Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's hard sometimes but it's the hard that makes the good that much more worth it.

What's up Mama,
Hahahahah that is super funny about when Sister Sousley called you. She is awesome. I called her and told her who I was and she was like, "Oh I know you" because she is the one who makes the "trunky" calls to the missionaries to give us all the info for our flights home. 

That's crazy that you guys had felt like you needed to pray for me. It's probably because this week was one of the toughest I have had on my mission. Literally nothing worked out. It was really, really frustrating. We have about zero investigators who are progressing right now, so we could use all the help we can get on finding investigators. Speaking of the mission, we are having a mission-wide fast with everyone and their families this Sunday, so if you guys would want to join in on that, that would be sweet! The power of fasting is super real.

The temple was awesome! I loved it. It's always good to go and re-charge in the peace that is there. These past couple weeks have been stressing me out, so it was nice to go and just feel peace. I just love that most about the temple. I would go just because of that. Good thing there is a temple in Logan.
That is way exciting that Syd had her baby!!  I Guess that's not really that fun to have to recover from a c-section. Wish her luck for me and tell her congrats for me and thanks for the letters, too.
Do I need anything from home? Um haha. I told Elder Bowen about Costco jerky and he wants to try it. Could you send some of that? That stuff is really good. The cleanser you sent seems to be working pretty good. Thanks for sending that. I like it.

Well Mama, I got to get going. Thanks for emailing today! You guys are all an awesome support to me! The mission is so worth it. Just know I'm working hard right up until the very last day. Just keep praying for me! Thanks for all that you do.
Love you guys! Have an awesome week!
-Elder Sedlacek

Hey Dad,
This week was a rough one. We have been really struggling finding people to teach. The investigators we have had, we have had to drop most all of them because they don't want to do anything. It's been REALLY frustrating. To answer your question about the two new families, it's been so tough scheduling with them that we haven't even met with both of them yet. We are really going to be praying for a miracle there that we will be able to meet with them. The rest of our teaching pool is kinda dwindling right now. We are still teaching R****. He has had health struggles this week so we weren't able to meet with him. We are really hoping that it's been helping him reach out to God and praying. That is the one thing he needs to do right now.
We are also teaching R** in the YSA ward, but he hasn't been reading at all, so we are considering dropping him. Can you guys pray that he will read and come to church?

This is really all we have right now. It's going to be a major finding week. We fasted on Sunday for guidance in what to do, and with the mission fast on this Sunday, I am sure we will be seeing some miracles come along soon enough.

The temple was awesome. I realized the importance of staying in spiritual light. It seems like every time I go to the temple, I learn something different or just realize something different. The temple is great to give that spiritual re-charge. Trust me. I have needed it after these past two weeks hahahaha.

Sounds like work is going good for you. That's awesome.  It seems like the church is always doing something to grow or improve. I just think that's sooo cool.

This is the last week of school already??? That means I have been graduated for two years already. It doesn't feel like that. I bet it doesn't feel like around 100 yrs ago for you either huh haha. What do you mean you're too old to party all night? You best believe we are going to party all night when I am back. You will do it. You will stay awake. You will have fun. hahaha. You are funny Dad. Have fun holding down the fort while Mom helps at the all night party though. 

That is fun you got to take part in blessing the sacrament. I always love being able to help out with the sacrament. Being in a small ward, we get to participate sometimes in the ward and almost always in the branch. It's cool.

Sounds like church was fun for you guys. Church was good here too. I had the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting for the first time on my mission. I made it so close without having to speak! Some of the times were by the skin of my teeth. Well, it had to happen eventually hahah. I spoke on conversion and missionary work. I had to speak for 15 mintues and I went 15 and still hadn't covered even half of what I wanted to say. Oh well. Time flies. It ended up being really good though. A lot of people liked it.

I'm so happy to be serving a mission. It's hard sometimes but it's the hard that makes the good that much more worth it. It's going to be amazing to be able to look back on all the good I have done. The good thing is that I have more time to do even more good! I love that! I know the gospel is true! It's amazing!
Love you guys! You're awesome Dad! have a great week!
-Elder Sedlacek

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