Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I have been out three months!

This leaf dwarfs the one he sent a picture of a couple weeks back, and part of it is broken off!

Hi mom! so this week has gone by super slow, but fast, can't explain it. i am glad you liked the pic from zone conference! it was an awesome one! Zone conference was about the sacrament, and also how we can get LA's and our investigators to church. Pres. Porter is going to be a general authority, i can see it now. he taught us how the sacrament can renew every single covenant we ever make, even temple covenants. i thought that was amazing, so in sacrament meeting i tried to really focus on feeling those same things as i did when i first went to the temple, and it worked! it was so cool to be able to feel that in the chapel. 
i had a few exchanges with the DL in lawrenceberg (Elder Bayly), and i took over this area for a day with my ZL (Elder Lemeux) he is so funny and it was a lot of fun. we got a lot of work done though; we found this old investigator who had been taught but fell through the cracks or dropped--i don't know--but he answered the door when we were 225ing and immediately invited us in! it was crazy! we taught him about the Book of Mormon and addressed his concerns. then with E. Bayly, we had a huge miracle. we were not going to hit our goals for the day so we sat down and said a prayer to help us, and i immediately felt a very clear direction to walk, and we quickly found a promising 'gator that wants to be baptized! 
i just pasted all that from dad's email hahaha. but yeah, when i was with Elder Lemeux, we found a couple three gators, all from 225ing. we also picked up a new gator, who had been taught before, B******. he is a teenage, and we have known him for a while, but he just recently gained interest again. we gave him a church tour and taught him about the restoration and he said he would be baptized if he finds out this church is true. he is solid. 
this week, the ward had a trunk or treat and dinner that we went to, it was fun. i got several beanie babies (the stuffed animals) that a brother was handing out hahaha. they had a TON. i got a few of my favorite hunting animals including bears haha. there is a guy in our ward that told me he would have us over and let us try squirrel haha. oh yeah, my most favorite food here is Cincy chili, there are several restaurants that have it, and it tastes pretty good. other than that they just eat what we eat in Utah, although some people like to eat the massive squirrels they have here, they are literally everywhere, and huge!
Indiana is a crazy place. Bro. P told me the other day, that i have completely lost my "Utah twang" and i am picking up the accent here. i will have to show you how they talk here when we skype. 
thank you so much for the package! and yes i do like baby ruths, but you got close with the fave candy, it is actually three musketeers haha but they are way similar, just one has nuts hahaha. Sis. C showed us your facebook page hahaha and i saw the posts with the blog, it looks really nice! thanks for running that. i am still good on pump supplies, and i need to talk to the mission nurse to set up the a1c, this week. that is good about church and all the stuff going on, thank you for all the updates mama!
Mom: I am glad you like the blog. I would like to try and change the url though, to sedlacekscalledtoserve. Don't forget your A1C--Dr. L needs to see it before he can sign off on you driving.
that would be a cool new url! but yeah it looks really nice. i will get the a1c set up asap, i was busy with exchanges all week and meetings and trainings hahaha. i will probably have to call sister w {mission nurse} tomorrow or tonight. i tried to talk to sister porter about it, but she directed me to sister w since she woud know about that stuff, she is supposed to call me apparently, but i will call her.
oh yeah i am probably going to go on exchanges with elder cox, a lawerenceberg elder this week, the one that tans squirrel hides in the apartment, he is going to teach me how.
Mom: Learn to tan squirrels on your mission?! I never expected that. 
yeah, hahaha! it's going to be fun. i got some carving blocks last p-day, i am carving an elephant, that is the ear in the pics i sent.
that maple leaf is literally twice the size of the other one i sent! it is a foot wide! and the top part is broken off!
Mom: That leaf is enormous! We don't see leaves like that in Utah. So, what did you do on Halloween?
we had to be in by 7pm and we read a talk, i listened to it twice. it was faith in Jesus Christ by Gene R Cook. it is on lds.org--it is really good! i also did a mini work out. also, we were allowed to go to bed at 9:30! it was so nice to get 2 hours extra sleep. although i woke up at 5:30 am the next day and was ready to get out of bed hahaha! is there anything else i need to know, madre?

Mom: No, I don't think there is anything else. You DON'T need pump supplies yet? Are you sure?
yep, don't need them just yet, i will let you know, thank you! thanks for all you do! i love you guys so much! keep up the good work, and have a great week! i have been out 3 months! love you guys!

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