Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hard work pays off, that's for sure.

Hey dad! thanks for all the updates and such on the sports! i had heard about the byu and utah games. a guy from the ward took us out to a town in our area of Indiana known as greenburg, and his name is Brother Max Alley. he grew up in Logan and actually knew Jeff's family and dated Jeff's mom in high shcool hahahaha! that was fun to hear that. thank you for all the updates. we had a zone finding activity in the heart of Cincinnati and that was crazy! i got some of the meanest looks i have ever had there hahahaha! 

it was crazy to see all the gangsters driving around in super nice cars! it was the most crazy place i have ever seen! there is almost all black Americans in the city. we met this homeless man who was probably high {Jared doesn't mean blood sugar, wink}, and he was cat-calling women. i wanted to yell at him at first, but then we talked to him a little and Elder H had a prompting to buy him some ice cream. in the ice cream place, we talked to another guy who asked us questions. we walked around the city, and i got low {now he means blood sugar!}  so i had the idea to stop at these benches. we sat down and started talking to a lady that i am sure will want to know more at some point! it was cool to see my diabetes further the work! i will say more as usual in the general email to mom. have a great day! and i love you dad! have a great week!

Mom, you can read about yesterday in dad's email. it was interesting to say the least.
i have had a good week. the week flew by! we found a new investigator, T**, in the library last wednesday, and he wants to know more. we are just having a hard time getting in scheduled lessons with all our investigators because everyone here who will listen to us is struggling to get by and works all the time! it is sad to see. we have a lesson planned tonight with some investigators who stopped us in Walmart. F.C. IS FINALLY GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!! he is on date for Sept 19. he made the decision on his own and before he even told his wife, he told us he was thinking about it. we swore not to tell until he was sure hahaha. i am excited, i love that guy, he is hilarious. he is awesome and he is a 70 years old. 
we also found an inactive member and we are going to bring him back. he has been in jail and just got out, he wants to change for the better. inside i was yelling, "you goootttt IT!" we also taught  a kid named RD again, but in a public place. this lady came over and said, "church isn't for me, i'm just spiritual," and RD actually invited her to come to church! it was cool. he still needs to come church, but his Gpa is dying and he is very busy with family, but he wants to come. so yeah i had a pretty decent week. thank you for sending my strips! the steak is really good, thank you! about the prescriptions, i think it will be better if you just mail it to me, because there will always be at least a $10 co pay and i can't afford that. {Mom: Why do I find this a little bit funny? wink}

Pres. Porter totally just mentioned me in a letter to the whole mission! he  quoted me from my letter to him:
This is what our mission is about! In one week, Elder Sedlacek was living the Power Triangle: 
Sedlacek, Jared Logan
Hi president, I am doing great out here in Batesville. I learned this week about patience, hard work, and obedience. as we strive to be exactly obedient we will be blessed and I have already witnessed that. Hard work pays off and that's for sure. we have worked pretty hard the past few days and we have seen results. even though it can be hard to love your comp, you need to be patient with them and love them anyway, so you can be able to teach with power, and the spirit, and call down grace. I love this gospel so much, I have already witnessed the changes that people go through as they accept its teachings and come closer to Christ. thanks for all that you do, have a great week.

By the way, they will have multiple baptisms this month!

i have to go now, thanks Mom! have a great week and a awesome birthday! i love you guys, thanks for all you do! have a great week!

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