Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I had to rely on Heavenly Father so much!

Looking south from Norwood into Cincinnati, with Kentucky beyond.

hey dad! so it was a good week, it flew by. seems like yesterday we were emailing hahaha. yep, we have the university, the zoo, and all those cool skyscrapers hahaha. we have all that stuff, we are wanting to go to some of it on p-day one of these days. the training was with Elder Bennett, it was so good, the food was good too hahaha. the apartment is pretty nice, and also spacious, I like it. thanks for sending the advice, it will help. so we have a few solid investigators that we teach, but they are "eternigators" unfortunately. g*****, who I mentioned last week, he found a job at a bakery. the stake patriarch is in our ward and he owns the bakery. G is doing well now, he has been coming to church lately, which is awesome! then we teach a young adult, A***, he is a funny guy and lives with his fiance. we have taught him a few times but he has yet to come to church while i am here. then we have a few other less actives we teach. we found 7 new investigators this week so we will see how they pan out. it is starting to get really cold, like in the 30's, but it has not snowed on us yet. it doesn't snow much here supposedly, just rain. i just can't believe i have been out almost 4 months! so far we don't have anyone for Thanksgiving, but we are maybe going to go to a member family if we can't find anyone, they told us we could if we have nowhere else to go, and maybe have our own with some elders in our district. there are not nearly as many trees in the city as there were in Batesville, so it is a lot different. that really sucks about utah dropping in the polls, but good for all the other teams. i heard that the Bengals finally lost? idk. thanks for all those sports updates, i really appreciate it! you have a great thanksgiving too, dad! I will make the best of it, that is for sure hahaha, thanks so much for all you do to keep me out here, i know it is a lot. I love you so much dad! have a great week as well! talk to you later!

hi mom! so this week went by crazy fast! me and elder n are getting along so well! we go to bed laughing hysterically every night hahaha, we have a lot of fun while doing a lot of work. so i wrote about our investigators in dad's email, so you can read that to find out about them. one cool miracle with g***** this week, he called us and elder n answered and he told us that he didn't want to do the "mormon thing" anymore, because he didn't think he was going to get the job he needed desperately. so elder n promised him that if he came to church one last time, he would get a job, and he did! that just goes to show how when we promise things in the name of the Lord he will follow through with that promise. it was an awesome miracle! that is way funny advice from brother ricks! haha tell him i will be sure to do that hahaha that is way cool about mia's play, tell her congrats for me and good luck. that is a crazy miracle from that boat trip story of Sister D, that is amazing. i like the analogy, covenants really are what keep us afloat, and they bring so many blessings when you live by them. they are huge blessing. this week i had to take over the area with a greenie, and it was super stressful. i had no idea where i was going, and had to rely on heavenly father so much! it went well though, i was able to find my way around on the buses okay, probably thanks to your prayers! so on that same day, we were going to go visit a former investigator, so we got to the house and stepped onto the porch and all of a sudden the door opened and this guy walked out and said "angels! come in!" and so i was like, "okay!" we went in and he locked the door and sat us down and started telling us about how he was shot by a beam of light and now he can warp televisions with his eyeballs! so we listened to him for a minute and we were like, "we have to go man, sorry," and we left. then i remembered that elder n had warned me about a week prior, that the guy in that house has a mental illness. so yeah, that was my crazy story for the week hahaha. thanks for sending my supplies! for christmas, i might want some sweaters and some thermal garment bottoms, for when it gets really cold. i am going to buy a sweater today, but i could use some more haha. and by the way, my gray suit is now too big in the jacket, the pants are fine but the jacket is just too big, i shrunk too much hahaha. should i send it home or save it for later or what?
Mom: Well, that is a crazy story about the guy who can warp televisions with his eyes! haha
I am glad your week went well and went by fast. That helps when that happens, huh? Sounds like you and Elder Nielsen ARE having fun together, that is good. You two looked like good friends in the pic that was posted of you guys on the mission facebook page. I like the story about Elder Nielsen promising G he’d find a job if he came to church.
Amy is here and she says to tell you hi from Aunt Mimi!
Sweaters! Jake liked having sweaters, so I will check that out. So your suit coat is too big? You should hold onto it, you will probably come across a member or someone who knows how to tailor it and can cut it down for you. 
Elder Sed: if you do the thermal garment bottoms, i need the 28-30 size waist, and by the way, i still have a six pack! i am just a little smaller, but me and elder neilsen do 50 pullups everynight before bed. So i heard it's been really cold in utah?
Mom: Thanks for all the pictures! They are awesome!
It has been cold, but not too bad. About 40 degrees for the highs. It hasn’t really snowed yet, though, but supposedly it will on Thanksgiving.
Are you figuring out the buses okay? Someone I know from there suggested that you get help from the students on the campus, they would know the buses really well. Maybe you have already figured that out. 
Elder Sed: yep hahaha, sadly we don't make it to the campus much though since we live 20 mins out of our area, and it is a one hour trip one way to get to campus.

so what is going on at home? and by the way, i hope you know i have not told you the half of all my stories hahaha i have a lot saved up, some funny, sad, scary(not bad), and some crazy cool spiritual ones too.
Mom: Well, I have told you pretty much what’s going on at home, just the usual school, work, theatre, callings, etc. Nicole is starting to show! Everyone is doing well. Dad has a cavity haha. 
Elder Sed: i look so young in that picture from the mission meeting hahaha, but i am starting to get people who say i look 18 more and more haha!
it was great to hear from you! thanks for all you do for me! I love you mom! I love all you guys! have a great week! talk to you later!
Elder Sedlacek

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