Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I do believe my mission has changed me for the better for my whole life.

What's up Mama,
We just got back from eating lunch and the temple so now it's time to email. Yay haha. Emailing is fun though.

I had a good week. Funny that you ask if I stayed dry this week and I didn't a couple days haha. We had some surprise rainstorms and we got soaked, but it was really fun. I just really have had tons of fun this week. We got some snow later on in the week too, but now it's back to being super cold after almost 70 degrees on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was fun. We went to some members' homes and ate, of course. It was good. Everyone did a ham, so there was not a lot of turkey. It was good though. Really yummy. I bet it was really good food at grandpa's.

I need addresses of our imediate family for Christmas cards. Can you send them all to me if it's not too much trouble? I am working on this year's Christmas card and it's looking to be pretty good so far ;)

That's awesome the wedding stuff is looking like it's going to work out. I hope everything goes great with the wedding. I bet it's going to be stressful but super fun!

That's super funny that Mia is dibbing taking "me" {his cardboard cutout for the wedding} around hahaha. You will have to keep that cutout around afterwards. Maybe Duke will destroy it though haha.

I like that you can see progression in me just from the time I have left. I really do believe my mission has changed me for the better for my whole life. I have loved it and still continue to every single day.

Mama: Son, yay! There you are! I have been waiting for you. ;) 

It is so good to email each week. My fave time ever. It is no trouble to send you addresses. Who would you like them for?

Shoes. What is your shoe situation?

Elder Sedlacek: It's good to email you, too haha. First of all, I like Nicole's bridal pics. They look super good. I need addresses for basically everyone. 

Shoes: I have shoes that will work. It was just an idea for Christmas. I had another gift idea for me but I just can't remember it right now. I will get back to you on that one if I remember what it was eventually.

Mama: One good thing about having a wedding was that we had to compile a bunch of addresses in an excel file, so now any addresses you want, I’ve got haha. 
Did you enjoy the temple today, and your lunch? Did you eat in the temple? The temple usually has really good food. I’m a fan of the temple’s tapioca pudding. Smile
Do you get to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional this Sunday?
Elder Sedlacek: I did enjoy the temple today. It was awesome as usual. Lunch was good too. Lunch in the temple????? psssshhhh that's a funny joke. The temple here isn't that big mama haha. We get a 60% off deal at Costa Vida once a week because a member owns it, so that's where we ate. You are right though that the temple does have good food. We do get to watch the devotional on Sunday. I am going to try my hardest to get our investigators there. It should be fun. I would assume you're going to watch it with the fam?

I have to get going now Mama. It was super fun to be able to email today. I am glad to hear you're doing well, as well as everyone else too. I hope this week is awesome for you all! If you haven't watched the new video the church has, "He is the Gift" you need to watch it as a family, and then #sharethegift. It's a awesome video about the true meaning of Christmas. I know Jesus Christ lives and he knows me and you and everybody else. The Book of Mormon is true. It brings the Spirit so much into our lives when we read it. I hope you have a great week again! Love ya!
-Elder Sedlacek

Whatz up Dad,
Hey papa. Sounds like you guys had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was good too. We had lots of fun. We went to a member's house and ate lunch/dinner for Thanksgiving. It was just the usual stuff, except it was ham. It was really, really good though. Next year is going to be fun ;)

The teaching pool has been doing good. Because of the holiday we didn't get to meet with most of our "on dates." The big news is that M**** and J**** are engaged. That was exciting news. They are working on getting married. It is weird to council somebody on marriage and I haven't been married haha. It ends up working out okay though most of the time. The Spirit does help with that, of course. M**** is still doing great. She made my day on Sunday. She got up in front of the gospel principles class and told how the Book of Mormon affects her. She shared how she can't read it out loud or her voice gets all shaky and she starts to cry. It was just cool to be able to explain to her that that is how the Spirit speaks to her. She is still doing great on the Word of Wisdom too, which is awesome.

D**** and L***** were both super busy with work this week so we didn't get to meet with them. They are both reading the Book of Mormon in the free time they do get. The rest of our teaching pool has been pretty busy as well so we are working on finding. We have been handing out tons of Books of Mormon so I am sure we will be increasing the size of the pool very soon. The new video the church has put out "He is the Gift" is way cool. It's been helping a lot to just get to talk to people about Christ instead of them just shutting the door on us.

Hey good to hear the Utes were able to pull out the win. It may have not been pretty, but it's still a season ending W, so that's good haha. The Jazz need to put their game face on and actually be good for a change haha. Maybe they are just waiting for me to get home haha. If they keep tanking it they should just try to get a lottery pick.

You will have to pet Duke for me to tell him I said hi back haha. Don't forget Molly too.

That's awesome that your wedding planning is going to work. What would you have done if it hadn't worked???? That would have been way stressful haha. Good job Dad.
As far as school, I would love to go to the U. I just don't know if I can get a scholarship there or not. That would be a major factor in the decision of where I want to go. I don't want to go pre med. I want to go PA at the moment, but I have also thought about history or something like that. Who knows haha. That's what generals are for right??

I am grateful for the chance to serve a mission. I know the plan of salvation exists for a reason. God does have a plan for each one of us. I know Jesus Christ lives again, and because he does we can too. I know our loved ones who have passed on are here to help us out in our moment of need, but we may not realize it at the time. I know the gospel is true. Thomas Monson is a prophet of god. The Doctrine of Christ is amazing! I love the gospel.
Hope you have an totally awesome fantabulous week ahead! Good luck with work and the wedding!
Love you all!
-Elder Sedlacek

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