Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My blood sugars have been amazing lately, I know it's because I'm being blessed.

Thanks Dad! 
It's good to hear about all of your experiences at church and work. 
I know that through the atonement we can do anything! It is amazing. Thanks for all the advice that you give me! it really helps to know that both you jake and jeff have all gone through this, it gives me more determination to be the best missionary i can possibly be. i love you too Daddio, thanks for all that you do. again i will answer all those other questions in the general email. have a great week, love you!

Hi Mom! 
So this week went by really fast, the days are slow but weeks fly by! can you believe a month of my mission is almost done!? that is crazy. so we had J's baptism on Saturday and it went really well! every missionary in the whole mission was talking about it. 
i have finally found what i need to learn from elder h. he has a vast doctrinal knowledge, and knows how to be a missionary. that is what i need to learn from him. he created a bible death star, which you can ask jake or jeff what that is hahaha. {Mom's note: none of us know what it is! haha} We are going to create a death star of the Book of Mormon and the D&C, since I have been counseled to make the Book of Mormon and D&C my constant companions. 
we got four new investigators this week and had to drop a few of the "new" ones because they won't answer.  i personally think one of them might have been drunk haha. it is really hard to get people to commit to church around here because of the strong lutheran, catholic and baptist/Methodist background. we have a few promising investigators though: J****, RD, B*****, K****** (one of our neighbors she is a young mom) and a few new ones that we have not met with yet. of course we still have F**** our "eternigator." he is hilarious, they are like the missionaries' gma and gpa. he just needs to take the leap of faith and get baptized, he has been taught everything and knows it's true, he even comes to church every week.  i think it has something to do with his methodist background. 
we have had to purge our teaching pool because people just won't progress. it is very frustrating. i am getting along with elder h though so that is good. we finally found something we can relate with, a very funny story that happened to us, i will tell you another time haha. 
the people here are very friendly. we got the car this week and we trade off with the lawerenceberg elders every week. by the way, the car is a 2013 toyota camry, very nice and i get to be the designated driver, it helps me feel a little more normal haha. by the way, i had to buy a GPS this week because you can't get around without them, since it is so flat here. it was $107 with tax.
Mom, are you sending my test strips soon? i have a vial and a half left, just to let you know. are you keeping track of those so you know the earliest day you can get them, not to tell you what to do or anything i just don't know exactly how it is working out and you know me, i have to know hahaha.
my blood sugars have been amazing lately, i know it's because i am being blessed. it's awesome that for those first few weeks i didn't get above 300! it is a huge blessing. so what is new in your neck of the woods?
i love you guys, thanks for emailing with me and for all that you do! keep up the good work and i can definitely feel the prayers. have a great week everyone! love you!

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