Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I can literally change the world around me. We all can! It's amazing that we really can make the world a better place.

They don't get many good thunderstorms in eastern WA. Elder Sed was excited about this one!

Hey Mama!
Hey hey hey! It seems like just yesterday we were emailing. The week went by crazy fast. Thanks to all of your prayers and the mission fast, we found two (!!!!) new investigators last week. It was awesome! One of the new investigators is on date for a July 11th baptism, too. It was a pretty good week.
YEAAAAAAH for a package hahaha! I will be excited for it. I won't get it until tonight when we go back to Milton though. Thanks for sending it!
That is seriously so cool about the suit you found for me. Does it look nice? Yeah, you should send it up. Guess what I bought last Wednesday at Goodwill  for $7 after we emailed? I bought a pretty much, brand new size 42 suit jacket from Pronto Umo. It's a really nice jacket, I just don't have the pants. I have some pants that are close, but I got the info on the color and everything from the jacket label, so I was hoping you could look it up on Google or something like that to see if it's possible to get the matching pants?

That is crazy that Jared is graduated! He is sooooo tiny hahaha. He doesn't look like it. Are you enjoying school being out yet? Or do you want them to go back haha?

Haha Duke is really funny. He could be like a diabetic dog. I wonder if he can tell when Jared's blood sugar is low? I know a member in the Milton Freewater ward who has diabetes, and he has a dog that will let him know when his blood sugar is low. He's trained specifically for it. It is really kinda cool they are able to do that.

That sounds way cool about the Puzilla site. You are going to show me the tricks of the trade. I can guarantee I am not going to have any clue what I am doing with computers/phones haha. That is going to be super weird.

Thank you so much for the prayers this week. I really felt the support keeping me going. You guys are the best!

Mama: Hey Son! You sound great! It’s so good to hear that your week got better! What is the info for the suit pants you need? That was a good find! So far, school being out is okay. It’s kinda nice to have piano students in the morning and then have the rest of my day to myself. I wonder if Duke can sense stuff like that. Remember when you had your knee surgery and he wouldn’t leave your side for an entire day after surgery? 

Elder Sed: Well, I am doing great so it's good to sound great too haha.
The info for the pants: The RN # 77219
                                        BC # 159250
I don't really know which one is the color code so I just got them both.

I bet it is nice to have the day kinda to yourself.
I wouldn't be surprised if Duke can sense that stuff. I do remember that. He's an awesome dog! You will have to give him a hug for me hahaha.

Mama: I will see what I can find on the suit pants.

Elder Sed: Hey by the way, I got some trial contact lenses from a member in the ward here and I really like them! Contacts are so much better than glasses. 

Mama: You got some trial contact lenses? That’s good. It’s good to have both around, because sometimes you don’t wanna mess with glasses and sometimes you don’t wanna mess with contacts. 

Elder Sed: Yeah, I would agree with that! They are lots better, because I don't have to deal with something on my face. I will probably get a prescription for them. I know the member can give me a discount on them in July when he buys the practice, so I will wait until then.

I do have to get going now though. Thanks for emailing today! You all have a great week! I love all you guys! Thanks for sending the package! Love you Mama!
-Elder Sedlacek

Hey Dadio,
Sounds like you all had a great week back at home base. That's awesome, because I had a good week too. We of course got to go the temple, and that was amazing, but you guys already know about that. 

We saw some pretty good success the last half of the week. I know it was because God was answering prayers. We found two new investigators. One named J****, and the other is A*****. They are both doing amazing. It was also a huge blessing this week that we got a TON of referrals. It seemed like everyday we were getting a way solid referral, so we should be getting a whole new teaching pool again. That will be amazing! I know God blesses us for our hard work. 

WE HAVE AN ON DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We put J**** on date for the 11th of  July and he is pretty excited to be baptized. We took him on a tour of the church bldg and those are always so powerful. The spirit is always in the church buildings so strong. It is the whole reason he accepted a date for baptism. He sadly wasn't able to make it to church yesterday but it's okay--he had some family stuff already planned. We are really hoping to teach his whole family as well. That would be amazing!

We found A***** just by going through our phone contacts and calling the ones that said investigator next to them. There are a ton, since missionaries just have so many numbers saved up. We called her and she was really wanting a copy of the Book of Mormon. She is really wanting to learn more as well. It's amazing that God will always lead us to people who are prepared. I know that for sure!

Well, like I said we have been getting a ton of referrals. One of them we got just a couple days ago named Mark. He was really excited to read the Book of Mormon and meet with us. We are going to contact him today and we will hope that everything works out with him. We are going to put him on date! You better believe that hahah. I'm so pumped.

Those are some pretty good questions about what I've learned Dad hahaha. Thinking back on my mission, I really have learned a lot. I have learned that I have a love for the gospel that I really didn't know I had before my mission. I really do love the gospel. All I really desire right now is to serve the Lord--that's really all I care about. If you are truly serving the Lord, you are going to have all the Christlike attributes, and be the best missionary you can be. I have also learned that I have great potential as a son of God. I can literally change the world around me. We all can! It's amazing that we really can make the world a better place. What better way to do that but share the gospel as well. I love to share it with everyone! I have also come to know my Savior more than I ever thought was possible. He has been with me through the rough. The good. Everything. I know He lives. I know he atoned for our sins. Every single one of us.
These things are all meaningful because they make me who I am. Who God wants me to be. 

We didn't get to see any of Elder Perry's funeral but I heard it was good. There were some testimonies yesterday that mentioned it and that it was good. Good thing we have a living church with living apostles, so no matter what happens there will always be prophets and apostles on the earth. It's going to be exciting to see who the new apostle is going to be. 

That is sooooooooo crazy that Jared is graduated. Yeah, he better watch his back side so he doesn't get in any trouble haha. He's a good kid though so I am sure he will be fine.

Thanks for that quote on love. I really have realized how important love is. It goes right along with charity. That is something that I continually have to work on. I struggle with it sometimes. If I'm not careful I catch myself just being my stubborn self, when really I need to put others first. It makes life sooo much better when we do. It's way more rewarding. 

I know that this gospel is true. Thanks for all the support you offer me Dad! You're the best! I love my mission! I am going to enjoy til the end. Love you guys!
-Elder Sedlacek

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