Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two baptisms and some crazy Seahawks fans all in one post.

A little bit of home!
1/27/14 Emails

What's up mmmmmmommmmm,
How ya doing! I am doing great. This week was the most productive I have ever had on my mission so far. It was crazy!!!!! It started out that we put Jose and Cheyenne on date, as you already know. Well, they both were baptized this week so Elder J and I had 2 baptisms this week!!!!!! We also had 14 member-present lessons!!! This week was sooooooooo busy but soooooo worth it. I am staying in Sunnyside with Elder J for right now, which puts him at a year of his mission in Sunnyside. That is just crazy but no trainer call for me haha. He will probably be gone after this transfer which means I will probably be here for the next 3 months at least haha. I don't mind, because Sunnyside is doing really good right now because we will have 3 more baptisms in February. I am certainly blessed to be serving here right now. 
I am glad you liked my pics haha. Vince is an older guy haha. He is like 60-something. I am sure he will want to come visit. He told me he wants to be at my wedding and he wants to be there when I have my "12" children haha, so I am sure he will want to come sometime. He is a great guy. A good example too.
The bathroom looks super nice! I am excited for when I can use it again haha. At least it's getting done slowly haha. Looks great though. 
That is a cool story that Elder L had. The spirit does know what's best and where to go. I haven't had anything like that before but I have been guided as to who to go see and when. The Holy Ghost is an awesome gift to have. I like your story of the temple too. That is crazy that it is that busy. Is the Ogden temple closed or something? I wonder if they will build one in Kaysville or somewhere around there. It will be cool to see what's going to happen.
I did get Libby's and Sarah's letters. All they want is my ipod haha. I will let you just deal with it. I don't really care about it because it's super old. 
I bought myself a Seahawks shirt this week to celebrate them getting into the Super Bowl, as well as the success we are having in Sunnyside.
I love getting to talk to you guys a little bit. Mondays are awesome! I love you guys! 
Elder Sed says this house is a good example of the "crazy Seahawks fans" all over Washington.

What's up Pops!
This week was great! We had 2 baptisms! Both the baptisms were great. There is always such a spirit at baptisms that I love to feel. It was really just an awesome teaching week. We had 14 member present lessons! That was just amazing in and of itself. All of our investigators are doing well. Myron is really excited for his baptism. We have met with him three times this week because he loves it so much haha. He is a great guy. Really loves the gospel. We have him and two other people on date for baptism in February. Another family we are teaching is the _____. They are great people too. They are Baptists who are looking for a new church that is more family-oriented. They are all doing so great. The dad drives a truck and takes the Book of Mormon everywhere with him so he can read it. The mom is doing great too. They are progressing really well. I just love that family.  That is a couple of our major investigators right now. I will write a letter about the other ones to save some time. Sunnyside is really just doing awesome right now.
That is great that the Utes are doing so well right now. Hopefully they can keep it up. It would be cool to see them in March Madness. That is funny about the Jazz haha. They suck major bad right now, but hopefully it works out for them in the end with the rebuild. It is funny that you liked the Seahawks house haha. See what I mean with crazy Seahawks fans everywhere here?  It is going to be interesting to see what this town is like on Sunday haha. I had to laugh when we saw that house. I just had to take a pic. It looks really good though. 
Sounds like your calling is going good for you. Are you the most senior high council man yet? 
I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and the blessing it is, and that I can be a missionary and spread it to the world. It changes lives! I saw that with Jose. He is doing so much better than he was when I first met him. Now that he has the Holy Ghost, he has changed so much. He looks so much happier and you can feel the Spirit around him. I am sure it will help him tons with his life right now. I just love being a missionary! I love the people of Sunnyside too! Thank you for all that you guys do for me. It means a lot. I love you guys so much. I will write you guys a letter today too.
Love you family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Elder Sedlacek

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