Monday, May 4, 2015

When we are specific in what we pray for, it becomes more of an act of faith.

What's up Mama!
You're right, this past week was awesome! We got transfer news! I am staying in Milton, which was no surprise, but I am getting a new companion named Elder Bowen. He is a funny guy. I know him from Kennewick and Pasco. It should be interesting hahaha. He just might kill me as a missionary haha.{Translation: Be Elder Sed's last companion!}

The year is going by super fast! SCHOOL ENDS IN MAY?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT!!!!! That's insane! Jared is graduated in a month. WOW!

The baptisms for F****** and J***** were both awesome! I couldn't take my own pictures though, because sadly my camera is dead. It is gone to heaven. I need a new one, unfortunately. I have about 60 dollars in an emergency fund that I have saved up. I could send it to you guys to help pay for a new one. Would you like me to do that?

It sounds like you had a fun date with Nicole and Jeff. That's exciting that things are working out for them so well now. Hopefully it stays that way.

That is super cool that you found the immigration record for the Sedlaceks!!!!!!! It's an awesome find. What a miracle!

Mother's Day is coming up fast. We have church literally all day on Sundays, so we won't be able to Skype until about 6 or 7 our time. We have a member who is going to let us Skype from their house around that time, so it should be around then. Hopefully it works out for everyone to be there. You're going to have to wait all day though! hahaha
That's way cool that Grandpa wants to build a kiln. That would be way cool! All he needs now is a pottery wheel, and I would be in heaven haha.

Mama: That's great that the baptisms went so well! I hoped they did. An evening Skype is great for me. Are you going to be calling ahead with an exact time, or is that just at Christmas? Did you get the package? 
Elder Sed: Yeah, I will probably call ahead on Saturday and get you an exact time. At the moment, we have an appointment at 6 that night, so it would be at 7, but if that falls through we will Skype at 6.
I did get the package. I love the cleanser. It works really good. Thanks for sending it!

Mama: As far as a camera, I can send you the smaller one we have. I never use it but it works great. Save your moola. Does that sound okay?
Elder Sed: Does it take good pics? Is it the one I am thinking of, it's the one we bought for Moab, right?
That sounds good as far as saving moola.
Mama: Yes, the small silver one. I'll send the charger and everything. It's always good to save moola!
Elder Sed: Oh sweet, Mama. You're the best. Does it have a case that fits it? If not, I will buy one so it doesn't get wrecked in my backpack.

Mama: Yes, it has a case too. So you are getting a new comp? Seems like the last transfers were just a couple weeks ago! That was fast.
Elder Sed: Oh sweet. It would be nice if you could send that soon so I can still be taking pics. You're the best, Mama. Yep, getting a new comp. This one should be interesting. I hope it goes well. Transfers did go super fast. This one is going to go super fast too. I'm not too happy about that! hahaha.

Well, I got to get going Mama. You're the best. Have a great Mother's Day on Sunday. I hope you have a great week too. If you could send that camera when you get the chance that would be awesome so I can keep taking pics.
Love ya!

hey Dad,
This week was great! Getting to have baptisms was amazing! Both of them were super good. It was awesome to see Jeremy's. He was surprised to see me there haha. It was a good surprise though. The spirit was super strong there. There was great member support. Non members too. It was an all-around perfect baptism. F****'s was kinda disappointing though. I was happy that we got to see him get baptized, but I was not as happy about how it went. There was only one member there from the ward. That was super disappointing for me. We have a couple investigators still that are progressing awesome! L***** is getting baptized on the 16th along with M***. The 16th is going to be AWESOME!!! I really hope more of the ward shows up to support the next one.

A lot of our investigators who were on date fell off date. J**** is struggling with the Word of Wisdom, but she is working really hard at trying to quit. She could just use some prayers for support in that.
R**** really didn't feel ready to be baptized. Partly because he is still working on getting what he feels like is a solid answer from God. We figured out that he wasn't asking for anything specific, so we challenged him to ask for a answer that was specific, and ask a specific question. It really helps in getting answers from God when we pray specifically. It then becomes a more of an act of faith.

J**** is thinking that he is too busy for church stuff right now. I hope that mind set changes.
We are working on finding some new investigators by working with part member families, so just pray that we will be able to find those who are prepared for the gospel.
F*****'s baptism was great for him, and getting the gift of the Holy Ghost was awesome too. He described it kinda funny. He said "it was like a spiritual energy drink. It felt good, and I got the tingles." haha. It's always cool when someone gets the gift of the Holy Ghost. I can always feel the spirit when it's given. I know the priesthood is real just from that. That does not even include all the awesome things I have seen come from blessings.
That's crazy the difference between Jared's mission area and mine. There really aren't that many holidays or events in Warshintong/Oregon now that I think about it. There just isn't much to do haha. There's lots of Mexican parties every day though. I guess that can count right? haha Jared is going to have fun down there in Ohio though. I already know that much. It's going to be great for him.
That is so cool that you found that Sedlacek immigration record. Did it give you enough info? That is super exciting!

Sounds like you're getting really good at that family history stuff. It's awesome how that is just as much missionary work as I am doing right now and that Jared is going to be doing. It is all the work of salvation for God's children! The spirit of Elijah is the spirit of the hastening of the work. That makes me really happy that you guys are getting so involved in it. It's only going to bless the members of our family. You're going to have to teach me all the tricks of the trade when I get back.
Holy cow. Manny isn't invincible????? That's crazy. I bet there was sooooooooo much $$$$$$$ down on that fight. Stupid gambling. That is a great update though haha. I love it. That's awesome that so many Utah players got picked up on the draft. I hope they continue to do well.
Sounds like work is going good for you. I bet you're a great boss! Did you ever hear back on that other position you applied for in the church a while back? Who knows, it may have been a year ago. Time is just blending in my brain. I am at the point that I don't know if I knew someone from back home or from the mission when people ask me if I know someone. It's weird. I am going to be soo culture shocked haha. Time is going by super fast. I'm going to keep working hard though. You can bet your money on that.

Sorry this email is short. I am just so scatter brained right now. I don't even know why haha.
I am so happy to be serving a mission! It's amazing. I wish it was longer. I have been blessed everyday by the hand of the Lord. I have come to know and feel of my Savior's love. I know He lives. I know this is His church that was restored. I know it's only through the atonement that we can be saved. I am grateful for his Grace that is extended every day. I am so grateful for the example of the Savior. He is my greatest example of the powerful teacher I would love and strive to become. I know that by listening to His spirit I will be guided to those who are prepared. I am always trying to find His will, and then do it. I had a cool experience yesterday when I listened to the Spirit. We were driving in the car, and we were on this road way out in the country. The speed limit is about 50 and so we were just going along. The road we were on is kinda curvy,  and the member's house we were going to is a turn off of one of the curves in the road, and it is almost a blind curve because of the big orchard that comes up to the road. We came up to the curve, and for some reason I felt like I needed to stall turning into their driveway, so that's what I did. I thought "it can't hurt" and guess what came around the bend just about when we would have been there? A car that was going pretty fast. We were definitely protected! It's always there to be a protection to us if we listen. I always try to listen. Hopefully the story made sense. 

I love the Lord. I love serving the Lord. I know He lives! #BecauseofHim
Have a great week Dad! Love you guys!
Love Elder Sedlacek

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