Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I just need to pray and listen...because even I am a little clueless. Haha

What's up Mama,
Wow! Sounds like a way crazy week. That sucks that Nicole's results came back like that. I know she will be okay though. She can do it. I have been praying for her and I felt good, so I take that as a good sign. I won't worry too much. Don't worry about that. I will be praying for her and you guys as well. I know the power of the priesthood is real. It does work! I have seen it right in front of me before, when a blessing that we gave was answered. It's probably just a trial Nicole has to overcome, and when she does she's going to be awesome!

Is she going to have a wicked scar on her neck? I would assume she is put totally out for the surgery too. How long is recovery?

I bet Sydnie's wedding was awesome. That is crazy that she is married now. I looked at the card this week and was like "Holy crap, Sydnie is married now!" Haha That was the next day--I had the invitation in a drawer and when I opened it I saw it. Crazy crazy haha.
That is  cool that Uncle Jim is doing that mile count thing for Nicole. I have no idea how many miles I walk in a day haha. Lots! haha

Mama: Hi! Yes, Nicole will have a scar, but it'll be pretty unobtrusive after it heals. Someone told her to say she had a head transplant. :)

Elder Sed: That is super funny about the head transplant hahahaha. It just might work too haha.
Are you at the doctors right now?

Mama: We are just leaving the doctor. 

Elder Sed: Anything else going on back home that is good? 

Mama: Well, school starts again in two weeks. Jared grew 1 1/2 inches in a month! What are you doing for p-day today?

Elder Sed: Wow! School starts really soon. That summer went by really fast. I am doing good today. We are just hanging out at the stake center and emailing.
I have to go, but like always I enjoyed emailing today. I am glad that everyone is doing mostly okay haha. I will be praying for all of you. I know the priesthood of God is on the earth. It blesses everyone and the power of it is real. I know Joseph Smith was the prophet to restore God's church back to the earth. God hears and answers our prayers. It's a good thing to know at a time like this. I love all you guys! Thanks for all that you do to keep me out in the field! Have an awesome week! 
-Elder Sedlacek

What's up Dad,
I had a pretty good week. I will start by talking about the investigators and what-not for this week. The week seemed to go by really fast, which was good. Wednesday and Thursday we had a mini-missionary with us, which is basically a priest who is preparing for a mission, and stays with us for two days during the day. He was pretty cool and was from Kennewick. We got a lot of member present lessons because of it, so that was great! 
G is doing pretty good. We took him to a baptism on Saturday, and he really, really liked it. He almost committed solidly to get baptized on the 23rd of August, but then some member priest kid came up and ruined the conversation. Sometimes members jump in just at the wrong time. Just make sure to never do that haha. If you see the missionaries talking to someone, don't jump in. That is what I have learned haha. We had a good lesson with G on the plan of salvation. He said it's opened his eyes, which was way cool to hear coming from an investigator. He is still somewhat planning on the 23rd of August for baptism, so I hope it happens. 
Our other investigators have seemed to fall off the face of the earth. We had a couple lessons with people on the side of the street, so that kept our numbers looking pretty good, but we are just trying to get something rolling in the ward. I'm curious to see what the Lord has planned for this area. He knows how to best help, so I just need to pray and listen to Him, because even I am a little clueless of what to do haha. It is definately an interesting situation.
That is crazy that Nicole has some cancer in her thyroid. From what I hear it should be pretty easy to remove. I will be praying for her, that is for sure. I just know she will be okay though. I have felt that lots over this past week.
Haha, that is funny Libby had you dancing. Can Mom even get you dancing? Libby is pretty impressive that she was able to do it. I bet it looked cute but way funny at the same time.

It will be way cool to go through the Ogden temple when I get back. I have seen pics of it and it looks super pretty from the outside so I bet its even more pretty inside.

Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have already seen glimpses of a Seahawks game haha. It probably won't be too hard to be able to catch a little bit of the games haha. I always knew my Chargers could be good some day haha. What about the 49ers?
I am so grateful for all that you do for me and the family, Dad. You're awesome! Thanks for being an example to me all my life of how a priesthood holder should act. It's helped me all throughout my life. I have a testimony of the gospel. I am grateful that we do have the priesthood restored. Not only the Aaronic priesthood but the Melchizedek as well. It is certainly a blessing that blesses everyone.

I hope you have an awesome week. Thanks for writing me a letter. I haven't gotten it yet, but thanks in advance haha.
Love ya!
-Elder Sedlacek

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