Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A miracle story: 7th baptism scheduled

This is Jackson, the "fluffiest, most lovable dog in the world."
What's up,
How are you Mama? I am doing pretty good. This week was good. I hope yours was too. I didn't get the letter yet, so maybe I will today. It's exciting to hear about the ward's new mission calls.
This week we did have a baptism. Nick was baptized and it was great. It was probably the biggest showing of non-members at a baptism that I have seen so far on my mission. He had a ton of family there. It was great. For this week in baptism news, Carlos on date!!!!!!!!!!!! Carlos is on date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {Mom's note: Can you tell he's a little excited about Carlos' baptism??}
We had an awesome miracle with Carlos this week. We met with him and before the lesson his wife Sariah (who is a member) had let us know that she thought that watching The Testaments with him would really help him. Turns out that was VERY inspired. The video was great and the spirit was strong the whole time. At the end of the video, Carlos just sat there, not saying anything, but just thinking to himself. He was totally dumb struck. The spirit had given him a spiritual backhand to the face haha. All he could say was he was dumb for thinking the Bible was the only scripture in the world. He finally came to realize that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. That was the light bulb moment we had been waiting for with him. This is the same guy Elder J and I thought about dropping right after the first lesson because he was soooooo stubborn. Turns out he is awesome and will make a super good member. He loves God so much and will not do anything that is against His will. I love that guy!!! 
Well, that experience with Carlos pretty much made my week. I am so happy that he is getting baptized this week. I still can't believe it. It is truly a miracle. 
Sounds like you are going to have a fun week with the Blue and Gold banquet. It does seem like yesterday I was going to them haha. Time goes so fast. I still can't believe I have been out 7 months pretty much. I have to make the most of it because it goes super fast.
I bet Mia did great on her talk. She should consider doing student gov. I think she would really like that. Next women president of the united states haha.
Tell J.H. thanks for doing the pamplets for me. He's awesome. I am sure you allready told him thanks, but you should do it again for me haha. I will send him a thank you note. (Good idea Mama.) Thanks for all that you guys do for me. You are awesome. I am glad that HF is blessing you while I am gone. He is certainly blessing me as well.
For March 1st we only have 1 baptism scheduled. The D family would be getting baptized, but they have to come to church one more time and their grandson who lives with them keeps getting sick. It is going to be such an awesome baptism though with Carlos!
I am doing well. The only thing I need from you guys is prayers, like you are already doing, and a Mormon Messages DVD from Seagull book or somewhere. My face is doing pretty good. I went to the doctor this week and got some prescription stuff. Should start to really help me out. Brother J paid for it too, so he is so awesome for doing that for me. The members up here are awesome. I love them!

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