Tuesday, April 15, 2014

All of us missionaries work for the same team!

What's up Mama, 
This week has been good, but it was pretty dang hard. We had 10 cancelled lessons in total. It sucked! haha. Our investigators just have the hardest time keeping appointments with us. That is the biggest thing that is holding back the work here. I saw how it can be so that makes it frustrating sometimes. We did have a cool experience though, but I am going to make you wait to read it in a letter haha. Let's just say that the thing that happened is the first time it has happened to me on my mission. That is the only hint you get haha.
The dermatologist was good. She gave me an antibiotic that she thinks will help. Should work out. She wanted me to get some of that retin A but I don't think I am going to get it. The antibiotic seems to be working just fine.
Thanks for all the prayers for the goal and other stuff. You're awesome. We actually changed the goal a little bit this week to 12 baptisms. Hopefully we can hit it. It is going to be a huge miracle if we do. It is going to be sweet! But keep praying for the goal. It will help us to hit it.
Sounds like the family day in Nicole's ward was fun. Nicole seems/looks really happy in that picture so that is great. I guess whatever is making her happy she can have haha.
That was a super good thought Mama. It is really cool to think that because Christ came to earth, we have the connection with him. Christ is super awesome that he was willing to come to earth and suffer the things he did for us. It would have taken so much love. I can't even think about how much charity it would have taken. It just really shows the true character of Christ. I try to be more and more like him every day.
I am sure I will love the package ;) You guys are awesome for all that you do!
I love ya too!
What's up Pops,

This past week was a tough one. There was some cool stuff that happened, but I will save that for a letter. As far as our teaching pool, we have a couple pretty solid investigators right now. One being E. She is struggling right now though, and I just hope we can get her baptized before she leaves the area, because if she does there is a chance I won't be here to see it. That would really suck. Oh well, I know that all of us missionaries work for the same team haha.
Another one of our investigators who is doing well is M. We met with her last night and had a super good lesson on the plan of salvation. She shared with us some personal experiences she has had with family members who have passed away. They were super cool. Because of her experiences, she knows and feels the plan of salvation is the truth. It was great! She just needs to come to church now. That is the struggle with her and the D family.  They have to come to church before they can be baptized and they are struggling with that. You guys could pray for that too if you want. Can't hurt! haha
Our RC are doing great. Carlos is doing AWESOME! He is going to the temple to do baptisms in a week and he is super excited to do that for his dad. He is super great and is doing great work in missionary work. We use him a lot. D is also doing great. She was just called to be a RS teacher and she will do great at that. She is probably going to the temple on Saturday, too. If only I could go to do baptisms haha. I so wish I could go with them, but unfortunately I can't. I will go when they are being sealed though. I am not going to miss that! The rest of our RC are doing well too. They each have their own struggles but they are doing their best with what they have.
That is awesome that there are so many missionaries going out again. I bet there is just going to be more and more, which is great. The Lord needs every one that he can get. I will see about writing to Elder R. I bet he's going to do great in Berlin. Going to get to speak some German. You will have to get his email for me so I can just email him or just give him my email, whatever works haha.
Well, it sounds like you have had a great week. Thanks for the letter you sent me. I love getting letters. It's great to get them, it's just I can't respond to them very fast. That's the sucky part. It must have been weird for you when you were out--everything you would have gotten would have been a couple weeks ago from when it was written. That is just crazy to me haha. 
Thanks for all that you do for me Dad . You're a great example to me and to all the rest of the kids. Just thanks for all that you do. I really appreciate all of it. I love you guys!
-Elder Sedlacek

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