Monday, November 16, 2015

My comp and I are greenie-busting each other

Hey dad! so it has been a long week. i am in cincinnati! and i am with elder neilsen. we came out together and we are greenie-breaking each other!!!!!! it is crazy. we are the only two missionaries in all of cincinnati and it is a crazy place! people get shot all the time. i love it though, it is so funny to talk to everyone. we talked to a guy at the bus stop who was rolling up a joint in front of us! we have no car, so we have to ride the buses everywhere we go, and since our area is kinda sketchy we live 20 minutes out of our area in a suburb. i will tell you more in the general email as usual. we have a few investigators, but they are eternagators. one named g***** is really hard headed and is about to become homeless. we have a few others i have not met yet, so i will tell you more about them next week.
thank you for that story from your mission, that really applies to me right now, coming from small town indiana to MASSIVE cincinnati, where you hear gunshots all the time and there are very few white guys, that really helps me. the first few days were really hard, because the bus routes are so confusing to me, although i will get the hang of them. i wanted to be able to help elder nielsen so bad, but it was hard not even knowing which bus stop to go to hahaha. but yeah, we have all of cincinnati and downtown, so i have officially been to cincinnati, it is a cool city. thanks for all the sports updates, i love hearing them! that really stinks that utes lost. again thanks for all you write to me every week. It really means a lot. i will tell you more in mom's email, of course, but i always like to write you, thanks so much for all you do for me dad! you're an awesome father! i love you so much! talk to you later!

hey mom, so this week was crazy, my new comp came out with me,  but i did not know him for most of the mtc. his name is elder neilsen, he is from utah. we are greenie-busting each other! we are the only two elders in cincinnati! we have all of downtown, and all of the outside ghetto! it is crazy we walk down the street and always smell weed, and hear gunshots and hear the f word. we see almost no white people. we have to ride the buses because we have no car and we live 20 mins outside of our area. so yeah, we have to ride the bus everywhere we go, even to get into our area. the buses are super confusing to me, i am trying to figure out how they all work. 
we have a few gators, i don't know much about them yet, i will tell you about them next week. although we found a few new this week! i love the new ward. the bishop is a great guy, he already had me speak on sunday! everyone loved my talk, but i thought it was crap hahaha. the ward mission leader is awesome too, he was one of those 18 month missionaries and he takes the work very seriously, which i love! 
elder neilsen is a great guy, we get along really well, and we like to talk about hunting and lifting hahaha. we will probably still be friends after the mission at this rate. he is a farm boy, he farms cattle for steaks, so he has that farm boy strength hahaha. i am still in the same zone, so i see elder heumann when we have meetings and stuff. but anyway, yesterday i had the impression to talk to this guy who was out raking his leaves. we were needing 3 more lessons to hit our goals, so we went and talked to him and he is an awesome guy named b-- we are going back to teach him. we also found a new gator the day i came out, it is nice to see so many people to talk to all the time.
yep, dad's mission story really did hit home for sure, i knew when i read it, that it must have been an impression since dad doesn't tell too many mission stories hahaha. thanks for the prayers, i definitely feel them. yes, in my talk i did tell a small joke hahaha.  i have known elder nielsen since the last 2 days in the mtc when we had an infield orientation, i met him and he has been in my zone the whole time, so yeah we were both excited to be comps. Jordan Bell served this exact area, he is in my area book, hahaha. yeah, ask him for referrals for us or something hahaha, he is a legend out here. all the older missionaries know him and i tell them i know him and even spoke at his farewell. hahaha
I have pics to send, but the computers at our church, don't have a slot to put the card in, i will send them later. i have a few of really great view of all of cincinnati and our apartment. 

well i have to go now, it was great to hear from you. oh yeah, i will probably buy one of these cool suits from jc penny for like 70 bucks if i can find one on clearance, just wanted to let you know.  it was great to hear from you, i love you guys so  much and i pray for you daily, keep up the hard work! talk to you later! you will probably get some pics next week! love you mom!

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