Monday, September 14, 2015

It will all work out, I can promise that!

Elder Jared's rendition of the Plan of Salvation.
thanks dad, for the updates! that really sucks about the car wreck! i am glad no one got hurt! this week has gone by so fast! the weeks are already flying by! F**** is going to be baptized on the 18th! this Friday, when i first taught him, after we left i said, "he is getting baptized this transfer!"  lo and behold! that was cool. Dad, there are so many more hunters out here than Utah--it's crazy, they all drive trucks down here! outside of Batesville is some rich people, but other than that, it's all people who barely make it, it's sad. i still have yet to see the huge cornfields, that is in northern Indiana, so hopefully i will go there! it would be cool!  thank you so much for all you do, I know it's a lot, i love you Dad! keep up the good, hard work! and good job with the yard work!

Mom, i sent some letters, but they got sent back because of size, so i fixed it and they should get there soon! i am sorry about the car wreck! glad no one got hurt! it will all work out, i can promise that! 
i had my first exchange this week with one of the Zone leaders. we went to Norwood Ohio. it is the hood of Cincinnati! it was crazy but i have some fun stories now for later. that was fun, the Zone leader complemented my teaching, he said it was good. 
this week has gone by fast! although we only met with 2 investigators, because they all had work! it sucked, but we talked to a lot of LAs and did a lot of 225ing. it was just a slow teaching week, and we are purging our teaching pool again. hopefully we find some more 'gators we can really teach. on Saturday was our social media split, so if you look up #ohiocincinnatimission you will find some picks of me doing service and lessons. we did a service project with Bishop P and he complemented my work ethic! that doesn't happen, he is a very intense man! he is a nice guy though. we met a really interesting guy this week and that gave me some good stories too, hahaha.

elder h is getting better, i started setting more of an example. F****'s baptism is this Friday, it was moved up one day.  i am excited, he is growing a lot! it's cool to see! he is such an awesome guy! my blood sugars are doing well, i am being blessed, it is awesome. how is everybody else at home? i am just doing the same old missionary routine, trying to share the gospel.
one of the crazy things i saw in Norwood was a guy who had a turban on his head, a huge robe on that went from his shoulder to the ground, and he was holding a Bible in his right hand, holding it out above his head, and a shepherd's crook that was as tall as he was in the other hand! he was shouting stuff i couldn't hear because we were in the car! today we are going to the creation museum for free with our district, it should be fun.
i have to go in 5 mins, thanks for talking with me! it's good to hear about how everyone is doing, tell them i love all you guys and keep up the hard work! can you send me those trek picks for next week?

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