, we had a great lesson with Cheyenne at a member's house on Monday for FHE. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ (which is my favorite lesson to teach) and the spirit was super strong. It was an amazing lesson--probably one of the best of my mission so far. We put her on date for the 25th and she is super excited for her baptism. It is going to be awesome to see her get baptized. The member is going to baptize her, but at least I get to be involved somehow! 
Jose has been working on some stuff and I am confused about him right now. He texted us last night that he wanted to talk to the bishop and he had some "bad news." He has not told us what it is yet so I am a little concerned. I am sure we will find out soon enough. We taught him and his family a lesson this week also. He wants all of his family to find the gospel, not just him, so he is being a missionary and he doesn't even know it. It was cool to hear him testify to them of the Book of Mormon, and he isn't even a member yet. He is a great guy, who happens to have some struggles, so I don't know when he will be baptized yet but we are working on it.
Another investigator we have is Marie. She is an African American woman with kids. She is an awesome mother who wants to find the best for her kids because she had a messed up childhood, and she doesn't want that for her kids. She came to church yesterday and she really liked it. She wants all of her family to come along with her next week. By the way, we had 10 investigators commit to coming to church this week, which would have so been so amazing if it had worked out that way, but we did have 5 actually make it, which is still amazing. It is the most investigators I have seen come to church in one week.
It is crazy how things are working out missionary work-wise. We never have to go finding ourselves. They just keep on coming to us, which is awesome. This week we dropped three investigators, but we picked up five. We have soooooo much work right now. It is so freaking (pardon my language dad haha) AWESOME!!!!! I know the Lord is hastening his work of salvation because I see it every day. People who  I would think would never accept the gospel are very interested in the church and want to be baptized.
It is great that you guys are seeing miracles because of my service as a missionary. You guys deserve every single one. I am so grateful for all that you sacrifice. I truly am.
It sounds like church was great for you. I bet ward conference was good.
I love the sports updates Dad. I already knew the score of the Seahawks game because everyone in Washington is crazy fans of them. If it was up to the state of Washington the Seahawks will win. I bet they will, though, just because they have an awesome coach and an amazing team with lots of talent. It sucks that the Chargers lost, but oh well. I still like the 49ers so I hope they beat the Seahawks haha. You asked me who I think will go to the Superbowl, and I am betting it will be the Broncos and the Seahawks, sadly enough. I hate both teams haha.
Well, it was great to be able to write you guys with a lot of info on our investigators. Thank you for all that you do again. I love you guys so much!
-Elder Sedlacek

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