Monday, April 28, 2014

Working on my personal relationship with the Savior

What's up Mama,
That was a big email haha. Sounds like you had a GOOD week. Sounds like lots of stuff happened, too. 
That is cool about the regional meeting. Sounds like a cool meeting. I bet Mr. Smith liked leading the choir haha.
This week was pretty good for me too. S.W. is finally committed to baptism, so we have three on date now for the 10th of May. Should be a great day! The rest of the week was pretty good too. We did lots of service, and that was fun to be able to get dressed in regular clothes for a while. I even got to help set up for the prom at the high school here. That was interesting, but pretty fun too.
This morning I went shopping with out knowing how much money I had on my mission card and the stuff I bought was $3 over the amount I had, so I just used my home card. It was $28 so I hope that was okay. I hate using my home card but I had no clue how much I had on my mission card. That is probably why they want us to keep track haha. I used to be really good at it, but I got lazy. I will be better at it now so it doesn't happen again!
You will have to wish Grandma and Grandpa D a happy birthday for me when you guys go there. I will email them a happy b day and you guys could tell them too.
Thanks for all that you do for me too. Emailing is pretty fun haha!

Yo Dad,
Sounds like you had a good week. I did too. We had a lesson with SW and she finally committed to be baptized. It was sweet. We were kinda at a loss for what to do with her since she has been taught everything multiple times. She just needed a fire lit underneath her, and it turns out that a cousin's wedding in the temple was it--now she wants to be baptized so she can go in a year. I was super happy! 
The D Family are still doing good. They came to church yesterday, and so that was a much needed commitment for them to keep and they did it. They are still on date as well so that is now three on date for May 10th. That day is going to be awesome! M is doing good. She is getting close to committing to a date for baptism. Hopefully, she is on date by the end of this week. Merc is doing okay too. We just have a really hard time meeting up with her. We are still working on finding new investigators. We have some potentials but we haven't been able to get in and teach them a lesson yet. Just keep praying for us to have success in that goal. We also set a new baptism goal for this new transfer for the district of 15 baptisms by May 31st. Pray for that one too haha. That is a brief look at our teaching pool at the moment.

Sounds like those meetings you guys had were really good. Both you and mom had some good insights from it, so it had to be good. I really liked all the thoughts you both shared from it.
This week I have been focusing on building up my personal relationship with the Savior. I have been praying a lot and it's really been helping. The reason that I want to make it better is because as I grow closer to the Savior, I grow closer to Elder A as well. Companionships are like a triangle with the Savior and me and my comp are at the bottom. It doesn't matter how long the distance between me and Elder A is, as long as we both move closer to the Savior. As we get further up the triangle, we are growing closer to Christ but also to each other. It also works with marriage, too. That is something President has taught the mission that I have really liked. So that is why I'm doing it.
That is too bad that Lib didn't win the Pinewood Derby haha. I guess you can make the cars look cool but not fast haha. I always really liked building the cars though, so it was still fun. I am sure Libby really liked it as well. 
Sorry for not writing you guys a letter this week either haha. I have been bad at that the past couple weeks. Thank you for all that you do for me Dadio. You da best Papa! Thanks so much for everything!
-Elder Sedlacek

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