Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I get to spend two years just thinking about others, and I get blessed for it.

Hey mama,
How are you doing?? Sounds like you're one busy, busy mama haha. I bet with the wedding being this week that this week is going to fly by for you guys. That is exciting about the wedding. I bet it's going to be super fun. 
We had a pretty good week. Things are going good with Elder R. He is pretty fun. I would say we're pretty good friends. I try my best everyday to serve him. Serving someone is how you come to love them.

Hey, thanks for praying for M, L and D. I am positive it's helping them. They are all doing great. L*** did fall off date though. M**** is still looking at getting married in April. She has been reading everyday which has been GREAT! D**** is still doing good. He, like L***, has a crazy work schedule so he needs to get that cleared up before he is baptized so he can come to church.

I really liked the Christmas devotional. I totally agree that Elder Christofferson is my fave too. He always has something awesome to say. His whole talk was super good. I would say the whole meeting really helped me to get in even more of the Christmas spirit.

I hope Nicole's neck starts healing. That would suck if she has to go back in for surgery. I hope everything goes ok with her. I bet she isn't too worried about it right now haha.

You will have to tell Jeff good luck for me on all his finals. I bet he is having a blast ;) doing all that studying.
You're going to let the kids ditch though haha. I never thought that would happen. haha. Good luck also with all the wedding set up. 

I hope this week is totally awesome for all of you. I would of course love to be at the wedding, but I can't right now. I am sooo happy for Nicole that she's getting married in the temple. You guys are awesome parents! I love you guys sooooo much! Thanks for all that you do for me!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

I am doing great. This week was pretty good. It was fast and slow at the same time. We were able to get in contact with most of our investigators. Weren't able to have lessons with all of them, but we were able to get in contact with them. Pretty much all of them are doing great things. I know the Lord is in their lives blessing them as they allow him to by keeping their commitments. Thank you guys for praying for them. I pray for them everyday too of coarse haha. That is one thing that is great about the mission. I get to have two years to just think about others, and I get blessed for it. That is what is so great about the mission. I love it! I know the Lord is with me all the time as well. What a privilege to be able to represent Jesus Christ this holiday season.

I gave most of the updates so far to mom, but we did have a lesson with T**** this week. I don't know if you remember her, but she is a single mother works two jobs and has two kids under five. Crazy life huh? haha. I don't know how she does it. She also finds time in her busy day to read the scriptures too. She is doing great. The lesson was awesome. When Elder Arnold came to visit the mission he had taught us a new way to invite someone to baptism using the Book of Mormon, and it works so good. We invited T**** to be baptized and she said she would when she gets an answer that the Book of Mormon is true! It was a miracle, definitely. Those experiences are what the make the mission such a awesome experience. Take note little bro and sisters ;) GO ON A MISSION!

Congrats on the new calling dad. {Teaching in primary}.  How big is the teaching pool ;) You have pretty good odds that you will have 100% baptism rate as well haha. Now that is what I call missionary work haha. Our church was pretty good too. 

Hey, I wish you luck on setting up the wedding stuff. If it goes well, you should start your own business doing it. How cool would that be? You would be super busy but I bet it would be fun.

That is awesome that the UTES are going BOWLING! I hope they have a team show up just like you said. It wouldn't be cool to go and lose a bowl game. I had heard that Urban Meyer is back coaching at Florida? Is that true?
Thanks for your testimony dad. You're awesome! I also have a testimony of the gospel. As we allow the Gift of the atonement to penetrate our lives, IT WILL CHANGE US! The power of the atonement is real. It is infinite. I read in 3rd Nephi this week in chapter 1. There were some verses that stuck out to me too. Verse 4 which is where the wicked people were going to kill the believers if after a certain time the signs didn't show up, but in verses 15-25 it explains all the wonderous things that took place and the wicked people that were originally going to kill the righteous were converted. Christ was saving people the moment he was born. His life was all about salvation for us. Because he was born and died and rose again, I know we will all live again as well. I am so grateful for Christ's sacrifice for us!!!!!

I hope you have a great week dad. Have fun with the wedding this week. Don't forget to put on the grumpy pants ;)

Love ya,
Elder Sedlacek

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